First Sith War

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Rise of the Brotherhood era
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First DB Sith War
Conflict: Hi
Date: 12 ABY
Location: Location

Sith Houses


SHW Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor


Sith Squadrons of the Brotherhood

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      “Of course, Master Ke’Tal.” The Paige bowed and scurried from the room like the vermin that the Master thought he was.

      Dark Jedi Master Xon Ke’Tal leaned back in his chair. He had just sent out an order to send scouts out to find the so-called “Brotherhood of Dark Jedi.” They were his main competition… that is; they would be if they knew about him.

      Master Ke’Tal had been trying to bring ruin to the Brotherhood for many years now. Roughly half of all the attempts to destroy the Brotherhood had come from this man’s efforts. Unfortunately for him, they were in vain. There was worse news, too… it seemed like the Brotherhood was finally on to him.

      With luck, Master Ke’Tal’s scout ships were finding the Brotherhood forces as he sat there, pondering. With more luck, and with the aid of the Dark Side, he would destroy them forever. He had other help, too… a new starfighter, the fighter to end all fighters, as he liked to boast. They had their weaknesses of course, but as they drew from the force energies of their pilot, only the adept could make the ship invincible.


      The assembled Consuls and Quaestors of the Sith Order of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi sat and spoke in hushed whispers. Their Sith High Warrior, Warlord Keirdagh “Yacko” Cantor, had called them to the Dark Hall for a “very urgent, very important” meeting. None of them had any idea what was going on.

      The whispers immediately ceased as the Sith High Warrior entered the hall and stepped up to the podium. He looked over the audience and spoke.

      “Fellow Sith, I have called you here today to give new information on an old threat.” He tapped a key on his datapad, activating the holoprojector. A picture of a very old, very sinister-looking man in dark robes appeared.

      “His name is Xon Ke’Tal. Xon Ke’Tal was rumored to have survived the Jedi purges, by being banished from the order for dabbling in the Sith Arts to attack back at Anakin Skywalker. Ironically, his being banished to Wild Space, also saved his life. Ke’Tal has avoided the notice of the Emperor, the New Republic’s Jedi, and until now, the Emperor’s Hammer.” Yacko glanced around the auditorium, “You have to understand, this man is someone who hates the Empire, it destroyed his life, and he has vowed to destroy it. Since he was banished he continued in the practice of the Dark Arts of the Sith, and has since proclaimed himself a Dark Jedi Master. As far as we know, he has only made one mistake, he revealed himself to us too early. The scout ships that have been harassing our borders were traced back to the area of Wild space he was banished to.

      “Now, my Sith, it’s time to bring him down.”

      The room erupted into conversation. From the younger members, excitement at a new enemy to face, from the more experienced, grim predictions. Only the older members of the Order were silent, for they remembered the massacre of Gydian III, for which Ke’Tal was banished.

      Yacko motioned for silence, then continued. “The system that Ke’Tal's feelers have been coming out of is called ‘Hyperion’. Advanced scouting missions from Tau Squadron have revealed that there is a massing of a fleet around its largest habitable planet. They are of unknown design. It is not unreasonable to assume that Ke’Tal has recruited the locals.

      “Unfortunately, Tau Squadron was discovered on their latest scouting mission, Commander Kaerner and his boys got out unscathed, but not without revealing us to the enemy. Ke’Tal’s fleet is still building, and will soon be ready to strike at the Hammer. We have the advantage, because we know he’s there, and our fleets are already primed and ready. It’s time to be heroes ladies and gentlemen, lets go blow some stuff up.”

      Cheers went up from the assembled Dark Jedi. Yacko smiled, and then spoke again.

      “Oh, before I forget, I should remind you that Tau’s last sortie included a brief dogfight with Ke’Tal’s forces. Only a flight of his star fighters, but it must be reported that their design, and specifications were unknown to Tau, and while the skill of the pilots was not so great, the capabilities of the fighters were considerable. I’ll want at least one of such fighters captured.” Yacko glanced at the Battle team leaders, who were sitting in the third row. “Who knows, there might be something in it for the Commander who brings me one in tact.

      “Now… I believe you all had a renegade Dark Jedi to overthrow?”



Hyperion System Forces

  • Rogue Dark Jedi Master Ke'Tal

House Results

  1. House Archanis (Taldryan)
  2. House Caliburnus (Scholae Palatinae)
  3. House Ronin (Alvaak)
  4. House Ludo Kressh (Naga Sadow)
  5. House Oriens Obscurum (Arcona)

Battleteam Results

  1. Hyperion (Archanis)
  2. Nightstalker (Caliburnus)
  3. Harbinger (Ronin)
  4. Delphian (Galthain)
  5. Nightshade (Caliburnus)
  6. Crimson Vanguard (Archanis)
  7. Apocalypse (Oriens Obscurum)

House Rewards

As rewards for their participation in the Sith Wars, High Warrior Cantor awarded the Houses an armed platform from which they could stage further operations.

  1. Archanis (Taldryan): XQ6 Platform Oakley
  2. Caliburnus (Scholae Palatinae): XQ5 Platform Excalibur
  3. Ronin (Alvaak): XQ4 Platform Arcadia
  4. Ludo Kressh (Naga Sadow): XQ3 Platform Obsidian
  5. Oriens Obscurum (Arcona): XQ2 Platform Hythe

Battleteam Rewards

In addition to rewarding the Houses for their participation and placing in the Sith Wars, a ranking was applied to all the individual Squadrons for their efforts. In return for placing First over all, High Warrior Cantor commissioned the Hyperion Class Starfighter and dclared it's sole production for the Clan Taldryan Squadron.

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