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The following article is the culmination of the Brotherhood’s intelligence reports on the enemy organization introduced during the Twelfth Great Jedi War that call themselves the Collective.

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The Collective
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Rath Oligard



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The Liberation Front, Capital Enterprises, The Technocratic Guild

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The Collective is a powerful organization that has chosen the recent events of the conflict between the Brotherhood’s Resistance and the Iron Throne to make its presence and purpose known.

Leaders of the Collective
Rath Oligard Daggo Mouk Ghafa Ordam
Rath-Oligard.png Daggo.png Ghafa.png

The Three Pillars

As reflected in the iconography of their organizations emblem, the three pillars of ‘’’The Collective’’ represent the three distinct factions that have united under the charismatic vision of Rath Oligard and his Liberation Front. Both The Technocratic Guild and Capital Enterprises follow the the lead of their central pillar while each maintaining their own unique motivations and machinations.

The Liberation Front

At the center of these three pillars sits Rath Oligar’s Liberation Front. This faction views themselves as the revolutionary spirit of the Collective, the ones who are truly committed to Oligard’s vision of equality for those who lack the powers of the Force. Comprised of soldiers, saboteurs, and militia-like recruits, they are the survivors of the galaxy and the heart and soul of the Collective.

Rath Oligard

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.22.27 PM.png Name: Rath Oligard
Position: Lord Superior
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

The mastermind and visionary leader behind the Collective, Rath is also the head of The Liberation Front. A former Fleet Admiral for the Iron Navy, he possess a keen understanding for how the Brotherhood operates, and has deep rooted reasons for wanting to see it burn to ashes.

Avitus Oligard

Avitusheadshot.png Name: Avtius Oligard
Position: Chief Counsel
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

The enigmatic cousin to Rath Oligard has unique abilities that make him both an invaluable aide to the cause, but also a potential blight on Rath's mission to rid the Galaxy of Force users. Avitus has Rath's trust and confidence, but often turns towards self-loathing and harm to cope with the hypocrisy of his existence.


Zealot have been brainwashed fully into being willing to give their lives to the cause of removing Force Users from the galaxy. They are required to keep their heads shaved, regardless of gender. Their features point to a wide array of skin tones and facial structures, but they each bear the distinct three-pillars of the Collective logo as a blackened brand mark on the center of their foreheads.

Arraris Varken - "The Blade"

Arraris.jpg Name: Arraris Varken
Position: Chief Guardsman
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

The Guard is lead by deadly swordsman who has gained a reputation for defeating Force wielders in a duel despite having no special abilities or powers from the Force. Aside from his talent with a blade, Arraris Varken has dedicated his life to understanding the mentality and strategy of the art of dueling, making him a deadly counterpart to Rath's Chief Counsel, Avitus Oligar. The two often work in tandem to take down even the most formidable of Elder Sith or Jedi.

The Guard

Rath Oligard's personal Guard are highly trained commando's that wield z6 Riot Control Baton's and Riot Shields. They are also carry a standard DC-17 Blaster Pistol and Smoke Grenades . They wear dark gray plated armor with gold accents and don helmets with dark oval visors. Each has been hand selected by Rath himself, and each is willing to give their life for his vision and purpose.

Captain Crimson

Captaincrimson.JPG Name: Chelsie "CC" Crimson
Position: Captain, Recruiting & Training
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

Captain Crimson is the model soldier and one of the more respected leaders in the Liberation Front. Her position and importance often gets overlooked in the grand scheme of the Collective, but she has earned Rath's trust, and he has, in turn, gained her undying loyalty. Responsible for helping to recruit and then training members of the Liberation Front for combat operations, she is also often on the front lines spurring the troops on towards victory.

Captain Crimson.


Partisans make up the bulk of the Liberation Front. They are the recruits brought in from all around the galaxy. Most have no formal training, and are just regular mundane people that have either lost their homes or families or were inspired by Rath Oligard to join his cause. They range in appearance, but are all given training to be of use to the Liberation Front.

Capital Enterprises

Capital Enterprises are the financial and tactical backbone of the Collective. While they believe in Rath’s vision and agree that Force User’s need to be purged from the Galaxy, mostly because of how easily they can interfere in politics and economics. Capital Enterprises has their own motivations and goals, but understand they can’t do it on their own without the other two pillars.

Varryn Antillus

Varryn.JPG Name: Varryn Antillus
Position: Chancellor
Faction: Capital Enterpises
Character Sheet

The reclusive leader of Capital Enterprises is pragmatic and practical to his core. He does not outwardly project the exuberance and excitement in the Collective's mission and purpose, and is usually seen on a holocomm call or his datapad signing off on every operational movement of the Collective's assets. While Rath is a prodigy in naval and military tactics, Oligard still relies heavily on Varryn's abilities to make the Collective work. This level of job security allows Varryn to speak more bluntly and plainly than anyone else in the Collective. While his outlook on operations can sound rather jaded, he does believe in what Rath is trying to accomplish, and knows that his success will allow Antillusto achieve his true goals of financial dominance.

Ghafa Ordam

Ghafaheadshot.JPG Name: Ghafa Ordam
Position: Field Commander
Faction: Capital Enterprises
Character Sheet

As Field Commander, Ghafa is the front-facing leader of Capital Enterprises. She has a professional relationship with Varryn, who trusts her to handle the agents in the field and to coordinate operational assets. A former slave, Ordam has a personal vendetta against the Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood, which helps keep her usually mercenary attitude to stay focused and on task with the Collective's mission.

Sencara A'theri

Sen.JPG Name: Sencara A'theri
Position: Field Agent
Faction: Capital Enterprises
Character Sheet

Sencara is one of Ghafa's most trusted agents. Known simply as "Sen" or "Cara" to her closest friends, she is a respected marksman and sniper for Capital Enterprises. While she has an obnoxious penchant for always wanting to be right, she is a professional and takes her jobs seriously. Pride and ego are important to her, and she often uses her dry but sharp wit and predisposition for sarcasm as a defense mechanism.

Capital Enterprises Agents

Agents are Muun operatives that serve in various roles across Capital Enterprises. They are brokers, spies, and runners that help ensure smooth operational efficiency for the Collective.

The Technocratic Guild

The Technocrats are a band of ruthless and efficient mercenaries that have united under the leadership of Guildmaster Daggo Mouk. Each member of the Technocratic Guild has had their body augmented or altered with cybernetic enhancement, making them uniquely up for the task of taking on even the most powerful Force Users. Some of the members are true believers to Rath’s vision, but ultimately they are the branch of the Collective that produces all the weapons, gears, and modifications to the ships. Much like Capital Enterprises, they believe that Force User rule is a deterrent to their expansion and feel the threat should be eliminated from the Galaxy. They had been formerly subjected to Imperial rule for decades and have since gone independent, and believe that being a part of The Collective is the best way to keep it so.

Daggo Mouk

Dago.png Name: Daggo Mouk
Position: Guild Master
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Guildmaster Daggo Mouk is a master of blurring the lines between mechanical and biological technology. He has spent years developing experimental methods to push the limits of the Technocratic Guild’s members mental and physical capabilities well beyond their genetic capabilities. Daggo repeatedly uncovered the name Darth Plagueis throughout pursuit of scientific and experimental studies. Darth Plagueis’s capability to manipulate an organism’s capability mortality was a fascination that the Guild Master could not shake.

Kerwin Drake

Kerwin facing two members of the Brotherhood on Nancora.

Kerwin.png Name: Kerwin drake
Position: Field Commander
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Despite his usually calm and steady demeanor, fellow Technocrats have jokingly referred to Kerwin Drake as the lone member of his very own "Brute Squad". While this mostly refers to his towering figure, and how he uses his strength and melee prowess to overwhelm and and overpower opponents, Drake is also clever enough to out-think and match most of his opponents. This does not prevent people from labeling or treating him as a simple brute, but he will use that stereotype to his advantage and throw enemies for a loop with a witty jab accompanying a hit from his Electro-staff. He is considered the leader of the Technocrat's soldiers, though he does not personally approve of how they came to be a part of their army.

Technocrat Soldier

The Technocrat Soldier's are hardly human. Instead, they have had their individual and defining characteristics flattened into an amorphous amalgamation of the "perfect" human beings. Through cybernetic modification and surgery, each has pale skin, squared noses, and thin lips. They have no hair on their bodies, making it difficult to distinguish their gender. Their limbs are lined with corded muscles and support a strong torso and powerful legs thanks to the modifications.

Kendra Icasta

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 7.09.42 PM.png Name: Kendra Icasta
Position: Hunt Master
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Within the ranks of The Technocratic Guild, Kendra Icasta leads a small group of Hunters known as the Shikari. She has earned the respect of both her superiors and subordinates not for her empathy or charm, but for her proven track record of getting the job done, no matter the challenge. Kendra embodies the "lead by example" mantra and would never ask one of the Shikari to do something she herself wouldn't.

Technocrat Huntress

The Technocrat Huntress — also known as the Shikari — are all of identical build with matching facial features that make them indistinguishable between one another. thanks to the genetic medications and tampering of the Technocratic Guild. The Huntress' have tanned skin, angular noses, dark eyes, dreadlocks tied back into tails, and strong necks and defiant chins. Each has two yellow tattoos underlining their eyes across each cheek. The Huntress' have athletic builds packed with tight, lean muscles that shift beneath their skin with an animal grace. While they are not Force Users, they are able to channel the Kiffar's unique Psychometry

Gwendolyn "Sparks"

Sparks.png Name: Gwendolyn "Sparks"
Position: Lead Engineer
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Gwendolyn — or simply "Sparks" as her fellow Technocrats have both affectionarly and warily named her — has a penchant for causing chaos and anarchy in the pursuit of her passion for...explosive artwork. A disciple of Guild Master Daggo Mouk, her loyalty lies mostly to the freedom she is given to pursue her creative modifications to explosive devices as well as with inventing new kinds of weapons geared towards mass destruction.

Advanced Scouting Report

The following report provides greater detail into the three sub-factions of the Collective.


The following data has been identified about the members of the Technocratic Guild.

Technocrat (Granted Character Feat)

As a member of the Technocratic Guild, the Character has had their body enhanced with cybernetic implants. As a result, some might consider them no longer entirely human. These enhancements increase their base Athletics, Might, and Endurance skills by +1.

Technocrat Cybernetics

Designed by Guild Master Daggo Mouk, a Technocrat's cybernetic enhancements do not register pain and are shielded against standard ion weaponry and grenades. Blunt impact to a cybernetic from an electric weapon does not register more than a temporary stagger. However, when exposed to the powerful tendrils of a Force User's Lightning, the power cells contained within the cybernetics can be disabled entirely.

Any kind of Electro-magnetic pulse or bomb would also be effective against a Technocrat's cybernetics, disabling and short-circuting them. This method would also fry any kind of weapon or utlity that has an ignition, such as lightsabers, blasters, and datapads.

Cybernetics and the ACC

The Technocrats Cybernetic modifications function in line with the current ACC Guide policy. Cybernetics are cosmetic only.

The bonus stat attributes and stat modifiers are a factor to consider in Fiction and Run-On writing.

Stronghold: Nancora

Planet Nancora

The Inquisitorius has identified the Collectives stronghold on the planet Nancora.

Technocratic Guild Presence

As per early scouting reports, the Technocratic Guild is a secretive organization that closely guards their most treasured items. They have a heavy presence on the planet Nancora, which is what helped lead Inquisitor's to finding it's location. This possessiveness has led them to build massive fortified structures with infiltration alarms and sensor systems designed to identify any and all intruders. Automated turrets, automated droid patrols, energy cages, stun gas, and a host of methods can be expected.

The Collective Forces

The Collective has both a powerful naval fleet and stolid ground forces. While not a full report, this is the data the Brotherhood received from advanced reconnaissance.

Brotherhood combined forces clash against the Collective Fleet


The Dreadnaught-class Skylla serves as the Collectives current flagship. Combined with Rath Oligard's deep understanding of the Iron Navy, it is the heart and soul of the destructive force that is the Collective fleet.

The Skylla, Collective fleet flagship

Rose Squadron

Rose squadron X-Wing.

The leader of the Skylla’s best squadron is captained by its best pilot. It is said that Emery Rose has never been forced to eject from her craft. Her record in dogfights is allegedly flawless. With her hand-picked “Rose” Squadron at her side, Emery is one of the most talented fliers to ever defect out of the First Order, and is said to rival the renown Poe Dameron. The Collective starfighter wings have rallied around Rose’ call to arms to destroy every last Brotherhood aircraft in their path.

Captain Emery Rose

Suicide Bomber Tactics

The Collective has been brutal and relentless in their use of modified Quadrijet spacetugs that are packed with explosives and helmed by living pilots to maximize damage.

Conventional quadrijet spacetug.