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Unknown Regions


Aliso system


Aliso I

Rotation period:

26 standard hours

Orbital period:

408 Days


13,942 km


Type I (Breathable)

  • Dry, temperate zones over much of the planet
  • Permanent ice caps at the poles

1.04 G

Primary Terrain:
  • Inland plains
  • Coastal mountains
  • Scattered archipelagos
Surface Water:
  • Oceans
  • Lakes
Native species:



6 million

Major cities:

Aliso City

Notable locations:

Clan Plagueis

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Aliso is the second planet of the Aliso system, located on the edge of the Unknown Regions. Aliso is the location of the Pinnacle, a major outpost of Clan Plagueis.


The planet Aliso and its system were rediscovered in 34 ABY during the inquisition by Clan Plagueis to carry out the command of Grand Master Pravus to eliminate all Undesirables from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and its occupied territories. The system itself was rediscovered by mercenary Laren Uscot who, while under contract by the Dread Lord, Teylas Ramar, covertly followed the Undesirables as they escaped courtesy of Weequay mercenaries from the Outer Rim world of Florrum following the Battle of Florrum.

Shortly after the Ascendant Fleet arrived to dispatch the Undesirables and their guardians who were defensed into the Pinnacle. Due to the ever-expanding forces of Plagueis, the need to depend on trade for a steady import of food, and the massive influx of undesirable slaves, the decision was made by the Dread Lord to relocate non-military assets, and some military assets, to Aliso and occupy the Pinnacle to begin colonization. The scattered structures around the Pinnacle formed the basis of an expanding settlement around the Plagueis headquarters, eventually earning the name Aliso City. The continued growth of Plagueis drove development of the new city as well as several scattered settlements around the planet as more and more slaves, settlers, and military personnel began to make their home on the planetary surface instead of in space.


Aliso is a terrestrial world less than a few thousand years removed from an extremely active volcanic period which apexed into a volcanic winter. Currently the climate of Aliso is a perpetual, worldwide autumn climate that is a result of being only recently recovered from ecological disaster. As a result of recent geologic history, the ecosystem of Aliso is also still in recovery mode with a low diversity of life, and very few complex organisms inhabiting the world.

Much of the world is covered in liquid water oceans, roughly 82%, with a majority of the land mass being spread out, smaller continents. Most land masses are flat plains with small, coastal mountains.

Notable landmarks

Aliso City

Main article: Aliso City

Aliso City is, for lack of a better definition, a frontier city. Before Plagueis occupied the planet, Separatist forces controlled the Pinnacle and other military buildings, outposts, and industry located along the western side of the plateau. These were ultimately abandoned during or after the Clone Wars, falling into disrepair and obsolescence before Plagueian forces arrived planetside.

Before and after Plagueian occupation, Aliso City began to naturally expand eastward due to a settling immigrant population and transient merchants taking an interest in the returning industry and military operations emerging from Aliso. The organization of the city beyond the position of the Pinnacle and its complexes, consequently, is most affected by the specific demographics of those who reside within its borders, with each neighborhood’s structure, economics, and culture differing from the next. This means that, unlike sprawling metropolitan cities, Aliso City is not strictly cut up into districts or boroughs, nor does it follow a planned, pre-laid out grid. It is a diverse patchwork of commerce and trade, simultaneously urban and rustic, and continually evolving as the numbers of visitors, citizens, and Plagueian forces continue to grow.

The Pinnacle

Main article: The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is a tall, closely built conglomerate of towers with the main tower reaching a height of 612 meters. At the base of the Pinnacle is an larger, wider support structure with many rooms repurposed for the needs of Clan Plagueis. Although the outside of the Pinnacle is protected by a shielding system, the inside is just as formidable with internal shielding grids, anti-riot control systems, and bulkhead controls making any attempt to overtake the Pinnacle nearly impossible.

While many of the lower levels originally served as prison cells and have since been repurposed, most of the upper levels served as offices and other similar facilities that retain those purposes under Clan Plagueis. On the top level is a command and control center which has been refitted to serve as more than just a control center of the former prison, but also as a command center for Clan Plagueis with a much more versatile control and communications system. There are also several sublevels, 28 all together, to which the bottom most levels formerly housed the maximum security wing of the complex. The upper sublevels still serve as the main hangar and spaceport which sprawls out onto the basin below the cliff the Pinnacle sits on.

Korada Monastery

Main article: Korada Monastery

Korada Monastery is the main base of operations for House Karness Muur on the surface of Aliso located about 330 km west-north-west from The Pinnacle. Once an ancient temple or palace of an unknown species, it more recently was used by the monks of the B’oamarr Order. It now serves as a formidable fortress and source of mystery.

Supply Station Omega

Main article: Supply Station Omega

Supply Station Omega is a facility operated by House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis as its primary base of operations. Formerly a Separatist outpost that maintained the infrastructure of the complex now known as The Pinnacle, it was only discovered after further surveys of Aliso were conducted by the Ascendant Clan.