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General information

32 ABY



Physical specifications

Approx. 1,500


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Kurs’kranak is the home of House Galeres of Arcona and is located upon the planet Eldar within the Dajorra System. Although a portion of the base is above ground, the majority of Kurs’kranak lies within Eldar’s surface, in the labyrinth of rooms spread around in the subterrain. Designed for privacy and defense, Kurs’kranak provides a safe haven for those Dark Jedi who claim House Galeres as their home.

A Brief History

Upon his appointment to Quaestor of Galeres, Sanguinius Tsucyra commissioned a new military base for House Galeres. For years, Galeres had been moving from base to base within the Dajorra system under the myriad of successive Quaestors.

Coming from House Qel Droma, Sanguinius felt that Galeres needed change...it needed to return to its roots, to Eldar. Seeking permission from Sashar Erinos Arconae, the newly frocked Templar moved the House to a temporary Forward Operations Base situated within a large forest which the local inhabitants avoided due to superstition, something the Anaxsi took immediate advantage of. After consulting with his Consul and Aedile, Sanguinius baptized the base “Kurs'kranak”, in honour of Soulfire Strike Team and the Mandalorian influence that defined House Galeres (in Mando’a, Kurs'kranak literally means “Forest Fort”).

While Sanguinius was the Quaestor who broke the ground of the new base, the FOB wasn't actually completed during his tenure; rather, it was Cethgus Kuga and Wuntila (both to later become Entars) that made up the Summit when Kurs'kranak was finished. However, before the Galerians could make full use of their new base, the Edict of Dismantling came down and as House Galeres faded into memory, so to did the Forward Operations Base.

Nearly two years passed before House Galeres would be reopened under Consul Zandro Savric Entar and Proconsul Wuntila Zratian Entar and they quickly appointed Celahir and Talos Erinos to fill the vacant positions of Quaestor and Aedile, respectively. The two Mandalorian brothers worked dutifully, albeit slowly, to reenergize the Warrior House and after many long nights of debate, it was decided that House Galeres would finish what former Quaestor Sanguinius started...they would inhabit Kurs'kranak. The FOB was renovated and brought on-line and before long, the Galerian Summit struck a deal with the newly formed Arcona Army Corps that in exchange for additional protection, the AAC would use the K'K as the headquarters of the Army Special Operations Command (ARSOC).

So with few exceptions, House Galeres sticks to the 2-layer underground portion of Kurs'kranak while ARSOC personnel go about their daily business above ground. This symbiotic agreement allows not only for added protection but also a solid cover, amplified even more by the FOB's remote location and the fact that House Galeres also runs a Private Military Company from the base.

Grand Arena

Kurs’kranak Layout

This massive room embodies all that is Galeres, and is where all awards, promotions, celebrations and important meetings are held. A plush carpet with gray and black thread covers the cold floor and the high ceiling is imprinted with the Galeres logo, providing a watchful eye over all the doings below it. The smoky grey pillars around the edges of the room are labeled with the embossed names of previous leaders or extremely valuable members of House Galeres. The Arena's focus, however, is a black and gold marble throne which is carved to resemble a dragon, two heads form the hand-rests with four clawed feet and wings stretching up to form the back. The ornate throne is hardly ever used, as it was placed for direct use by the Consul upon his visits to Kurs’kranak.

Security and Base Functions

As with any facility of its nature, Kurs’kranak has up to date security functions as well as many central operations. Running like clockwork, these functions keep the base moving forward, to better serve its Dark Jedi masters. The House would not be able to operate on the scale that it does without these very critical sectors.

Command Center

The nerve center for the entire base. The staff makes sure everything on base is running smoothly and efficiently. Terminals fill the Command Center controlling defense, the Generator and other such systems. From here the Quaestor can control any system if needed, though he also has an override located within his quarters should extreme circumstance arise. A button is located within the Center that can lock-down the entire base in case of intruders or an attack. On any official map within Kurs’kranak itself, it is labelled as the garbage incinerator while the real garbage incinerator is labelled as the Command Center.

Hangar Bay and Machine Shop

The hangar bay houses all of Galeres’ vessels which are stored for the Galeres military or respected guests. Restricted access codes make it possible to trace ships planning to land within this large room preventing fatal strikes into the base. A large force field is used to protect the contents of the Hangar and several oversized turbolasers are mounted on each corner with thermal and infrared cameras used for targeting.

There is a small area that extends from the hangar that holds all equipment required by the Galeres base. Any broken, out of order, or malfunctioning equipment is taken to this room to be fixed.

Presses, lathes and drills line the walls, alongside the hi-tech equipment constantly modified or replaced to keep up with the evolving technology. The personnel are competent to fix all but the most complex of problems, for which the engineers will be called. The Machine Shop also holds enough equipment to manage small scale replacements.


The Communications System Area contains a com-scan unit large enough to continually monitor all the base's incoming system data, processing it and alerting communications personnel to perceived dangers or threats to the base. It also has several Eradicators which resemble a large communications dish: Eradicators lock onto the communications of a Jedi working from a remote location and scramble the incoming transmission's header data. This way, the origination point of the message is unreadable to any being who tries to slice the transmission in order to pinpoint a Jedi's location. Each member of Galeres also has within their possession a Jedi beacon receiver and Clockwatcher. The beacon receiver allows them to communicate signals and broadcasts from the base, the Clockwatcher gives not only time but also provides information on ambient temperature, gravity, atmospheric conditions, and the surrounding environment. HoloNet is wired throughout the base and the communications room contains a Hologram Projection Pod connected to it. The Projection Pod allows the user to send a full-body, holographic communication to another being using the transmission and reception of HoloNet signals, enabling virtually real-time communications across the galaxy.

Security Office and Holding Cells

Manned by a two man, around the clock, security force; it is equipped by 57C's (devices that can record images in 3-D and have audio pick-ups and motion detectors) that cover the entire base, excepting the Quaestor's quarters.

There is also a large room containing four large holding cells as well as two single occupant holding cells. Two guards are present at all times to ensure that no breakouts are attempted, and to react in the rare occurrence that one happens. A button near the guard's station locks down the room in case of emergency. Along the wall are hung instruments for "persuading" the prisoner to release information or simply to be punished for their incarceration. In one corner is the Geonosian Containment Field, a specialized device created by the Geonosians that is capable of disrupting the prisoner's connection to the force and is mostly reserved for Galeres’ Force Sensitive enemies.


The Colony Class 23669 is a heavy-duty power generator, usually costing nearly 25 million credits. The unit owned by Galeres was "apprehended" by a Galerean squad who discovered it in the hands of "spies" and put to use in the Galeres compound. It is the heart of Kurs’kranak, powering the bulk of the base’s sensitive equipment, although a separate generator is used for critical systems in case of shutdown on the main unit. In times of extreme crisis, the Quaestor has an override code that shall shut down the generator and prevent the backup from starting.

Living Areas

These areas a made up of mainly spaces dominated by the Dark Jedi of the house. Furnished comfortably, they provide a place for the members of Galeres to feel welcome and comfortable whilst they concentrate on ways to better themselves and the House. All manner of comforts are offered, leaving nothing wanting except what members choose to bring for themselves.

Quaestor's Quarters

The Galeres Quaestor has his room dominated with black and gold, creating a dark and deadly atmosphere within the space. The carpet covering the entire floor area has a circular crest outlined in gold, carrying the dragon emblem proudly. The large bed is covered in pure black, the pillows emblazoned with the same golden dragon. In a private office a desk of ebony wood stands majestically, a comfortable imported-leather chair pushed under it. Classified files are all arranged in order within a secure repository, with nothing out of place. The imposing desk and chair intensify the impression of absolute authority when required by the room’s occupant. It is through the office that one reaches the Quaestor's quarters using a code only known by him or her.

Aedile’s Quarters

This space reflects the personality of the current Aedile: passionate, full of life and emotion. The comfortable bed is covered in scarlet and black satin, black drapes hang down to provide even more privacy when needed. Candles burn throughout the room, giving it a soft glow while also leaving deep shadows about the perimeter. Unique swords gathered in her travels are mounted upon the walls as well as a few select paintings of intrinsic value. Incense burns on top of a set of ornate drawers filling the room with a pungent yet sweet scent that adds to the deceptively calming atmosphere of the room. A clean and organized office is the only way one can enter the Aedile's quarters using a code known only to the Quaestor or Aedile. It reveals little of the Aedile, instead focusing on presenting the proper image of an authority figure.

BTL Quarters

These rooms are outfitted in the emerald green and black creating a dignified atmosphere befitting of the positions. A comfortable bed stands in one corner, a large rug covering part of the cold floor before it. A simple yet elegant desk is squarely placed so that the occupant has a full view of the room, preventing any unannounced visitors from gaining access. The sole differences between the two quarters are the crest of the respective Battle Teams ingrained on to the door of the quarters, gold decoration in the Soulfire chamber versus Silver in the Spectre Cell and the various personal items in the room.

General Living Quarters

The living quarters are divided into individual rooms whose size and furnishing depends on the member’s rank. Elders, being the most powerful members of the House, are given larger, luxurious rooms furnished with ornate, elegant pieces. Equites are provided medium sized rooms with decorative, yet sturdy furnishings. The Journeymen of the House are provided small but functional rooms with basic, yet durable furnishings. The sector is split into three sections based on rank, with a cross hallway cutting through each. Upon the door of every room is a name plaque, as rooms are assigned for permanency, except in the case of Journeymen. Each room contains a bed, storage for personal effects, as well as a desk/study area. A weapons storage cabinet is installed next to every other door for easy access in case of an emergency, though members can store their weapons as they wish.

Dining Hall

The hall holds four long tables, capable of seating fifty people at each table. The serving tables stand to the side, droids ready to lend a helping hand whenever it is required. The room also holds one ornate table for exclusive use by the Quaestor and Aedile, along with their chosen companions which are generally members of the House recognized for their benefit. The Galeres and Arcona emblems are alongside that of the Brotherhoods'. Meals are served three times a day, at set times, but these are not set in stone, since the nature of the occupants of the base require meals to be available at odd times.


A large kitchen with a ten-person staff provides meals for the entire base. The Quaestor has his own personal chef on call all hours of the day, while the rest of the base is served by a team of well-qualified chefs gathered from all across the Galaxy. The kitchen storage includes all necessary foodstuffs including high quality items as well as a very large alcohol supply.

Training and Research Rooms

Sparring Mats

Located in a large, circular room with the same dimensions as the Meditation area directly opposite, this room is generally the most used, since Galeres is predominantly an Obelisk centered House. The floor area is divided to provide four training areas; two designated for weapons and made with sturdy, firm materials designed to withstand all manner of arsenal, and two for hand-to-hand combat made with lighter material to allow for faster movement. Weapon racks and an assortment of battle droids are conveniently placed around the area to ensure a wide variety of training and practice for the House.


Engineers, biochemists, geneticists, micro-biologists and other researchers all use this facility to ensure that Galeres stays ahead of the technological developments. Time is spent to ensure that the house and, in the end, Arcona has the best weapons, medical facilities and defensive systems in the galaxy. All researchers are tagged with tracking devices to follow their movements. This is simply to ensure that Galeres information stay within the base. No researcher is allowed into the facility without a thorough background, qualification and security check. Due to the nature of the work done here, "Top-Secret" clearance is required. The House Leaders, including the Battleteam Leaders, have this level of access, though it can be revoked at any time.

Meditation Mats

Another large, circular room mirroring the Sparring area. Candles ring the room providing soft, flickering light as well as a calming atmosphere to enhance the meditative state of the members. Mixed throughout are incense burners with the Galeres symbol on them, a black dragon outlined in gold, designed to permeate the air with a subtle aroma to further add to the aura of the chamber. The symbol is also painted on the floor underneath black square mats, 4x4 feet that are spread out evenly throughout the room.

Archive Check-In

A sparse room occupied by a desk attendant which is primarily used to check in visitors to the archives; a mandatory process due to the sensitive nature of the materials themselves. A camera monitors the room at all times keeping a visual record of visitor, which can be easily matched to each visitor’s file in the base databanks.


A Large room that contains hard copies as well as electronic copies of all records, security feeds, research, maps and more. It includes four small rooms for private usage as well as fifteen public consoles. It is staffed by two attendants, one in the room at all times. A button that locks down the room and freezes the electronic information is provided as a safeguard along with a console made expressly for the Quaestor’s use, should need arise.

Armory/Weapon Development

All manner of rifles, pistols, blasters, daggers, swords, training sabers, mines, grenades and a vast assortment of other instruments of death are stored here for use by the members of the House. Enough ammunition is stored to keep the base armed in case of emergency, while also granting surplus for the clan in times of war. The equipment allows for weapons specialists to provide a constant flow of ammunition, if required, as well as the ability to produce replacement weapons on a small scale, in times of hostilities. Droids man the check-out points, programmed to only accept orders processed by either the Head of Security, BTL, AED, QUA, PCON or CON.

Medical and Storage Facilities

Med Lab & Bacta Tanks

The rectangular room of approximately 100 ft wide and 50 ft in length houses all the medical equipment needed for genome, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and bio weapons research as well as providing medical assistance to the House members. A division in the room is used to keep samples, specimens and unsafe chemicals away from the general working area, high-level security preventing unauthorized access. The Lab is usually inhabited by two Galeres researchers and an assistant for each.

In a side room are several 16 ft high, 7 ft wide, bacta tanks. The tanks are filled with translucent red fluid that encourages the growth of bacteria that promotes regeneration and rapid healing in injured tissue. Wounds will heal quickly with minimal to no scarring.


This secure room contains supplies enough for 5 years including food stuffs, cleaning supplies, water, alcohol and replacement parts for the varied devices within the compound. First aid kits are held for missions as well as spare clothes for new initiates and robes for promotions. While it is protected by a passcode, the code itself is issued to all occupants of the base.

Galeres Military Barracks

Converted Military Barracks Layout

As Galeres has always been the seedier element of Clan Arcona, within Kurs’kranak was a unique mining operation for Garconian Spice, a highly illegal and rare narcotic. Now, Galeres uses the structure to house its soldiers, instead of the now extinguished spice.

The Barracks, while considered a part of Kurs’kranak, is generally used separately from normal house functions, due to the militaristic nature of the space.

The barracks are managed by a Brigade Commander, but is more directly run by the Aedile of Galeres, with approval from the Quaestor.

Officer’s Quarters (formerly VIP rooms)

A group of 8 rooms richly furnished and comfortable with some of the finest furnishings credits can get, including a service droid per room, designed to serve the errand/cleaning/translator desires of the military officer. These rooms house the highest echelons of the Galerian military, giving them complete access to the barracks.


A set of large silos used to house the Garconian Spice until it was needed for transport. Now these super-thick permacrete and durasteel structures house most of the military’s heavy weapons and rare technology, and are sealed with an access code only given division commanders, the Aedile, and the Quaestor.

Soldier Housing (formerly Miner Housing)

A set of twelve spartan rooms housing thirty soldiers per room. They are lined with bunks which have two footlockers at the foot of the beds. The last two rooms contain showers and facilities for waste disposal.

Operations Center (formerly Mining Office)

The main office from which the barracks are ran and orders for the group are received. It is manned by a crew of four high-ranking officers, along with several droids for intelligence uses. The room is highly classified, with its personnel having been triple-screened for access.


This darkened chamber serves as the main entertainment section for the facility. Managed by one bartender and several servo-droids, along with a compliment of exotic Twi-lek dancing girls, it provides services both day and night, though its peak hours are usually late in the evening. On a raised platform is a spotless section reserved for the House Summit and any guests they may invite.

Mess Hall

The mess hall is a small, tightly compacted area filled with tables on one half and a small kitchen on the other. The odor of durasteel armor and polish lingers in the room. At the front is a conveyor belt, from which food is provided to the soldiers. This belt also serves as a return line for the dishes. Bright lights accent the cleanliness of the room.

Armory (formerly Dealing Office)

Where the trades and sales of the refined Garconian Spice used to be arranged. The room was stripped and the walls lined with permacrete with durasteel inner supports. A blast door has been fitted on the outside and sealed with a code given to division commanders. This room contains the bulk of the military’s arsenal, minus the heavy and special weapons which are housed in the silos.