Port Ol'val

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Port Ol'val

Outer Rim Territories


Calaron Sector


Dajorra System



Distance from Core:

~20 AU

Rotation period:

25 standard hours (artificial)




560 km


Type 1 (artificial)


Standard (artificial)

Points of interest:
  • Kas Tunnel
  • The Docks
  • The Ducts
  • Jerem Plaza
  • The Pride of Corellia
  • The Blind Spot
  • The Minefield
  • Phantom Complex
Native species:


Immigrated species:

Duros, Hutt, assorted others

Primary language(s):

~0.5 million

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Port Ol'val is a shadowport existing within a hollowed-out asteroid, which orbits the far reaches of the Dajorra System. Founded by the Corellian Pirate Jerem Mal in 22 BBY as his retirement location, the port has grown to become the home of several criminal syndicates, including Mal Company, Fly On The Wall and the remnants of the Besadii Hutt clan. It is also home to the main operations base of House Qel-Droma.

The Shadow Port has operated for decades before Clan Arcona came to inhabit the system, and the Force Users were unaware of its existence until it was found by Marick Arconae and Dralin Fortea. After their small party took out a minor Black Sun group on a personal mission, Marick Tyris and Dralin Fortea were made the new Summit of House Qel-Droma and chose to occupy the small vacuum of power left by the defeated Black Suns.

Like most of the Dajorra system, Port Ol’val benefits from being isolated from Hutt space and other galactic powers thanks in part to the Maw cluster. This allowed Port Ol’val to blossom into a lively shadowport that is no stranger to bounty hunters, debt collectors, con artists, beggars, thieves, or privateers. Some might be honest folk looking to make ends meet, but others can be wanted criminals escaping the heat from the Core worlds.

With the previous criminal triumvirate routed, an overlord of a different kind has established its dominion over Port Ol’val. While the denizens of Port Ol’val know this to be a mysterious figure known as the *Blind Man*, those familiar with the Dark Brotherhood know that House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona runs the shadowport.



Jerem Mal was a Corellian pirate who was active from 46 BBY to 22 BBY. Regarded as something of a folk hero among the Corellian diaspora, Mal was renowned for his charm, sense of honor, and complete neutrality. In addition to the regular merchant boardings, Mal had a penchant for boarding slaver ships, killing the slavers, and giving the ships to the former slaves to do with as they pleased. His loathing for slavers also extended to bounty hunters, whom he saw as beings who had given up their freedom to act as they saw fit in exchange for quick credits.

After twenty-four years of active piracy, Jerem Mal took his amassed fortune and found a secluded system in which to settle. The system, later known as Dajorra, has many active asteroids and comets orbiting it, and so he chose one and proceeded to hollow it out, outfitting the resulting cavern with artificial gravity, lighting, and an atmosphere, all chosen to imitate Corellia.

For years Mal ran the port, which he named ‘Ol'val’ (the Olys Corellisi word for "hello/goodbye") with a firm hand. What began as a simple base for him and the crew of his modest flotilla drew the attention of the other fringe elements of Galactic society, and soon they began to arrive in twos and threes. The simple cavern that Mal had dug became a system of shelves and tunnels, workers were brought in to create a series of mining tunnels. A ramshackle community grew, and before Captain Mal knew it, he was in charge of a burgeoning city.

Death of the Captain

The illegal port ran successfully under Jerem Mal up until his death in 13 ABY. Without the guiding hand of the Captain and his code of honor, the criminal elements that were attracted to Port Ol'val and began pushing for more control. For a little over a decade, the situation was under control by Mal Company, the association of mercenaries and pirates that had grown out of Jerem Mal's original crews and their descendants. While the economy of the port shifted toward the drug trade and more contract killing, slavery was still outlawed.

In 26 ABY, however, the Hutts of the Besadii Clan were ousted from their home on Nal Hutta and scattered, with some of the crime lords finding residency in Port Ol'val. The Hutts, experienced as they were and accompanied by their retinues of Niktos and Klatooinians, quickly integrated themselves within the economy of their new home and brought with them the drugs, prostitutes, and slaves for which they were known to traffic. Arriving in force as they did, Mal Company was powerless to stop them.

The resulting influx of illegal goods and services caused Port Ol'val to become even more successful, and the credits generated by the unsavory business of the Hutts gave rise to a technological group known as Fly On The Wall (FOTW). While none truly knew how many members the group could claim, FOTW dominated in the burgeoning electronic security field; their utility and combat droids were in high demand. Once the economy stabilized, the dust cleared to find that the Hutts and FOTW were an even match for Mal Company in their own right, and something needed to be done in order to ensure that business continued as usual.

The Triumvirate

A meeting was held between Mal Company's Captains, the highest-ranking Besadii Hutts, and the droid-projected holograms of FOTW. In the interest of the continued prosperity of Port Ol'val, and the continued survival of each of the three groups, they became what would be known as the Triumvirate. With Mal Company's private army, the Besadii's credits, and FOTW's technological prowess, the Triumvirate would be able to stay above the minor criminal syndicates and control the interests of Port Ol'val. While the veneer of cordiality worked well to make others think them a solid whole, the parties within the Triumvirate nevertheless continued to vie for dominance.

By the time Qel-Droman forces arrived on Ol'val, the Triumvirate was stable. However, with the shadowy presence of the House came abrupt disruptions to their proceedings. As the port began to shift into the hands of the Arconans, Mal, FOTW, and the Hutts were all uncertain as to how to stop the transition.

Trials of Loyalty

In 30 ABY the combined forces of the Triumvirate, with help from a member of Oblivion Brigade, took over the vast majority of House Qel-Droma's safe houses and fronts on Port Ol'val. This act was immediately ascertained by the Summit of Clan Arcona and they sent in the entire Clan to combat this situation. During the ensuing violence many business were damaged, but the biggest consequence was the bombing and subsequent destruction of the Je'blank Paradise casino in The Blind Spot. Soon after the casino's destruction, the Kas Tunnel, Port Ol'val's primary entry point, was also damaged and closed for several days. The Triumvirate domination was short lived, only a few days after taking control of the Port the forces of Clan Arcona reasserted their authority and rule, whilst remaining in the shadows.

Revenge of the Hutt

In 36 ABY Besadii forces led by Whallatta the Hutt staged a surprise attack on Qel-Droma’s holdings on Ol’val. The initial strike was carried out as a bombing of the Phantom Complex and a space assault which also claimed the Nighthawk. The ensuing chaos levelled much of Ol’val, driving out merchants and pushing countless into squalid ruins, before Qel-Droma was able to stage an effective counter-attack and regain control.

As a result of their treachery, the remnants of the Besadii clan effectively lost all power they’d once had and were reduced to mere pawns for the surviving criminal syndicates. The Blind Man, House Qel-Droma’s front in the criminal underworld, assumed much of the Besadii turf and businesses, solidifying its rule over Ol’val. The most potent sign of this was the renaming of the Besadii Entertainment District to the Blind Spot, a symbolic act which further hammered home the Hutts’ defeat. Despite their victory, however, the chaos and street fighting, and the destruction of their HQ, left the House dangerously unprepared for what was to come.

The Rising Dawn

The shadowport was in shambles after the war with the Besadii, and the reconstruction of Ol’val still ongoing when a new challenger emerged. The Dawn Conclave, a galactic criminal syndicate, had infiltrated Ol’val and attempted to wrestle total control of the shadowport for their own uses. A failed assassination in the Docks against Aedile Lucine Vasano sat off the events in late 36 ABY, with further attempts against key Qel-Droman agents following in 37 ABY, including the stabbing of Tali Sroka and sniping of Lucine Vasano in her offices.

What followed was a drawn-out running battle between the Blind Man and the Dawn Conclave that lasted until 38 ABY when the final vestiges of the Dawn Conclave’s holdings were destroyed and their last lieutenant killed, in no small part due to the heroic actions of Sera Kaern.


With the Blindman's attention drawn to matters elsewhere, now that the Port ostensibly was secure, the surviving Cartels saw their chance to reaffirm their power. The Mal Company and Fly On The Wall extended their hold on the Port's daily business, seeking to grab a firmer hold on the lucrative trade that was beginning to re-emerge after the Dawn Conclave had been ousted and expansions made to the Kas Tunnel. However, this blatant rise in crime caused a merchant to contact the Paladins of the Concordance who deployed field agents to help spread the law and order of the New Republic.

A clash was inevitable, but after the Mal Company abducted one of the Paladin agents and mutilated another, the Paladins reacted in force and attacked the remaining Cartels. Unable to hold their ground with convenitonal means, the acting leader of the Fly On The Wall, Vallan Provost, deployed cyborg soldiers he'd obtained from a recently surplussed weapons cache. The combat AI escaped, however, leading to a potentially cataclysmic situation as it hijacked Ol'val's life support systems and sought to destroy its enemies. Only by the combined forces of House Qel-Droma, in co-operation with the Mal Company's commander, Daros Uvenki, managed to breach the Port's ancient control core and reboot the systems.

In the aftermath, the Paladins were driven out as the Blindman re-asserted their dominance, and the Fly On The Wall was broken down, leaving the Port under Cartel rule, but with plenty of turf unclaimed for new entrants to settle into.

Port Ol’val’s Layout

Kas Tunnel

The main entryway to Port Ol’Val is a winding corkscrew like tunnel, also known as Kas Tunnel. "Kas" is the Olys Corellisi word for ‘chaos’, which is still apt due to the flurry of traffic that is a hallmark of the docks.

The tunnel is equipped with magnetic shielding to keep in the artificial atmosphere. Several concealed ion turrets line the entrance to protect against unwanted entry and by the end of the tunnel, there lies a checkpoint which controls who enters the Port.

After the conflict with the Dawn Conclave in ‘‘‘37 ABY’’’, the Kas Tunnel was straightened and widened to help facilitate commercial traffic and reinforced with durasteel plates on the ceiling to prevent debris from falling on incoming ships. Such measures were adopted to attract a wider range of merchants that, prior to this addition, were hesitant to risk the precarious approach.

The Docks

Once out of the Kas Tunnel, a massive dugout on the asteroid is where the Docks are situated. Initially built with isolated large shelves that allowed a ship to be parked and loaded easily, the Docks have expanded to accommodate a large variety of ships from a snubfighter to a Consular class cruiser like the Voidbreaker.

Docking fees vary from mainly two aspects, width of the tunnel it is served by and whether or not it is a single shelf or a more secure dock, closer to the bigger tunnels. The smaller, single shelves are served by small to medium access tunnels and stand farther away from the main transportation system. The bigger docks stand on a more standardized dockyard and are served by loader droids, dedicated mechanic droids and easy access to the transportation system. All fees are put towards the maintenance of the Docks, aside from the costs of refueling.

The Zon'kil Gardens

by ‘‘Archian’’

The Zo'nkil Gardens were orignially created as a quarantine area for organic supplies like plants and creatures for future trade at Port Ol'val. However, over time and with the expansion of trade they've grown into a more robust multi-biome livestock warehouse where specimens of various exotic species can be held for trade. The cavernous space has been mined next to the Docks to facilitate ease of transit and it is connected to the landing pads via a wide, short tunnel and a pair of hermetically sealed blastdoors to contain any foreign pathogens that may have arrived among the live cargo.

Occasional container breaches within the Zon'kil gardens are fairly commonplace, but the robust security measures at the blast doors has thus far managed to prevent further outbreaks.

The Dark Armory

The ‘‘‘Dark Armory’’’ is a hidden warehouse within one of the Docks’ many secret carve outs, unknown to most. It is very well protected and has reinforced thick walls that can withstand the largest of blasts.

The Dark Armory holds House Qel-Droma’s main supply of armament within the system, hidden from plain view. It is open for those who possess clearance by the House leadership, mainly high ranked officers and militia commanders. The Armory holds numerous racks of ranged weaponry used for combat within Port Ol’Val. This armament is carefully kept organized and in perfect condition by 3 PK-series worker droids.

The Thirsty Devaronian

by ‘‘Karran Val'teo’’

Located just off of the docks, The Thirsty Devaronian sees a steady thread of business. Its owner and proprietor, Xander “Devil Doc” Corvius, has a well established no "fighting in the bar" rule, making it a prime location for "legitimate businessmen" to meet and negotiate deals. At any time during business hours it would not be hard to find a pair of scoundrels exchanging money for goods and services.

The basement looks about how one would expect the basement of a bar to look. Kegs, crates, and bottles abound. However, if one finds the right keg and pumps the tap, a secret door opens up to an improvised surgical suite.

Kymeri's Metal Works

by ‘‘Aru Law’’

Kymeri’s Metal Works is a workshop that has opened recently in the docks of Port Ol’Val. It is the property of Waric Kymeri himself.

The workshop has a wide-open space in the front, where Kymeri can do his repairs. There, he has an industrial automated power hammer and anvil to shape all kinds of metal, a fusion furnace and two racks with a wide array of tools for each job needs.

Behind his working area, there’s a small storage unit, where Kymeri stores various metallic components and electrical parts. He also stores there his droid units that help him daily with his repairs.

Alongside the storage unit is the storefront. This is where Kymeri conducts business. It is also here where the mechanic does the more intricate works like wiring and welding. Outside, right next to the door, there’s a “worker wanted” sign in Aurebesh.

The Ducts

Off the beaten path in the Ducts...

The transport network built to connect all of Ol’Val was initially constrcutred as a cheap and easy way to connect the docks to the asteroid core and have since received a modern infrastructure upgrades. Referred to by locals as “The Ducts”, these tunnels of varying length and width wind and weave through the hollowed out asteroid and open up into larger, connecting caverns at irregular intervals. Some of these connections pass into smaller cutouts that have been transformed into small shops and businesses, while other spaces have been transformed into everything from a droid operated newsstand kiosk to full on dive-bars, and even small food vendor stalls with only two-to-three stools worth of seating.

Thanks to how commonly traveled and well lit the majority of the pathways are, the tunnels themselves are mostly safe for the common traveler passing through. Mostly. Regardless of what brings you to the Ducts, it never hurts to keep your head on a swivel and your guard up. There are plenty of abandoned and unfinished tunnels that are less traverse and not well lit. These places tend to attract seedy activity, and travelers are advised to stick to the main passages.

The Ducts tunnels can range from just a meter wide to several dozens, such as the main tunnels that connect Ol’val’s major districts. These tunnels have been reinforced with durasteel panels to increase stability and improve mobility, allowing the use of small personal craft such as speeder bikes or transport skiffs. This transport system works on the larger and medium tunnels. The smaller tunnels, generally farther away from the main ones, require walking and manual labor to transport cargo.

The Ratways

by ‘‘Karran Val'teo’’

The Ratways can be found only by those who know where it is or those who can read the secret language of graffiti that has evolved among Ol'val's forgotten population of transients, drug addicts, and those farthest down on their luck. These areas of The Ducts are the farthest off the beaten path. Over time, its residents have expanded these areas to interconnect with each other creating secret backways throughout. If one finds their way into this area, it is best that they not go alone and keep a hand on their credits, otherwise they may find themselves robbed of their money, credits, or both.

The Shadow Box

by ‘‘Marick Tyris’’

The Shadow Box is a safehouse located in the Ducts. It is close to the docks and is connected via a secret tunnel to the Dark Armory. The Shadow Box is only know to Qel-Dromans and is the meeting point for its members, should the Shadow Complex be compromised.

Accessible only through a secure spiral staircase, agents of House Qel-Droma are first welcomed by the familiar face of Iggy the Bartender. Moving into the lobby, a series of couches and holo displays are available for members to take advantage of. A uni-sex refresher flanks a full kitchen stocked with essential foodstuffs and appliances. The next room is configured with workstations that each have a secure private terminal. There are workbenches for tinkering, and some seating for independent research. There is an archive link that connects to both the Shadow Academy Database on Arx, and can pull in public data from the Advanced Inquisitorius Network (AIN). Finally, a briefing room with a wide format high definition projector is set up with a long conference table with cushioned chairs. This can be used for secure briefings, but also helps with debrief and strategy meetings. It has been designated a "Skitter Free Zone".

Iggy the Bartender

by ‘‘Marick Tyris’’

Iggy, a reprogrammed IG-86 Sentinel Droid, is quite blunt and dry with guests that are new, but has warmed up to the more regular and veteran members. He is "retired" from his days as a bounty droid, but still acts as a first line of defense against any intruders that might try to force their way into the Operations Lounge. He is assisted by a Medical droid that is also able to help mend House Qel-Droman agents that might have had a scrape or minor injury that did not warrant a trip to the med-bay.

Jerem Plaza

Jerem Plaza was the original site of Port Ol'val, as founded by Jerem Mal. Mal Company makes their home there, and it is from the Plaza that combined patrols of Mal soldiers and FOTW security droids originate. Constituting a large portion of the shadowport, the Plaza contains most of the more reputable cantinas and temporary living accommodations for visitors.

This section of Port Ol'val is noted to be one of the safer districts.

Ol’val Herbal Exchange

Officially called "The Ol'val Herbal Exchange" and affectionately nicknamed "Steep Trouble", this tea and caf shop is subtly tucked away in a quieter corner of Jerem Plaza.

The Arconan Adem Bol’era serves as proprietor when he visits Ol'val, allowing his droid partner Keeper to tend to customers. The Exchange develops and collects dozens of tea blends from across the galaxy, and claims to hold at least a dozen recipes for any species that walks through the door.

The shop's true purpose is trade of information, as well as subtle shipments of small items between Arcona and its allies. Such shipments are often marked by atypical naming schemes, such as nonexistent tea "colors" and flavors arriving at the shop. Tea drinking is obscure enough in galactic popular culture that the shop can get away with the deception technique, provided the trades take place behind closed doors.

Arconan's fondness of tea or caf sometimes slip into the out-of-the-way shop for inconspicuous rendezvous, business related or otherwise.

Ruby’s Tavern

Ruby’s Tavern, a much more relaxed establishment than either the Lucky Lekku or Thanatophilia, can be found on the outskirts of the Jerem Plaza. The building itself is a mere two story building. Whilst the basement storage level and upper level are off-limits to those few the Proprietor of the establishment lets through, the ground level has a decent amount of space. The Kaleesh owner also serves as the head bartender of an impressive array of options. The bar itself takes over three-quarters of the length of the far wall from the entrance, with a kitchen behind the bar for those that decide to have something to eat with their drinks.

A small, elevated stage to the side is just large enough for a live musical act. On the opposite side of the building is an elevated seating area, dedicated to various card games. Though the gambling frequently does get heated, any violent outbreak will be swiftly dealt with by one of the employees grabbing a shattergun from beneath the bar, fully loaded with non-lethal rounds meant to end rioting. The rest of the floor area is mostly taken up by tables and chairs so anyone entering the bar has a spot to sit and relax.

The upper floor is off-limits to select few. It is split into the private office of the owner with the other part serving is an apartment, with an unknown level of security required to gain entry. The basement area, however, serves mostly as a storage space for the stock of alcohol and food products.

Bright Solutions

by ‘‘Sulith Bekett’’

As Ol’val began expanding to new business fronts, the rise of technological needs among its growing population allowed for the small-time tech support company Bright Solutions to establish a local support center in the Jerem Plaza. The center offers all manner of analysis and repair of everyday technology, as well as a call center for at-home tech support on demand.

Although the center was established in good faith, the inexpensive services, slightly limited variety of people available for hire, and the center’s distance from Bright Solutions’ original location, has all compounded into a somewhat unkempt and neglected workplace. Shipments of new components are slow, meaning many bad parts get recycled and refurbished rather than replaced, and the call center runs on sub-par equipment bought with its low budget. In spite of all this, their service itself is often kind and efficient. Repeat customers may eventually notice that the majority of all customer interaction is done by a single person: an obsessively dedicated employee who optimistically introduces himself as Siscol.

Green Light Bars & Beds

by ‘‘Sulith Bekett’’

Located just beyond Jerem Plaza, Green Light Bars & Beds is a three-story structure built to serve, as the name suggests, both as a place to drink and a place to sleep. The innkeeper, Tam Grelta, is present during most hours of every day, with no more than two other hands coming and going by the day’s end. The inn caters to people of all origins and doesn’t ask questions about its customers or their activities, but there is zero tolerance for violence indoors - outside is acceptable, as it’s no longer the inn’s business.

The ground floor is divided into two main spaces. Upon entering, people are greeted with a large area loaded with tables and chairs, taking up the bulk of the floor. Across from the doorway is a long bar, standing in front of a wall lined with various ingredients and bottled beverages from across the sector. On the other side of this wall is a small kitchen and cold storage space.

The second and third floor are dedicated spaces for rental bedrooms. Each room provides one or two twin-size beds, a small bathroom, and a chest of drawers. All rooms are protected by a code lock, with new codes randomly generated after every guest leaves. A small lift off to the side from the bar is the main path between floors, though there is also a service ladder outside the building.

Below the inn is a basement, accessible through the kitchen area and sealed off with a locked doorway. The basement is Tam’s own living space and houses all of her personal possessions, save for her scatterblaster stowed under the bar on the ground floor.

The Pride of Corellia

The Pride of Corellia, often shortened to ‘The Pride’, is the living space for a majority of the beings who call Port Ol'val home. The miners, the employees of the Besadii, those of Mal Company with families, and many others live here within the apartments built into the large artificial stalagmites and stalactites of the district and the wall of the asteroid. This area originally served as the home of the Corellian diaspora who flocked to Jerem Mal's private fiefdom, and its name comes from a speech in which he referred to the Corellians as such. Since his death, however, the Pride has become a home to many different species, and one never knows what one will find there.

Hot n' Ready Rides

by ‘‘Sulith Bekett’’

While Ol’val is a contained city, it is still a large place with space to maneuver vehicles. Capitalizing on a glaring weak point in its social structure, former military pilot Dulleto Catanis set up a rapid transit service using his own personal speeder, which he advertised as Hot n’ Ready Rides. With a hefty one-time payment to a local Verpine software developer named Siscol, Dulleto commissioned a datapad application to let Ol’val’s civilians access and summon his service on the move. While it isn’t exactly able to answer all incoming requests, as a one-vehicle operation, he hopes one day to expand with vehicles serving all over the city.

For this taxi service, Dulleto utilizes his own V-35 Courier. Although it is not the fastest way to travel around the city by far, he has taken measures to give himself a different edge on any competition. Before opening his service, he had already invested a considerable amount of credits into making the vehicle a luxury ride, and has since added more features to cater to any passengers to ensure an enjoyable trip.

Another notable detail: His service seems to have generally even reviews from male customers, though his female customers leave ratings with exceptional variance.

Delpin Aarave Apothecary & Clinic

by ‘‘Marick Tyris’’

Main article: Delpin Aarave Apothecary & Clinic

Port Ol’val is not the kind of place you’d expect to find a walk-in healthy clinic with its own in-house apothecary. Further adding to the intrigue is the fact that no patient or guest is charged anything more than they can or are willing to offer. Their policy is to never turn away a patient,and if treatment goes beyond what is available, they can place orders for supplies from off-world. Delpin Aarave Apothecary & Clinic (DAAC) does not care about your background or history—all patients will be seen and treated. Visibly, the profits come from sales of supplies and over-the-counter tinctures sold at the Apothecary.

Blind Spot

When the Hutts arrived at Port Ol'val, they had this area dug out on the other side of Jerem Plaza and the Minefield from the Pride, as if they wanted to ensure that the rabble would not bother them. The Blind Spot was a place of expensive lodging and games of chance that appealed to the crime lord with some credits to burn. Since Whallatta’s betrayal, the surviving Besadii’s control over the district has fallen and the organized crime they used to enforce has crumbled. Nonetheless, the casinos and whorehouses are still open for business, now under new management by the Blind Man. Only the wealthiest criminals reside within the district, where they maintain an imitation of high society, complete with galas and high-stakes games.

The Lucky Lekku

The Lucky Lekku Bar and Strip club is a nightclub located on the main strip of the Blind Spot, though the club itself can be found in the massive basement beneath an old hotel that has clearly seen better days. The hotel has been in this state of disrepair for so long that no one is certain of what it was once called. It mainly serves as a fetish club run by an androgynous Zeltron by the name of Galaxia, though the second VIP room is always reserved, as a hidden panel within it leads directly to the Phantom Complex.

Concert Club Sub Ol'Val

by ‘‘Alaisy Tir'eivra’’

Main article: Concert Club Sub Ol'Val

There are plenty of tacky hives of scum and villainy spread over Port Ol’val but not so many establishments that seek to set new standards in their class. Club Sub Ol'val is primarily a Concert Hall meant to host some of the most exclusive bands in the Galaxy that really require the proper vibe of depravity, high society and moral bankruptcy. To get these underground elites to flock towards this place, it has to have the very best acoustics possible.

The Tittilating Twi'lek

by ‘‘Stres'tron'garmis’’

Located within the bustling Blind Spot, the Tittilating Twi’lek lives up to its name. A glowing front of holographic lights set over one-way tinted windows, allowing those within to see out while providing a modicum of privacy for those within, advertises the location. The display flickers through a curved font of the establishment’s name, shifting across a range of colors from green, blue, orange, red, brown, purple, and such. That these are all well-known shades of skin for Twi’leks becomes quickly apparent upon entry to the club.

The entryway is a short hall leading into a broader space filled with booths built into low cubicles. These are just tall enough that those sitting within, unless abnormally tall, cannot see their fellow patrons who are seated but gives a fairly clear view of the staff. This allows the staff to both advertise and be quickly waved down for orders. The staff itself is almost entirely made up of Twi’leks or other lekku sporting species, dressed in a uniform that includes sandals with footwraps, sarong like skirts, and depending on male or female, a tight, wrapped top. Moving among the club are also managers, dressed smartly in well-cut suits.

The decor is warm and reminiscent of Ryloth, mosaics covering the walls in browns and oranges, sand dunes, and rocky outcroppings. As perhaps a consideration to the staff, or simply to make it feel more authentic, the climate control is set to slightly warmer than the general Ol’val temperature as well.

Among the regular services offered of food and beverage, the Tittilating Twi’lek offers a new experience to the Shadowport. One might notice that the club has a large staff on hand, and this is because once preference has been made clear to a manager, one of the waitstaff will promptly bring you your first order and then sit with you. The Tittilating Twi’lek is considered a ‘host’ establishment, the staff providing conversation and companionship — to a point. The managers refresh beverages and provide support to the waitstaff, as well as keeping things under control. Some complaints have been made by one time patrons believing the club offered ‘other’ services, only to be sent away after spending exorbitant amounts of credits.

Pott Shotts

by ‘‘Sulith Bekett’’

The businessman Dorn Pottso had a history of questionable dealings that attracted questionable people, and decided the ideal place to set up his new arms dealership on Ol’val would be right outside a major access point to the Blind Spot. Wittingly (or not) named Pott Shotts, the dealership not only sells weapons and ammunition, but also provides an indoor shooting range which takes up the majority of their floor space, accessible from the lobby.

All weapons in the store are on display, albeit locked behind blast-proof transparisteel. The transaction desk has similar protective measures, as well as a pair of hold-out blasters stored for emergencies. Dorn Pottso rarely appears in his store’s lobby in person, though his personal bodyguard, Radikat, is a frequent presence behind the desk, when she isn’t occupied with watching his back.


Thanatophilia is a bar and nightclub in Port Ol’val secretly controlled by House Qel-Droma. Locally famous for its death-themed decorations, the business front is currently under the reluctant supervision of Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae. The location is a popular hangout for various different types of people that call Port Ol’val home, seen as a neutral space by even the gangs that frequent the establishment lest their corpses be the replacement props contained within the vacuum-sealed tables.

The Minefield

The original source of income for Port Ol'val, the Minefield is a system of mine shafts that pull ores from the surrounding rock.

The Abandoned Mines

by ‘‘Marick Tyris’’

While the active mines are more traversed and well known, Ol’val’s foundations date back to a much older mining operation to Mal Companies arrival. Not every tunnel or passage was used in the updated infrastructure, but there was not exactly a place to put or move the unused areas. Since abandoned, they've become a place of speculation and illicit dealings, coupled with rumors and urban legends of its one time use in hiding a local prison hold for those that opposed Mal Company. The entryway tunnels feature broken and rusted down durasteel beams and maglev tracks and discarded, sometimes archaic, mining machinery. Some old lamps can still be found scattered about, but without any true lightsource, the mines themselves are pitch black, lending to the location's mystery and superstitions.

The Tangle

by ‘‘Mune Cinteroph’’

The Tangle is a labyrinthian maze of tunnels and passageways that interconnect many areas within the asteroid. Some of these passages appear naturally occurring while others appear artificially dug, though by no hands so recent as for anyone to remember who may have done so. What is more is that most are only wide enough for a single, average-sized humanoid to walk. That is, those that are walkable. On further exploration, it would be found that some of these passages are narrow shafts straight up or down with no hint as to their purpose. It is theorized that these tunnels were built as a means for thieves and pick pockets to move unnoticed to different districts and even older buildings within the asteroid, though none of these is for sure. Barely even a fraction has been explored nor even mapped, and their discovery has many perplexed within the port. The Tangle has thus been named, and authorities warn against delving too deeply into its depths. Although there is no power running through these pitch-black passageways, there seems to be at least some air filtering in from the districts it twines between and under. Some areas more than others, with some tunnels being so thinly oxygenated as to require proper equipment to breathe.

Phantom Complex

The current House Qel-Droma headquarters is located within a previously hidden tunnel cluster at the fringes of the Blind Spot of Port Ol'val. The new headquarters was built during the reconstruction effort following Whallatta the Hutt’s attempted coup of the Shadowport, and the ensuing shadow war with the Dawn Conclave, during which the old Phantom Complex was compromised and ultimately destroyed.

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