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Guided by the Exarch, the Envoy Corps tackles bounties, contracts, and missions that burnish the Brotherhood's reputation among the galaxy's power players. Renowned for their expertise and shrewdness, Envoys deploy in diverse pairs or teams, drawing upon specialists from all seven clans and their associated allies. With conditional advisement from the Emissary or Herald, the Envoy Corps seeks to bolster the Brotherhood's standing with its current and potential allies while countering propaganda being spread by their adversaries.


Envoy Corps
General information

Grand Master Evant Taelyan


Marick Tyris Arconae


Arx Minor

Historical information

40 ABY

Other information

Dark Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Envoy Corps was formed out of a need to better establish the Brotherhood's efforts in building a positive image on the greater stage of the Galaxy, while also bridging relationships between he Clans and the Council. While it might look like a public-relations gambit on the surface, the Council put their full weight and support behind the Envoy Corps and trusted that it would become a vital key to their strategy of success.

Exarch Marick Tyris Arconae

As the Brotherhood continues to find itself up against other powerful organizations in the Unknown Regions, Grand Master Evant Taelyan green lit a new initiative proposed by former High Councilor Alethia Archenksova in 40 ABY. This initiative would serve multiple purposes, with the primary being the improvement of the The Council's reputation with the seven Clans and their respective allies. Parallel in importance was the Brotherhood's image to both rivals and potential trade partners which, in theory, would lead to more opportunities for cementing their seat of power and the growth of commerce.

Alethia was appointed as the Brotherhood's first Exarch, and laid the foundation that would lead to eventual codification of the Envoy Corps.

When Archenksova was elevated to the Council role of Headmistress, she called upon a trusted colleage who been consulting remotely until that point. So it was that retired Voice of the Brotherhood - Marick Tyris Arconae - took over as the new Exarch. Tyris leveraged his extensive experience and background in overseeing the restructuring of the Inquisitorius, his respect with the active Council members aiding in clearing the administrative and technical hurdles required to bring the Envoy Corps to life.

With the Envoy Corps undertaking its first missions, Marick began to organize and deploy Brotherhood members and personnel.


Envoy Sivall Zoria showcasing the Envoy Corps uniform

Envoy's come in all shapes and sizes. While the main body of the Envoy Corps is made up of members from all seven Clans of the Brotherhood, it also employees a diverse range of pilots, administrators, coordinators, and other resources from across the Galaxy. As their presence and impact grows within the Unknown Regions and expands towards the Outer Rim, the Exarch has made efforts to ensure that recruits come from different social and economical classes, by pulling promising graduates from universities, as well as visiting orphanages and working with veterans to help find new opportunities for them after careers of war.

Envoy's are not required to wear uniform, but can be often seen sporting the tailored threads bearing the Envoy Corps insignia across the chest.

Beyond that, there are a few recurring staff members that can often be found representing the Envoy Corps.

Charron Reddick

Name: Charon Reddick
Position: Concierge
Faction: Envoy Corps
Character Sheet

Having "retired" from active service as a Grand Inquisitor, Charon Reddick came out of retirement to help aid Exarch Marick Tyris Arconae in bolstering Envoy Corps operations. The two shared a long history working together in the Inquisitorius while Marick was serving as Voice. This relationship made it easy for Marick to trust Charon with being the "face" of the Envoy Corps as its "Concierge".

Charon carries the reputation of his former moniker: The Ferryman. Not only does he still retain one of the highest success rates for the number of missions he has successfully carried out, he was known, especially in his prime, for his ability to act the stoic executioner when called upon.

As was discovered during the recovery of stolen information from the Envoy Corps, he is also quite a fan of Eastern Expanse comic books and novella's and was revealed to have a sizable collection.

Steven Jerryson

Name: Steven Jerryson
Position: Pilot
Faction: Envoy Corps
[ Character Sheet]

A young, upcoming pilot for the Envoy Corps. Took a jab at his confidence when, on his first flight and mission, he was ousted from the controls by an ambitious Envoy.

Naval Assets

Envoy Corps shuttle.

The Envoy Corps has been allotted three flights of Lamba-class T4a shuttles to help transport members of the Brotherhood to locations of need and to "carry" the Brotherhood's diplomatic banner.

The Urbanae

They were also granted the use of a Charger c70 Consular-class Cruiser named The Urbanae.

Headquarters and Locations

While the Envoy Corps operates across the galaxy, the headquarters are centered in the Arx System

Lunar Training Facility

The Lunar Training Facility on Arx Minor serves as the base of operations for the Envoy Corps. It is where the Exarch's office is located, above which sits a detention and processing facility for bounties and contracts.

Exarch's Office

On the second floor of the Lunar Training Facility sits the Exarch's office. A long, sectional desk with multiple monitors and terminals sit beneath large viewports overlooking both planet Arx and the rest of Arx Minor. The cable management is impeccable, with no excess or clutter anywhere to be seen. Thanks to the current Exarch's preferences, there is a place for everything, neatly organized, and plenty of room for temporary documents, plans, or projects to be worked on. A full reception area can host a few guests, as well as a holoprojector for local presentations of missions or data. There is also a holocam station set up for the Exarch to send or record or send out mission briefings to Envoys in the field.

Exarch's office.

The Flitz

The flagship Flitz Hotel on Arx Minor

Arx Minor Location

The Flitz is a chain of luxury hotels that have been constructed around Brotherhood space. The main location, however, can be found on Arx Minor, open to any members of the Brotherhood's various societies that are passing through the Arx System. Liaisons for the Inquisitorius, Grand Master's Royal Guard, Shroud Syndicate are often stationed there, with full service concierge and amenities available to guests. It is also linked to the Lunar Training Facility.

The entrance to the Flitz.

The hotels themselves manifest as a wedge-shaped building made of dark, sleek moonstone mined from the core of Arx Minor. There is only a single entrance, always with a bright, glowing, golden light. Small square windows, symmetrical to the buildings design mimic the glow of the entrances inviting light.

Upon entering, sliding glass doors open to reveal a well lit lobby with plush couches and a bar with a long marble counter.

Two fountains flank the entry-way carpet that leads down the hall to the front desk, where Charon Reddick is usually found waiting. There is another linked hallway that leads to a secure underground meeting location for VIPs, and a connection to the Lunar Training Facility.

On the upper floor, and towards the rear of the facility is the Central Monitoring station, which allows security to keep an eye on the various amenities and hallways.

Monitoring station.

Eos City Location
Located in the heart of Arx's capital city, the guests that stay at the Eos City Flitz are usually VIPs doing work or having business with the Council, the Iron Forces, or the Aurora Collegium of Sciences. It features full executive amenities, dining, and valet parking vouchers.

The Shame Corner

In the dark of space along the Hydian Way, a black dwarf star sits, neither lonely nor forgotten. Its gravity well is used as an anchor for one of many millions of service stations and rest stops that dot the intergalactic space-routes: Station 0H40-S0, more fondly known as The Shame Corner. With connections to the Envoy Corps, the station provides not only respite and refueling for members bearing the insignia, but also serves as a port for any galactic denizen, and all kinds walk, hover, or wheel through its doors.

Envoy Corps Mission Log

The Envoy Corps keeps a detailed record of the missions, contracts, and bounties that members take part in roleplaying activities.

Envoy Leaderboard

The top Envoys in the Brotherhood are recognized even beyond the Corps' rank structure.

April 2024
  • Members must have reached Rank 12 in "Players" Trophy.
Rank Envoy Clan Envoy Marks
1 Zuza Lottson Arcona
2 Ruka Tenbriss Ya-ir Arcona
3 Diyrian "Diy" Grivna Arcona
4 Sofila "Sagitta" Douve Armis Arcona
5 Anderson Taldryan
6 Aylin Sajark Taldryan
7 Socorra Tenebrosa Nhar’qual Erinos Vizsla
8 Doon Sullvir Arcona

Mission Board

Missions cover the largest range of operation for the Envoy Corps and can range from training sessions to scouting and infiltration.

Missions Board
Mission Title Envoys Summary
Training 002 Golden Envoy:


  • Tomora Nay'ek
  • Teon Sul
Tomora and Teon take on a simulation of the Collective's new Technocratic Elites.
Uskil: Uncharted I Golden Envoy:



It had been two long years since the SARLACC incident at the Corrino Research Laboratory. On Uskil, teams of cartographers, droids, and drones have made progress in mapping the continent, albeit slowly thanks to the Collegium's shift in focus on studying the Children of Mortis' technology. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, until strange anomalies began to pop up across Uskil. Expedition teams have started to go missing. Any recordings or evidence that have been found or recovered reveal little beyond flashes of claws and fangs, tentacles and tendrils, and the shrieks of the dying.

In response, Headmistress Alethia Archenskov has enlisted the help of the Envoy Corps to investigate these troubling occurrences before matters escalate or get any worse. Exarch Marick Tyris Arconae agreed and began to assemble a team.

Mission Log
The Envoys assigned to investigate the strange occurrences in the Uskil region of planet Arx fought and infiltrated their way into a secret underground laboratory beneath the swampy marshlands. After pressing in deeper and find some disturbing intelligence on the kinds of experiments transpiring, the Envoys encountered mutated monsters of different varieties.

After successfully fighting off the first wave, the party wisely noted that there was more than just a simple staging site. The laboratory was fully guarded by a cadre of strange looking soldiers. The Envoys decided to tactically reposition and to report what was found the Headmistress and Exarch.As they filed out, running in tandem and alternating cover fire, the Envoys escaped. A shuttle was dispatched, and the Envoys lifted off from the swamps of Uskil and headed to the fortified walls of the Shadow Academy.

The Sceptre of Tu'Torial Golden Envoy:


On a remote asteroid-based research facility deep in the Unknown Regions, rumors have swirled of an ancient Nightsister artifact known as the Sceptre of Tu'Torial. Legend says that any who wield the fabled artifact would be able to harness the power once reserved for the great Mother Talzin, and bend it to their whim. The Collective, in their bid to regain power, have seized control of the facility and have begun to delve into learning the secrets of the Sceptre, and must be stopped at any cost. The Exarch has been given special clearance to call in a usually reserved asset of the Brotherhood: the Star Chamber, as well as a select few Envoys suitable to the task at hand.

Mission Log
Thanks to Aylin's quick thinking and slicing to get the schematics of the building, Grand Master Muz Ashen was able to "carve" a shortcut to the Sceptre. The artifact was retrieved and the team successfully extracted, but more research would be needed to uncover the secrets.

The Immortal Sith II Golden Envoy:


After the Dagger containing a part of Lord Scimitar's soul was destroyed, the team has been assembled again to search for the second of Scimitar's soul-bound artifacts. Their task is to discern its location, find it, and destroy it.

The Immortal Sith I Golden Envoy:



Surveilance has been uncovered from the Children of Mortis attack on Arx. a Sith has been identified cutting through Iron Legion forces whilst surviving attacks that should otherwise have killed him. The cause of this is believed to have been discovered by researchers of the Aurora Collegium, and its time to do something before more like this Immortal Sith appear...

Mission Log

The team was shown footage, then taken to Dantooine and decided to explore one of the nearby settlements. A group of survivors confront them, and the team successfully defuse the hostility, gaining the trust of the townsfolk. However, they are then attacked by a swarm of cultists worshipping the Immortal Sith. The team fight them off, though Sagitta is kidnapped. She manages to leave a trace behind so the rest of the team can follow her. They follow her to a cave which was secretly a Sith Temple. Inside, Sagitta is sacrificed, the dagger with the soul fragment of Darth Scimitar plunged into her heart. Instead of dying, she is instead possessed, gaining significantly more power under Scimitar's influence. The team battle the possessed Mirialan, defeating her. In a final act of vengeance, Scimitar released her from his possession, letting her wounds take over her. Tahiri and Savran successfully heal the worst of the damage whilst Hector conducts a Force ritual to keep her from death. The dagger was destroyed, and Nyssa hailed their transport as Titius blows up the temple.

The team escape, battered, bit determined to continue in the hunt for the remaining artifacts.

Training 001 Golden Envoy:


Mune and Von vs Crystal Ascendent. Utilizing the new state of the art technology, both Brotherhood fighters were able to take down the simulated Ascendent Warrior and generated valuable machine learning data for combatting the Children of Mortis.

Mission 001 Golden Envoy:


The Corps dispatched a small team that met with Iris Astra's lieutenants. The team met with Jib Jarren, a former Expansionist with the Revenants, and Jin, a lost contractor with the Severian Principate. During the meeting, it was revealed that a SoL freighter was raided by the Children of Mortis. After a distraction and misdirection, the Envoys found themselves in a hostage situation with a traitor crew member working for the Children of Mortis. With him were two assassin acolytes that threatened to take Jib and Jin away.

The Envoys sprung into action, quickly and efficiently, in a show of power and competency, that the members of the Brotherhood were capable guardians. In the end, the Envoy Corps walked away with two new assets in Jin and Jib, and a new ally in the Outer Rim.


Contracts are operations that the Envoy Corps takes on at the request of outside parties looking for aid or assistance.

Contract Board
Contract Envoys Summary
Contact 005
Blood Bank Burglary II
Golden Envoy:


The party of adventurers investigate a disturbance on the Rishi Moon. They find a budding conspiracy, Brotherhood medical data used to create a prototype super soldier. Through a variety of skills and abilities the party overcame the prototype Collective Super Soldier. But this is only the beginning of the unholy machinations of the Collective Technocrat Guild.
Contact 004

Blood Bank Burglary I

Golden Envoy:
  • Hector von Ricmore


A group of infiltrators, spies and traitors has stolen valuable medical records from members of the Brotherhood. In their haste to escape the group missed a tracking device which has led the Brotherhood to an abandoned outpost. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to travel to the enemy territory and destroy the compromising data. There are opportunities for bonus rewards that can carry to future RP. These can be achieved through side objectives including, but not limited to, recovering the data before destruction and returning it to the Brotherhood.
Contract 003 Golden Envoy:
  • Hector von Ricmore


Mission Log

Operatives from various clans were invited to assist the Envoy society on a peace mission to deliver relief supplies to Ryloth. Force Users and Non Force Users alike worked together to repel enemy forces who attacked and boarded the Envoy ship The Urbanae. Thanks to the efforts of the party the relief supplies were successfully delivered to Ryloth, bolstering relations between The Brotherhood and the native Twi’leks
Contract 002 Golden Envoy:
  • TuQ



A report came in from the planet Gonda, a small out of the way planet, that professor Jonz’ind’iana had gone missing while investigating a newly discovered temple on behalf of the Shadow Academy. The Envoy Corps had been contracted to find out what happened, locate the professor and bring him back to the shadow academy to continue his research.

Mission Log

Upon arrival at the mysterious temple, the Envoy team quickly discovered that things were not as they seemed. An ancient Rakatan temple, a missing research team and the camp in disarray. After thoroughly investigating the scene, the team discovered a patch clutched tightly in the cold hand of a dead researcher. The team’s next stop was a small unnamed village nearby looking for leads on who the patch belonged to. A pair of confrontations led to a pile of dead pirates and a chance encounter with a street urchin willing to help the team and lead them to their final destination, her family's farm. Making a stealthy entrance, the team picked off the pirates one by one through blasters, mind control, hand to hand combat and more and after avoiding a hostage situation they were able to rescue the professor, his research and a Rakatan crystal skull.

Contract 001 Golden Envoy:



TROUBLE IN THE OUTER RIM. On the remote planet JABIIM—once home to a base for the Hidden Path—survivors from the destruction of Hosnian Prime have settled into small mining communities to live peacefully and export the planet's lone resource of value. Peaceful, that was, until the opportunistic The Empty Eyes gang moved in, set up operations in an abandoned base and started to harass and prevent the locals from trading freely. The denizens of Jabiim have broadcasted a request for aid, but lack any real hope. Marick Tyris ArconaeExarch of the Brotherhood — has put out a call to the newly formed Envoy Corps for their first operation.

Mission Log

After reaching Jabiim, the party split up, with Adem and Nicfer infiltrating the town while the others scouted and found the optimal attack vector. Adem and Nicfers efforts paid off by getting them back-door access to the bases defenses, giving the rest of the team and advantage in the fight that followed.

In the end, the team was able to successfully apprehend Sylvian Blaine, putting an end to the Empty Eyes control over the remote mining town.


Sometimes a troublemaker needs to be captured and taken off the space lanes for the safety and betterment of the Galaxy. Bounties are issued by the Envoy Corps only when the target presents a considerable threat to the peace or safety of the businesses and allies of the Brotherhod.

Bounty Board
Target Envoys Summary
Bounty 003:
Marlon Bronto

Captured By:
  • Kadrol
  • Sival
  • Archian
  • Hector von Ricmore
  • Eiko
  • Titus
Marlo Bronto defected from the Envoy Corps with a stolen datapad containing sensitive information on Brotherhood operations. A team of six operatives, Kadrol, Sival, Archian, Von Ricmore, Eiko and Titius was summoned by Cordelia, an Envoy Corps officer to retrieve the datapd. The team travelled to port Ol'val where Marlo was hiding on a warehouse. They fought through a wave of hired mercenaries on the first level of the warehouse and reached the second level where a sniper ambushed them, badly injuring Kadrol. After a successfull attempt at smoking Marlo out with Dioxis gas, the team, now divided in two was both able to surround Marlo, kill the elusive sniper and recover the datapad. Ina desperate attempt to take his own life, alongside Sival's and kadrol's, Marlo activated a thermal grenade. Sival attempted to hurl the grenade far away but wasn't fast enough. They were rescued by Wyndel Tyris who had sensed danger coming from the warehouse when he was passing by. Before returning the datapad to Cordelia, Eiko managed to access it, revealing the stolen information was mostly Eatern expanse novels purchased by Charon reddick, and some Brotherhood secrets...

Bounty 002:
Shin’era Terlan

Golden Envoy:

Captured By:

Shin’era Terlan—charged with impersonating Inquisitorius agents and committing acts of violence against an innocent town on the planet Nevarro in an effort to frame the Brotherhood as malicious—has been subdued and captured. A team of Envoy's was able to fight through her bodyguards and a band of pirates to catch her before she could flee on her modified speeder. Through a team effort, it was the Iktotchi, Cade, who managed to land a crippling blow with his lightsaber, cutting the fleeing Togruta’s arm off at the shoulder.

The Envoy Corps shuttle handed Terlan to the enforcers at the Envoy Corps headquarters on Arx minor, where she was placed in maximum security holding designed to contain and interrogate even the most elusive of Elder Shadows. Some time later, a statement would be released by Shin'era Terlan herself, taking credit for her actions on Nevarro and clearing the Brotherhood’s name in relation to the incident.

Bounty 001:
Jerric Wendt

Golden Envoy:

Captured by:

The squad of Clan Vizsla hunters managed to track down Jerric to her base of operations, battled through her droid-body guards, and managed to recover the files that had been stolen from the Shadow Academy archives.

The Vault

The Vault is a secure storage facility for artifacts and other assets of interest collected over the course of Envoy Corps endeavors[1].*

Vault Inventory
Item Description
The Sceptre of Tu'torial

A Nightsister artifact recovered from the hands of the Collective. It seems to be in a dormant state, with no active abilities. Further study will be required.
  1. * These are typically "quest" items that don't exist inside of Possessions, but have narrative impact as either a MacGuffin or mission-specific purpose.