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Tali Sroka (Born: Zorah)
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

8 ABY (age 33)

Physical Description














Personal Information

Feen Zorah


Josruvu Zorah


Raoul Kar'Dannaa

Lightsaber Color(s):


  • Lightsaber
  • Hunting Blaster Pistol
Chronology & Political Information



Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Arcona

Known masters:

Xenna Azara



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Character History

Early Life

Born on the planet of Ryloth, Tali Zorah was sold into slavery at a young age. She grew up being traded from master to master, never really having a home for too long as she was either traded or stolen as the power between criminals waxed and waned. Eventually, she was given to a Toydarian crime boss named Raoul Kar'Dannaa, who worked as one of the lieutenants of the Hutt clan. Kar'Dannaa was a collector of rare artifacts and in his eyes, the purple skinned twi'lek was yet another desirable collectible to own and show off to his rivals.


Having served under Kar'Dannaa for several years, Tali Zorah, by the time only 22 years of age, observed her master go through a particularly taxing negotiation for the purchase of a rare object for his collection. To her, it was but a simple metal tube wrapped in brown worn leather, but the Toydarian placed great value upon it as he was willing to pay an exorbitant price for its acquisition. However, the intense negotiation had left him tired and this made him careless, forgetting to observe the normally high levels of secrecy over his access codes and Tali was able to acquire the key needed to open the object's display case aboard his ship. As she picked up the odd object into her hands, she felt a faint whisper in her mind, telling her she had to escape and that the item she held in her hands was a weapon that would allow her to do so. Igniting the lightsaber for the first time in years, she cut her bonds, damaged the ship enough to cause a fire to break out, before making her escape onto the planet below in one of the escape pods, hoping that the ship's demise would claim with it her cruel master and all his goons.

Arrival to the Brotherhood

Tali was discovered on Eldar by Xenna Azara who took her to Port Ol'val after sensing she was attuned with the Force. She was accommodated in one of the lowest ranking habs in the Pride and given a basic allowance to sustain herself while her superiors tried to figure out what to do with her. During her first days on Ol'val, she learned to know Kordath Bleu d'Tana as well as several other figures of ill repute and importance that would come to shape her future for years to come.

Tali studied in the local branch of the Academy, training in lightsaber combat in the training rooms and learning to harness her latent Force abilities. She never became much of a warrior, being far too timid in most situations to truly be effective on the battlefield, but she did learn how to defend herself. Her Force training seemed to focus more on her mind-altering powers which, coupled with her natural seductive ways, held promise of her one day becoming a very useful asset for her House and Clan.


With her progress as both a Jedi and Shadow Gate operative coming along at an impressive rate, Kordath wished to make a gesture of kindness and aid her in finding her lost parents. Using his information network and contacts, the Ryn was able to trace her lineage to a moon around Ryloth where she took Tali in secret, never telling her the reason of the sudden deployment. Once they arrived on the moon, it did not take them too long to find the settlement and Tali's parents who were very surprised to see their long-lost daughter. Overjoyed, Tali was grateful for the Ryn's gift and proceeded to learn to know her parents who invited her to stay for a few days. While Tali was learning to know her folks, the Ryn excused himself to the nearest cantina, as was his nature, where he overheard whispers about the recent incident at the Zorah-family's residence. The locals were surprised to see the child the matron Zorah had sold to slavers return and it was causing quite a buzz.

Tali, for her part, had also begun to suspect something was awry as she could sense the apprehension in her parents' minds. When Kordath returned and took Tali away to the side to let her know of the rumors, tempering them as best he could so as not to make irreparable damage to the fledgling relationship, Tali got the final straw she needed to confront her parents. Demanding to know the details of her enslavement, her parents begrudgingly admitted to having sold her, claiming the folly of youth as their defense.

Tali was shocked and heartbroken, fleeing the Zorah residence and heading back to their ship when Kordath intercepted her. After a bitter exchange, she was ready to head back to Port Ol'val and never speak of the incident again, when a group of slavers arrived searching for her. They attacked the Zorah residence, demanding her parents to tell them where she was. Together, Tali and Kordath managed to best them and save both her mother and father, who in offered Tali the family Kalikori as thanks and a symbolic gesture of her return to the family. Tali, however, had heard the two discuss with the slavers and from what she had overheard, it sounded like they were cutting a deal and could not believe her parents would sell her out twice. Enraged, she took the family heirloom and smashed it to pieces, claiming that she would no longer be part of the Zorah name as it was not worthy of her. Storming away, she returned with Kordath to Selen where, upon Kordath's request, she was Knighted after displaying the courage, integrity and skill worthy of a Jedi Knight.

Involvement in the XII GJW

Tali's first deployment came in defense of her home, when forces loyal to the Iron Throne sought to cripple Sanctuary III, a White Lotus supply station in the Dajorra System. She partook in the daring counter-attack to prevent the station's destruction out of a heartfelt desire to protect those aboard the station as well as fight those who would see the likes of her, non-humans, wiped out, enslaved or reduced to second-class citizens.

Later on, she assisted refugees alongside Koliss Welcott on a refugee moon, defending them against Iron Throne terror attacks and caring to the wounded. During the deployment, she developed a mutual respect with the Doctor, who proceeded to ask her out on her first date later that same year.

Physical Description

A purple-hued Twi'lek woman with golden yellow eyes, her build is lean and her lekkus rather long and slender, reaching the small of her back though barely thicker than her arm. She is comparatively tall and though she carries herself in a relatively unassuming manner, there are hints of a show dancer's gait in the way she moves. She prefers to keep her clothing unassuming, usually throwing on some form of local equivalent to a cape to draw less attention to her. However, beneath she may indulge in something more eye-catching and form fitting, suitable for combat or making a speedy escape.

Speech Pattern

Tali's accent is not overtly strong, but enough to make her sound 'exotic' in the ears of many. Her pronunciation of Basic is rounder and softer, her W's sounding more like V's at the beginning of words and often adding unnecessary T's at the end of words ending in a D. Example: "Where is the droid?" becomes "Vhere is the droidt?"