Morgan B. Sorenn

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Morgan Bartholomew Sorenn
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

0 BBY (age 37)

Physical Description





1.74m (5'8")


65kg (143lbs)





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Unstable blade

Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information
  • Ship captain
  • Pirate
  • Smuggler
  • Crime boss

Herald Badge-hrld.jpg


New Order Era


Dark Council

Personal Ship:

Godless Matron

Known masters:

V'yr Vorsa - former



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Morgan Bartholomew Sorenn is a Human female former starship captain, pirate, mercenary, and crime boss currently serving as the Deputy Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. She is a Nar Shaddaan by birth, spacer by choice and mercenary by necessity who leads a life devoid of restrictions or bylaws. The only loyalty she holds is the one that is earned, and not many deserve that privilege.

She is a troubled individual with many dark and terrible secrets, and her past is shady at best. Her involvement with the Dark Brotherhood veers into the illicit and the dangerous, but it is a lifestyle she is accustomed to — one where she can make her own rules and regulations, and live free.

Character History

Early life {0 ABY - 21 ABY}

"Our past is always with us."
Roslin Sorenn

Morgan was born on Nar Shaddaa in 0 ABY to a Corellian waitress named Roslin Sorenn, who ran a cantina in the city, and a Nar Shaddaan small time criminal named Ian Arrel, who worked for the Hutts. She also had a sibling, Turel, who was three years her elder.

Her very earliest life was spent in the cantina, with her mother. As a small urchin, she became the veritable mascot of the cantina and got to know all the guests, especially the long timers and the “usuals”. Morgan was an energetic little vixen, often fixated on the larger world and its stories. Her mother was poor but she provided the youngling and her brother enough, while their father conducted his business and rarely brought anything home. She slowly became accustomed to the life in the slums of the city, where criminals and cutthroats ruled.

Having many friends on the street — especially children from other households and aliens who lived a life, not unlike her own — made her very open to new cultures. Nar Shaddaa had a way of bringing children closer together despite their skin color, heritage or species and it influenced young Morgan enough for her to learn the difference between a friend and an enemy, regardless of skin color. It was a virtue that would follow her later in life as well, in business deals and in leadership.

The Sorenns' cantina

She learned the quirks of most alien species and even humans very quickly, and at a young age. Even in her early years, she was a manipulator, able to persuade or dissuade others at will. As she grew older she slowly became a waitress and by her teens she was a “professional” listener, often hearing the same sob stories over and over again while refilling glasses and making a solid profit. Psychology became her source of income and her greatest weapon and the more she used it the better she became at manipulating people to do what she wanted.

Her mother was the one that insisted the girl learn how to run the bar, and at a very early age, Morgan was already independent enough to lead the bar by herself, though it was rarely like that. It was fun and games for her under her mother’s wing, that is until the day Turel went off to be a Hutt enforcer like his father.

Family ties {16 ABY - 18 ABY}

Even though Turel was still with her most of the time, his departure into the criminal underworld left Morgan feeling uneasy and left a feeling of emptiness in their home when he was out on business. She loved her brother — he was, after all, her best friend — and knowing he may die any given day put a lot of stress on the teenage girl. Every time her brother went out on a raid or on a job for the Hutts she would worry until the moment he returned home. It took her some time to adjust, and with time she came to trust in her brother’s abilities. Luck was on his side — something that, she would find out later, ran in the family.

Morgan grew up into a beautiful woman, with many of her customers jokingly asking her to marry them. Her beauty didn’t escape more insidious eyes, however. Most of the gangsters from her neighborhood took a liking to her and were generally unpleasant. Ironically, it was her father’s influence and reputation that kept most of the lowlifes at bay. She would find out later that her father wasn’t as good-natured as she first thought.

A Mother’s Woe {16 ABY}

"An empty mind is like a freshly turned sod; if not sown with the seeds of love and compassion, insidious weeds will take root."

Morgan’s father has always been a heartless tyrant, always forcing his control on the family when he was around despite not providing a whole lot into it. However, her mother had kept Morgan safe from his influence and meddling for most of her childhood because she knew what Ian was like, though she would later find out that she never truly ‘’knew’’ him, or how deranged he actually was. His world revolved around credits, women, and wealth; his family came second.

When Morgan reached sixteen, her father turned his attention towards her more intently than before. Where before there was a meddling urchin he had little interest in, he now saw a resource to be exploited. Seeing her as a good source of profit, he made a deal with a local procurer — they’d share the profits, as long as she worked the streets. Morgan was forced to sell her body to the most grotesque dwellers in the underworld, all for her father’s greed. He kept her engaged by threatening her mother and brother, or by beating and blackmailing her in other ways, so Morgan bit her tongue and endured. She kept the truth from her mother, out of shame and fear — fear of losing her and Turel, but also of being beaten to death. And beaten she was, many times over. Many of the “customers” had a particularly deranged fun and soon Morgan’s fall to her lowest point began.

Misery {16 ABY}

A life of misery

It was a traumatic experience for a sixteen-year-old, essentially being raped over and over for someone else’s greed and lunacy. Many times she acted the cheerful and happy girl for her mother’s sake, but cracks started appearing in her mask months into the ordeal. Her mother suspected something was wrong, but whenever she brought it up Morgan would brush her off and change the subject. At first, her mother attributed this behavior to puberty and hormones, however when it did not change even after two years — in fact, it became worse, what with her working the streets every night — her mother confronted her more aggressively and the two fought so many times that Morgan stopped counting. Life became a perpetual circle of misery for the young girl.

It wasn’t until Morgan came home with a face beaten up so badly she was hardly recognizable, that her mother persuaded her to tell her the truth. The shock and grief at what was happening nearly destroyed Roslin. She had a stroke and was rushed to a med center. In the end, she was saved but remained in med center a full month before recovering. Once Roslin had recovered, and as soon as she was home, she packed her bags and begged her daughter to escape with her to Corellia, to find safe refuge with whatever was left of Roslin’s family there. Though fearful for her own and Turel’s life, Morgan could not endure another day in her life so she accepted.

Despite their best efforts, however, Morgan’s father found out. Keeping Morgan closed home under guard, he sent his goons to kill his own wife. With grief in her heart and no choice, Morgan’s mother fled Nar Shaddaa with Turel’s help, leaving both her children behind.

Captivity {17 ABY}

Back on Nar Shaddaa, it was business as usual for Morgan’s father and misery as usual for Morgan. She hit the lowest point after her mother disappeared. She even considering ending her own life to escape the nightmare. She was a broken husk of her former self at that point. She didn’t know her mother had escaped until Turel found her with a blaster in her mouth, ready to pull the trigger, streams of tears flowing from her clear blue eyes. He told her the truth and made her reconsider.

Despite his job, Turel was always caring and warm toward Morgan, especially in her time of need — so Morgan had considered telling him about everything. As usual, her father saw to it that she wouldn’t be able to. He closed her off from the world, keeping her imprisoned in on of his partner’s whore houses, only to be pulled out of the darkness when she was needed. Morgan’s mind comped in whatever way it could, steering ever so slowly into madness. To this day she doesn’t know what kept her alive through that ordeal.

Some measure of justice {18 ABY}

Turel taking Morgan away

Turel was oblivious to Morgan’s suffering until one faithful day when he heard her name spoken among the thugs in the Hutts’ employ. Unsure at first, and believing it was someone else they spoke of, Turel swept the thought under a rug. However, the bad feeling in his gut never went away. He pulled every connection he could to get the information he feared most. And it turned out his fears were realized.

Turel searched for days, looking for his sister, but could not find her. Not in the cantina, not in their home or at any of her friends’ homes. His father noticed his quizzical behavior and made a deal with the Hutts to send him away on a mission “never to bother him again”. Blaming Morgan for Turel’s behavior, her father beat her senseless day after day. She was given to the worst scum on Nar Shaddaa and endured the mental and physical torture that would have killed her had her will not been strong enough.

Morgan was eighteen years old when she considered suicide again, but with no weapons of any kind in the small room she was kept in, her agony was prolonged, that is until Turel returned. To this day Morgan is unsure what really happened, but she remembers death, blood and the smell of burning bodies from that day. Turel found her locked in the dungeon-like room and carried her in his arms to safety. Together they escaped their father’s grasp and found a temporary safe haven with some of Turel’s friends on Nar Shaddaa.

Shattered Memories {19 ABY - 20 ABY}

Morgan found a new life away from her father, but that life was fraught with fear and sleepless nights. The horrors she endured haunted her for a long time, and whenever Turel wasn’t close, she would fall into a deep depression, nightmares returning to her in the night and shadows scaring her during the day. Despite Turel’s best efforts, he had a hard time reaching his sister. He blamed himself for everything and promised he’d never let her endure such a fate again. They lived like this for almost a year before Morgan realized she would have to escape Nar Shaddaa and run, run as far as she could and never look back.

A new beginning {21 ABY - 23 ABY}

The Coronet Star

Morgan remembered her mother’s stories about her family on Corellia. With no other place to go, Morgan sought a ship to take her to Corellia, where she could live free, away from her father. Leaving a message for Turel on the small holotable she boarded a small freighter and launched off with their crew. The ship was named “Coronet Star” and her captain, Valek Starroy, gladly accepted Morgan into his crew as compensation for a ride to Corellia. His crew was a rag-tag gang of spacers and Morgan worked with them, learned from them and absorbed the life of a spacer through nearly half-a-year of travel. She even met a woman she had become romantically entangled with, a Sephi mechanic named Niena Senn. The two spent their days together, Morgan learning about the ship’s ins and outs from Niena’s experience.

It was only after several months of flirting and befriending that Morgan let go and truly embraced Niena’s advances. It was then that Niena learned something of Morgan’s troubled past though Morgan left many of the crucial details out of her story. It took them a long time to become intimate, though doing so with Niena helped Morgan mend many of the wounds she had had.

By the time she had paid off her original agreement, Morgan had become part of the family of the “Star” and she had learned so much more about life in space. Eventually, the ship did land on Corellia and Morgan had to bid them farewell. By that point, her relationship with Niena had advanced far further than anyone expected and Niena followed her and left the “Star” behind.

Grief, anger, revenge {21 ABY}

Niena's death

Morgan did eventually find her mother — on a cemetery outside Coronet City. She was devastated. She had hoped beyond all hope that she would find her mother alive and well, that she would embrace her lost daughter into loving arms and take her into her home. All she found was pain, bitterness and an even deeper hatred for her father who kept her on Nar Shaddaa. She planted a kiss on the tombstone, leaving it probably for the last time.

Pretty soon Morgan and Neina had found themselves out of work and out of money. They found a place to stay in the underground levels of Coronet City. It was nothing more than a spice den at best, but it served their purposes since no one but drug addicts ever entered there. Neina comforted her friend as much as she could, and for days Morgan mourned, unable to accept the fact that her life was in complete ruins. Neina was the only person she had had to rely on at the time.

For several weeks they had lived in that hovel, doing whatever small-time jobs they could find. One day, as she returned from work, Morgan found Neina murdered in their small room. The sight of her lover dead in front of her ushered on something that morgan had felt before but never really tapped — with morgan’s scream came a psychic echo through the Force that released all her grief and anger into the void. Windows shattered, doors splintered and objects in her proximity imploded from the pressure. Morgan spent the day cradling Niena’s dead body, sobbing and seemingly losing her mind. A patrol eventually found her in the debris-filled room. She was interrogated and told that Niena had been raped and shot to death by a local gang calling themselves the ‘’Silver Skulls’’. They were known for doing whatever they wanted, mostly for fun. Charges against the perpetrators were promised but the case was shelved after a mere week. Stricken by grief, infuriated and in search for revenge, Morgan sought out any information on the ‘’Skulls’’. Eventually, she had found their rivals, a swoop gang called, ‘’Red Barons’’. Their reputation for brutality equaled the ‘’Skulls’’’ but Morgan had little choice but to join them.

At the time it was dangerous for young girls to join a gang, but it was easy for Morgan to masquerade as a man. With her life as tough as it was she had lost all her femininity and attractiveness. She cut her hair, dressed up in male clothing she stole from a drug addict, changed her name to Bartholomew and ventured into the ‘’Barons’’’ hideout. She was truthful about wanting to join the gang, however, she kept her true motives hidden. Her bitter need for revenge made it far too easy to manipulate the simpletons, though there was probably a much more ethereal influence there than she ever knew. The Force was with her in all her endeavors, and her Sorenn luck seemed to follow her everywhere. She learned how to ride a swoop bike and how to conduct in a gangerly manner, but most importantly she had many more contacts on Corellia thanks to the gang’s errands for the Black Sun.

Swoop knight {21 ABY - 23 ABY}

Bartholomew on Corellia

Several years after she joined, Morgan was already an expert in handling a gun, though her riding skills lacked some flair, but she was getting nearer and nearer to her goal. When their gang became large enough, Morgan influenced the ‘’Barons’’’ leader to attack the ‘’Skulls’’ and take what’s “rightfully theirs.” It was a small matter of getting him to say the right things to the rest. The order was given and the ‘’Barons’’ invaded the ‘’Skulls’’’ territory. An all out gang war broke out, involving several other gangs and CorSec, most notably, who intervened when the violence became too widespread. But the war was short lived. Morgan personally put the barrel of her pistol into the ‘’Skull’s’’ leader’s mouth and pulled the trigger, but not before torturing him to near-death and cutting each of his fingers for every member of his gang that raped Neina. Corsec put out an all points bulletin, looking for the members of the ‘’Barons’’. Many were imprisoned, most escaped and went about their work, but Morgan disappeared from Corellia.

Corsec found her years later, working for a pirate crew, though she had shed her male persona. The Torrent, a Nebulon-B frigate used to conduct pirate raids on smaller vessels on the Hydian Wnay, had a crew notorious for attacking ships that carried valuable goods and contraband for the Black Sun into the Outer Rim. They had a grim reputation of cutthroats and vagabonds, as well as murderers and kidnappers, and their standing with the Black Sun was disfavorable enough to gain all of them a bounty on their heads. Bounty hunters a-plenty came around and were returned in body bags, because of the captain of the Torrent’, a human named Shado Numa, who was cunning, wise and never a step behind. He took Morgan in when she came aboard, sheltering her from the rest of the crew, but soon enough she also became “one of the boys” and they stopped seeing her as a piece of meat. Her skills with a gun brought her fame in the crew and many of them often joked that she could shoot the hair off of the captain’s balding head without hurting him. She had found a better life on that ship than she ever had on Nar Shaddaa and had accepted her newfound spacer identity and enjoyed every moment of it.

Pirata Codex {23 ABY - 34 ABY}

Wanted poster

Despite their apparent freedom, the crew of the Torrent had been under near constant attack from rival pirate raiders, New Republic authorities, and even the First Order. Why the Order wanted the pirates removed was always a mystery, but that did force them into an uneasy alliance with some New Republic elements. Just around 25 ABY, captain Numa decided to ally the Torrent with the Resistance movement that was starting to appear. At first iz was only for their own benefit, expecting protection and security in numbers, however captain Numa eventually, for whatever reason, decided to join the Resistance despite his crews' grumbling. The Torrent became a glorified freighter and occasional defense ship for the Resistance's fringe cells. Eventually, this became an issue for the crew.

Freedom {23 ABY - 32 ABY}

Captain Numa may have taken Morgan in, but she never had love for the man. She saw him and everyone else on the ship as a means to an end. Her disposition at the time was very different. All she ever considered and wanted was a better place for herself at the expense of others. As a young woman in the crew, she knew her status could change on a whim if someone had taken out the captain so she connived and plotted to gain an advantage. When she was twenty-one years old she got her chance. The captain had become far more erratic, almost zealous about the Resistance movement, forcefully dragging his ship and crew into increasingly more dangerous endeavors with little gain.

Morgan's standing with some of the crew had risen through the years and finding allies was easy for her.

Keelhauled {32 ABY}


Queen of the underworld {33 ABY - Present}

Crew of the Godless Matron

A sense of self {33 ABY}

Chariot {34 ABY}



Physical description

Morgan and Vatuu

Morgan Bartholomew Sorenn is an attractive Human female of average height and weight for a human female. Her eyes are aquatic blue, contrasting her naturally tanned lips and darker makeup, usually sporting her black locks in a short, tidy haircut that only slightly falls over her eyes. She has an alluring frame, upright posture, and a demeanor that fits as easily in the slums of Nar Shaddaa as it does the higher societies of Coruscant, while seeming equal parts authoritative and often intimidating in posture and body language alone. Now, in her thirties, her air of maturity and confidence still manages to draw a lot of wanted or unwanted attention to her.

Morgan's entire body, from the neckline down, is covered in various tattoos. Most are simple mementos, like the names of the people she cares for most, or things she considers particularly important, like mottos or inspirational words. Some are also visually stunning masterpieces, like the designs canvassing her her legs and arms. Her torso is covered with an intricate design which is often the topic of rumors among her crew who have seen it. Her chest is inked with her personal symbol, a Human skull in a kraken's jaws. The right side of her neck shows the leviathan skull her crew is known for, while the left shows her first mate, C'ree's, family symbol.


Morgan has class above all else. She knows that a good impression goes a long way, and a bit more skin can loosen tongues more easily. She likes to dress for appearances when it matters, like meetings, galas, and parties, where she prefers to wear haute couture or other similarly classy clothing made specifically for her, especially high-quality leathers, shimmersilks and furs. As a rule, in these situations she wears high-heels. When she wants to blend in, expects a fight, or just wears casual clothes, Morgan wears comfortable pants and soft leather jackets, as well as cheap but tight shirts or soft, breathable corsets that don’t make her stand out too much and don't restrict her breathing. She wears low-heel, black leather boots which she finds equally comfortable and stylish.

Personality and traits


Morgan is an enigma to many people, even those closest to her, who often keeps her thoughts close to the chest. At times she acts like the purest Jedi, other times like the darkest Sith. In reality, Morgan is a master at deception and lies. Psychology is her venue to success, understanding the minds of her enemies, manipulating them to her tune and song until they give her what she wants. No plan is too diabolical and too complex for her to achieve, though they are sometimes ad-libbed and improvised more than she cares to admit. Her intellect is also a factor in her successful deceptions, and she often finds challenges controlling and using more intelligent individuals. However, even the mighty can fall to the smallest and most insignificant idea with enough time and persistence.

At her core, however, Morgan is very adaptable, courageous, strong-willed, and resentful. These are keystones upon which lies the whole foundation of her character. She always finds a way to adapt to new situations, whatever the outcome, and survive through them bloody, bruised or otherwise. Her strong will and strong heart have given her the clear view of her goals and how to achieve them, even if they aren't exactly clear to everyone else. She is willing and able to put herself in the crossfire to help family and friends, though she is often the first to stop, think, and find a plan. Even through everything, though, Morgan remains a jealous and resentful individual, seeing herself as one who was handed the bad piece of bread in life. Her history of domestic abuse and later life in the slums and gutters of the galaxy saw to it that her world-view is shaped around self-preservation. She resents individuals with happy families or happy relationships with happy endings, even if she won't necessarily show it every time. It is a festering kind of resentment that boils and breaks her own soul.

Despite her many and large flaws, she is still as loyal and familial as they get, caring for those she considers family above anyone else. So much so that she goes out of her way to prevent harm to them, even by keeping secrets from them. It can be considered a selfish trait, one of her many selfish tendencies. Just as often, when she makes mistakes (and she makes many), she is regretful and seeks recompense from those she has slighted.

Philosophies and beliefs


Morgan has one simple rule: live free or die. There is no exception, no compromise, and no other alternative. Freedom from authority, imprisonment, the shackles of slavery, and the past as all things she fights to overcome or prevent. She makes her own rules and cares very little for what others perceive is right, wrong, lawful, or unlawful. She’ll usually play along with anyone, making sure she gives them the impression she is on their side along the way, until the moment they aren't useful anymore. Her only Achilles's heel are her family relations.

That being said, she fully realizes how the real world works, who holds power, who doesn’t and who is capable of doing what. She is not a delusional fool and most certainly doesn’t trust easily. Morgan does business. Winning over her helping hand is merely a matter of credits; winning over her loyalty, however, is an entirely different matter.


Morgan puts very little stock in legitimate governments. Those who believe democracy is a sustainable form of government are delusional and those who believe empires are there to provide order and stability are no more than sheep following one, power-hungry megalomaniac. There is no “best way” to lead or govern; eventually, every dominion falls. Morgan’s one and only form of government is “equal share”. She believes that men should be paid for their labor and should share in teh spoils of their efforts equally. She leads her ship in a similar fashion: everyone works, no one stops, everyone gets an equal share of the bounty.

The Force

The Force is still very much a mystery to Morgan, but she does have her opinions of what it is and how it works. She doesn’t really care for the Jedi or Sith philosophies — in fact, more often than not, they annoy her with their self-righteous banter — but she does lean one way. The Force is a tool she can use to achieve her goals; eldritch magicks, ancient ruins, tomes, holocrons, temples? The religious nuts can keep them to themselves.

Fundamentally a Bogan adherent, Morgan is never far from falling to the rage and fury and power that the Dark Side promises. Her only saving grace is the proverbial seed of light deep inside her that could never be extinguished. That seed pushes her on and keeps her compass steady, though even that seed has become foggy with darkness of late. Many tragedies have taken over her mind and the Dark Side ever lingers over her shoulders, like an overbearing nightmare ready to swallow her whole. This danger is not helped by the fact that Morgan really has very crude control over her powers. Yes, she can control her abilities to a great degree of accuracy and she can maintain her Force-induced bouts for long periods, but she is fundamentally pure power and little control. Her connection to the Force, like her brother's is strong and she is known for unbelievable displays of power when forced to do so, but in general she keeps her utilities to a minimum relying more on her mind and her wit to outmaneuver the enemy.


In her free time, Morgan is a pilot and a mechanic. While these skills are nowhere near the levels of professionals, she can easily find her way around a ship's cockpit or engine. Fixing it, however, is a different matter.

She is the proud owner of a Harakoan Firemouse, called Vatuu, who is a devilish and charming critter. He is friendly only with Morgan and a few others she likes. His bond with her is one of a strong pack where he is her protector.


Turel Sorenn


Turel Sorenn is Morgan’s brother, her best friend and her partner in mischief since they were little. He is family and she loves him immensely. However, lately, they have found each other on opposite sides of the conflict between light and dark. Despite their close bond, they have found each other as adversaries, and most likely will again.

Morgan could never harm or kill her own brother, and she’d probably hunt down anyone else who tried. Despite their polar positions, she will always respect him for what he did for her so long ago. He is her white knight, but also her biggest burden since some of the Inquisitorius tracks her every move in the hopes of catching the wayward Jedi.

V’yr Vorsa


V'yr Vorsa is Morgan’s former Master. The Neti trained her in the ways of the Force and is, in many ways, her mother-figure. They had spent almost two years together before Morgan ascended to the Dark Council, training, talking and meditating. Even though Morgan never truly understood the Jedi way, Vorsa made sure the young woman was trained well. Despite their different outlooks on the world, Vorsa's influence still lingers on Morgan and the pirate constantly weighs her actions against those expectations.

Few people know exactly what happened between them when Vorsa was Herald, but what is known is that Morgan betrayed her to Lord Pravus thus taking her spot as on the Council. There are some Inquisitors that speculate the two are still in contact and that the whole betrayal episode was just a ruse, however, those voices often end up silenced one way or another.

Satsi Tameike


Satsi Tameike Erinos is probably the only person in the galaxy that can make Morgan blush. They are kindred spirits, often finding understanding or acceptance in each other for the traumas they had suffered and deeds they had done in the past. Morgan became very attracted and attached to Satsi at one point in their relationship and it is speculated that the two have had more than one affair. Despite rumors, however, they remained good friends and allies until Morgan learned of Satsi's supposed death.

This event triggered a depression in Morgan that bubbled slowly into a toxic mess. She had become much more brutal and merciless after that. Morgan seems to think that anyone she loves eventually dies off and leaves her, and Satsi's apparent death seemed to confirm that suspicion — at least as far as Morgan is concerned.

Celevon Edraven


Celevon Edraven’s relationship with Morgan is a mystery. Although some people know there is something between them, what that is is completely unknown to the public. In reality, Celevon is a dear friend and confidant of Morgan’s whom she can address whenever she has trouble in private or public life. They are allies and friends and, some say, even lovers. These are all just rumors, however, as the two have never actually been seen together.

In private Morgan and Celevon share a bond few people share. Morgan had helped Celevon in dire need, leveraging all her knowledge of the Force and psychology to restore some of Celevon's dormant memories. Since then the Mandalorian has confided in Morgan more than once. They are often seen drinking together in a bar aboard Port Ol'val whenever Morgan visits Arconan space.

Keelan Vars


Keelan Vars is a Sentinel Network agent working undercover as an enforcer and security chief of the ’’Godless Matron’’. His relationship with Morgan is usually limited to whatever work has to be done on the ‘’Matron’’ when the captain gives out orders. Morgan is aware of his allegiance and allows his presence as long as his position is not compromised.

Recently, they have begun working more closely together. Morgan's attempts to establish a foothold in Brotherhood space and her efforts to assist her brother as best she can have had an impact on her, so she relies on Keelan to conduct some of the work necessary for their arrangement to work.Keelan tries to influence Morgan and veers her away from, what he perceives as a destructive path.



C'ree, or Carrie as she is otherwise known, is a peculiar oddity in Morgan's life. She was once on Morgan's crew when she captained the Torrent and considered the crew part of her family. Despite C'ree's apparent mental deficiencies, Morgan befriended the woman and at one point considered her akin to a sister, for lack of better words. Since the betrayal and Morgan's apparent death the two hadn't had any contact, until the day Morgan captured C'ree to find the whereabouts of her treacherous former crew. To Morgan's surprise and contrary to her belief, C'ree had been on her side all along, even fighting for her at the time. In a way, what came next bonded the two even closer than before. Taking revenge on the crew of the Torrent solidified their relationship and, soon, they became true partners in crime, with Morgan as captain and C'ree as her enforcer and right hand.

For all their business-like behaviour in public, Morgan and C'ree understand each other very well in private. They are as close to true friends as two people could be, with C'ree even considering Morgan a sort of family. Morgan's goal with C'ree is to keep her alive and under control, but also to use her as an instrument of destruction and fear on the ship. It's a good-cop-bad-cop relationship that works wonders for their positions of power.