Qyreia Arronen

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Qyreia Arronen
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1.7 meters


63.5 kilograms


Dark blue and cobalt


Gray, steel blue fades to black around pupil

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Keira Viru, Leeadra Halcyon



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Clan Naga Sadow, House Shar Dakhan, Battleteam Devil's Shroud

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"I ain't your daddy's kind of Zeltron."
―Qyreia Arronen

Qyreia Arronen (kih-ráy-uh) was born and raised on Zeltros to an average Zeltron family. By her teenage years, she had grown dissatisfied with the Zeltrons' hedonistic way of life. When she reached maturity, she packed her bags and shipped herself off-world, hoping to get as far away from the Zeltron stigma as she could; a venture that she would find very difficult to accomplish. After working odd-jobs on various worlds and run-down space stations, she found her niche amongst the scum of the galaxy: smugglers and mercenaries. She spent years working on various crews and contracts, eventually going solo and finding her way to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. She is currently under contract for Clan Naga Sadow, House Shar Dakhan, and despite her short tenure, is making a few waves.


Before the Brotherhood

Life on Zeltros

"Just because every Zeltron you know likes to party doesn't mean I do."
Zeltros, Qyreia's homeworld

Being born on Zeltros, Qyreia was exposed to the Zeltrons’ decadent lifestyle from birth. Her family was kind and brought her up well by comparable standards to that of other Zeltrons and the rest of the galaxy; in short, she was a good kid. However, when it came to embracing her people’s culture, her upbringing fell short. Where others her age would go out to vibrant social gatherings, she would invite a couple close friends over; when a festival was on, she would withdraw to the woods around her town. That her people continued to try to welcome her into the fold speaks to the simple fact that this disaffection was purely hers and hers alone.

By her teen years, when social gatherings became more intimate, she had become a closeted introvert, attending public affairs only to appease her worrying parents. The casual approach to sexuality was the most irksome thing for her, and more than a few would-be lovers walked away with bruises or broken bones. In her limited experimentations, she also made the self-discovery that she was distinctly more attracted to the female sex than the male, which only complicated matters with her few short-lived boyfriends. By eighteen years of age, she had grown so agitated by the constant, well-meaning pressure of her people that she packed her things and left home on the first available transport, her only money being the handful of credits she had saved up and a few hundred more from her parents.

Mercenary in the Making

"You can buy my contract; not my loyalty or my body."
Qyreia sporting the longer hair she had before becoming a merc

Off-world, hoping to find a less passionately-charged atmosphere, Qyreia was quick to learn that her people’s reputation preceded her. Everywhere she went, she was propositioned for “work” or “a good time,” and more than a few cantina job prospects when the manager said they only wanted her as a dancer – even if she was applying as a bartender. Due to these preconceived notions, she would at times find herself caught against a wall by an overzealous pursuant, which cemented her already strong belief in self-defense and the use of a swift kick to the groin. No intelligent sentient ever tried a second attempt with her after such a refusal.

In the two years since her leaving home, she scraped by as everything from bartender, construction worker, waitress, and even one position as a tutor. However, many of these jobs ended when her fist found an overly-affectionate patron’s face. Soon enough, she could only find work in outback stations serving the dregs of society, and it was this position that exposed her to the life of smugglers and mercenaries. While they were crude, these folk also gave her the most respect that she had received since leaving home. A knocked-out patron at her bar would result in praise for Qyreia rather than dismissal, and she quickly found herself with job offers working in occupations she had never even considered.

She likely would have been satisfied with her employment as it was, all-but-owning one cantina due to the manager's lack of business sense. However, a brief but intense relationship with a Zelosian ended poorly, and the Zeltron thought to leave the station for greener pastures; maybe even find her lover among the stars. Starting out as a crewmember aboard a small-time trading operation, she learned the ways of commerce beyond simply the consumer level. She was taught how to fly a starship, fire a blaster, and fight more effectively with her fists as well as with a knife. Trading would eventually turn to smuggling, and while the illegal aspect did not sit well with her, she kept to the mantra, “If it isn’t hurting anyone, then let the credits flow.”

She had never considered mercenary work until her first kill: a pirate that had stormed her employer’s ship and thought the crew weak and harmless. When Qyreia shot him in the back, watching him fall limp to the floor, she found that she didn’t mind it as much as she thought. True, it still affected her for some time afterward, as the idea of taking a life up to that point had been restricted to those that had tried to force themselves upon her. Yet her roles in employment began to change. She went from crew hand to security, to contracted personal guard, to eventually running her own smuggling operations after she had saved enough credits to rent a small freighter and a hold full of cargo.

Beginnings of a Brotherhood Mercenary (33 ABY)

"Chuff-sucking, Hutt-humping, choobies-licking, mother-borking piece of Sithspit!"
―Qyreia, putting her profanity to good use

Near the end of 33 ABY, Qyreia’s travels took her across the territory of the Brotherhood, a group which she had heard of but never been directly exposed to. On one stopover, she met Marcus Kiriyu, who managed to convince her that the Brotherhood could provide a more steady supply of credits if she would contract with them for mercenary work. After laying out the details of her contract, she was given a space with House Shar Dakhan of Clan Naga Sadow. While the Sith-like appearances of the people and operations centers were somewhat disconcerting, she maintained that, so long as her contract conditions weren’t violated, she would carry on as normal.

While she was still getting situated, Naga Sadow underwent a difficult trial that would be called Ashes Fall, which resulted in the death of the current Quaestor of her House, Atra Ventus. While much of the veterans of the Clan felt a loss, the newly appointed mercenary could only shrug when asked anything about Ventus, giving the others a very aloof impression of her. While she quickly worked her way up the proscribed ranks, reaching Yeoman within a month of her recruitment, the subtle shifts and weaves of the House and Clan moved around her.

Making a Name for Herself

After the events of Ashes Fall, Shar Dakhan appointed a new Quaestor, a completely unknown member to the Brotherhood and one who seemed to have no personal memories to speak of: Keira Viru. Qyreia, on seeing the new leader, was smitten by her beauty, and had full intentions of pursuing more than a mere professional relationship. This would be complicated by both their natural distance in terms of rank and abilities: Viru was a Jedi, and a rather powerful one at that, while Qyreia was a non-Force user that had only some skill with her blasters when it came to combat abilities. Rather than dissuade her, the Zeltron decided to instead prove her mettle by participating in the proving competition for the new Quaestor's Black Guard. The event on Aeotheran proved to be less combative for the burgeoning merc and more a game of cat-and-mouse, as Viru opted to remain hidden and evade capture than fight Arronen, who seemed out of her element in the tropical environment. Despite taking some brutal injuries in the course of the chase, the Zeltron managed to track down and corner the Jedi, even if the latter was guarded behind the heavy doors of a secret panic-room beneath the geothermal plant. Caught in a stalemate, the Quaestor acquiesced that the mercenary had at least rendezvoused with her, as per the instructions; even if it was a loose interpretation.

Despite being a mercenary in the practical sense, Qyreia's new position garnered a semblance of respect and authority, Black Guards having access to the House and Clan Summits. It was an oddity that she was unprepared for, being so new and yet having a voice in the politics of the whole of Naga Sadow. Yet she still desired to pad her accounts, so when there was leave available, she would delve into the other opportunities the Brotherhood offered. The newly-formed Antei Contract Bureau offered her a job protecting and facilitating a criminal transfer, which she accomplished despite some injury. "Nothing a Bacta bath won't fix," she would joke with worried personnel. Qyreia would say similar after a duel with Tasha'Vel Versea which, while technically a draw, left the Zeltron bruised and bloodied by her Twi'lek opponent, who left with comparatively light injuries. It seemed that everyone wanted to test the mercenary, especially since she was the first one of her profession to make a name for herself in the organization of primarily Force users.

After the departure of Daedric Turelles from the position of Battle Team Sergeant, the position was left vacant until such time as Battle Team Leader (BTL) Bentre Stahoes opened applications to the position, which Qyreia applied for with little hesitation; ableit, in a roundabout way as she was initially applying for the open Quaestor position. Stahoes would later test her abilities to check her worth, but this would not in any way check her momentum. Through stalwart action, and despite the constant harassment of her Quaestor for a date, she was promoted to Professional; the first non-Force user of the Clan to mete out such a result.

Concurrent with this was the Grand Master's purge of what would become known as "Undesireables": peoples of particular races or credos that were felt by members of the ruling order to be subversive in some way to the Brotherhood as a whole. While Qyreia had previously helped smuggle some of these persons out of Brotherhood space, the tensions would grow to a boiling point that saw several instances of infighting and attempts to rescue these beings. Qyreia would join several others in a rescue attempt at the Shadow Academy on Lyspair, the results of which remained unknown to her as their group would quickly split to prevent discovery of their individual identities.

Settling In to Normalcy

Having done what she felt possible for a singular person of her political weight, Qyreia wanted to travel home and regain her composure from the emotional roller-coaster of the purge and her continued failed romantic advances toward Keira Viru. After two days of amiable time with her family and old friends, the Quaestor appeared at the Arronen family home, somewhat irritated at the unannounced departure of her personal Guard. The conversation quickly spiraled downward, despite the attempts of both Qyreia's parents and Viru herself, as the emotional buildup of over a month finally toppled over the edge for the mercenary. In the process, Viru also revealed to Qyreia's parents the reason for her departure from Zeltros, which she had kept a secret up to that point, as well as the fact that her love interest was also her boss. Despite the late protestations by Viru for a hasty departure, the pair quickly left the planet on the mercenary's shuttle, where another argument erupted between the two women. In a moment of desperation, Qyreia passionately kissed Keira, only to have her hopes of opening up the Jedi dashed by the half-Umbaran's confusion. Qyreia sent the would-be lover to the rear while she quietly cried her frustration away as they returned to Sepros.

The events on Zeltros would only complicate matters back in Sadowan space. In an effort to get some payback for the previous arguments, Viru devised a prank that would send her Black Guard on a frantic project to prepare Life Day celebrations, claiming the order came down from the Consul himself. Despite the subdued animosity, Qyreia carried her assignment out to the letter, producing an extravagant yet traditionalist celebration just outside the front gates of the Temple of Sorrow. Sequestering herself to a shadowed ledge of the Temple overlooking the festivities, the mercenary attempted to hide herself away from the partying Clan (and drink herself numb), only to have Keira track her down. They shared a pleasant conversation that cleared some of the bad air that had been festering between them and the Zeltron, in a gesture of amiability, gave Viru one of her bottles of Corellian rum, though the Quaestor saw it as a Life Day gift, signifying the mercenary's love for her.

After the primary festivities had subsided, yet another surprise would come around for the pair. Sanguinius Tsucyra, one of the many persons who had seen Qyreia's advances for what they were and supported the relationship, somehow managed to subdue and, in the fashion of a Life Day present, left his fellow Quaestor festively boxed and wrapped up in a bow on the mercenary's doorstep. The Zeltron, upon seeing the contents of the container, was equal parts happy and terrified, thinking that the Jedi would kill her if woken in her current condition. The fiasco ended with Viru in possession of an Ewok plushie that Qyreia had purchased some time earlier, returned to her room without waking by her earnest Guard. The Quaestor woke shortly thereafter and, after questioning her subordinate about the doll, accepted her second Life Day gift under the same assumption as the first, leaving the only remaining question: why was there a bow tied around her?

The Long Year (34 ABY)

Assuming Responsibility

Keira applies the tattoo of the Black Guard on Qyreia

As the holiday season wore down, business ramped up. Almost simultaneously, the mercenary was given two duties that she hadn't quite counted on: the position of Battle Team Leader for Devil's Shroud, and the apprenticeship of Leeadra Halcyon. The Pantoran had recently joined the Brotherhood at Qyreia's request, having found the blue-skinned Force User alone and on her last credits aboard a station on the Daragon Trail, just outside Brotherhood space.

In short order, the mercenary was given oversight of the former policewoman, thus beginning a period of terse relations and tough training. Lacking any Force powers herself, Qyreia thought it best to train her new apprentice in arts of combat; namely in blocking blaster bolts, which translated to shooting at the poor Pantoran for extended periods of time. While this did little to improve their personal relationship, it gave Leeadra phenomenal insight into the Shien style of lightsaber combat, becoming an expert in deflecting, redirecting, and dodging blaster bolts. Despite the back-and-forth name-calling that usually revolved around their skin colors (ex. "blueberry" and "cherry pie"), the pair were good friends, often strengthening their bond through hardship as in the case of Leeadra's capture by criminals on a backwater ice world.

While the Zeltron settled into her role as mentor, she continued her thus far fruitless advances on Viru. This time however, her efforts proved more successful. After a brief date on Aeotheran, which carried with it some heavy conversation for both of them, Qyreia willingly unveiled her Zeltron abilities for the first time for someone not of Zeltron-descent. Keira responded with a kiss, confirming that the date had not only gone well, but that their relationship would continue. It did so quietly, however, as the Seer still retained her position as Quaestor, and was actively worried about the professional implications of dating her Black Guard. This all came to a head when Qyreia, in a show of personal loyalty, asked Viru herself to apply the Black Guard tattoo - a task normally reserved for the Rollmaster. After days of internal conflict, Keira finally assented, branding her Guard via Force lightning with the only body modification that Qyreia had ever received.

Viru left office shortly afterward, paving the way for Darkblade to take the Quasetorship and Bentre Stahoes to take position as his Aedile. As acting Battle Team Sergeant, Qyreia readily took the reins in the short interim where Devil's Shroud had no formal Battle Team Leader; a position into which the new Consul would place her within the week. Unfamiliar with the Anzat Force user as she was, their professional relationship was rocky at first, not helped at all by his nigh perverse fascination with her "soup." While this dropped all the formality barriers between Qyreia and Viru, it opened up the challenge of attempting to lead a Battle Team whose membership operated largely independent of their host group.

Operation: Cobalt

"Start small, like a fist, then spread your fingers out into the masses."
―mantra Qyreia learned during her early trading days

Continued conflict with the Dominion prompted Consul Sonje to rethink the cold-war status quo that had developed since the events of Ashes Fall. Naga Sadow wanted to strike back, but first it needed a beachhead that could supply resources and manpower in addition to strategic placement. The planet Cobalt, known to the locals as Arcalo IV, became the focal point, and all members of the Clan were mobilized to begin the process of assimilation lest the Dominion beat them to the very same goal. Ignoring the call for combat training, Qyreia immediately went to the planet in hopes of quickly achieving the desired objectives.

The first priority was mapping the world's resources. While a simple enough task, it was a tedious one that had the Zeltron sitting in her cockpit for long hours, grueling over her sensor display while she transferred the data to a map overlay. In the process, she was able to note the locations of other cities, ruins, and transportation lines running between them all, giving the Summit a good strategic overview of the whole world.

The next task was recruiting fresh bodies to the Sadowan cause, as a recent census of the Warhost showed a distinct lack of manpower. The focus was on Force sensitives, but they would also accept people of good skill; Qyreia took this to mean "young and healthy," as she didn't expect to say any of them actively engaged in combat to test their prowess. She took great care in assembling a trading ship and cargo to take to the only settlement readily accessible to outsiders, where she proceeded to quietly spread the word of the Clan's intentions and predicament. Pamphlets, datapads, and word of mouth worked quickly - helped along by her mercantile savvy - and by the next day, she had taken on nearly one hundred people that fell under her recruitment criteria. It did nothing to endear the mercenary to the local constabulary, but she left with a cargo hold full of recruits, all knowingt was only a matter of time before lines were drawn and people were forced to choose sides, whether they wanted to or not.

The final stage in the operation, as it were, was carried out in the night that Qyreia remained on Arcalo IV. Plying a young traffic controller at a nearby bar with liquor, she convinced him through no small amount of seduction to take her up to the traffic control center itself for a bit of "fun." That she had unleashed her rarely-seen Zeltron abilities also helped. Despite some serious physical reprcussions (eg. a massive hangover), Qyreia managed to plant a data bug on the main control module, providing Naga Sadow with detailed information on the comings and goings of late, with particular interest in any Dominion-marked vessels. upon her return to space, the mercenary was rewarded by the Consul with a front-row seat to an ambush that was set thanks to the collected data, resulting in the destruction of a Dominion Star Deastroyer along with several transport vessels and other combat craft. With that, for Qyreia, Operation Cobalt was complete.

Fighting the Inquisitorius

"Those people were innocent civilians and should have been protected by the Brotherhood!"
"The Grand Master thinks otherwise."
"The Grand Master can suck my chuff."
―Qyreia speaking with Inquisitors over the recent Undesirables and anti-Jedi purges

While the Clan continued its personal war against the Dominion, the resistance against Pravus' machinations carried on as covertly as could be managed. Clan Odan Urr was sent into hiding after their homeworld of New Tython was razed by the Grand Master's loyal forces, prompting more and more drastic measures to keep the Jedi afloat. In order to root out possible dissidents, the Inquisitorius sent out agents across the Brotherhood against suspected sympathizers. Results varied as to who was exposed versus who remained truly or just outwardly loyal to the Iron Throne. In Qyreia's case, her activities as a sympathizer were known within select circles of the clandestine organization, resulting in a rather harsh interrogation which left one Inquisitor dead and another on death's door, carrying her name back to their superiors as a hostile entity.

In short order, the mercenary found herself barraged by hostilities from abroad and covert tasks from the Undesirables underground. From fighting agents within Naga Sadow to securing ships for Odan Urr, Qyreia worked diligently to stem the effects of the Dark Council's machinations. All the while, she maintained the same outward appearances during her work as Battle Team Leader and mentor, and confided only the most necessary of details in Keira in an effort to protect her from the retribution of the Inquisitorius and their ruling parties.

Operation: Firestorm and Operation: Homeland

Despite the clandestine warfare within its own ranks, Naga Sadow would continue its path to war with the Dominion. Using their collected data from Cobalt and various other agents, the Clan assaulted the Dominion-held world of Agua'tah en masse. While the large capital ships swooped in against the unprepared forces of the foe in orbit of the planet, Qyreia and Quo-Wing-Tzun - a member of her Battle Team - shuttled down to the planet's surface as one of the many pinpoint strikes against isolated fortresses and logistical caches scattered among the plethora of islands that dotted the watery world. Unlike operations on Cobalt however, Qyreia was growing weary of the constant conflict, and thus was not among the exalted stars of the overall attack, some of whom did not return to Sepros alive.

In the aftermath of the offensive, there lingered the vague threat of a counterattack on Sadowan holdings in the Orian system. Being one of the standout units during Firestorm, House Shar Dakhan's Summit put a series of wargames into effect called Operation: Homeland. Yet again, Qyreia participated in the venture but gave only cursory effort, putting most of her attention into personal matters, chief among which was her continued support of the anti-Pravus resistance movement.

Shattered Ties, Myrmidon, and Departure from Leadership

A month passed in relative quietude for the Clan, and thus for Qyreia as well, during which time she began work in earnest on settling her accounts within the Battle Team. With the war against the Grand Master gradually escalating, the mercenary knew it was only a matter of time before her position as Battle Team Leader would only complicate matters more than they already were. In going through all the accumulated files from her apartment on Sepros, she discovered an old project that had been started by Marcus and Daedric during their tenure prior to her arrival to the Brotherhood. Myrmidon, the planned base of operations for Devil's Shroud that would replace the lofty but scarce-used headquarters maintained on Sky City. Despite its haggard beginnings, the Zeltron managed to scrape together the resources that had initially been allocated to the settlement and, after convincing the disenfranchised settlers to help, managed to get construction of the city underway.

Her efforts would be cut short mid-project as Naga Sadow, apparently plagued on its borders by the Red Fury pirates that lingered after a combined assault the previous year, renewed its tentative alliance with Clan Scholae Palatinae. The end goal was much like the previous endeavor: wipe out the pirates and divide up the loot. Once the pirates' base on Mygeeto had been breached, however, the alliance was promptly ended by Xen'Mordin, Consul of the Palatineans, in a mad bid to collect all of the artifacts within the base and leave his betrayed allies high and dry. Already war weary, Qyreia made only a vain showing in order to help her friends Marcus, Aul, Darkblade, and Armad when the latter was stranded after the initial attack and betrayal. Once complete, she left the scene of greed and treachery, her apathy for the constant conflict rapidly growing.

Returning to her work on Myrmidon, construction went quickly thanks to the phenomenal assistance of the locals. However, the strain of constant fighting from outside the safety of the Clan and the internal bickering was taking its toll on the Zeltron, who gradually took to lonely outings at local bars on Aeotheran more and more often, drinking more and more each time. Despite this, the city was completed well before expectations and civil control was handed over to the settlers, with a small part of the city sectioned off for housing of each individual member of the Battle Team. It was in Qyreia's own recently-completed house that, after cohabiting with Keira for some time, that all of her pent up frustrations came spilling out in a drunken flurry of insults and self-destructive comments. The fight nearly ended their relationship, salvaged only by a hair's breadth of compassion, that signaled that the Zeltron was at the end of her rope.

It was time to hang up her hat, so to speak. Within the week, still expecting the imminent need to flee at any given moment, Qyreia finalized her departure from her position as Battle Team Leader. Despite forewarning of this move to both Darkblade and Stahoes' replacement, Zachary O'Maille, replacing the Zeltron took nearly an additional week; a move which made her reconsider leaving the position in the first place. However, as Aul Celsus returned to the Battle Team to take the reins, Qyreia forced herself to step back and let things run their own course.

Physical Description

An image of Qyreia, taken toward the end of her time as BTL

Qyreia is not a very large person, standing at only 1.7 meters tall (or 5' 7" in the old Republican system). Weighing in a 63.5 kilograms (140 pounds), she maintains a thin frame with a dense, lean musculature maintained by exercise and her natural Zeltron metabolism. Her skin, a darker sort of sunburn-red, shows off her contours nicely, and while she does not flaunt her physique like others of her race might, she is very aware that she is good looking. She has no piercings or tattoos, and no major scars to speak of thanks in equal parts to careful living and the magic of bacta. Her hair is cropped short along the sides, fading upward to a long (up to 10 cm) crop of hair on top of her head, which tends to partly hang over her face along a natural split just off-center to the left. The hair itself is a dark, smoky blue that reflects a much lighter cobalt color in the light.

Her attire is generally utilitarian, usually consisting of a simple white shirt, khaki pants, red-brown leather boots, and brown leather jacket. To her own chagrin, she owns no dresses or feminine attire, thanks in large part to her life as an independent spacer. Her clothes are designed for maximum movement as, she has often found, armor does not always work very well, and the best defense is not getting hit in the first place. She also likes the simple earthy colors of her attire because they are easy to coordinate, especially with a vibrant skin tone such as hers.

Personality and traits

On her own, Qyreia is very cheerful and happy, and often looks on the bright side of life, hoping for the best. She is a self-professed “master of sass,” constantly coming up with witty or sarcastic remarks to say – even if she does not always say them. When the chips are down, this can be as much of a blessing as a burden, as sometimes her witticisms can turn inward toward herself, though she will always do her utmost to contain any negative emotional displays – aside from annoyance or anger – in front of others. When her anger ‘’does’’ show through, her travels and attentive ear have given her a very colorful vocabulary, allowing her to swear harder than a drunken Huttese sailor. A stint on Kashyyyk during her private contractor days has also earned her a degree of skill in Shyriiwook, resulting in a fair amount of respect when speaking with the furry beings.

In the company of others, while she enjoys laughing, smiling, dancing or singing, she sees this as more of a personal affair than one for public consumption. This stems from her disdain for the stigmatized heritage she shares with the Zeltron people, and shows in her mild dislike of parties and utter revulsion of persons who make assumptions about her sex life. Her dismissal of these values is so overt that she can be nervous at social gatherings, if she attends at all, thinking that people expect her to be some great party animal. Open comparison to other Zeltrons can likewise make her moody and morose, as she feels that people cannot accept her as an individual. As such, forming intimate relationships is also a difficult feat, and can equally be disconcerting when her own rare advances are declined.

In the course of her travels and in an effort to separate herself from her cultural heritage, Qyreia has learned to augment her people's natural abilities. While the greater majority of Zeltrons can control the potency of their pheromones, Qyreia has instead learned to suppress them almost entirely, the latent levels on par with that of a human. In addition, she has also learned to entirely shut down her latent emotional telepathy, also a holdover of her heritage. Around other Zeltrons, it can be somewhat disconcerting as they can neither feel nor be felt in a natural way, akin to a Force user's discomfort around one whose connection to the Force has been severed. Only with a great deal of concentration can she turn the abilities on or off, although she finds the latter easier. Likewise, severe stress - especially anger - can break the telepathic barrier if sufficient enough, although this is very rare as she is very diligent at suppressing her emotions; something she has been told by many friends is bad for her health, mental and physical.

Qyreia's signature in High Galactic script

In combat, she has one rule: fight to win. If her moral compass is not at stake, then Qyreia has no problem with beating a hasty retreat. “Live to fight another day,” as the saying goes. However, that does not mean she is prone to cowardice. More often than not, she will make a quick assessment of the situation and try to be first to act: strike first and last. She finds that the best way to do this is often not the most accepted way; fighting dirty with eye-pokes, ambushing with her blaster, or her infamous kicks to the groin. Still, when the situation requires, she will not balk in the face of difficult odds, though she may complain by using some choice vocabulary from her repertoire.