Sixteenth Great Jedi War

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New Order era.
Previous: Fifteenth Great Jedi War
GJW XVI: Transcendence
Date: 41 ABY
Location: Ethereal Realm

The Dark Brotherhood

Children of Mortis


Grand Master Darth Nehalem


Leader: The Father



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The Sixteenth Great Jedi War, also known as GJW XVI: Transcendence, is a Brotherhood event running from August 26, 2023 to October 1, 2023.



Construction of the great PORTALS comes to an end. The time for preparation is over as the BROTHERHOOD marches to a realm beyond anything they have seen before. But while they prepared, so have the CHILDREN OF MORTIS. Deeply entrenched with a massive fortress to defend, they block the path to the CHAIN OF THE FORCE.

The ETHEREAL REALM awaits the arrival of the Brotherhood. Primed by centuries of usage by the Children, a myriad of wonders and horrors await within.

Woven into every action both sides have taken is the looming presence of the former Grand Master, TELARIS CANTOR.

The Brotherhood, the Children, Telaris Cantor. The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance…


The Council meets and recaps what they have learned about the Ethereal Realm. Reports of Ghosts of the long dead, a reflection of Eos City, Sky Islands, deep trenches and horrifying constructs are given. It is noted that the Force works differently, both in enhancing abilities, removing them, and even occasionally giving basic powers to those who have never used it before. The Portal Gate is nearly finished, needing a month of careful work to be completed. The timeline is moved forward to just a week, as the Brotherhood found intel that does confirm the horrible truth: the Father wants to become the Force and remake this entire plane of reality his own. In the Ethereal Realm, the Father works with Avitus, the chosen soul of the Force, to prepare for the final Transcension.

Chapter I

The Brotherhood converges on Arx, preparing for the activation of the portal to the Ethereal Realm. Bril Teg Arga meditates and centers himself as the time for battle approaches. His meditation is interrupted by the sound of ships leaving hyperspace just above the camp. Sagitta lands near his tent, having completed one last practice run. Zenod'ande'rson walks by handing out fresh intel he has found from a captured member of the Children.

Darth Nehalem addresses the entire Brotherhood. He reminds them of the heavy losses they took when the Children attacked their planets. This is not just a fight for revenge, but a fight to save this entire reality from the Children’s control. He stresses the importance of standing together as One Brotherhood to win the day.

The Grand Master personally uses the force to lower the portal keystone into place, and leads the charge into the Ethereal Realm. In the streets of the Ethereal Reflection of Eos City, the spirit of Chelsie Crimson, who died to bring Rath Oligard back to life in the Ascent, attacks the Grand Master and his guard.

From a Sky Island, Telaris Cantor watches the Brotherhood flood into the Ethereal Realm and establish a hold of Eos City, and the Portal, their only way out. Having pushed ahead, Darth Nehalem senses Cantor, and locates him on the sky island, running off to face him. The Deputy Grand Master, Dacien Victae is left to lead the Brotherhood’s assault against the Children.

With the Brotherhood in the Ethereal Realm, facing off against the Children’s forces, the Great Chain of the Force finally appears. The Father prepares to use Avitus Oligard in the dark ritual to shatter the chain and remake all realities under his own control.

Chapter II

Darth Nehalem and Telaris Cantor meet face to face.

The Brotherhood’s bloody history makes controlling the ghostly reflection of Eos City difficult, as the spirits of the slain relentlessly attack. Many combatants are left back to defend the portal home. Deputy Grand Master Dacien Victae leads the push through the Shattered Plains. The Brotherhood forces near the Fortress of the Unchained. Dacien reflects on the stability of his youth, contrasted against the violent chaos of The Brotherhood’s present situation.

The Seer, The Harbinger, and The Arbiter lead the Children’s forces in defense of the Fortress, fighting to give The Father time to do his thing. The Father begins to siphon blood and soul from Avitus Oligard to fuel his ritual. The Chain begins to crack.


The following news posts were made by the Council to spread information for Great Jedi War XVI.


Phase I

Phase II



Competitions and bin completion tracking can be found under the competition page:


Fiction Bin (5 participation points)

Gaming Bin (5 participation points)

Multimedia Bin (5 participation points)

Phase I

Fiction Bin (3 participation points)

Gaming Bin (3 participation points)

Graphics and Miscellaneous Bin (3 participation points)

Phase II

Fiction Bin (3 participation points)

Gaming Bin (3 participation points)

Graphics and Miscellaneous Bin (3 participation points)





Clans earn points when members participate in competition types/bins or when members place in a competition. In accordance with the directives governing Vendetta events in the Brotherhood, the Clan with the most points at the conclusion of Great Jedi War XVI was named First Clan of the Brotherhood, while the Clan with the second and third most points Were Second Clan and Third Clan, respectively.


The individuals earning the most placement points in Great Jedi War XVI were awarded War Hero titles. Members with tie scores were broken following an Olympic-style Novae and placement ranking.

100% Participation

Members who "did work" and exerted "maximum effort" in this Great Jedi War are recorded here.

Arcona Naga Sadow Odan-Urr Plagueis Scholae Palatinae Taldryan Vizsla


Skins: Robe / Weapon Skins

Possessions: Member Recognition

All members of the Brotherhood that participated in the war will awarded a unique possession to mark their participation in the event.

All members who submitted a valid entry to at least one competition were awarded the Ring of Transcendence. Additionally, the six members who participated in every non-gaming competition and all the gaming bins received the Ethereal Crystal and a unique bonus award.

Possessions: Clan Recognition

Each clan was awarded a starting value of 58,890,000 credits based on overall club participation and 5,000 credits for every participation or placement point earned by their members. Consuls were allowed to choose a capital ship upgrade for their clan, going in order of clan placement, and to work with the Regent on developing a unique starship asset for their clan.

Arcona Plagueis Taldryan Vizsla Naga Sadow Scholae Palatinae Odan-Urr
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place 7th Place
98,895,000 credits 90,250,000 credits 85,665,000 credits 80,317,500 credits 80,965,125 credits 78,640,619 credits 76,841,838 credits
Mist-class Cruiser Bulwark Mark I Prototype Predator-class Battleship Ordo-class Beskar Starfighter Squadron Mark VII "Sadow" Starfighter Squadron Inquisitor-class Electronic Warfare corvette Custom ship TBD (corvette or smaller)
Ascendant Null-Burst Projector Ascendant Crystal Phase Cannon Ascendant Crystal Cloaking System Ascendant Composite Beam Cannon Ascendant Sensor Suite Ascendant Crystal Gravity Well-Tractor Beam Generator Purified Ascendant Crystal Medical Retrofit

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