Invasion of Antares

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Exodus era.
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Invasion of Antares
Conflict: Dark Brotherhood invades the Antares System.
Date: 15 ABY
Location: Antei Nebula

Dark Brotherhood

Antaran pirates


High Warrior Xanos

Antaran Columnate


Hundreds of Dark Jedi

Hundreds of pirates



  • Antaran Columnate

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The Invasion of Antares (also called the Third Sith War or the last Sith Rite of Supremacy) is the name given to the final conflict in a series of campaigns leading to the Dark Council assuming complete control of both the Antei and Antares Systems. The Invasion of Antares was the final bloody battle that occurred when the planet Antares and its orbital shipyards were captured.


The conquest of the Antei Nebula, often referred to as the Shroud, began before the Second Brotherhood Civil War when Grand Master Firefox, the Dark Lord of the Sith, first dispatched scouts to seek out the ancient homeworld of the Star Chamber. Unknown to the Empire at the time, the Dark Lord's plans had been set in motion long before the Exodus with construction of the new Dark Hall beginning as early as 11 ABY.

In the years following the Exodus the Dark Council gradually sought to bring the whole of the Antei and Antares systems under its control. After a campaign that spanned several worlds the final action took place in the streets of Antares itself when forces of the Sith order led by the Sith High Warrior launched a joint assault on the planet's orbital shipyards and government headquarters.

Following the invasion and the defeat of their government, the Antaran Columnate, the remaining population of Antares surrendered.




  • Antaran Columnate


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