Kreeayt Havok

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Kreeayt Havok
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The 3rd ruling Grand Master of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi.

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As all things do, time passes. Grand Master Jedgar Octavius Paladin, satisfied with what the Brotherhood had achieved under his rule, departed to find his Master, and pursue his own arcane knowledge, leaving the position of Grand Master to his capable apprentice, Kreeayt Havok.

Havok had been one of the officers of the Empire when Paladin sought the alliance, and he quickly recognized the latent potential in Havok. Having served as Master At Arms and Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, Havok was familiar with the administration of the Brotherhood, but he lacked the vision to accomplish anything truly noteworthy.

His reign was one of methodical expansion and refinement of their studies, with Dark Jedi establishing their own domains across the Imperial territories. He destroyed opposition without mercy, and generally reigned with marked stability. Modern scholars wonder if he saw the coming storm in his own Apprentice, a Jedi whose name has been wiped from all records of the Brotherhood.

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Jedgar Octavius Paladin Grand Master
12 ABY - 13 ABY
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