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Dark Crusade: Clan Arcona
Conflict: Clan Arcona's involvement in the Brotherhood's Crusade to conquer the Sith Worlds wrongfully claimed by the One Sith.
Objective: (for mission-based battles)
Date: 36 ABY - 37 ABY
Location: Various:
  • Tor Siva
  • Maxyn Vossina
  • Calan Thril

Assorted units


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None yet

  • Tor Siva
  • Maxyn Vossina
  • Calan Thril
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The Tarentatek's Taskmaster - Avenger II

Main article: Arcona and the Avenger II

During the Invasion of the Avenger II, Arconan forces, along with their Taldryan counterparts, acted in a support role to facilitate the capture of the Super Star Destroyer by Naga Sadow's main team. This team consisted of Kalia Pepoi, Atra Ventus, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae, and Araxis Farron. The team was able to bring down the crazed Dark Jedi Master, Darth Necar, as a result of Arcona and Taldryan's combined efforts to secure the Avenger II, which required, at one point Wuntila Arconae, Consul of Clan Arcona, to tame and mount one of Necar's feared Terentatek in order to help bring down the maniacal Lord.

When the Avenger II was claimed for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, the Dark Crusade to reclaim the lost Sith Worlds truly began...

Almost Easy - Krayiss II

Main article: Arcona and the taking of Krayiss II
Almost Easy...

It seemed like the perfect opportunity. Krayiss II was ripe for the picking, and only Taldryan stood between the Shadow Clan and victory. Arcona had overcome such odds before. The once-glorious giant of the Brotherhood was a pale simulacrum of its former glorious self -- or so Arcona had believed. When the Clan came into contact with Taldryan, they found a fierce adversary, and in that, they also found their match. Arrogant from their recent victories, they under-estimated just how loud the veterans that filled the House could shout, and subsequently, the Shadow Clan was drowned out...though not by much.

Despite the loss, out of the bitter taste of defeat a new paragon of Arcona was born: Cethgus Entar. For his skill in battle and unquestioning loyalty to Arcona, he was given the mark of the di Tenebrous - made Arconae.

Hollow Victory - Rhelg

Main article: Arcona's victory on Rhelg
Hollow Victory

With the pain of being outperformed by House Taldryan still fresh in their minds, the Arconan forces descended on Rhelg with an almost unprecedented fury. This time however, Arcona was able to emerge triumphant as they secured the planet for the Brotherhood, beating Taldryan to the punch on enough occasions to be able to later claim the planet as their own. The Arconan fleet, commanded by the Consul himself, was able to destroy one of the One Sith capital ships and force them into full retreat, while ground forces cleverly utilized hit-and-run tactics to dupe the rival Houses into conflict.

The defeat of Taldryan improved Arconan morale, and sent the rival Dark Jedi back to their own vessels, where Arconans knew that they were plotting their own vengeance. Despite the victory, none could shake the feeling that even greater challenges awaited them.

Knights, Disciples and the Rabble - Bhargebba

Main article: Arcona's efforts on Bhargebba
Knights, Disciples, and the Rabble

"Ensign, inform all ships in the fleet to prepare for departure. Arcona is about to deliver another planet to the Dark Brotherhood... "
Marick Arconae

Arcona descended on Bhargebba with fury, ready to unleash their might upon the One Sith that waited for them. They knew that their past victory was meaningless to their new target and once more divided into battleteams and squadrons to pursue the nigh-impossible tasks assigned them by Summit and Dark Council alike. The scope of the conflict was unlike anything they had faced on the preceding worlds, and each individual was tested in ways he could not have foreseen.

Facing new rivals and old, as well as the hated One Sith, Arconan warriors fought and bled on the battlefield and in the vacuum.


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