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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Kane Vader
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61 BBY (age 109)

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1.83 Meters


87 Kilograms





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Dark Jedi



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"The tenets of the Sith are more than just words to be memorized. Learn them, understand them. They will lead you to the true power of the Force; the power of the dark side"
―Spoken originally by Dark Lord Qordis, repeated to the Anteian Holocron by Kane Vader

Kane Vader (born Rafe Aden Krytal) was a human male Dark Jedi born on the Inner Rim world of Thyferra, famed for producing much of the galaxy's bacta. Lord Kane was the founder and first ruling Grand Master of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi.

An outwardly intelligent, calculating and noble master, none could doubt that he became thoroughly insane. At moments he could converse in great depth about the intricacies of the Dark Side, yet an instant later and with no apparent cause, would be moved by the corruption of his mind to a rage of destruction. The decades following the path of the Dark Side in secret, always conscious of the danger posed if he or the Brotherhood were revealed bred in him a starkly reclusive and private nature. Not innately suspicious, Kane was simply convinced that none other he had the foresight or knowledge to comprehend the Dark Side.

A blessing and a curse, Kane required a constant connection with the Dark Side to sustain him, provoking uncontrollable bouts of madness and delirium with wholly unpredictable results. As a consequence, he harbored a paranoid fear of the consequences to his existence if the connection to the Dark Side were to lessen.


Early Life (61 BBY - 44 BBY)

  • Comfort and excess
  • A privileged young wastrel

Stark Hyperspace War (44 BBY)

Coruscant and Scholarship (44 BBY - 34 BBY)

War Tourism (34 BBY - 19 BBY)

  • University of Sanbra, and affair with Rynalla (34 BBY - 30 BBY)
  • Fascination with the manifestations of violence
  • Study of the Sepan Civil War (28 BBY - 21 BBY)
  • Participant-observation, and indiscriminate, arbitrary violence

Prophets of the Dark Side, Procurator of Justice and Exile (19 BBY - 11 ABY)

"An Imperial Inquisitor has little time for subtlety. He is a hammer designed to pound the galaxy into a shape the Emperor finds pleasing"
―High Inquisitor Mox Slosin

Lord of the Star Chamber (11 ABY)

Retreat (11 ABY - 23 ABY)

Tridens of Tarentum (23 ABY - 33 ABY)

Asylum (33 ABY - 36 ABY)

Lost in the Brotherhood (36 ABY - )

Physical Appearance

Kane is an imposing and foreboding figure. Tall and slender, his form betrays a man of excellent physique in his youth, but whose musculature has decayed through protracted and exhausting contact with the Dark Side. Once immaculately dressed in intricate bejewelled attire, having revelled in the pomp and ceremony of the Imperial Court and the early Brotherhood, Kane's expensive clothing is frayed and tired. An unrivalled master of the Force, Kane uses the Dark Side to bolster his physical appearance and stave off the visible signs of his advanced age: A man of extreme age, he appears to be a healthy, but pale, Human male in his early fifties, with long greying hair and beard. Nonetheless, wrinkles have begun to form on his conventionally handsome face, with a high forehead and defined ridge, his eyes are slightly wider than average and exude Darkness as if from his very soul.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Grand Master

Outstanding Achievements

  • Founder of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood
Positions Held
Before Position After
None Grand Master
9 ABY - 11 ABY
Jedgar Octavius Paladin