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Exodus era.
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Conflict: Khobai Wrathraven, seeking to test the skills of his Order, engineered an elaborate tournament that pitted the seven Obelisk Houses against one another for the right to wield a powerful Blood Rite.
Date: 14 ABY
Location: Obelisk Citadel on Antei

Obelisk Houses


Obelisk High Commander Khobai Wrathraven


Obelisk Houses


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Bloodrites was an Obelisk Rite of Supremacy that took place under the reign of Khobai Wrathraven. The Rite was a tournament of skill in which the Seven Obelisk Houses battled for dominance for the chance to earn a powerful Blood Rite.


Wishing to test the strength of his Obelisk Order, recently appointed High Commander, Khobai Wrathraven engineered a number of attacks on the seven Obelisk Houses, implicating rivals and allies alike to insight the Dark Jedi to violence. When hostilities reached their breaking point, Wrathraven stepped in to ensure the forms of Vendetta were maintained.

To this end, he offered to host a tournament between the Obelisk Houses to decide which was the strongest. He desired to curb their bloodlust into something more worthy of Dark Jedi—the desire for victory. As an added incentive, Wrathraven offered the Houses a unique reward: the chance to acquire one of the recently re-discovered Rites of the Obelisk.

After three months of intense warring, a clear victor emerged from the chaos in the form of House Dinaari, who again managed to retain its title of First House of the Obelisk. Granted unto them was the Rite of the Firmament, a powerful ritual that imbued all Dinaari Obelisk with the power of the highest-ranking Obelisk among them.

The Rites

During the height of the Dark Brotherhood, when all three Orders were at their peak, the Obelisk Lord granted to each Obelisk House a Blood Rite. These Rites were sacraments of immense powers. For centuries the rites were taught from master to apprentice. And for millennia the rites remained intact.

Over the last three thousand years, the rites were slowly forgotten, butchered, or maimed to such an extent that they no longer held any real power. In some cases, there was no mention of a Rite ever being granted at all.

Under the vigilant eye of Grand Master Firefox, the Obelisk High Commander, Khobai Wrathraven, was permitted to dabble in the precarious dark arts. Some of the old rites were restored and several new ones were created.

But this honor was not simply given away. The Dark Jedi of each House had to authenticate their bloodlines... through war.

The Seven Rites

House Cestus: When the dead are quantified, I confer upon you the rite of SACRIFICE (the soul exchange)

House Dinaari: When the world quakes in your stead, I gift upon you the rite of FIRMAMENT (the unassailable arch)

House Dorimad Sol: When the embers of resurrection spark from the ashes of obscurity, I grant to you the rite of ASCENSION (the phoenix reborn)

House Galeres: When the very stars themselves tremble in darkness, I bestow on you the rite of SOULFIRE (the burning immaterial)

House Kirleta: When the hidden wreak honorable slaughter, I reveal to you the rite of VEIL (the oblique visage)

House Primus Goluud: When the fallen [angels] flood the sky, I bequeath to you the rite of TRANSCENDENCE (the radiant effigy)

House Ziost: When your demands are absolute, I submit to you the rite of DOMINION (the conquered obedience)




Champions of the Rite

  • Shaithis Var'rek - 422 points
  • Cannabisia - 368points
  • Shadow Warrior - 275 points

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