The Tenixir Revenants

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New Order era.
The Tenixir Revenants
General information

Survivors of the Tenixir Prison Riot


Rasha Hawee





Historical information
Formed from:

38 ABY

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The following article is the culmination of the Brotherhood’s intelligence reports on the organization introduced in the aftermath of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War that call themselves the The Tenixir Revenants.


The Tenixir Revenants is a new criminal organization in the galaxy. Comprised of loosely aligned sects, this group has quickly spread its influence in the Outer-Rim. The first appearances of the Revenants occurred in the months following a massive prison riot on the Principate’s secret prison planet, Tenixir.

In early 38 ABY, The Collective staged a massive riot in the supermax prison as a distraction to extract their own people who had been captured following the events of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War in the Lyra system. In the chaos that followed, the Principate called upon their new allies, the Dark Brotherhood to help restore order to the prison complex.

Many of the inmates, behind the leadership of pirate Rasha Hawee, unified to help Brotherhood forces restore order to the prison, primarily from a self-preservation mindset. While the Collective succeeded in freeing some of their scientists from the complex, order was quickly restored.

Over the course of the riot, the location of the prison planet was released to the galaxy compromising its continued security. The Principate, who were already transferring prisoners to the Brotherhood to manage, decided to offload nearly the entire surviving prisoner population to the Brotherhood.

Following this prisoner transfer, members of the Shroud Syndicate indicated the potential usefulness of some of the prisoners as freelance criminals. Because of this, many of the transferred prisoners were released with a wink and a nod to keep the Syndicate in mind.

These released prisoners unified under the leadership of Rasha Hawee, and took this as an opportunity to be “reborn”, a free people with many differing goals and skill sets.


As a criminal organization, the Tenixir Revenant is very localized in leadership. Unified under the control of their Captain Rasha Hawee, First-mate Zyft Yadar, and Quartermaster Nervitt, most of the Revenant operate independently of each other onboard their own ships known as sects.

The Revenant have made it clear that the strong and competent lead, but within the differing sects contention still may remain. It is the responsibility of Hawee, Yadar, and Nervitt to maintain decorum between the different sects whilst also indicating they should not be contested by any ambitious members of the group. The true unifying factor of the sects is their absolute hatred of the Principate and personal desires for absolute personal freedom.

The Sects

Each ship/sect of the Tenixir Revenant is free to operate as they see fit, so long as it is not against other members of the Revenants. Often the sects blend from one type to another, but each has a primary focus based on the crew’s skill sets and desires.


The primary modus operandi of the Revenant is piracy. The bulk of sects ultimately follow the direct lead of Hawee who has a lifetime of piracy behind her. While Hawee herself is strict, she is not unnecessarily blood thirsty. As each ship is independent of each other however, that means there is a wide array of possible outcomes for those facing one of the Piracy sects. Some are downright polite and professional in their capture of ships, others seek in cause maximum damage to those they target.


Closely related to the piracy sects, and in some cases overlapping are the groups that focus on smuggling. Everything from spice to weapons to slaves is on the table between these sects. From Felucia to Coruscant there is no place they are not willing to attempt to sneak goods from or into.

Guns for Hire

Many of the freed prisoners were imprisoned for murder. These sects care little for the lives of those around them, and hire themselves out as muscle or for assassination. Be warned, in most cases they seek maximum carnage whilst working. They are often seen backing up the other sects of the Revenants.

Culture and Territories

The Tenixir Revenants have no centralized base of operations, or system to call home. Their territories are instead the ships they own, commandeer, and steal. Since their organization, their numbers have been in flux, as members are killed and captured or new recruits sign up. Their influence is minor in comparison to some of the larger criminal organizations such as the Hutt Cartels or the Crimson Dawn. However, they are capable of striking anywhere in the galaxy at large and have begun to take action from the core worlds to the outer rim.

The Revenants are rough and rowdy, uncouth and uncultured. Fights are common even within their ranks, but influence from the top has enough muscle behind it to maintain a sense of order and unity between the sects. Their numbers are filled with all kinds of species and cultures, each finding a place to inject themselves into the overall group atmosphere.

Foreign Association and Affairs

The Dark Brotherhood

While the initial group of Revenants have the Brotherhood to thank for their freedom, they have not forgotten the absolutely brutal way the Brotherhood restored order on Tenixir. Coupled with the Brotherhood’s continued relationship with the Severian Principate they remain very distrustful.

The Severian Principate

While a thorn in the side of many legitimate governments including the New Republic, the Revenants poke at the Principate the most. In their eyes the Principate was the true source of their suffering and the Revenants always jump at an opportunity to work against the Principate’s goals.

The Collective

There are many former Collective members of the Revenants. Feeling abandoned or betrayed by the Collective, these individuals continue to ensure that relationships with the Collective remain spotty at best. While some sects are more willing to work with them than others, the overall view of the Collective is one of indifference.