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General information

Koliss Welcott


Alex Draconis


Voidbreaker II (Minstrel-class Space Yacht)

Historical information
Formed from:

35 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

House Qel-Droma, Clan Arcona


New Order era

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Voidbreaker is a Battle Team within House Qel-Droma. One of Clan Arcona’s most recently organized Battle Teams, Voidbreaker was created to serve primarily as a diplomatic and special operations task force for the Clan. Voidbreaker is currently based out of the Minstrel-class space yacht: the Voidbreaker II, and led by Captain Alex Draconis.


"Official" Voidbreaker crew Uniform, even though there is no formal dress code on the ship

Battle Team Voidbreaker is a special diplomatic unit under the control of House Qel Droma and used to handle sensitive diplomatic missions for Clan Arcona. To this end, it is staffed with skilled diplomats, negotiators, and manipulators to make sure that Arcona’s interests are protected. By deploying Battle Team Voidbreaker, Arcona has often avoided conflict entirely while still accomplishing their strategic goals.

Unofficially, and behind that veil, the members of the Battle Team - known as Voidbreakers - are a highly elite special forces group tasked with the bulk of Arcona’s covert and field operations. Alongside the more public negotiator front, Voidbreakers are a menagerie of mercenaries, spies, engineers and Force Users of various discipline. As a team, they have become the premiere unit for Clan Arcona, and have carved out their own niche within the Arconan Armed Forces. They are always taking on new members and keep a rotating roster of friendly faces so that no one individual can hold back the rest of the team.

The unit is bound to each other and the Clan by their titular ship: the Voidbreaker II.


The Voidbreaker

"Karran wanted to speak with a planet's manager and wouldn't take no for an answer."
―Anonymous Crew member

The first Voidbreaker was both the Battle Team’s main base of operations and primary form of transport. It was lost in a battle with the Dawn Conclave and ultimately replaced by the Voidbreaker II

The Voidbreaker II

After the destruction of the Voidbreaker, a Minstrel-class space yacht was commissioned to take on the mission and dubbed Voidbreaker II.

Discretionary Forces (Qel-Droma)
Minstrel-class space yacht
Diplomacy and Naval Operations
Alex Draconis (Captain)
Zig Kaliska (XO)

The Voidbreaker II is the current vessel utilized by Battle Team Voidbreaker.

"The Minstrel-class Space Yacht is a 160-meter long Corvette designed for personal use but has become a favourite of seedier organizations, such as the Hutts, who prefer its armaments and customizability. Hyperdrive capable, this vessel has great maneuverability and exceptional speed, with average armor and shielding."
―The Voidbreaker II is a custom-to-order variant.


  • 6 turbolaser turrets
  • 1 tractor beam


  • 37 crew for full effectiveness
  • 90 metric tons of cargo
  • 75 passengers/troops
  • 6 starfighters

Deck 00 - Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay

The Cargo Bay is a vast space, meticulously organized with stacked equipment crates and food stores. Everything has its proper place for ease of locating whatever someone may need when it is required. Inventory manifests are kept up to date and accessible to the ship’s crew by the ship’s Logistics Officers. Powerful mag-locks hold crates securely in place to ensure nothing is sent out of place during a firefight.

Starfighter Bay

An add-on allowing for starfighters to dock.

Personal Vehicle Storage

A place where members can park and store their personal vehicles, such as speeders.

Space Asset Owner Space Asset Owner
1 (Reserved) Starfighter Parking Marick Tyris Arconae 7 (Open)
2 8 (Open)
3 9
4 10
5 11
6 12

Deck 04 - Facilities and Training

Deck 04 - Training and Facilities Deck

Deck 04 of the Voidbreaker is equipped with numerous facilities that are maintained by her crew. These include an exceptional training area with lap pool, dojo and gym, to the mess hall, medbay and even a paired armory and workshop. Main engineering is also located on this deck.

Armory and Workshop

The Armoury is quite large. Most notable upon entry are the neat rows of weapons lockers containing various weapons and secured by coded keypads. The front of each locker is numbered to correspond with maintenance checklists. Against the back wall are three sturdy workbenches in varying states of disarray stained with gun oil and grease that does not come clean no matter how often the benches are scrubbed. A final bench holds a console and small stack of datapads used for routine maintenance by the Weapons Officers.


The Engineering section of the ship is probably the most well-maintained area of operation of the entire ship. Her Captain insists on it, likely due to a background in engineering or perhaps because any good Captain knows just how wrong things can go if something goes wrong in the ship’s engineering. Engines are checked on a strict schedule, including the hyperdrive, which undergoes checks before each use to ensure all safety precautions have been taken. Monitors display diagnostic feeds and readouts at all times so any anomalies can be caught in an instant by the skilled team of engineers keeping the ship up and running.

Med Bay

The Med Bay is kept impeccably clean and stocked at all times. An especially neat and tidy desk sits in one corner with a multi-monitored console linked to high-tech medical tools and gadgets. There are no fewer than four medical beds running perpendicular to the right-hand side of the room—as the members of the crew are known for being a bit reckless when it comes to protecting each other while on a mission Each medical table is its station with consoles to monitor vitals, as well as sterile medical tools. The space is well lit and can handle any number of medical procedures. Opposite the med-beds are a line of four bacta-tanks to expedite the healing of their patients. Checks on medical supplies and equipment are performed regularly by the ship’s Medical Officers.

Mess Hall

The Voidbreaker II’s Mess Hall is a nice open space made comfortable by lower-level lighting, well-spaced out tables that could easily seat four people with plenty of elbow room. Every seat is comfortable, with the comfort of the ship’s crew in mind. The atmosphere is relaxed; environmental controls are kept at such a level as to be most comfortable for the crew as possible. At the back of the hall is a wide counter where droids are hard at work to produce a varied array of cuisines for the crew members, filling the air with tantalizing scents to tease the senses.

Training Hall

The Training Deck is well equipped for all manners of training, from weights to endurance to combat training. The weights are in their small room off the back of the lap pool, where apparatuses of varying sorts can be found to train every part of the body. The main section is wide open for combat training, reminiscent of a dojo, with dummies on one side when one-on-one training is not on order for the day.

Deck 05 - Conservatory and Leisure Pool

Deck 05 - Conservatory and Leisure Pool

Deck 05 is used primarily for visitors to the Voidbreaker, this deck also holds one of the most leisurely places on the entire ship.


Upon taking command of the Voidbreaker II, Captain Alex Draconis spared no expense in outfitting the ship's Conservatory so that the crew could have somewhere peaceful to relax surrounded by what nature you can have on a starship. Rare and exotic flowers from across the galaxy have been brought in and arranged on intricate hydroponic trellises. The upper walls and ceiling of the room are outfitted with complex screen systems which are both able to provide an accurate projection of the exterior starscape the Voidbreaker II currently occupies, or be toggled to present an artificial daylight environment configurable to mimic most common habitable planet conditions. A small recirculating pond rests in the center of the area, stocked with a variety of colorful filter-feeder fish to both keep the water healthy as well as provide a pleasing visual display for those utilizing the room's amenities.

Leisure Pool

A rectangular, full-sized swimming pool stretches out from durasteel hull plating separating the machinery used to power it and the reservoir of water used to keep it filled. A gradual, diagonal slop in the floor transitions from a 3ft deep "shallow end" to a proper 10ft "deep end". Just enough to dive or jump in without hitting your head. Unless you're Sage or Jax, that is, in which case caution is advised. The tile plating surrounding the pool itself is sanded down and matted to allow for decent footing/grip, with rivets carved in to help route excess water towards the appropriate drains. At the head of the pool is a circular hot tub that can fit a small group of crew members shoulder to shoulder.

The pool deck, open, outside of combat operations.

Since there is no natural sunlight to be found when living mostly aboard a spaceship, the Engineering team was able to outfit daylight-balanced overhead lighting that can simulate and give off faint heat, but not enough to give a true "tan". The lights can also switch to a "sunset" and "twilight" preset that simulates the respective times of a typical planetary cycle.

Since this pool deck was built with direct input from the ships Engineering team, structurally, the infrastructure is very sound. Thanks to this, Zig was able to, with some help from Avery, install and calibrate custom filters that help account for fur getting clogged in the piping. Among other amenities, the indoor pool, therefore, reflects on requests from the crew themselves, making it a popular spot for relaxation between missions.

Off the changing room are the sauna and steam rooms, as well as a shower. The sauna has two sides to it, the primary one, made of organic wood, maintains a dry heat while the adjacent section is the steam room which helps open pores and detox. There are sensors to detect if an occupant's biometrics drop to a certain level after Aru Law passed out while "recovering" one too many times and almost died.

Deck 06 - Battleteam Voidbreaker Quarters

Deck 06 - Battleteam Voidbreaker Member Quarters

This deck is reserved for members of Battleteam Voidbreaker. Rooms are generally 4.87m by 7.3m (16'x24') with the exception of the frontmost ships that come with the expectation of being shared by two people. The decor of each varies from person to person, setup to the tastes of its occupant. For most of them, this is their home.

621 Sully's Rooms

The friendly Togarian’s room is not very decorative and definitely favored function over form. They have a big, stiff bed with racks for clothing affixed to one of the walls. Their personal armaments are hung by the door on welded hooks and racks.

It’s kept fairly clean by Sully’s own hand, neat and tidied with a militaristic sense of perfectionism. Of course, this usually only lasts a day at most, requiring the process to repeat itself.

The most obvious personality quirk on display is a desk where every gift or keepsake Sully's ever held onto is placed. Their datapad sits wherever it fits.

If any guests come in and put something on display in Sully's room, it is guaranteed that it will remain there until the original person removes it. So while Sully may not decorate, but anyone else is welcome to.

622 Edema R'uh-Kalinor's Quarters

While Edema prefers to remain on board the Nightfall Prism, she does maintain quarters on-board the Voidbreaker II. Her quarters are simple and fairly sparse, only being used when she is on extended missions with the team. A simple bed along with storage space is all she requires. Her quarters are also directly connected to the armoury, allowing her easy access to her work area and the ships small arms for repairs and modifications.

623 Mune & Caleb’s Quarters

Mune & Caleb's Quarters

Upon entering their quarters, one notices the soft lighting, which appears quite intimate. The floors are warm and dark hardwood, with two moderate-sized area rugs; one in the back right-hand corner where a desk rests, and the other in what looked to be a sitting area. Along the back, a section of the right-hand wall is sturdy shelves laden with tomes, journals, and loose sheaves of paper. The L-style desk is a flat section of dark wood matching the flooring and five legs, so the underside is open. It faces outwards for a full view of the space and has two widescreen terminals, a datapad (when not buried under papers and books), and a reading lamp. The seating area is in the front right of the space and comprises a single dark fabric loveseat and two matching chairs around a dark wood coffee table. Two standing lamps stand behind the loveseat.

The left-hand back corner is sectioned off from the rest of the room by screens decorated in a magnificent silver cherry blossom tree against a white background. The divider hides a two-person sleeping mat from the rest of the room. The right-hand corner closest to the entrance contains a workbench with several slug-throwers, and Mune's katana hangs on the wall nearby. The refresher is just off the seating area and equipped with the best fur dryer technology Mune could source from their home on Seraph, built directly into the shower unit, not to mention some rather pricey-looking fur brushes.

624 Zig's Hideaway

An amalgamation of art projects lines the walls, leaving little in terms of negative space. The once spartan office now features splashes of colorful graffiti, custom “tags”, framed blueprints and schematics, and holographic photo-frames.

A long, decked-out workbench had been installed with a cadre of familiar tools and equipment. Above the workstation, a loft bed that was installed with a privacy screen and plenty of ceiling-height room for...reasons.

A recessed storage closet houses all of Zig’s stuff: odds and ends, scavenged parts, half-finished or half started projects and more random pieces of old tech. Beside it, there was a smuggler-like hidden compartment for more...personal things. It was safely locked behind a panel door that utilized her own biometrics and a memorized 48-character keycode to unlock. Skitternet proof.

In the center of the Cabin sits a large wroshyr tree-wood desk gifted to her by Kelviin. The Wookiee and Zygerrian worked together to rig a set of servos motors to allow the desk to rise and convert into what Zig boringly dubbed her “Standing Desk”, dismissing the idea of calling it a “Vari-Desk”. The desk is fitted with twin widescreens on moveable arms.

A mechanical keypad is plugged into an upgraded terminal with access to the holonet, feeds from the DIA, and a tap into the Advanced Inquisitorius Network. Multiple data pads are usually spread messily across the length of the desk. The high-backed chair has unique ball bearings in the legs that allow it to glide back when she needs to use the standing-desk function. The wiring is very tidy and neat, and a pair of guest chairs sit opposite the desk, with the vidscreens being able to clear wide to the sides for meetings.

Allegedly, this setup can be used for holonet gaming, but none have been able to get past Zig’s security measures to prove this theory wrong.

Deck 07 - VIP, Officer and Captain's Quarters

Deck 07 - Commissioned Crew Quarters, VIP and Captain Quarters

The quarters on this deck are designated for the use of high-ranking officials, persons of importance, officers the Captain needs to be kept close to, and the Captain's own quarters. In the center of this level is also a large conference room where meetings can be held among the crew, rather than using the tactical briefing room off the Command Bridge. Important persons and high-ranking officials include House and Clan summit members, visiting Dark Council members, or anyone else the Captain chooses to warrant the space to.

Captain's Quarters

Captain Alex Draconis' quarters aboard the Voidbreaker II are sparsely furnished, but what furniture is present is of astounding quality. A hand-carved greel wood four-poster bed dominates the rear wall of the quarters, taking up the majority of the space in the room. An antique wardrobe and small desk of the same construction take up the opposite wall, next to the doorway.

Deck 08 - Command

Deck 8 - Command


Upon entry to the Bridge, one is greeted by the sight of windows spanning the fore of the fair-sized space, giving an exceptional view of the stars beyond. Below the same windows are panels and monitors, showing diagnostic reads and scans of the environs surrounding the ship. Back from the windows are three additional console stations and guard rails arranged in a horseshoe shape, with the Captain’s chair situated behind the smaller center console. Directly behind the Captain’s chair is a large holoprojector. The starboard and port side walls hold other consoles and larger screens. A final screen is angled from the ceiling above the windows, displaying important information such as star charts and tactical data. The lighting is variable and is set to whatever level the on-duty bridge crew feels comfortable.

Conference Room

Considering the technical ingenuity that went into its construction, the Conference Room is used much less than it probably should be. It has a large format vidscreen with a 360-degree camera, noise canceling microphones, no visible wiring, and excellent acoustics. It's also sound proofed in a way that no other room on the ship is for handling high-level briefings and sensitive meeting information.

Of course, most of the crew prefers to just cram into someones room to take video calls, or one of the recreational areas that are in no way sound proofed or set up for video conferencing.

Ship Roster

The following details the roster of Voidbreaker members serving in active roles on the ship with their own quarters, as well as the Arcona Armed Forces (AAF) personnel assigned to the ship.

While the Voidbreaker II is part of House Qel-Droma's Discretionary Forces, and therefor falls under the AAF's naval command structure, the ship itself has always been run as its own unique "enterprise". Formally, the Captain and XO (First Mate, as the current XO prefers to be called) are the only formal military ranks, with the rest of the crew getting designations based on specializations and roles maintained upon the ship.


Alex Draconis

Character Sheet
Your friendly neighborhood Mandalorian. Reluctant Nobility. Gentleman Adventurer-at-Large. Really good at darts.
First Mate / XO

Character Sheet
Former Captain, now serving as First Mate while still heading up engineering.



Character Sheet
Friendly neighborhood Verpine. He is Mex.
Nathan Breeze
Engineering Officer
Medical Support

Character Sheet
A talented Engineer and Medic that the Captain has affectionally dubbed: "Pantman" - a not so obvious reference to his half-Pantoran, half-Human pedigree - and "Breezy" a play on his last name.
Adem Bol'era
Mechanic Officer

Character Sheet
Whenever he isn't in the field, as resident Techweaver and noted starship enthusiast, Adem provides his abilities to the Mechanical Crew in maintaining the Voidbreaker II, as well as any droids the ship has on board.
Carr Cinteroph
General Nuissance

Character Sheet
Zig's understudy, resident amateur hacker.

Bridge & Communications

Sofila Douve Armis

Character Sheet
The Quaestor becomes the commanding officer when onboard, but may defer to the Captain.
Doon Sulvir

Character Sheet
The Aedile becomes the commanding officer when on board and the Quaestor is not present, but may defer to the Captain.
Mune Cinteroph
Intelligence Officer

Character Sheet
Mune, previously Director of Imperial Scholae Intelligence (ISI), is a recent addition to the Voidbreak's crew. They come to the crew after working with members of the Voidbreaker and finding friends among them. Leaving Scholae, they've come to bolster the team's Intelligence operations in the field with their husband.
Junior Intelligence Officer

Character Sheet
Echani drifter, new to the crew and the bridge.

Medical Team

Eleceos Araave
Chief Psychiatrist

Character Sheet
Miraluka archer, medic, friend to all. Highly skilled Empath, and learned Archeologist and Paleontologist. Studied Behaivoral and Cognitive Psychology. As close to an HR department as a ship can have.

Combat Operations

Druzk Zornosz
Recon Officer

Character Sheet
Barabel security officer.
Jax Erinos
Senior Demolitions Officer

Character Sheet
Mandalorian, Soldier, and utter poetry nerd. The longest-tenured service member and officer of the Arconan Armed Forces on the crew, he lends his decades of leadership and training expertise and advises wherever possible on anything from day to day operations to combat operations to one-on-one counseling with the crewmen. Prone to writing like he's running out of time and eternal victim to infrastructure too short for him. Linguistics nerd.
Caleb Wild'en
Field Operative

Character Sheet
Caleb, an operative and field scout/sniper for Scholae Palatinae tendered his resignation and came with his partner, Mune, to join the Voidbreaker's crew and aid in bolstering their Intelligence operations in the field.
Zae Rakvann
Field Scout

Character Sheet
Zae, a member from Doon's past pack who recently found him and joined the Voidbreaker II to start a new life. Zae is not made for combat but she's good at scouting, setting up traps, and finding traps.

Halo Jump Operations

The Recon officers fall under a new designation known as the Halo Jump Operations (H.J.O). These select few 'Voidbreakers' are trained to handle the Halo Jump. Depending on Captain Draconis and/or First Mate Zig's choice, they decide who is best suited for a said missions parameters. The H.J.O.s are deployed into the orbit of a planet if 'Voidbreaker II' finds themselves in a situation where on-the-ground intel is an immediate need, such as the disturbance of radar via space storm or if fending off raiders. Equipped with nerves and weapons, when they land on the ground, they are to hit their destination hard and fast and hold the line until the rest of the team arrives.

Research and Development

R & D
Arden Koilos
Cultural Officer

Character Sheet
A new researcher joining the crew with experience in the fields of anthropology, archeology, ancient Sith lore, alchemy, and the various cultures of the galaxy.

Character Sheet
A red furred Shistaven in charge of the creatures that tend to stay on the ship and has a small lab for brewing.


Leeadra Halcyon
Bridge Officer

Character Sheet
The former Captain still leverages her Pantoran charm and knack for diploamcy and leadership to provide guidance on both the Bridge and for the members of the crew.
Engineering and Maintenance
A modified C1-series Phoenix Astromech Droid - "Cinder"- as she prefers to be identified as, is a self-made astromech droid that had the unfortunate fate of being left for scrap metal after her original owner abandoned her when a smuggling operation for the Collective failed. Found by Zig at an auction, the barely functioning droid was rebuilt from the ground up, and the Zygerrian Scavenger even managed to restore her memory module. She could not find it in her to wipe Cinders memory, so instead she gave the dutiful droid a new home and purpose. Thanks to an upgraded processing unit, Cinder manages to retain her memory and personality better than most, and can handle a lot of unique tasks that her new master has asked for her help with.

Cinder proudly enjoys being a part of the Voidbreaker II crew and has taken on the task of maintaining "Captain Zig's" office, running routine maintenance checks on various equipment around the ship, and most importantly helping manage the paperwork by assisting with the digitization and upload process from the clans archaic, analog systems. >

Mechanical Officer

Character Sheet
The ships resident Wookiee mechanic. Optimistic and friendly, he speaks through a datapad voice translator. Loves puns, hates violence.

Captains Logs

The following logs document the adventures, shenanigans, and accolades of the Voidbreakers.

Title Summary Time Period Link
Super Nova The Voidbreakers get revenge on the Dawn Conclave by taking out one of their ships. Payback is a dish best served....hot. 39ABY Google Docs
Horn In A Haystack

Karran Val'teo, former Captain of the Voidbreaker, had broken off from his responsibilities, leaving behind friends and partners alike. After discovering a sighting to the wayward Zabrak on Tatooine, Captain Zig Kaliska was given operational clearance to deploy Voidbreaker and its allies within the Arcona ranks. Karran had apparently gotten captured by a criminal organization known as the Crimson Sarlaacs. A strike team was assembled and landed on Tatooine in a remote outpost of Mos Kenny.

After searching the town for clues and gathering intel, the strike team set out on speeder bikes to cross the desert. There, they were ambushed by a band of raiders that they fended off. After that detour, the team arrived at another remote outpost that was being used by the Crimson Sarlaacs. Here, the Arconans battled their way to initial victory, only to discover that their adversary was just a hired Mandalorian that was trying to work off a debt to get freedom for her child. That child, named Jet, was left orphaned and ultimately in the care of Quaestor Tali Sroka.

Pushing down into the heart of the Crimson Sarlacc's underground base in the sewers, the Voidbreakers and their teammates recovered Karran Val'teo and worked with him to defeat the Crimson Sarlacc leader and to put an end to their criminal operation.

39ABY Google Docs
Mos Kenny Cantina Voidbreaker Battleteam does some team bonding exercises as new faces get hit, new frenemies are formed, and lots of alcohol was consumed. 40ABY RP Logs
Defenders of the Spaceport The Children of Mortis launch a full scale assault on Fort Blindshot on Selen. The *Voidbreaker II* and her crew land with style and then set up a forward operating base to help the AAF repel waves of attackers to keep the starport secure as a viable means of bringing in supplies and reinforcements to the island base. GJWXV RP Logs
Karaoke & Chill Karaoke party aboard the Voidbreaker II. 40 ABY RP Logs
Mines of RiquisDetails go here!40 ABYRP Logs
Voidbreaker Social #68 Captain Doon hosts a social event. 40 ABY RP Log
Voidbreaker: Below Deck Zig tries to make a promotional video about the Voidbreaker II with help from the crew. 40 ABY RP Log

Shore Leave

Crew members that are currently on shore leave, or leave of absence, from the crew.

Edema R'uh-Kalinor
Weapons Officer

Character Sheet
Merc, Mandalorian and Blade for hire (also can fix your guns/toys).
Sulith Bekett
Security Officer

Character Sheet
Togorian Security Officer, lifter of heavy things, and master-hugger.
Kathka Torgrim

Character Sheet
Mercenry, metal head, and rolls with her band of adorable critters.
Eilen Jath

Character Sheet
Hybrid fighter-pilot, saboteur, and small-time criminal. Generally a dork.

Order of Captains

The order of Captains that have served on the Voidbreaker I/II, from founder to present.

Captains of the Voidbreaker
Name Service Dates Ship Fictional Year
Koliss Welcott May, 2017 - June, 2017 Voidbreaker I 33 ABY - 33 ABY
Leeadra Halcyon March 4th, 2018 – June 6th, 2019 Voidbreaker I 36 ABY - 37 ABY
Emere Galo June 6th, 2019 – November 4th, 2019 Voidbreaker I 37 ABY- 37 ABY
Karran Val'teo December 5th, 2019 – February 9th, 2021 Voidbreaker I 37 ABY - 39 ABY
Zig Kaliska February 9th, 2021 – August 7th, 2022 Voidbreaker II 39 ABY - 40 ABY
Doon Sulvir August 27th, 2022 – May 26th, 2024 Voidbreaker II 40 ABY - 42 ABY
Alex Draconis May 26th, 2024 – Present Voidbreaker II 42 ABY - Present