Arcona Navy Corps

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Arcona Navy Corps
Unit Information

Established 34 ABY




Manning and commanding the naval vessels of the AAF


Matt Black, Gray, White, Red and Blue

  • Iax Helenus
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The 'Arcona Navy Corps (ANC), established in 34 ABY, is one of the four military branches of the Arconan Armed Forces. As the naval branch of the Arconan military, the ANC specifies in manning and commanding the warships, cruisers, and freighters of the AAF. It is currently led by Commodore Iax Helenus.


The basic role of the ANC is to provide protection to the Dajorra System and the Arcona Dominion, which also requires cooperation with the Dajorra Defence Force. Specifically the Navy Corps, a contrario to the role of the DDF, is able to travel out of the Dajorra System and launch large-scale orbital attacks upon threats to Arcona. Adhering to the arconan norm, the ranking, structure and overall framework of the Corps is constructed by the Shadesworn members of Arcona who comprise the Officer ranks of the establishment. Not only are the ranking systems of the Corps dictated by the Shadesworn Ranking level held by any particular individual; the Navy is perhaps the most significant tool utilised by the Shadesworn of Arcona, comprising a large portion of the Arconan military contingent.

Fundamentally, this branch is focused on the military dominance and tactical strategy of large-scale orbital and space combat by warships in Dark Brotherhood territories. Contrary to popular belief, however, the Navy does not strictly adhere to conflict-oriented means of training and piloting; specialisation is also undertaken within freight branches and areas of logistics, enabling Arconan forces to transport goods through the Dajorra System without the necessity of independent freighting companies.

Being a fundamental cornerstone to the Arconan Military dominion, the Navy Corps are charged with performing heavy troop transportation tasks, Orbital bombardment of specific offensive locations, orbital siege, logistics and systemic, large-scale battles.


Standard Naval Training (SNT)

The first phase of naval training consist of Standard Naval Training. Much like the Standard Soldier Training of the Army Corps, the SNT is a 10-week basic course course, focused on physical fitness, mental awareness and the fundamental techniques and mindset required for naval operation. Basic training includes:

  • Physical fitness tests (Involving the necessary limits one is required to be within to operate on a naval vessel)
  • Weapons training (Including personal weapons training, as well as naval gunning)
  • Tactical awareness
  • Navigation
  • Naval history
  • Naval strategy
  • Leadership
  • Naval etiquette (Including Uniform procedures, how to address officers, etc.)
  • Naval Languages (Phonetic languages, Navigational languages etc.)

SNT is currently taught by officers of the ANC at designated training bases, most notably those upon the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II and within the Giletta Spaceport in Estle City.


Upon graduation, a newly inducted naval officer or deckhand will be assigned to one of the many ships within the Arconan Armed Forces. Once stationed aboard a vessel, the officer will begin a probation period, wherein they will be required to shadow a more experienced Lieutenant or above. It will be their duty to study under this mentor in order to develop their skill set and become a full naval officer. Deckhands will follow another deckhand around in the same mentor system; however, the system is somewhat more lax than that of the officer's.

Graduates will also be designated in one of three divisions: Arcona Expeditionary Force, Dajorra Defence Force, and Logistics and Support. The Logistics and Support branch of the Arcona Naval Corps details the transport of cargo, troops, heavy artillery, vehicles and fighters. This is a role taken on by mainly deckhands, yet it is a significant part of the naval process.


The ranks within the Arcona Navy Corps adhere to the same system as within the rest of the Arcona military. That is, in conjunction with the Shadesworn ranking system implemented within Arcona.

Current Units

The following ships currently comprise the Arcona Navy Corps. They are divided into the Dajorra Defence Force (DDF) and Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF).

Dajorra Defence Force

Commanded by Commodore Emilie Lauraugina

Arcona Expeditionary Force

Commanded by Commodore Krox Noctem