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30 BBY

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Stennes Shifter Variant











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Antei Combat Centre, Rogue, House Revan



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"Fear is the mind killer"

Character History

The Beginning

A created entity of experiment, Dalthid exists within the constructs of Human and Stennes Shifter DNA. Set to be sold as an embryo before a couple took a chance on a child saving their marriage, which inevitably failed. A husband chose the life of a servant to the Republic before being murdered by his wife who abhorred the decision. In turn, she fled from her home world to find solace among the dregs of the universe. Scoundrels and vagabonds shared her bed; strung out and addicted, she made her way throughout the galaxy with no goals and a price on her head, Dalthid in tow. Finally, at the pinnacle of her debauchery, she was executed by a bounty hunter on Tatooine. As his mother’s hand slipped from his, Dalthid was traded for the bounty her flesh could not pay and forced into the pits of those who fought for profit.

Survival became his mantra, and survive he did. Dalthid became the pinnacle of fighters within the confines of his slavery. He made millions for the Hutts, until a failed business deal saw the reigning family disbarred in lieu of another. Unwilling to allow the Stennes Variant to make anyone else rich, he was released by the fleeing echelon and allowed to leave with the clothes on his back and his wits. For a time Dalthid lived as a nomad, with no place to call home. His paranoia and suspicion made it impossible for him to ally with anyone or have decent relationships, but truth be told; he didn’t mind. Finally, as if fate had finally dealt a hand he could play, Dalthid met Page Meridian, a Priest of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

The Stennes was no protégé, and his Force sensitivity as wild as a Dire cat (compared to the pure-bloods of his species), but Meridian took him in, nonetheless. After what seemed like an eternity, Dalthid was initiated into the Dark Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood

Even in the Brotherhood Dalthid couldn't shake his past, nor the persona he adopted in that life. Despite his determination to wrangle the beast inside, the young variant made enemies quicker than friends. He found himself at the end of a blade more times than not and far from any semblance of dominance he held in a pit. He quickly learned the Dark Jedi were a force to be reckoned with and respected them, even when they were spilling his blood. His penchant for learning seemed to be an utter contradiction to the brute force he loved to convey and he seemed an ill fit to his initiated order; the Krath. Nevertheless, under the tutelage of his Master, Page Meridian, Dalthid excelled. He rose through the ranks quickly and his knowledge and employment of the Force matured.

Time passed but, no matter his understanding in the ways of the Krath, Dalthid was still a brute and still abrasive. Page had departed the Brotherhood and quickly following that event, the variant learned what the Brotherhood really meant. Reassigned to Master Lawakiro, the two were sent on a mission. During the operation, the Dark Jedi Master fled and left her student to fend for himself. Barely surviving, the variant now understood the Brotherhood and the veil of kinship it loosely hung over the eyes of the unwary; stripped away at any moment which suited the opportunistic. Dalthid would never make the mistake of trust again. The Stennes drove himself deeper into solitude and focused on his training; with instruction given by those from whom he could siphon it.

The Center

In an effort to resurrect the Rite of Certamen, the Krath opened the doors to a facility called the Combat Center. It was the one place in which Dalthid finally felt home. Battle, it seemed, would always be the old man's bread and butter. Dalthid quickly engaged many opponents, honing his skills and soon becoming adept within the walls of the Center. He sought employment many times, but simply didn't possess the interpersonal skills to be employed by the Center; apparently, beating the snot out of people was counter-productive to teaching them. Nonetheless, he continued to fight and continued to win. Despite his victories, he only held prestige within a small tier of participants, until one battle changed the course of events. The Stennes, a Dark Jedi Knight, defeated the Krath High Priest in a one on one confrontation and finally began to earn the respect he craved.

The Krath Combat Center suffered a facility wide shut down as it prepared itself for an overhaul. Renamed the Eos Combat Center, it was set to open with Dalthid as a member of the staff. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. In an event known as the Exodus, the Brotherhood split from the tyrannical Emperor's Hammer; an organization which seemed to play surrogate to the collective of Dark Jedi. Dalthid worked to help facilitate the reconstruction of a new Center, which finally opened its doors as the Antei Combat Centre after the home planet of the relocated Brotherhood. Dalthid hit the ground running as a fighter and a member of the staff, serving as a Judge.

From battle to battle, the Stennes seemed unstopable. His record was impeccable, but the naysayers failed to recognize his talent. However, two epic events undeniably solidified his reputation as a top-notch fighter. The first was the Inaugural Championship. Tier after tier of opposition fell under the old man's blade as he took the title of the ACC's first Supreme Champion; the second, however, was far sweeter. In a battle that seemed to be a long time in the making, Dalthid defeated one of his greatest adversaries, the Brotherhood's Oracle. The battle was Epic and the Oracle's defeat, at the hand of such a hooligan, even more so. Such events took their toll on the old man and he soon pulled back from the arenas, seeming to focus solely on his job at the Center. He lived there for many years, hidden away in the basement like a hermit, hardly ever visiting his Clan's home-world—in fact, soon after his battle with the Oracle, the Stennes went Rogue and ceased to claim any Clan affiliation.

Combat Master

Dalthid watched as selectee after selectee was appointed to the position of Combat Master of the ACC. Their lofty goals and hollow promises doing nothing to push the Center's operations forward. It sickened the old man, but he pressed on in service to the Brotherhood, despite the Council's repeatedly bad choices. Finally, after a number of years, the tides turned for the ACC. With the unwarranted absence of the Combat Master, the Lord Marshall commanded the Stennes to take over the ACC; which he did - for almost three years. To date, Dalthid is the longest reigning Combat Master. His methods were direct, his abrasive nature often caused problems and he gave very few even a modicum of respect. Nevertheless, he was supported by the various Grand Masters who let the old man run the Center 'his' way because they knew, despite his gruff exterior, the old man knew what he was doing and it was always for the benefit of the Brotherhood and the ACC.

However, years of hard work and conflict finally took their toll and Dalthid resigned from his position. He's since filled positions as Magistrate and Deputy, usually to help with transitional echelons, but his days as the Center's overseer are over for now. Some say he had his time; he was the change the ACC needed at the time, but now it needs new blood...you won't hear the old man complaining - it's time to move on.

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Tetrarch: Spirits of the Night Phyle (House Aleema, Clan Satal Keto)

Aedile: House Aleema (Clan Satal Keto)

ProConsul: Clan Satal Keto

Tetrarch: Loreseekers Phyle (House Oriens Obscurum, Clan Arcona)

ProConsul: Clan Arcona

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Combat Master