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Quejo Xyler
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19 BBY

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"I will seek them out. These vassals of the Force"
― Quejo

Character History

Love and Politics

Born nineteen years before the battle of Yavin in the Outer Rim Territories, during the rise of the Empire. Quejo Drakai was the product of forbidden love. His Father, Drago Drakai, was a hard nosed politician and military man who served as a spokesman for the Government of Eriadu. He would fall for the daughter of a Smuggler turned administrator, Vulk Nova. Drago and Vulk had numerous scuffles and trade disputes and could not come to terms on nearly anything. In fact, they loathed one another. The Hydian Way would begin to suffer, until the much older Drago would meet Vulk's daughter, Serah. He was enamored by her beauty and would use her as a bargaining chip. If Vulk were to agree to the marriage, he would in turn lighten up and allow Nova Industries to operate free of the Eriadu Government. The Seswanna Sector would rejoice and celebrate the potential free trade. Reluctantly, Vulk agreed. For a number of years things would run smoothly until the rise of the Imperial machine which would rewrite the trade routes and enforce its own economic laws. Vulk, being in a bind, begged for aid from Eriadu and reached out to his now pregnant daughter. She would speak to Drago, but the patriarch became bitter, power hungry, and increasingly dutiful to the new Empire. To prove his worth and loyalty, he would plot to assassinate Vulka and would succeed the same year his daughter gave birth to their son.

Imperial Academy

The year was 1 BBY and Quejo was ready to join the Empire. He yearned to make his father proud and grew up learning how to be diplomatic yet manipulative. He learned how to weave his words and how to fight if those words were to fail. He impressed his father with his mind and his mother with a strange luck that she could not explain. She always knew he was destined for great things. After all, the birth was seemingly supernatural. As if it was meant to be. There was something special about her son but she could never put her finger on it. Drago, seeing his sons potential, was anxious for the day his son would leave for the Naval Academy. That day came and nothing made him more pleased than watching his boy grow into a man, ascending through the ranks at a staggering rate. Quejo would serve the Imperial Navy until 5 ABY where everything he had helped build would begin to crumble and the walls would close in around him. At Least for a time

Siren's Call

The Rebel Alliance had delivered a fatal blow to the Empire. The Emperor and Vader were dead. The Imperials that were alive had either fled to remote systems or tried to regroup. Quejo, participated in the latter. He refused to let a group of farmers and wannabe flyboys one-up his Empire. With an VT-49 Decimator known as the Siren's call, he would pick up his most trusted allies. His best friend and Academic equal, Sho-lu, whom he nicknamed Waar was the first to join his cause. Where Quejo was more privy to Tactics, Piloting, and Command. Waar was a weapons specialist, who at the time, served the Imperial Special Forces. He was a Kiffar, but was human enough that Quejo and the Empire didnt care. The next being on his passenger list was an up and coming Naval Officer who had tremendous potential and his inherent Leadership skills impressed everyone he came into contact with. His name was Villinus Hex and his aspirations reminded everyone of a young Wilhuff Tarkin. Together they would fight back against the Rebel Alliance, however, they resembled Mercenaries more than they did Imperials. After a serious dog fight which rendered the Siren's Call inoperable, the three men were left for dead, adrift in the abyss of space in an unknown system they later discovered was called Antei, specifically the Dajorra System. They were hailed by a strange ship piloted by an even stranger man who called himself Ktulu Mizheray Xyler. The man was very interested in Quejo and explained, that ironically, something within the Siren's Call had awakened and called out to him. The whisper of the Force was heard and Quejo was the catalyst. This obviously had them confused as they had not seen a Jedi or even heard of one until the fall of their Empire took them by surprise. They all studied Order-66 and like everyone else assumed the purge had been thorough. Ktulu would assure them that he was no Jedi but something far more powerful. A Krath Priest.


Taken under Ktulu's wing, Quejo would learn the intricacies of the Force. The Scholar would teach him how to harness his raw and untamed power, that lay dormant since birth, would wake into an uncontrollable surge. He struggled for control but was hungry to utilize everything he was learning. He would once again move forward in the Brotherhood, hand picked by Syn Kaek and Halcyon Rokir as the Flight Leader of Shadow Dragon Squadron. They would increase his training, teaching him how to wield a Lightsaber (which he excelled at) and how to use his leadership, manipulation, and diplomacy to leverage people into carrying out his will in Clan Arcona. He was a master of his craft and would quickly draw attention, impressing the Shadow Council. Mejas Doto in particular took interest in him and would see to it personally that Quejo would gain even more power and influence elevating him to Aedile of House Oriens Obscurum. He would lead his House through countless battles and would secure countless victories. He was viewed as the stronger Leader of the House and as a Sith would do, made a move for power. He would battle the Quaestor and defeat him, ultimately replacing him and in turn was granted the rank of Knight. Upon reaching Knighthood, Ktulu, growing weary, began grooming him as a successor to the Xyler Dynasty. Eventually, he assumed the mantle of 28th Count of Gothengromer on Mantessa.


Many years had passed and Quejo, in search of knowledge gave up his position as Quaestor of House Oriens Obscurum and would briefly travel to various systems throughout the Galaxy. Refining what he had been taught along the way. As a full fledged Obelisk, he would return to the Dajorra System and would convince the standing Consul, Denath to reopen House Galeres which was all but a memory. Reluctantly, Denath agreed and Quejo would set in motion Project: Foundation. Along with a group of beings, who he thought were close allies, his plans went off without a hitch. Galeres became stronger and Soulfire Striketeam was reborn and gaining traction throughout the Brotherhood. A cog in the machine that was Galeres, Quejo built the House from the ground up and would appoint Sashar as his Aedile. At first the two worked well together but jealousy turned to blackmail when his so called allies threatened a coup and made it clear that they would try to destroy everything Quejo had built if Sashar was not removed from his seat of power. The Xyler's foresight was hindered and doing what he thought would be best for the Clan, would betray his second in command and banish him. Sashar was embroiled with rage but was unaware of the situation in its entirety. However, because of what Quejo was able to accomplish, he was named Proconsul and would work with Strategos Thanatos Arconae who was acting Consul at the time. Once again, members who shall not be named, were able to get to Strategos and pushed Quejo, nearly to his breaking point. The newest di Tenebrous Arconae was feeling the same betrayal that his former Aedile had felt. The karma came back to bite him and the same members that tried driving out Sashar were the very people who tried to push out Quejo. They were scheming in the shadows like cowards and worked effortlessly to make their move for power. Quejo, evading an assassination attempt, managed to behead one of his attackers but was driven from the Dajorra System by force; now labeled a traitor and stripped of di Tenebrous Arconae. He seethed with anger and longed for vengeance. Not fully realizing what had happened until one of the masterminds of the 'coup' was riddled with guilt and came forward as a whistleblower, revealing the plan in its entirety over an encrypted transmission. That man was Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana, a man that Quejo respected and admired, a turncoat and betrayer in his own right. He was now an enemy, a marked man. Eventually those who betrayed Quejo fell to the wayside, insignificant peons that were unable to maintain their own 'power' as they proved to be expendable and not assets.

Plagued One

Quejo, after the betrayal would find refuge in the newly established Clan Plagueis which at the time was run by Grand Master Chi Long. He would lick his wounds and prove his worth by once again taking the reigns of House leadership in House Satal Keto and House Exar Kun, serving as a Quaestor for both Houses. He diligently studied how the new Clan operated and worked ceaselessly to make a new name for himself in a new sector. He was successful for a time but then had an epiphany. To absorb the knowledge from each Clan, he would need to continue his travelling. Never staying in one place for too long. A wanderer. A nomad with no real place to call home. But would become wealthy with understanding. House Marka Ragnos was next on his list and once again he would become a Quaestor. He would lead the House through the Orian Invasion along with his Aedile Manji Keibatsu and would need to immediately mobilize their troops in order to defend Clan Naga Sadow. But even after the battle he remained weary and thought it best to back away and leave the House in Trevarus Caerick's able hands. For the first time in a long time, he felt like he had achieved something, his sense of usefulness had been restored.Yet, the wanderlust, proved to be too seductive and he was unable to resist its call. For his efforts and skill in battle he was dubbed Warlord by Macron Goura Sadow but would initially end up back in the Dajorra System with a new plan.

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