Zandro Savric Erinos

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Zandro Savric Erinos
Biographical Information

Yaga Minor

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:

35 ABY

Physical Description









Long, Dark brown/black


Deep brown

Personal Information

Sashar Arconae, Soulfire Striketeam, Legorii Kryotek, Dathka Lukkel



Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii-Cho, Soresu

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi




Clan Arcona, Soulfire, House Galeres, Erinos Family

Personal Ship:

Unforgotten legacy



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". Stand with me and stand for eternity or stand against me and fall like all those who would destroy everything you love. I leave the choice up to you but for one final question. Who is it, in your heart of hearts, who has really taken everything from you? Stand with me Krayts and I guarantee your legacy will live on.”"
―Zandro Savric Erinos

Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae was a Warlord in Clan Arcona, serving in many positions including Consul. Zandro was generally found as easy-going by his peers but could be quick to anger if provoked, and it was said that his prowess in battle had brought even his half-brother Sashar Arconae to a standstill. He was regarded as one of the best pilots in the Clan and as such had a pilot training academy named after him, as well as also being one of the founding members of the Erinos family. In addition to this, he held the titles of Ace, Deputy Combat Master, and Champion of Eclipse, and he was the Sergeant of the Soulfire Strike Team three times. Zandro sacrificed his life to the Brotherhood cause on New Tython in 35 ABY, alongside Sashar, and became a martyr of Arcona.

Character History

Early life

Zandro's homeworld Yaga Minor

Born on Yaga Minor as the younger brother of Xayun Erinos, Zandro was similar to his brother in many respects. As they grew up they were close, both staunchly opposed to the Rebel Alliance and New Republic, both wishing to someday become fighter pilots who could go to the front lines and take the fight to the people they believed were trying to ruin them and all they believed in. When his brother left, he began to grow closer to his two sisters, but was worried by their decidedly un-Imperial views and there were regular arguments between Zandro and his sisters over who was doing the right thing for the Galaxy in the ongoing conflict. Their differences in views didn’t keep the siblings from being close, but did worry Zandro that he may have relatives who would end up on the wrong side of the war. However, as he came of age, he forgot this, bid farewell to his family and followed his brother into the Navy, although the one he joined was slightly different than that of Xayun; The Emperor’s Hammer Strike Fleet was Zandro’s destination.

Zandro's old Tie Corps uniform from just before his defection

Using an assumed name in a bid to try and gain a reputation for himself instead of living with his fathers reputation as a pilot, Zandro, now known as Chris Cox to those in the EH, sped through training in relatively quick time before being placed in Viper Squadron aboard the ISD Intrepid. As time went on, his superiors decided to allow the young man to command his own squadron and he was transferred to Asp squadron on the Intrepid and promoted to the rank of Commander. He quickly secured a promotion to the rank of Captain and was beginning to make a name for himself before he had a disagreement with his superiors and was removed from command. Feeling unjustly treated for the first but not the last time, he transferred to Rage squadron on the SSD Avenger, which is where he first heard of the Brotherhood. He was soon given command of the squadron and worked his way up to the rank of Major and the long-standing nickname of ‘Major Cox’, one that has stuck with him to this day. His final act as a member of the Emperor’s Hammer was to join the ‘elite’ Praetorian squadron. It was here that he was raised up to Lieutenant Colonel, but he was subjected to the seedier aspects of EH politics. In the 9 months he spent in the squadron, he realized that the politics behind the EH were just as corrupt and damaging to the Imperial cause as those of the New Republic. On one mission where he had to apprehend a ‘fugitive’, he realized that he was in the wrong organization. Taking his ship and fleeing, Zandro sold the ship as soon as he made planet fall and made his way back to Yaga Minor. One chapter of his life closed, just as another opened, and he learned of his force potential.

The Fall

On his shuttle ride back to Yaga Minor he was sat next to a woman who he began to talk to on the trip, and discovered that they were very similar in both temperament and personality. They agreed to meet up once they had arrived on Yaga Minor and settled in, and she revealed that she could sense something within him that she would explain at their next meeting. After meeting up with his family and getting settled in, he headed out and met up with the woman from the shuttle once more. She introduced herself as Breshnaa and told him that she was an envoy from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood he had encountered while in the Emperor’s Hammer and that she had been sent to find Zandro himself to offer him a place in the Brotherhood. Perplexed but very tempted by the offer, Zandro asked her to stay with him on Yaga Minor for a while to explain the situation and what the Brotherhood was about. She agreed and moved in with him and as time went on, they began to develop a special bond that they realized was nothing to do with the Force; they were in love. This was the final thing that persuaded the man to join the Brotherhood and he booked a passage to the Brotherhood HQ before confronting his family and informing them of his decision. When he told them of his decision, his parents supported him fully, but his sisters weren’t too pleased to say the least. His last message from his parents before leaving was to find out what had happened to Xayun, as they hadn’t heard from him in several months and were curious. He said that he would and then made his way to the shuttle bay where he would meet up with Breshnaa and then head off to the liner that would take them to their destination. At the shuttle bay he was confronted by his sisters, who pleaded with him not to give into the dark, and were even angrier when they realized that he was being lead there by Breshnaa and his feelings for her. They warned him that once down his chosen path, he could never return, but he told them that the choice was his own, and that his choice was correct. With that they left and Zandro boarded the liner and began his journey to his new home. The journey wasn’t as quiet as he’d hoped however, and things soon turned upside down for the Dark Jedi-to-be.

Zandro heading to Antei by shuttle

Two days into the journey, Zandro was asleep when a blaring alarm jolted him into consciousness. He grabbed a blaster and headed to the main foyer to see what the problem was, and as he emerged into the large atrium he saw something which caused his blood to run ice cold in his veins before boiling up with fury.

He saw Breshnaa lying on the floor with a hole in her chest where she had evidently been struck by a blaster bolt. The people who had done the murder were heading over to her corpse to retrieve it, and Zandro knew what he had to do. He raised the blaster he had taken from his room and used it to kill the two men before retrieving his lover’s body and heading towards the hangar bays, letting the force lead him. He entered the hangar and killed the two people who were protecting the shuttle that the apparent pirates had arrived on before stealing the shuttle and launching from the bay. He entered the co-ordinates that Breshnaa had previously given him in case of an emergency, and sent the shuttle hurtling into hyperspace, its destination was Antei.

The Brotherhood

Zandro's journey to Antei went without a hitch from that point onwards, but he knew that he had changed in the short space of time that had elapsed. Upon arrival in the system, he was hailed by the Citadel and asked what his business was, to which he asked to join the Brotherhood. He was brought down to surface and tested to see whether he was worthy, a test which he easily passed, impressing the teachers who watched him with his determination and skill. When finally given the choice of which Clan to join, the man chose to sign up with Clan Arcona.

Clan Arcona logo

With that, he was given his new robes, assigned a shuttle (which they had decided would be his old one he had brought to the Brotherhood with him) and given the co-ordinates to his new home. His trip was short and he was glad when he finally arrived and was greeted by the Clan envoy and shown around his new home. He got settled and began his training, which progressed quickly thanks to his determination and natural knack for controlling the Force, as well as the tutorship of his Master, Sashar. He was invited into the Soulfire Battleteam and there he began training with laser weapons as well as his practice lightsaber while also being moved along in his training by Sashar. Before he had even reached the rank of Guardian he was appointed as the new Sergeant of Soulfire after the resignation of the previous Sergeant. He jumped into the roll with his usual enthusiasm, and on his first mission leading the squad, he managed to successfully destroy the Taldryan flagship during the Clan Feud between Taldryan and Arcona, achieving his Knighthood in the process. Although Arcona came off worse in the Feud, Zandro managed to make something of a name for himself and finally emerged from the shadows in Arcona to try and prove that he was worthy of fighting for his Clan on the front lines. However, he never would have expected the next twist in the tale which came shortly after what he believed to be a relatively successful first campaign...


After the conclusion of the Feud and with his elevation to Dark Jedi Knight, Zandro decided to look for his brother like his parents had asked of him. He took a small LoA and traveled to Antei to search the official records, and soon found a match. His brother, so he found out, was in fact stationed in the Brotherhood as well, however Xayun was serving in Clan Naga Sadow. Sending him a quick message, he took his shuttle and headed to a neutral station in orbit around Antei and waited for his brother. He didn't have to wait for long, and was filled with happiness to see his brother well after all the time they had spent apart. They spent a while catching up and explaining their situations, and agreed to keep in touch just in case they needed each other's help. Upon arrival back at Arcona HQ however, Zandro's world was left in turmoil after what he felt was a betrayal of great magnitude. His Quaestor, Quejo Bandon, had fired both Zandro and Sashar for what he termed as 'dereliction of duty' and stripped them of their positions. Zandro felt hurt and knew that his loyalty had been shaken to its very foundations. Knowing that for the moment he could not support a Clan where Quejo still held sway, he decided that he needed to get away and finally solve some unfinished business. The first thing Zandro did was to find the co-ordinates of the pirate base for the group who had killed Breshnaa which were in the Arcona computers due to the fact that they had sent an emissary to warn the pirates against any more strikes. Then, leaving his home behind, the Knight traveled out to find an old friend from his EH days, Chris Cox. The man had recently become a Bounty Hunter after also resigning from the TIE Corps and Zandro infiltrated the organization in order to get a message to the man. Outlining his plan, he requested his friends help and was assured that he would get it. They both agree to assemble 3 more men each before meeting up and making final plans for Zandro's vengeance. Zandro appealed to his former master Sashar, his brother Xayun and a new friend from the Brotherhood by the name of Nadrin Jubolt. They met up with Chris who had assembled three more Bounty Hunter's to create the rest of the team. At the final briefing, Chris gave Zandro the Unforgotten legacy to use in the mission ahead, telling him that he would have to fly initial cover for the rest of the team who would be in Chris' personal ship, the Maverick.

The plan was for the group to split into 2 teams when they had landed on the Pirate's asteroid base and with one group heading for the computer complex and the other for the main command center. When they had both reached their assigned objectives, the group at the computer complex would download all available data from the banks before setting their charges, with the other group storming the command center with the aim of both killing the Pirate chief and setting the self-destruct for the facility. They would then rendezvous at the hangar and escape, hopefully all alive and intact with the added benefit of a plethora of data which would hopefully lead to the real figures behind the death of Zandro's dead lover. Zandro would lead the Command center attack team with Chris, Nadrin and one of the other bounty hunter's supporting him, leaving Sashar to lead the computer complex team with Xayun and the two remaining bounty hunter's as his squad. Each member collected their equipment and as the teams assembled, the mission began.

The initial phase of the mission went without a hitch and they arrived at the co-ordinates they had stolen to find the pirate base, although the pirates seemed to have been alerted to their presence somehow. They fought their way aboard the base by forcing entrance via one of the abandoned hangars at the base of the asteroid that housed the base. Splitting into the two teams, they slowly made their way through the base towards their objectives, their progress slowed by the pirates who fought for their very survival and as such were going to any lengths to stop the advance of the groups. The first person to fall was the extra bounty hunter in Zandro's group who was felled by one of the many traps that lay in wait for the two groups. Moving on, the weakened group was the first to reach the command center and a massive fire fight erupted, ending with Zandro and his allies victorious, but Nadrin was mortally wounded during the fight. While Chris set about finishing their part of the mission, Zandro joined his friend and attempted to aid his healing attempts, but Nadrin knew he was to die and so asked Zandro to forgive him for not being more use. He gave the Dark Jedi his lightsaber and told him to use it well before he finally slipped into death. Chris finished his task and set the self-destruct for the station before taking Zandro back to the hangar to meet the other group who, by then, had also arrived at their destination. However, they were having a harder time than the command center team and were down to only Sashar and Xayun with the two bounty hunters dead. They began to download the data as they held off the pirates’ attacks which were slowly wearing down the resistance of the two men. They commed for support and were soon joined by Zandro and Chris, although both Xayun and Sashar could see a change within Zandro. As the data slowly downloaded, a pair of familiar presences suddenly became known to both Zandro and Xayun as their sisters entered the room with the Pirate Chief. Suddenly, everything fell into place for the young Dark Jedi and the identity of the true people behind his dead lover's death were finally revealed as none other than his own sisters. With a howl of rage he leapt at the new trio and attacked them, his black rage fuelling his muscles and giving him the strength and skill to strike down the Pirate Chief and cause his sisters to flee lest they be killed in his murderous rage. Zandro and Xayun finished off the rest of the pirates who had stayed to try and defeat the group as Sashar and Chris finished retrieving the data which was now of little use to the group; they knew who the killers really were and they knew what they had to do. Hurrying back to the hangar, the brothers knew that their sisters would head home in hopes of stopping Zandro seeking revenge, but little did they know how their little brother truly felt. The four remaining members of the group took the Maverick and the Legacy and headed towards Yaga Minor for the final showdown between the brothers and sisters of the Erinos family.

Zandro's brother Xayun

As they made planet fall, the group headed towards the Erinos house in hopes of finding their enemies there, but their hopes came to no avail and they merely found Zandro and Xayun's parents. On seeing Sashar however, their mother seemed to change and her shock was evident to them all, especially the three Force sensitive members of the Brotherhood. On asking her what was wrong she was extremely evasive and would tell them all soon and also told them where their sisters had headed to after they quizzed her about that as well. Heading off towards the main spaceport where both their own ships and their sisters ship had been berthed, the two brothers tried to push thoughts of what their mother had been hiding from their mind. Upon arrival at the spaceport, Zandro stretched out to try and find his female siblings and felt their presence somewhere nearby, evidently trying to hide from him for fear of the wrath that they had brought upon themselves with the murder of Breshnaa. Zandro told Sashar and Chris to stay back and let him and Xayun handle the situation.

"Xayun, this is the first and last time that me and you keep it within the family. Let's do this."
―Zandro Savric Erinos

The two brothers headed into the Docking bay where they could feel their sisters' presence and found them at last, ready and waiting for their brothers and fully aware that one of the two groups would not be leaving the hangar alive. A conversation was struck up by the sisters as they attempted to persuade Zandro and Xayun to turn away from the darkness that was clouding their judgment, but their efforts were futile and wasted upon the distraught Zandro and his brother. They tried to explain to him that they had hired the pirates to kill Breshnaa because they thought she was corrupting him, but Zandro retorted that the only thing Breshnaa had ever showed him was a new path that he would have to take himself.

"She never pushed me down this path; I chose it after you nudged me in its direction by having her killed. And now your deed comes full circle and I will end you."
―Zandro Savric Erinos

Knowing that their efforts had failed, the sisters attacked in hope of destroying the dark half of their family. The battle raged on with neither side seeming to be able to make a definitive strike to knock out either of their opponents. Zandro and Xayun were tiring, but the Dark side and a desire to survive were keeping them going, with their sisters seeming to be drawing energy from within in a manner that the two brothers found they were unable to replicate. The fight continued and the brothers began to slow before suddenly the eldest sister, Antana, made a breakthrough against Zandro and was about to make the killing blow when Chris made his intervention. Ignoring his friends' wishes that the fight be left to the two Erinos brothers,

The brothers' grandfather, Kal Skirata

he saw Zandro about to be struck down and ran at the fighters, his twin Westar-34 pistols spitting out crimson bolts that did nothing more than distract the female Erinos, but that was exactly what Chris had wanted. Antana flicked the bolts back at her attacker and her accurate deflections of the shots cause two to slam into Chris' chest, stopping his charge dead and sending him tumbling to the floor. In the time that his sister had been distracted, Zandro had risen to his feet only to see another friend killed. A scream of anguish tore from his lips and he charged his sister, whose backhand slash cut Zandro across his face, leaving the scar he still has today. Her inability to strike the killing blow was all the young Arconan needed however, and he struck forward and speared her through the stomach, wounding her irreversibly. Seeing her sister defeated, the final Erinos sister turned to Xayun and began to plead with him, appealing to him rather than risking tempting Zandro's bloodlust by annoying him with her weakness. Xayun, however, was the only person to see how Breshnaa's death had affected young Zandro and so showed no mercy as he cut his sister down, ending the turmoil that had been swelling within Zandro and bringing as much closure to the situation as they could. The two brothers and Sashar rushed over to Chris, but found him already dead thanks to the bolts that Antana had deflected back at him. They took his body and headed back to their ship, putting Chris into the Maverick and sealing it before heading off to the Erinos house. As the trio returned home, they received news which would lead them down a new path thanks to the revealing of a desperate secret. When they confronted their mother on her unusual activity earlier, she revealed to them that they had an elder brother they had never known of. She told them of how she had become pregnant before she had met their father and had given the child to the father who was a Mandalorian. He had taken the son to Dxun and had died in a crash as his shuttle entered the atmosphere. They had presumed the boy to be dead too, but he was brought to the Kodiak Clan on Dxun and brought up a Mandalorian. She then revealed that he was the very man stood with them, and that Sashar was in fact Zandro and Xayun's elder half brother. The news, while not unwelcome, took a while to set in and in that time they quizzed their father, hoping to get all of the truth out in the open once and for all. He told them why he had kept them back from their Mandalorian heritage which they had inherited from him and truth about his own father, Kal Skirata. With tempers placated and all secrets out in the open, the trio decided to head back to the Brotherhood and see how it had changed in their absence. Little did they know that their arrival would coincide with a war that threatened to tear the Brotherhood in two.

The Return

Zandro and Sashar returned to Arcona while Xayun headed off to Clan Naga Sadow, and as they returned they found that a Great Jedi War had erupted, with two seemingly identical Grand Masters facing off against each other in a bid to prove that they were the real Jac Cotelin. Plunged headfirst into the action, Zandro was placed out on the front lines and given command of a small contingent of the Arconan fleet, leading them extremely well and bringing both himself and his troops the glory of being the second most successful of all the fleets in the conflict. However, he had joined towards the end of the conflict, and so his only real accomplishment was the success of his use of strategic tactics with his fleet before the real GM had retaken the Iron Throne. With the war over, Arcona was left to pick up the pieces and Zandro was brought back to regular service as a member of Soulfire Battleteam once more, also being given the title of Security Chief of Galeres after the previous one had been elevated to Quaestor. Having found closure on the issue of his dead lover, he found a renewed love for Lightsaber dueling as well as the use of strategic simulators, entering tournaments throughout the Galaxy on behalf of the Brotherhood in an attempt to prove his prowess and picking up some wins for his trouble. It was this period between his return from his mission of Vengeance and his re-instatement as Soulfire Sergeant that is widely regarded as his most successful to date, as he picked up two wins in a Galactic level competition (ICTE) and also proving his skills by defeating many fellow Brotherhood members and gaining entry into the prestigious ranks of the GMRG. It was here that he further developed his use of the Makashi style of lightsaber combat while also honing his flying skills so that they were nearly back up to his old standard.

The Revelation

Zandro had settled into a routine and was, for once, happy with what he was doing and who he was doing it with. However, 2 events occurred in quick succession which would shape him and change his personality and outlook on life in one fell swoop. Called into his Consul's office one day, he received word that Breshnaa, his supposedly long-dead love, had been spotted alive and acting as an envoy on Antei. Told that he was being given several days leave to sort out the situation, Zandro left Dajorra with his mind reeling, shock and dismay playing around his mind as he realized that if Breshnaa was alive, he had killed his sisters for a crime they hadn't committed. Knowing that he needed to know the truth, he tracked Breshnaa down on Antei and confronted her on her new role and where she had been for the past 2 years of his life. She revealed that she had been told to get him into the Brotherhood by any means necessary, as her masters had seen Xayun's quick progress and decided that the other Erinos brother would also be a useful addition to the Dark Jedi ranks.

""I was told to get you Zandro, there was nothing else I could do." "There is always another choice Breshnaa, and you know that.""
―Zandro Savric Erinos and Breshnaa arguing

The discussion did nothing to aid Zandro's recovery and in fact caused him to lose control, striking out at the woman he had once loved with his lightsaber and causing a ferocious lightsaber duel to ensue but Breshnaa was only doing it to survive, Zandro was out to kill. The battle raged on and neither seemed able to take advantage when Zandro's fury finally got the better of him, and he allowed himself to fall completely to the Dark Side, feeding his power with the anguish and pain that was tearing through his body. He used the power to help strike down his lover, stabbing her through the chest and ending that chapter of his life for good.

""I never stopped loving you Zandro." "I did.""
―Breshnaa's last words and Zandro's reply

The War

Shortly after Breshnaa's death at Zandro's hand, a new event swept through his life, changing everything that he had known and thought to be solid and untouchable. The Grand Master began the Second Rite of Supremacy and Zandro was plunged headfirst into the action, fighting for his Clan and coming out as one of the highest placing Arconan's in the tournament. Designed to prepare the Brotherhood for the Yuuzhan Vong invasion that was expected to come, no-one was ready when the Vong finally struck, mere hours later.

A Yuuzhan Vong

On the way back from the award ceremony on the Vae Victus for the recent Rite, a Yuuzhan Vong assault force emerged from hyperspace and proceeded to attack the Brotherhood ships that were assembled, capturing Zandro in the process.

Zandro did not spend too much time as a captive of the Vong however, and was swiftly freed thanks to some quick thinking by Orv Desserx d’Tana and the skill of Soulfire and the rest of the Arconan Dark Jedi. Immediately after his release, he joined his half-brothers Kieran and Sashar in an effort to find out the state of the Deputy Grand Master on board the Vae Victus, which was under assault by the Vong attackers. As they made their way though, their mission changed and suddenly they were tasked with denying the craft to the Vong. Fighting their way through heavy resistance, they reached the reactor core and proceeded to cause the ship to be destroyed, though not before they had made a narrow escape. One of the Soulfirian pilots who had escorted them in was also killed on the mission, a blow to the tight-knit group.

As the remnants of the Arconan military attempted to get themselves back onto their feet after the disastrous first meeting with the Vong, Zandro began to notice a change in himself that had been developing for a while. He was slowly becoming darker and more likely to have violent mood swings. Mercy seemed to be seeping from him with rage taking it’s place, which was one of the main points behind his change of focus from the Obelisk to the Sith order. It was soon after this change that he faced his next big test, as he finally made the passage to the next real level of leadership.


As Zandro pondered his recent psychological changes, he was brought sharply back to the present when Mejas Doto was re-instated as Consul of Clan Arcona and announced his plans for a grand project which would bring a new lease of life to the Clan: Project RESSURECTION. The Elder’s plan was to stage a huge competition to weed out the unworthy of the Clan and to find a group of leaders who were willing and able to go to any lengths to bring Arcona back to its former glory. Zandro knew that with this change one of his final ambitions could be achieved, if he had the courage to step up to the plate and the skill to back up his claim for leadership of House Galeres.

"“This is my chance to prove myself worthy of leading Galeres.” “It won’t be without danger, you could die.” “There is always that risk and it has never stopped me before.”"
―Zandro Savric Erinos and Sashar Arconae
Galeres Logo

Zandro threw himself at the competition and emerged victorious, one of two new House leaders and with his half-brother Sashar emerging as the new Proconsul. It was in this position that he worked diligently, preferring to keep the position of Aedile free until he felt he was ready to accept one who would work well with him. Time went on and Galeres carried on as always as Zandro spent more and more time concentrating on his studies, working out what had happened to him and how he could reverse it should he feel the need to. However, shortly after passing onto a higher plan of Force knowledge and being promoted to the rank of Sith Battlemaster, Zandro realized that in his educational fervour he had lost sight of his duties to Galeres and had neglected his role somewhat. This realisation also prompted another one; he finally needed to appoint an Aedile to help him in his duties. Looking at the available talent that was present in the House and Clan, Zandro eventually decided that Rho d’Tana was the best candidate, and appointed him as his right hand. The pair had little time to work together however, as a new darkness spread itself over Arcona...

The Champion

Soon after the appointment of Rho as his new right-hand man, Zandro and his House faced a new threat which came from within Arcona, when House Qel-Droma was taken by its leader Quejo and moved to attack a Jedi outpost on the planet Eclipse. Hearing of this decision by his opposite number, Zandro ordered his house to prepare for battle and followed Qel-Droma to Eclipse. Upon arrival in the system, Zandro's attempt to dissuading Quejo from the attack resulted in the Qel-Droma leader ordering his ship to fire on the Galerian craft and sparked a fight which waged between both Galeres and Qel-Droma as well as the Jedi on the Planet. The intervention of the Clan summit prevented the conflict escalating too far, but the damage had been done and Quejo and Zandro were both warned that while their ambition was admirable, it was also dangerous.

Dark Orb Logo

They then went on to explain that the whole thing had been planned by them and that it had in fact been a test to see how ready the Clan was and who her stronger members were, as well as weeding out those unworthy of being in the Clan any longer. They had reviewed the end results of the planned assault and proclaimed that Zandro was to be named the Champion of Eclipse due to the skills he had exhibited in the conflict. Upon receiving this information, Quejo decided that he needed to step down and go on a break so as to recoup his strength, allowing him to come back stronger and ready for the conflicts that could be felt on the horizon. Zandro was asked by the Clan Summit to become the new leader for Qel-Droma, and with his acceptance they also proclaimed that Zandro's previous Aedile, Rho d'Tana, was to become his successor as Quaestor of Galeres.

His tenure as the leader of Qel-Droma was short-lived however as his body began to feel taxed after his lengthy time in command as well as the hardships he had faced. His decision was made and he retreated from command to take a place in the newly re-opened battleteam of Dark Orb, led by his long-time friend Legorii Krytek Entar.

The Orb and The Return

Soulfire’s Emblem

Zandro's time in Dark Orb was filled with good memories and the squad he put together was one which brought him as much pride as almost any he could remember. He felt his strength returning with every passing day in the squad and knew that soon he would be ready for command once more, this happy thought marred only by the knowledge that he stood a very real chance of losing his newly created squad. Several important missions were completed by DO and it was only a matter of time before the leaders of the Clan stood up and took notice of the squad, declaring them the second best team in Arcona, ahead even of the legendary Soulfire Strike Team. Zandro's contributions were not the best of the squad, but pointed to his recovering strength and so he was summoned to meet with Vorion and Sashar, the new Clan Summit. His half-brother informed him of his decision to move Zandro back to his first home in Soulfire and temporarily take command of the squad in an attempt to get it back to its feet in the wake of its decline to the third team in the Clan. Zandro eagerly accepted the mission and returned to the Dark Orb base with the news, his stomach dropping only when he had to say goodbye to his squad and head off alone, returning to his first home in an attempt to revive the glory days.


". Pain fades, glory is eternal.”"
―Zandro Savric Erinos


Standing at just above 6 foot in height, the Yaga Minorian has quite sallow skin. He believes that this is a sign from his various brushes with the Dark Side of what would happen should he succumb fully to the temptations of the Sith. He sees this as a reminder and tries to use it to keep his grip on the Grey teachings that he was given by his master Sashar. Zandro likes to let his brown hair flow relatively long and free, preferring not to tie it up and knowing that if it gets in his way, he always has the Force to help him anyway. He is relatively muscled and this can be seen whenever he is working out or just generally around the Arcona HQ, favouring short sleeved tunics to any other sort of garment. However, the most distinguishing feature is the scar that runs across his face, from his upper left forehead just below his hair line and then across his face in a diagonal line that ends by his right jaw, just above his mouth by further over. Obtained in the fight with his sisters during his hiatus from the Brotherhood, he keeps it as a reminder of the pain that he suffered as well as to remember the person for whom he was fighting for, his dead lover Breshnaa.

The Armory

During Zandro's travels and with a little help from his friends, he has managed to pick up a wide variety of weapons, armors and gadgets which he uses in service to the Erinos, Qel-Droma and Arcona.


Zandro's first lightsaber

This is Zandro's first lightsaber, created when he first gained his rank of Dark Jedi Knight and just before his betrayal at the hands of Quejo. He spent just over 2 weeks (17 days to be exact) building the weapon, and is proud of it, seeing it's simplicity as an asset rather than a burden. As time grew on Zandro realized that the saber, while still fully functional, was not a true symbol of who he had become, and so set out to build his second lightsaber.


Zandro's new lightsaber, Synapse

Zandro took great care in constructing his new lightsaber, choosing his focusing and auxiliary crystals meticulously and spending almost 3 weeks building the weapon, striving for perfection with it. The primary crystal in the weapon is a Qixoni crystal which Zandro spent two weeks tracking down, 'borrowing' it from a rich businessman whose security on his private museum proved to be no match for Zandro's infiltration skills.

His next choice was which two of the many auxiliary crystals available he should use. His first choice was an Opila crystal given to him upon his promotion to Sith Battlemaster by his former Master, Sashar Arconae. The crystal was alleged to improve the blade of the lightsaber it was used in and would make that blade better at cutting through materials, something that was of particular use to the Battlemaster considering the resiliance shown by many Vong weapons and armor.

The final crystal used in the lightsaber was the hardest one to choose, but eventually he decided on a refined Opila stone, a Jenruax crystal, which would allegedly make his blade more agile and so easier to use in combat. The crystal was in fact found by the members of the Erinos Clan who were living in the Dajorra system when they uncovered a long dead Jedi and his lightsaber. Zandro retrieved the crystal from the weapon and put it in his own, completing the weapon and once more giving him a lightsaber which he felt he could truly reflect his personality.

Westar-34 Pistols

These pistols were a gift from his now deceased friend Chris Cox. Chris had found the blasters on one of his many Bounty Hunts and presented them along with the Unforgotten Legacy to Zandro before their ill-feighted mission for revenge. Kept close by his side ever since, Zandro sees these blasters as the ultimate back-up weapon. Light, durable and packing a strong punch, the fact that they can also fire like a repeater means that they are useful in almost all situations. They also hold ties to his Mandalorian heritage, thus giving them an even closer place to Zandro's heart and he can rarely seen without these twin blasters at his side.


As taken from the Soulfire wiki...

Zandro's new helmet, with the Jaig Eyes painted on

As Soulfire is the Elite of the clan, it only stands to reason that they receive the best ‘gear’ available. Never one to spare any expense on his favourites, the Consul commissioned a team of Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders from the Kodiak Clan of Dxun to fashion suits for his chosen Battleteam. The armor is built to be a lightweight version of Mandalorian Armor, however the distinctive T-visor on the helmet has been replaced in favor of a variety of different helmets depending on the chosen specialty of the wearer. All the armor is done in Black with a matte black bodysuit. The Soulfire emblem is painted onto the right pectoral plate and the armor has a turquoise trimming, to represent their fealty to House Galeres. On missions where stealth is a priority, the armor’s trimming is usually painted over, and the Soulfirians wear black over-cloaks to further give the image of a shadow (a nod in the direction of Arcona’s chosen Clan Force focus). Jet black plates cover the torso, shoulders, crotch, thighs and shins and the Soulfire emblem is painted on the right pectoral. About the waist there are various pouches to hold the equipment any Soulfirian needs (the standard equipment list is shown below). Mandalorian Iron was excluded as the choice for the armor as it proved to be too heavy for the function of a commando unit. Instead, laminanium armor (regenerative armor featured on the YVH Battle Droid) plating is found on the torso (the other armoured plating is standard plasteel armor). Due to the heavy nature of the alloy gel packs are utilized to reduce the wait but drastically shortens the life span of it’s self repairing function; now only able to withstand three direct hits. Where the armor doesn’t cover there is a matte black bodysuit that serves to insulate the body and regulate it using a new experimental memory-fabric which can alter its density according to the wearer’s body temperature, loosening if they are cold to create a layer of air between the body and the fabric so that the body can warm up, whereas if the body is hot, the fabric tightens, absorbing any sweat directly from the pores and a specially-designed chemical in the memory fabric will react with the salt in the sweat to lower the temperature, thereby keeping the wearer from overheating.

The various helmets that are used to distinguish the different members of the squad are also customised depending on the awards that the members have won. With the recent award of the Soulfirian Jaig Eyes award, Zandro opted to have his helmet completely revamped, asking for his armourer to make the helmet more fearsome as well as adding the new Jaig Eyes to the armor.

Zandro was presented with a suit of Soulfirian armor upon his elevation to Quaestor which he still uses to this day.

DJB Facts

  • Current Soulfire Sergeant
  • Former Qel-Droma Quaestor
  • Former Galeres Quaestor
  • Former Chief of Security for House Galeres
  • 2nd Place in Strategy Gaming Section of GJW6
  • Won Poetry Section of the Arcona vs Taldryan Feud
  • 12th Overall and 2nd in Arcona for the RoS
  • One of the founding members of the Erinos Family.
  • Deputy Combat Master in the ACC
  • Champion of Operation:Eclipse
  • Led House Galeres to victory in Operation:Eclipse
  • Current ACE of the Brotherhood
  • Master of Dathka Lukkel


Zandro is usually found on IRC with the nick `CC or another combo around that name

Prefers Writing to gaming at the moment due to Vista being the Devil's creation

Has a brother in the Brotherhood, Xayun Erinos as well as a recently discovered elder half-brother, Sashar.