Dark Jedi Brotherhood Timeline

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The current year is 41 ABY.

Timeline Progression

The fictional timeline of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood operates at a roughly 1:1 ratio to real time. The beginning and end of the fictional years correspond to January 1st of each year.

DB Timeline

Rise of the Brotherhood era

  • 5 ABY (1995) - Rise of the Brotherhood era
  • 6 ABY (1996)
  • 7 ABY (1997)
    • Crona becomes Dark Lord of the Sith.
    • The Crona Uprising; after unearthing the ruins of an ancient Obelisk temple, Crona resurrects the Obelisk Order before abdicating the Iron Throne and fleeing the Dark Brotherhood to pursue his own ends. He is hunted down and killed by Jac Cotelin.
    • Jac Cotelin succeeds Crona as Dark Lord of the Sith.
    • Using the information contained in one of the holocrons from the Obelisk ruins, Jac Cotelin resurrects the concept of the Star Chamber as an advisory body to the Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • 8 ABY (1998)
  • 9 ABY (1999)
    • Justin Stryker briefly becomes Dark Lord before the return of Khyron.
    • Cordona Pirate Crisis. A valuable Force crystal is stolen by the Cordona pirates forcing the Clans to track them down to recover it and silence the pirates before they can reveal the Brotherhood's existence. (Second Great Jedi War)
    • Thedek becomes Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • 10 ABY (2000)
  • 11 ABY (2001)
    • Archibald Zoraan becomes insane and is deposed following an unsuccessful rebellion, the former Dark Lord is presumed dead and is succeeded by Chi Long.
    • Hunt for the Skin of Fire. Chi Long sends the Clans to locate an ancient artifact called the Skin of Fire. Soon after locating the artifact the Grand Master is forced into exile. (Fourth Great Jedi War)
    • Firefox becomes Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • 12 ABY (2002)
    • After uncovering clues to the location from the Obelisk ruins, Firefox dispatches agents to the ancient home of the Star Chamber, Antei.
    • The High Commander Sharad Hett oversees a massive training operation to prepare the Obelisk for the coming secession. (Obelisk Rite of Supremacy)
    • The High Warior Keirdagh Cantor leads the Sith Houses of the Brotherhood against Xon Ke’Tal. (Sith Rite of Supremacy)
    • The Aurora Crisis. The Remnant hires bounty hunters to assassinate members of the Brotherhood and drive the Clans against each other. After discovering the truth the Clans forge the Alliance of Seven and track down the hunters but not before Mairin Astoris is forced into exile. (Fifth Great Jedi War)

Exodus era

  • 13 ABY (2003) - Exodus era
    • The Exodus; the Dark Brotherhood secedes from the Imperial Remnant.
  • 14 ABY (Nov 2003)
    • The Dark Council establishes a secretive presence on the Dark Side of Antei. The Clans spread out into their own territories.
    • Bloodrites; the seven Obelisk Houses battle for supremacy and the right to wield a powerful Blood Rite. (Obelisk Rite of Supremacy)
  • 15 ABY (Apr 2004)
  • 16 ABY (Nov 2004)
    • Jac Cotelin becomes Grand Master for a second time.
    • K'hamar'an Crisis; the mysterious K'hamar'an cult infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood to steal back several artefacts. The Dark Brotherhood invades the K'hamar'a homeworld. (Krath Rite of Supremacy)
    • Jac Cotelin orders a full invasion of Antei, bringing the planet fully under control of the Dark Council
  • 17 ABY (Apr 2005)
    • Independence Games II; the Brotherhood celebrates the anniversary of the Exodus.
    • Invasion of Coratua; the Dark Council decide to invade the nearby Coratua System, fearing the growing pirate presence there may draw unwanted attention from the New Republic. (Obelisk Rite of Supremacy)
  • 18 ABY (Nov 2005)
    • Tensions between the Clans increase after a number of mishaps almost escalate to all out war in the Aranna and Selen incidents.
  • 19 ABY (Apr 2006)
    • Third Brotherhood Civil War; after it emerges Jac Cotelin has been using a clone of himself, Jaac Cotelin, the Dark Brotherhood descends into chaos, with both Grand Masters claiming to be the true Dark Lord of the Sith. Eventually Jac Cotelin destroys the clone. (Seventh Great Jedi War)
    • Xanos Zorrixor becomes a Sith Lord, taking the name Darth Vexatus.
  • 20 ABY (Nov 2006)
    • Aristan Dantes becomes Dark Lord of the Sith, taking the name Darth Sarin.
    • Second Darkness; near the end of the year the Grand Master summons the Clans to Antei to test their ability to stand against an approaching alien threat. (Rite of Supremacy)
    • Halcyon Rokir becomes a Sith Lord.
  • 21 ABY (Apr 2007)
    • Incursion; a hostile race of Force-devoid aliens invade Antei as the Second Darkness operation is winding down and seize control of the planet, the Dark Council is forced into exile and the Clans' navies are decimated. (Eighth Great Jedi War)
    • Muz Keibatsu becomes a Sith Lord, taking the name Darth Ashen.
  • 22 ABY (Nov 2007)
    • The Dark Brotherhood works to recover its losses from the massacre at Antei and the Clans slowly rebuild their lost militaries.
  • 23 ABY (Apr 2008)
    • Independence Games III; the Brotherhood celebrates the anniversary of the Exodus.
  • 24 ABY (Nov 2008)
    • Liberation of Antei; the Brotherhood returns to Antei only to find the alien invaders have died from a plague and the planet now laid claim to by Omancor Crask and his rogue Jedi sect. Crask and his followers are killed and the planet reclaimed, but not before the loss of Lord Sarin himself. (Ninth Great Jedi War)
    • Muz Ashen becomes Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • 25 ABY (Apr 2009)
  • 26 ABY (Nov 2009)
    • Taking Salas V; Each Clan and House in the Brotherhood is pitted against one another to see who would claim the world of Salas V as their prize and eradicate a native population of insectoids. House Revan is awarded the planet
  • 27 ABY (April 2010)
  • 28 ABY (November 2010)
    • House Odan-Urr is formed. It is the first light side house in the history of the Brotherhood.
  • 29 ABY (April 2011)
    • Independence Games IV; the Brotherhood celebrates the anniversary of the Exodus.
    • Houses Naga Sadow and Arcona are re-clanned on the anniversary of the Exodus
    • Invasion of New Tython; Darth Ashen orders the Brotherhood to attack New Tython, base of operations for Odan-Urr, a sect of Light Jedi that infiltrated the Dark Brotherhood. (Tenth Great Jedi War)
    • House of Revan falls.
  • 30 ABY (April 2012)
    • The Horizons Plague devastates the Dark Brotherhood and former Grand Master Zoraan fails to reclaim the Iron Throne
    • The Dark Crusade begins and ushers in a period of persistent warfare within the Dark Brotherhood. A campaign against the Sith faction loyal to Zoraan, it reaches across many world and lasts well over a year. (Vendetta)
    • Raken becomes a Sith Lord
  • 31 ABY (April 2013)
    • Independence Games 2013 V; the Brotherhood celebrates the anniversary of the Exodus for a final time.
    • Korras becomes a Sith Lord and takes the name Darth Aeternus
    • Houses Taldryan and Plagueis are re-clanned.
    • The Brotherhood continues the Dark Crusade as part of the Fading Light Campaign, attempting to dissolve Zoraan’s Sith faction.
  • 32 ABY (April 2014)
    • Fourth Brotherhood Civil War; the climax of the Crusade against Zoraan’s remaining Sith fragments the Brotherhood into three factions. Arcona, Naga Sadow, and Taretum side with Muz Ashen. Taldryan, Scholae Palatinae, and Odan-Urr side with Jac Cotelin. Plagueis sides with the Sith outsiders lead by Esoteric. (Eleventh Great Jedi War)
    • Darth Pravus succeeds Muz Ashen as Grandmaster.
    • All Independent Houses returned to Clan status.

New Order era

  • 33 ABY (April 2015) - New Order era
    • Grand Master Pravus commissions the Inquisitorius and tasks them with purging the undesirables from the Brotherhood. The remnants of the Krath and Obelisk orders are destroyed, with several alien species also targeted for disintegration.
    • Mercenaries and Loyalists are recognized as full members of the Brotherhood for the first time and elevated to the status of orders. Krath and Obelisk orders become traditions.
    • The Gray path is recognized as a full path of the Brotherhood, joining the Light and Dark paths. As a result individual houses are allowed to align Light, Dark, or Gray.
  • 34 ABY (January 2016)
    • The Hosnian system and the Republic Senate are destroyed leaving the Galaxy without a centralized government.
    • The Iron Legion assumes the role as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s military.
    • Grand Master Pravus leads an Armada to New Tython and destroys the seat of Jedi power within the Dark Brotherhood
    • The Dark Jedi Brotherhood establishes its base of operations on Arx.