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Unknown Regions


Aliso system


Aliso I

Rotation period:

26 standard hours

Orbital period:

408 Days


13,942 km


Type I (Breathable)

  • Dry, temperate zones over much of the planet
  • Permanent ice caps at the poles

1.04 G

Primary Terrain:
  • Inland plains
  • Coastal mountains
  • Scattered archipelagos
Surface Water:
  • Oceans
  • Lakes
Native species:



6 million

Major cities:

Aliso City

Notable locations:

Clan Plagueis

Possession Item:

ID 79972

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Aliso is the second planet of the Aliso system, located on the edge of the Unknown Regions. Aliso is the location of the Pinnacle, a major outpost of Clan Plagueis.


The planet Aliso and its system were rediscovered in 34 ABY during the inquisition by Clan Plagueis to carry out the command of Grand Master Pravus to eliminate all Undesirables from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and its occupied territories. The system itself was rediscovered by mercenary Laren Uscot who, while under contract by the Dread Lord, Teylas Ramar, covertly followed the Undesirables as they escaped courtesy of Weequay mercenaries from the Outer Rim world of Florrum following the Battle of Florrum.

Shortly after the Ascendant Fleet arrived to dispatch the Undesirables and their guardians who were defensed into the Pinnacle. Due to the ever-expanding forces of Plagueis, the need to depend on trade for a steady import of food, and the massive influx of undesirable slaves, the decision was made by the Dread Lord to relocate non-military assets, and some military assets, to Aliso and occupy the Pinnacle to begin colonization. The scattered structures around the Pinnacle formed the basis of an expanding settlement around the Plagueis headquarters, eventually earning the name Aliso City. The continued growth of Plagueis drove development of the new city as well as several scattered settlements around the planet as more and more slaves, settlers, and military personnel began to make their home on the planetary surface instead of in space.


Aliso is a terrestrial world less than a few thousand years removed from an extremely active volcanic period which apexed into a volcanic winter. Currently the climate of Aliso is a perpetual, worldwide autumn climate that is a result of being only recently recovered from ecological disaster. As a result of recent geologic history, the ecosystem of Aliso is also still in recovery mode with a low diversity of life, and very few complex organisms inhabiting the world.

Much of the world is covered in liquid water oceans, roughly 82%, with a majority of the land mass being spread out, smaller continents. Most land masses are flat plains with small, coastal mountains.

Notable landmarks

Aliso City

Main article: Aliso City

Aliso City is, for lack of a better definition, a frontier city. Before Plagueis occupied the planet, Separatist forces controlled the Pinnacle and other military buildings, outposts, and industry located along the western side of the plateau. These were ultimately abandoned during or after the Clone Wars, falling into disrepair and obsolescence before Plagueian forces arrived planetside.

Before and after Plagueian occupation, Aliso City began to naturally expand eastward due to a settling immigrant population and transient merchants taking an interest in the returning industry and military operations emerging from Aliso. The organization of the city beyond the position of the Pinnacle and its complexes, consequently, is most affected by the specific demographics of those who reside within its borders, with each neighborhood’s structure, economics, and culture differing from the next. This means that, unlike sprawling metropolitan cities, Aliso City is not strictly cut up into districts or boroughs, nor does it follow a planned, pre-laid out grid. It is a diverse patchwork of commerce and trade, simultaneously urban and rustic, and continually evolving as the numbers of visitors, citizens, and Plagueian forces continue to grow.

The Pinnacle

Main article: The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is a tall, closely built conglomerate of towers with the main tower reaching a height of 612 meters. At the base of the Pinnacle is an larger, wider support structure with many rooms repurposed for the needs of Clan Plagueis. Although the outside of the Pinnacle is protected by a shielding system, the inside is just as formidable with internal shielding grids, anti-riot control systems, and bulkhead controls making any attempt to overtake the Pinnacle nearly impossible.

While many of the lower levels originally served as prison cells and have since been repurposed, most of the upper levels served as offices and other similar facilities that retain those purposes under Clan Plagueis. On the top level is a command and control center which has been refitted to serve as more than just a control center of the former prison, but also as a command center for Clan Plagueis with a much more versatile control and communications system. There are also several sublevels, 28 all together, to which the bottom most levels formerly housed the maximum security wing of the complex. The upper sublevels still serve as the main hangar and spaceport which sprawls out onto the basin below the cliff the Pinnacle sits on.

Fort Dooku

Main article: Fort Dooku

Fort Dooku is the primary base of operations of House Tyranus. It can be described as an impressive fortification that projects the power of Clan Plagueis across Aliso. The fort is constructed atop a stone mesa and is located on the plains west of The Pinnacle.

Korada Monastery

Main article: Korada Monastery

Korada Monastery was the main base of operations for House Karness Muur on the surface of Aliso located about 330 km west-north-west from The Pinnacle. Once an ancient temple or palace of an unknown species, it more recently was used by the monks of the B’oamarr Order. Following the dissolution of Karness Muur, it now serves as a formidable fortress and source of mystery.

Supply Station Omega

Main article: Supply Station Omega

Supply Station Omega was a facility operated by the now dissolved House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis as its primary base of operations. Formerly a Separatist outpost that maintained the infrastructure of the complex now known as the Pinnacle, it was only discovered after further surveys of Aliso were conducted by the Ascendant Clan.

CIS Tundra Station

The CIS Tundra Station (or CTS) is an multilevel research station built by the Confederacy of Independent Systems on one of the permanent ice caps located at the north pole. Along with being utilized for the collection of data regarding the planet’s wildlife and ecosystem, the station was also customized for minor weapons research and analysis, in order to build up military defenses on the planet. The remoteness of the station, compared to other CIS military barracks and structures, was consequently justified by the need to scope out other areas of the planet and expand the Confederacy's reach along the continents and Aliso's poles.

Upon its abandonment and the arrival of both Plagueis and travelers from the Unknown Regions, the station has become more of a bunker and storage area for outdated weapons and data units. However, within its seven levels, there are multiple rooms designed to serve as quarters for former CIS scientists. As a result, several members of Clan Plagueis who are more accustomed to colder temperatures have requested that the CTS serve as a secondary residence for them when they are not on active clan duty at the Pinnacle or at their houses’ headquarters. This means that they are obligated to man the station, as it has been retrofitted to be a new military outpost for the clan, and report any and all findings or indiscrepancies to Plagueis forces.

The station is equipped with a covered transport landing platform to protect crafts from the extreme cold outside and to allow members of the Plagueis ruling council to visit. Necessities like air, water, and foodstuffs are kept in a warm section of the base to keep from freezing; these are delivered by transport weekly. Security is limited, but with the presence of a handful of Dark Jedi, there is little concern of an assault or infiltration.

Cordana Valley

Nestled between the two largest mountains on Aliso, Mt. Thilan and Mt. Rapso, lies the evolving Cordana Valley. This plateau consists of a wide variety of flora and microorganisms that changes the ecosystem daily. The tree growth has been steadily growing, but there lacks any forest of note in the valley. The main attraction is Braun River, the main source of water for much of Aliso. The river winds its way through the valley, carving out canyons and forming numerous estuaries that feed into it. The recent Plagueis encampment on the planet introduced sentient lifeforms to the Valley. Many residents of Aliso City revere this as a sanctuary to the planet and use it for recreational purposes.

Though there are no official establishments in the Valley, during the warmer days of the constant autumn season, a few ambitious Alisoans set up shop, selling items needed to survive a long weekend in the Valley. The true adventure seekers often climb either mountain to vie for the best campsites that offer stunning views of either a sunset or sunrise.

While many residents love the beauty of the Valley, Clan Plagueis views it as a potential site for live military training operations. The mountains offer great hiding spots for training snipers, while the ground gives many opportunities to train infantry soldiers. The bodies of those who don’t make it through could be thrown into the river, and carried away into the ocean. The Dread Lord has sent many expositions into the valley to take proper measurements to erect a military base fit with barracks and a weapons depot.

Valneikian Spire

Main article: Valneikian spire

The Valneikian spire is the home of the Valneikian hive, the last bastion of Geonosians in the galaxy. It is located on the inland side of the coastal mountain range, roughly 300 kilometers southwest of Aliso City on the southern continent of Aliso. There are multiple spires that rise among the mountains, but Valkenian spire refers to both the settlement as a whole but also the primary central spire that rises above all the others. Within this spire is where you will find the Queen and Archduke of the hive.

The location was chosen after the hive had been subjugated by Clan Plagueis in 35 ABY as a suitable place to resettle the Geonosians. Given the needs for swift construction, most of the spire has been hollowed out from existing stone as opposed to built up through more typical Geonosian construction. The spire descends deep into the mountains, extending nearly as far below ground as it does above.

Djeri's Retreat

Sitting on the largest of the Pearl Islands, a small archipelago about 2,000 km north of Aliso City, Djeri’s Retreat is notable as a resort-style retreat for Alisoans lucky enough to afford it. The geothermal activity in the area has created natural hot springs, resulting in a pleasantly temperate climate on the islands despite their high latitude. Geothermal baths are a popular attraction as a relief from the cooler air temperature, and the Retreat also provides fine dining, casino activities, and other common upper class indulgences. The Retreat presents itself as the premiere location on Aliso for catering to the vices of the wealthy.

Popular as a spot for legitimate business deals, elements of the Retreat do cater to less savory elements if one knows whom to ask. With a permanent population of only about 10,000, most of the residents eke out a meager living off of tips in the service industry built for the rich vacationers. The most popular cuisine is seafood, and fish is plentiful in the waters off the coast of the Pearl Islands.

Djeri’s Retreat is named for its owner and founder, Djeri Moraal, a businessman attempting to establish himself as one of the major power players in real estate on Aliso.

Isle of New Raxulon

It is said that Aliso City is not the Confederacy of Independent Systems’ first attempt at settlement. During the hottest point of the Clone Wars, members of the CIS wished to expand further from their military outposts and the Pinnacle, hoping to create a new capital that would rival that of Raxulon on the planet Raxus. Their plan also involved erecting a new Separatist Senate building, in case their existing headquarters were infiltrated by outside forces during the war.

With approval from Count Dooku, members of the CIS began to settle ambassadors, as well as their families and loved ones, on a separate isle not far from the western plateau of Aliso City. The isle is heavily populated by native trees and bushes, but little to no organic life besides simple life forms and insects inhabits the space. Much flora and foliage was cleared away to make room for the new buildings that would ideally house residents of New Raxulon. While the initial barracks and quarters that were built were crude, they offered ample storage space for CIS shipments and supplies. New Raxulon ultimately became not a settlement for people, but instead for objects, such as durasteel and duracrete that had been discarded from their construction yards. This currently gives the island the look of a dumpster or junkyard, where shrapnel and other tossed artifacts and equipment have been left behind and forgotten.

When the CIS ambassadors took umbrage with the ugly state of New Raxulon - after all, nobody likes to live near a landfill - their request to be relocated was answered quickly and almost abashedly. They were returned to the Pinnacle or other military outposts close to where Aliso City would later expand into the frontier settlement it is today. Other ambassadors decided to leave Aliso entirely, preferring the actual Raxulon on Raxus. Currently, the lost isle of New Raxulon is no longer lost, but instead serves as a site of intrigue for those interested in collecting and studying the debris left behind by the CIS. It is said that some Alisoans have actually settled on New Raxulon, scrounging for items of value within the enormous junk piles left behind. The roughshod barracks are still used as shelters for these rambunctious and wily scavengers to this day.

Djeri's Mansion

Located on the smallest of the Pearl Islands, Djeri's Mansion is a sight to behold on the archipelago. Constructed almost entirely out of transparisteel, it was built by Djeri Moraal following the burgeoning success of Djeri's Retreat and is also colloquially called the Crystal Palace. It is a whopping six stories tall and 12,000 square feet, surrounded by tall exotic trees imported to Aliso from neighboring planets in the Outer Rim.

Within the colossal mansion, one can find a Pazaak parlor, a full bar, a meditation chamber, and a gorgeous view of the Aliso oceans from the master suite. On the rooftop, one can find an entire garden tended to by the bustling staff, lush with foreign plants and herbs that are periodically harvested and sold. The insides of the windows are tinted to avoid glare, and it is rumored that Moraal has the fragrance of licorice pumped throughout the building, given that it is allegedly his favorite smell.

Hidden around the perimeter of the Crystal Palace is an array of anti-aircraft artillery, always primed and ready to shoot down anyone who would dare attack the luxurious property. It is no secret that such weaponry was bought from the Ascendant Legion, given Moraal's steadfast allegiance to Clan Plagueis.

Ashkrik Retreat

Ashkrik Retreat is a large mansion expanse on one of the few bigger islands of Aliso belonging to the Saraask’ar, gifted from Dread Lord Ronovi Tavisaen to Plagueis' allies. The mansion sees use from the leader of the Saraask’ar as well as its captains and their guests. The island is moderately forested with small lakes and creeks which provides a perfect hunting ground for the Trandsoshans to hold ritual hunts in the name of the Scorekeeper.

The mansion itself isn't a structure that anyone would call opulent or lavish; instead, it takes on a more rustic tone that allows the Trandoshans of Saraask’ar to feel more in touch with the nature around them. As far as the layout is concerned, the retreat is two stories and boasts a dozen bedrooms, each with their own restroom. A large kitchen can be found on the first floor that would probably resemble something closer to a surgical ward with all of the easy to clean stainless durasteel in it. The clan room is the gathering point in the building which sports furs of various rare species across the universe. Behind the retreat is a pen used by the Trandoshans to hold their prey for the next hunt.

The Vault

Following the successful takeover of Hyperdyne Industries by Plagueis infiltrators, the newly installed Board of Directors committed to providing the Dread Lord full control of the assets of the firm. In typical corporate fashion, the design and construction of The Vault took longer than anticipated. Initial plans were drafted placing the Vault squarely in the heart of Aliso City but were scrapped after rumors of Kel Zar learning about the project. The facility was moved to an island a few kilometers from Djeri’s Retreat.

Upon completion of the four-story complex, the Board determined it was appropriate to terminate the lives of all who worked on the project, thus leaving the building plans with those entrusted by the Dread Lord. Entry is controlled by appointment only, with the entrance guarded by Plagueis Ravagers equipped with state of the art weaponry. Visitors are monitored by Hyperdyne staff the moment they enter orbit and are escorted to the facility from the Aliso spaceport. The two landing pads on the island permit only Hyperdyne and Plagueis registered vehicles. The Hyperdyne vehicle that transports visitors is lined with explosives to be detonated by remote should the vehicle change from the approved flight path for any reason. The Dread Lord has authorized the following details to be uploaded to the datapads of Plagueians upon Knighthood:

  • Level 1 - Research labs
  • Level 2 - Credit reserves
  • Level 3 - Intellectual property
  • Level 4 - Corporate offices

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