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Krox Noctem
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14 BBY

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Captain in the Arcona Navy Corps


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Krox Noctem is the Muun Commodore of the Arcona Expeditionary Force, within the Arconan Flotilla. He answers only to Qyreia Arronen and Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae. This seasoned naval tactician served as a navigation expert within the Dajorra Defence Force for many years; his progression between tactical analysis and navigation has left him well-versed in flanking manoeuvres, and navigational military tactics. It was this that established his worth within the Arconan dominion. He was later assigned as a senior tactical analyst upon the bridge of the Eye of the Abyss II, the Arcona Flagship. His abundance of mental ability, coupled with his seasoned experience aided him in his promotion to Commodore of the AEF.

Character History

""We have the distinct advantage. Why don't we just launch the assault from here?"

"If you want to charge into battle wearing your ego and self-esteem on your shoulders, so be it. Looks can be deceiving. You're lucky the fleet is following my command.""

―Noctem to a Junior Tactician

Early Life

Born in 14 BBY on Muunilinst, Krox was brought up by his mother and father in a rebuilt luxury apartment of the inner Harnaidan city. His father was in middle-management within the InterGalactic Banking Clan (IGBC) and his mother was a receptionist for the same company. His destiny lay in the monotony of the financial sector, yet his inherent attitude to explore and stay mobile fought against it. In his childhood, leading up to his early teens he was fascinated by military strategy, often using the innate Muun trait of numerical intellect to work out probabilities of success, effectiveness and the probability of survival.

During his mid-late teens, Krox began to utilise this fascination in the forum of naval warfare, using mathematics to now work out acceleration rates, firing rates, impact of damage, atmospheric difference due to location and memorizing the armament and capacity for destruction that any particular ship holds. It became an obsession that haunted him throughout his teenage years until he reached enrolment age.

Into the Obisidian

Noctem saw the Imperial Navy as a significant power; In his eyes, it was an entity of the heavens that was unmatched. It was a challenge to him and one that he decided he would gladly accept. Unfortunately, in 4 ABY the navy disbanded, leaving fragmented groups of remaining pilots, squadrons and flotillas who began to fall into the background. Krox made it his mission to follow.

After leaving Muunilinst in 5 ABY, Noctem darted between different merchant navies, acting in any role he could pick up, but found that, due to his mathematical ability, he was suited to navigation. This was against his personal interest in tactical analysis; however, to his distaste, there was little need for such roles within merchant flotillas.

Five years passed as Krox continued to flit between different naval roles before he came across a small, officially decommissioned Imperial Navy that was lying in wait. Going Absent Without Leave from his then role as an engineering assistant-cum-navigational aid, he seized his opportunity, getting a shuttle to the Capital Ship of the fleet and request access on board. His motives were questioned; he was interrogated, but he kept his mettle. Months passed in captivity before he was finally granted audience to a commissioned officer and the opportunity to vocalise his plight to join. He was reluctantly accepted in 10 ABY as a deckhand.

He soon rose through the ranks, and by the time the Imperial Remnant rose into the fore in 19 ABY, Krox was an established navigational expert on the Bridge of the Capital Ship within the flotilla.

Back Down to the Ground

To be continued...