Operation: Dark Fall

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Operation:Dark Fall
Conflict: The New Republic plans to form a new alliance, but the Brotherhood intervenes by slaughtering the delegates of both sides.
Date: 10 ABY

Dark Brotherhood

Republic Delegation


Dark Lord Justinian Khyron

New Republic Ambassador

  • Dozens of Dark Jedi
  • New Republic SIS
  • Zabelian Confederation mercenaries




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"Sometimes the enemy is just too sure of victory..."
―KHP Arania

Operation: Dark Fall was a Brotherhood-wide event that took place in 10 ABY during the reign of Grand Master Justinian Khyron. The operation was overseen by the Order Leaders, Sith High Warrior Firefox, Krath High Priest Arania Lawakiro, and Obelisk High Commander Dreadnaught. The Brotherhood, having received valuable intelligence from the Emperor's Hammer about the New Republic attempting to form an alliance with the Zabelian Confederation, decides to infiltrate and attack the meeting delegates.


The New Republic approaches the Zabelian Confederation with the intention of making them join. The Confederation is not convinced, the Emperor's Hammer territory is to close by and they especially fear the Dark Brotherhood. So both parties send a huge delegation to a neutral world to discuss the subject.

Unfortunately for the New Republic, there's a spy close to the Lord Ambassador, and so the information makes it's way to the Emperor's Hammer and ends up in the hands of the Dark Brotherhood.

Using the information received from the Hammer, Grand Master Khyron commanded the three Order Leaders to send the best Dark Jedi the Seven Clans had to offer to infiltrate the meeting and destroy all chances for an alliance.

Honestly, I have no idea how this ended. I assume, as was pretty much the norm back in the day, the Brotherhood easily trounced the enemy and turned on itself in the process resulting in a vendetta between the Clans. Woo.



  1. Taldryan
  2. Satal Keto
  3. Naga Sadow
  4. Tarentum
  5. Arcona
  6. Scholae Palatinae
  7. Alvaak


  • Operation: Dark Fall was created as a Brotherhood-wide event to replace a Great Jedi War
  • Shadow Taldrya compiled information on this event obtained from the wonderful KE Bubbles.

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