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Halcyon Taldrya
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

17 BBY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.8 Meters


81.64 Kilograms





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Emerald, yellow, blue, orange

Lightsaber Form(s):

Soresu, Djem So

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Halcyon Taldrya is a veteran of the Dark Brotherhood, learning the ways of the dark side for over a decade. His ultimate destination passed through many roads, from orphan to engineer; pilot to intelligence officer. His journey has also taken him through two families. Becoming a brother to Vassan Rokir, he however learned of his actual family and the knowledge that his name was not just for show. He however dismissed the light, preferring the shadows and staying with the one place that had helped him grow.

Once depending solely on his skill with starfighters and other space-worthy vessels, Halcyon has slowly diversified himself over the years, learning and succeeding at covert operations as well as becoming adept at ground combat and mastering the use of the lightsaber. A long-time leader within the Brotherhood, Halcyon has held numerous positions including Combat Master and Deputy Grand Master.

Character History

Early Life

For the better part of his life, Halcyon was unaware of who his parents were or of any family. However, his past has opened up to him in recent years, filling in the one piece of his life that had always eluded him. Halcyon was born to a Jedi Master, Aerick Halcyon and his Corellian wife and CorSec officer, Loira. He also had an older brother, Michael, who was almost four at the time of his birth. Born during the infancy of the Galactic Empire and the Jedi Purges, Halcyon’s family had hidden themselves in a monastery on Drall, one of the planets in the Corellian System. It was in this monastery where Loira gave birth to a second son, and also where they left that boy as they feared they would not be able to hide both force-sensitive children from the dreaded Darth Vader.

Keeping Safe

17 BBY – 1 BBY

His heritage hidden from him, Halcyon grew up in the monastery for 10 years, learning from the monks about the galaxy at large while he performed small errands throughout the complex. A Master Shipbuilder had come to the monastery on day, knowing it acted as a refuge for children without homes. Needing someone to perform menial tasks, as well as an apprentice to mold into his image, the Master Shipbuilder believed Halcyon to fit his needs and convinced the monks to transfer him to his care. For the next 6 years, Halcyon worked at one of the many space-docks in the Corellian System, learning the art of shipmaking while running various jobs for his Master.

However by the age of 16 Halcyon had grown tired of life in the space-dock and yearned for more. Although under the care of the Master Shipbuilder, Halcyon stowed away on a freighter that had docked for repairs. The freighter’s next destination was the Corporate Sector where he managed to sneak back out and used the knowledge he had learned the past few years to earn a job as an engineer on an old YT-1000 freighter.

Living Life

1 BBY – 15 ABY

For the next 16 years Halcyon moved from sector to sector, job to job. Each time he made a new name for himself, starting fresh in his new surroundings. Although the galaxy went through numerous changes during this time, Halcyon stayed on the fringes, content to see and do as he pleased. During this time he had learned to fly, operate and maintain numerous fighters and freighters. He did not however have any long-tern friends, relationships or an actual home. That all changed when a freighter he piloted was to unload a shipment on a world called Aurora Prime. Upon landing, as he did on all planets, Halcyon took a tour of the main city. This time he became enthralled and felt a deep connection to this new place. Passing a recruitment office for the Tie Corps of the Emperor's Hammer, he took in all of the information he could. Finding the idea of using state of the art equipment as well as a more permanent home alluring, he applied on the spot, using the first name that seemed to come to mind, “Halcyon”.

The Emperor’s Hammer

Tie Corps

9 ABY – 13 ABY

Halcyon's Tie Corps Uniform when Wing Commander of Wing IV

Next to all of the other new trainees Halcyon was already quite old, but his past experiences helped him quickly move into a squadron. His career began on the flagship of the Emperor’s Hammer, the SSSD Sovereign in Wing IV as part of Yod squadron. His skill was immediately apparent and within a few months he was asked to join the Elite Intelligence Division squadron, Praetorian. Although tasked with being the Escort Squadron of the Supreme Director, the pilots in Praetorian were also given intensive special operations training, making them useful outside of their cockpit as well.

Having gone through a number of Tours of Duty with Praetorian and already a Major in the Tie Corps, Halcyon returned to Wing IV and eventually became Commander of Yod squadron. Yod proved to be one of the most dependable squadrons on the flagship during his time in command, successfully completing the bulk of their missions. Halcyon walked away from leadership as a Lieutenant Colonel, become a regular flight member once more. However he came back and became Wing Commander of Wing IV, restoring the Wing to a level of renown once more and earning him Colonel in the process.

Dark Brotherhood

11 ABY – 13 ABY

Halcyon's old Grant of Arms

Halcyon’s ability with a starfighter was well known to his squad mates in Praetorian, but his success on the ground was also outstanding. Urged by his friends Halcyon went to Eos and found that he was force sensitive. Wanting to develop those talents he joined the Dark Brotherhood and became a Sith, member of House Oriens Obscurum in Clan Arcona. His powers quickly developed, earning the use of a lightsaber prior to the great Vendetta as well as cementing the name of Pandragon as one of the great Sith Battleteams, leading them from the moment he was an Acolyte.

For all of his actions he was given the Quaestor position in Oriens Obscurum when his mentor, E. Tarkin, was elevated to Consul of Arcona. He also joined the Equite ranks at this time. After a successful term as Quaestor, Halcyon stepped down but was soon asked to be Aedile of the House and held that position under a succession of other Quaestor’s. During this time his powers continued to grow, managing to elevate himself to the rank of Sith Battlelord and a prominent member of the Clan.

Intelligence Division

12 ABY – 13 ABY

Although no longer a member of Praetorian, those in the Intelligence Division still kept their eyes on him. Supreme Director Jordynn was tasked to rebuild the ID as it had grown stagnant over time. Needing a skilled and sturdy hand she called upon Halcyon to take on the reins of the Bureau of Operations, giving him a new persona in the form of Major Gryph. Although there for only a very short while Halcyon re-organized the entire Bureau, strengthening both Branches and making it an effective organization once more. The Bureau was the best run at the time of his leaving, having been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel during the re-organization process. Halcyon was soon called back to duty with the ID and asked to join the secretive Bureau of Internal Organization.

In recent years Halcyon met and became a trusted friend of Syn Kaek, a key mastermind behind the Intelligence Division at the same time Halcyon was a Bureau Director. It is also rumoured that Halcyon’s other persona may still be active and has perhaps been strengthened with his current association to the former Intel officer.


12 ABY

Although a well known and popular pilot with others, Halcyon’s skill was also seen as a threat to many. During a flight competition in the Dark Brotherhood, evidence was planted against him by powerful forces in the Emperor’s Hammer, implicating him in various charges. Although evidence was found to exonerate him, the High Court of Inquisitors forbade additional evidence other than what was initially brought to them. Easily found guilty, Halcyon was stripped of his Tie Corps ranks and medals, as well as his Dark Brotherhood medals and his powers reverted back to that of a Novice. Seeing the hypocrisy of the Fleet, Halcyon focused his energies on the force instead. Such actions would make certain decision later on much simpler.

Exodus and Beyond


13 ABY

Perhaps the largest event in Dark Brotherhood history, the Exodus was a catalyst for many dark jedi at the time. Tearing away from the Emperor’s Hammer, decisions had to be made by all of those involved. For Halcyon, such a decision was simple as he left the EH behind, leaving many friends by knowing he was destined for more than to be a cog in a bureaucratic mess. During the confusion of the time, Halcyon took the reigns of House Oriens Obscurum once more, his past abilities needed to help steady a group in turmoil.

With a new beginning for everyone, Halcyon brought his case before the Grand Master and the newly created Chamber of Justice. Seeing the previous injustice wrought upon him, the leaders of the Dark Brotherhood re-instated Halcyon to the rank of Sith Battlelord as well as returned all of his previous medals.


13 ABY – 17 ABY

With a new beginning for Dark Brotherhood Halcyon also decided to test new waters. With the position of Commander of the Guard opening he applied and was awarded the job. As he brought together a new group of Grand Master’s Royal Guards, he was also pushed to his own physical limits, the training involved much more than what he was ever accustomed too. Halcyon’s body went from that of a pilot to one of a true warrior. After completing the longest single-term as CoG, Halcyon stepped down and was elevated to the Elder ranks for his efforts.

Having made the leap into the world of the Obelisk, Halcyon next found himself a part of a once “Krath” organization, the Antei Combat Center. Taking on the role of second-in-command, Halcyon proved himself adept at handling the duties of the Center, as well as becoming a successful participant himself.


17 ABY – 19 ABY

Returning to Arcona after his stint on the Dark Council, Halcyon turned his attentions to helping the Clan continue its growth. Beginning with Aedile of Qel-Droma, Halcyon took increasing positions of prominence within the Clan. It was also during this time that Halcyon began a part of a true family, his friend Vassan adopting him as a “brother” into the Rokir family, a family known for a legacy of architecture and building, talents Halcyon carried relating to starships and fighters. Although since having removed the name "Rokir" from official records, he still views Vassan as a brother-in-arms and will stand by his side should it ever be needed.

Such responsibilities finally culminated as Consul of Arcona, a position he held for a short while before the politics of the position caused him to step down and clear his head away from the Clan itself. However Halcyon couldn’t stay away for long, called back to once again help his home. Helping House Oriens Obscurum he was finally thrust once more into the seat of Consul, preparing the Clan for a great war in the Dark Brotherhood. Although many bickering forces threatened to split the Clan apart, cohesion was held and Arcona weathered what would be called the Seventh Great Jedi War. Before the war began Halcyon was elevated to the esteemed rank of Dark Jedi Master with powers that saw him successfully lead his Clan.

Changing Pace

19 ABY – 20 ABY

With the culmination of the war, Halcyon once again found himself yearning for more. Having spent his entire time in Clan Arcona, he felt he no longer had any room for growth, deciding to leave his home and venture to the Clan Taldryan. There he hoped to truly expand his powers and train in both body and mind against and unfamiliar yet powerful Clan. Only through pushing his limits would Halcyon achieve his full potential.

Halcyon also finally came face to face with his past, learning of his heritage as an actual “Halcyon”, his brother being the traitorous Jedi Master Michael Halcyon. However, he has rejected such ties, keeping himself away from the other Halcyon Jedi, most of who fight for the New Republic.

Upon stepping down from Consul, Halcyon was given the opportunity to work alongside Syn Kaek as his Praetor, much of his time then spent on Antei instead of in his “new” home. After numerous months Kaek decided to venture into the unknown, leaving Halcyon as the new Master at Arms. Taking on these new responsibilities, he had to give up his duties as Deputy Combat Master and took a more permanent residence in the Dark Hall. Continuing from where Kaek had left Halcyon continued with the re-organization of the MAA office, butting heads with many around the Dark Brotherhood, but ensuring a set of standards were in place.


20 ABY - 21 ABY

As long-time Grand Master Jac Cotelin decided to step down from his position, the elevation of Sarin to Grand Master left a void in the Dark Council. Halcyon was asked to become the next Deputy Grand Master, a position he readily accepted. However, beset by those who had nothing left to offer the Dark Brotherhood, Halcyon's time as second-in-command was tumultuous. However, a Rite of Supremacy devoid of Order was successfully run, weeding the weak and allowing the strong to rise to prominence. Named a Lord of the Sith, his time as DGM still soured him, his resignation announced immediately following the end of the RoS.

At the same moment Dalthid had decided to lessen his time in the ACC, opening up the spot of Combat Master. Halcyon was asked to take over, one of the few with the knowledge and skill necessary to run the complicated operations. With much of the politics of the Dark Brotherhood removed from ACC operations, Halcyon accepted the new position.

Halcyon in his ACC combat clothing

New Status Quo

21 ABY - 24 ABY

Accepting his new position, Halcyon had also decided on once again joining a Clan, returning to the only place that felt anything like a home to him. With the permission of the Consul, Halcyon was once again a member of House Dinaari in Clan Taldryan, just as the Force-devoid Aliens attacked the unsuspecting Dark Brotherhood. For the next week Halcyon and the rest of his Clan fled into the Shroud, battling off their pursuers as they reached Antei itself. Reaching the home of their Brotherhood, Halcyon saw flashes of what was to come, and what may be. Although in the middle of a heated battle Halcyon left his Clan to ensure the continued survival of the ACC, journeying to Antei and retrieving the necessary tools to help re-build.

Bringing stability to the ACC once more he has passed on the reins of leadership to others, planning to slowly move into the background. Yet with the sudden resignation of his Consul, Duga, a new door had opened for the veteran Sith. Although previous stints as Consul had left a bitter taste in his mouth, even to this day, the opportunity to lead Taldryan was one he could not pass up. With agreement from the Grandmaster, Deputy Grand Master and Duga himself, Halcyon was given control of Taldryan as its new Consul.

Although Consul for less than a year, Halcyon fought to keep Taldryan the sea of stability that always characterized it. During his reign the Rybanloth System was overrun by pirates and a task force led by his Proconsul, Chaosrain, took the System back. New plans of action were implemented to ensure Taldryan's sister-system was given the same level of protection and prominence as any other system in the Dark Brotherhood would hold. Stepping down as Consul, Halcyon returned to his own personal studies, before being asked once more to step into another leadership role.

Old Ways; New Change

24 ABY - 25 ABY

Having spent years as part of the Antei Combat Center, Halcyon had noticed its recent decline since he was last a part of its staff. Taking his concerns to the Dark Council, he was asked to take the reigns of Combat Master once more. Years of leadership and dealing with the personal aspirations of many others had taken their toll, but he set aside such misgivings to rebuild the ACC foundation. Long-time Combat Master Dalthid also joined, ensuring the Center would find it's lustre once more. With clouds of war gathering on the horizon it was decided that the Center would once more focus on ensuring the newest dark jedi in the Brotherhood's fold would be given the chance to prove their worth to the organization. Their blades would be needed for what was to come.

As the ACC regained it's legs, War was upon them once more. Grand Master Sarin's vision of re-taking Antei had finally come to pass, the entire Brotherhood called into action to ensure its success. The enemy they faced was not what they had expected, the Alien threat replaced with a band of Jedi unknown to the rest of the Brotherhood or the Galaxy at large. The Brotherhood was ultimately victorious, taking their home back, but at the cost of their Grand Master's life and countless others. Although Taldryan had shown once more they were not to be trifled with, it was Halcyon's former Clan, Arcona, who had proved themselves the true power during the invasion. For Halcyon himself the time had shown that he wished to once more step away from leadership, his dealings with those "on the ground" showing that was where he currently belonged. Stepping down as Combat Master Halcyon turned to focus on his own studies. It did not take long for the Elder to be thrust into leadership, Shadow's departure leaving the Clan rudderless. Stepping in on a temporary basis Halcyon smoothed over the operations of the Clan, taking on Vodo as his Proconsul. He stayed on for only a few months, ensuring the Clan had a firm foundation once more before turning the Clan over to the Twi'lek.

For the Brotherhood

25 ABY - 30 ABY

Halcyon had finally managed to extract himself from the day-to-day operations of the Brotherhood, taking time for himself to travel the galaxy. Although adventures abounded, he once more returned to the DB. Although not immediately taking up a leadership role, he did offer his services in an advisory role to the Grand Master, while also playing a role in the near-victory for Taldryan during the taking of Salas V. A restructuring of the Dark Council led the Sith back onto the main body of the Brotherhood, becoming the first Voice of the Brotherhood. He spent much of this time travelling to the various Star Systems that fell under the banner of the Brotherhood, bringing the word of the Grand Master. With the disappearance of Darth Sarin, Halcyon was called upon to take on the mantle of Deputy Grand Master for a second time. He immediately set to work on a new Coliseum for use during the next Independence Games while finding a new source of income for the Brotherhood. Operation Tempest Omega succeeded in finding that new source of funding for the Brotherhood, after its previous source had been broken. Utilizing a "Retreat" built on Osarian for the super-wealthy, the Dark Brotherhood is now able to secure large sums of funds while also able to discreetly hide all other forms of business behind their more legitimate practices.

Halcyon and his brother Michael commence their final duel.

The Fourth Independence Games were successful, but a long-simmering feud was to come to a head. After months of discussion, the Invasion of New Tython was declared. Although what was to be a clear-cut victory was instead a hard-fought battle as Odan-Urr had allies in the form of Rokir's estranged brother, Michael Halcyon and a band of Mandalorian mercenaries. In the end New Tython was brought under the heel of the Brotherhood, and Halcyon had killed his brother Michael in a climatic duel. Shortly thereafter a brother-in-arms also found death. Syn Kaek, on a mission known only to himself, was killed. The remainder of his belongings found their way to Halcyon's desk, with no way to trace how they arrived. Halcyon has vowed to take revenge on those who stole his friends life and he keeps the remaining tokens close at hand.

For a brief moment it appeared that stability beginning to take a hold, after so much death and destruction had occurred during Halcyon's time on the Council. It was just an illusion as the Brotherhood's past came roaring back in the form of former Grand Master Zoraan. Presumed dead, Zoraan sought to reclaim the Iron Throne utilizing an impressive fleet as well as a new bioweapon. The crisis, which has come to be known as Horizons, sent all Clans and Houses back on their heels. Halcyon, along with what forces remained on Antei, fought back against the usurpers and were ultimately successful, although not before a great toll had been taken. Tired of the personal price that had been extracted from him, Halcyon stepped away from the Dark Council and the various responsibilities that had been his burden.

Back in the Home

30 ABY -

Time after stepping down from DGM

Miscellaneous Descriptions


Current robes worn by Halcyon

Halcyon stands at 1.8 meters, weighing nearly 82 kilograms. Although once having the perfect “pilot’s” body, he has since added well defined musculature to his frame which he keeps finely honed through much training. His most striking features are his hair and eyes, both a deep emerald in color. Such color is natural, although it has never been known how such coloring occurred. One theory that has been suggested is Halcyon’s path to the dark side when compared to all other force-sensitive Halcyon’s going to the light. Such rejection may have contributed to a rejection of regular physical features as well. Regardless, Halcyon wears his hair long and normally has it tied tightly at the back. He also keeps a neatly trimmed goatee.

Custom Robes

During his reign as Voice of the Brotherhood, Halcyon had a new set of robes designed for him that were not just for show. Although the colour scheme was maintained, all of the material was upgraded to be effective during the heat of battle. The tunic, pants and cloak are all made from armorweave while the chest, legs and forearm plating are made from durasteel. A less-armoured version of these robes are used on a day-to-day basis. The armorweave is replaced with zeyd-cloth and the durasteel with hardened corellian leather. Only during formal occasions or in times of battle will the armoured-robes be used.


Being so in tune with the dark side causes many dark jedi to be twisted by such powers, forming many split personalities, psychosis or very angry and destructive personalities. Halcyon however has managed to overcome or bypass such tendencies. Having experienced and seen much prior to developing his force powers Halcyon has been able to keep his head and push through the more psychotic tendencies, even while delving deeper into such strange and powerful forces.

It is only during battle that Halcyon reverts to a more destructive form, forgoing compassion and restraint focusing instead on victory and completing the task at hand. Outside of that, Halcyon is normally easy-going with those he considers friends and acquaintances, although many others can see him as unemotional or detached, his face normally inscrutable in public.

With those he considers friends however he is much more relaxed and at ease. It is a far cry from how he holds himself in public with only a select few really seeing that side of his personality.


Custom Vibroblades

One blade

These intricately made blades are each 20 centimetres long. The entire weapon is perfectly balanced, allowing for ease of use. Although untraditional in style, these vibroblades were made to withstand the rigors of battle. The hilts contain the power core, as well as specially modified sound dampeners. The vibrations no longer emit noise from the blades. The blades also have specially designed sheaths, which recharge the blades as they’re sheathed. A full charge will last nearly 5 hours of straight usage, without needing to recharge. The sheaths are designed to match the hilt of the blades.

Bryar Pistol

Halcyon's custom bryar pistol

Upon joining Taldryan, Halcyon became familiar with the use of the bryar pistol. Over time the weapon became a part of his regular arsenal along with a single lightsaber. Upon his most recent Dark Council re-joining, the Taldrya had a custom bryar pistol made for him. Unlike regular bryar's that are customized from a rifle, this weapon was designed from scratch for the intended use as a pistol. It still carries the signature look and feel of the weapon, but with the added reliability of a weapon made for a single purpose. The pistol's outer casing uses many of the same materials as Halcyon's current lightsaber. The blaster also fires bolts of green energy in both single and charged-forms.


Halcyon's Lightsabers

Halcyon has built four separate hilts during his career and each one survives to this day. His first lightsaber like many other new Dark Jedi Knights, is of a common design, taken from the Dark Brotherhood databanks. By using a treated yellow Adegan crystal provided by his Clan, the blade was of an orange-hue. The hilt of the blade was gold and black.

His second and third lightsabers are each similar in design and fashion. His second used a yellow Adegan crystal while his third used a blue Adegan. The hilts themselves were simplistic in nature, using materials found close at hand. However each blade had magnetic bottoms that could be activated by pushing in the little round bubble on the bottoms of the hilts. When put together, the blades turned into a double bladed lightsaber. A release button caused the lightsabers to detach.

With technical help from the Herald Muz, Halcyon’s fourth hilt is his most complex to date. The hilt itself is a thin layer of Coruscanti marble wrapped around a hollowed durasteel alloy bar. The marble finish has been dyed emerald. Using a green Adegan for the blade, Halcyon also had a Nextor and Opila crystal incorporated as focusing crystals.

As a final culmination of his skills, Halcyon decided to forgo traditional blade methods. Receiving a vision of crystal-like beings, he searched them out and located them on the far off planet of Hurikane, killing one of these beings and taking from it a perfect purple crystal. Gutting his marble-hilt, Halcyon replaced his Adegan with this new crystal, as well as installing a much more powerful cell to power the entire unit. Using the force as guidance, he fine-tuned the mechanics, and upon activating it saw that he had created a nearly invisible blade. The blade exists as ultra-violet light, the power cell making the blade radiate much more heat than normal but draining the cell at a quicker rate as well.

Halcyon has since returned to a more traditional blade due to the increased need of his blade in battle. Although still having the components needed for a UV-blade, using a regular lightsaber blade is much more functional for longer periods of use. Slight adjustments were made to the blade itself, a darker hue and narrowing to a tip are the more noticeable changes from its previous incarnation.

Lightsaber Forms

DJB Facts

Past Positions


  • First Voice of the Brotherhood
  • First non-Krath Combat Master
  • First non-Obelisk Commander of the Guard
  • First non-Krath Aedile of Qel-Droma
  • Name taken from the book "I, Jedi" by Michael A. Stackpole
  • 2007 Tally for "Best Newcomer", 2008 Tally for "Best Dinaarian"
  • Awarded the "Mark of Honor" and "Dagger of the Fallen", Clan Awards from Taldryan
  • Former holder of Keirdagh's Fortitude (The Cross of Yacko)
  • Current holder of Duga's Devotion (Duga's Staff)

Positions Held
Before Position After
E. Tarkin Quaestor of Oriens Obscurum
11 ABY
Shadowfox Quaestor of Oriens Obscurum
13 ABY
Shadow Taldrya Commander of the Guard
13 ABY - 14 ABY
Arcturus Gadeskin Xyler Deputy Combat Master
14 ABY - 15 ABY
Brujah Tamalar
Shadowfox Quaestor of Oriens Obscurum
15 ABY - 16 ABY
Syn Kaek
al'Lan Mandragoran Proconsul of Arcona
16 ABY
Syn Kaek
al'Lan Mandragoran Consul of Arcona
16 - 17 ABY
Denath Ciarus
Shikyo Keibatsu Quaestor of Oriens Obscurum
18 ABY
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
Denath Ciarus Consul of Arcona
18 ABY - 19 ABY
Strategos Thanatos Entar
Spears Tarentae Right Hand of Justice
18 ABY - 19 ABY
Aristan Dantes
Syn Kaek Master at Arms
19 ABY - 20 ABY
Kraval Taldrya
Aristan Dantes Deputy Grand Master
20 ABY - 21 ABY
Muz Keibatsu Sadow
Dalthid Combat Master
21 ABY - 22 ABY
Sharad Taldrya Hett
Duga Taldrya Arkarso Consul of Clan Taldryan
22 ABY - 23 ABY
Chaosrain Taldrya
Sith Bloodfyre Combat Master
24 ABY - 25 ABY
Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama
Shadow Taldrya Consul of Clan Taldryan
25 ABY
Vodo Biask Taldrya
N/A Voice of the Brotherhood
27 ABY - 28 ABY
Vodo Biask Taldrya
Sarin Deputy Grand Master
28 ABY - 30 ABY
Re-Opened Quaestor of Ektrosis
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Kenath Zoron
Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor Right Hand of Justice
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor Proconsul of Taldryan
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Howlader Taldrya
Aidan Kincaid Wiki Tribune
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Selika Roh
N/A Praetor to Regent
35 ABY -