The Children of Mortis

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The Children of Mortis
General information

The Father


The Father



  • Pendroh-I (Lightbringers)
  • Lodisa (Truthwardens)
  • Urikoth (Shadowseers)
Historical information

Approximately 20,000 BBY

Other information
Notable members:
  • The Harbinger of the Light
  • The Arbiter of Balance
  • The Seer in the Darkness
  • Avitus Oligard
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"Chains Unbound."
―Motto of the Children of Mortis

The following article is the culmination of the Brotherhood’s Intelligence reports on the enemy organization known as The Children of Mortis. They first appeared on the Brotherhood’s radar during the early days of Darth Nehalem’s term as Grand Master. The members of the Brotherhood first faced off against the Children during the events of the Rite of Supremacy: Escalation on the planet of Dandoran.

Following a lengthy intelligence-gathering effort by the Brotherhood, more details were learned about this millennia-old organization. Believing that the Force, is chained and enslaved, unable to reach its full potential, The Children have sought to understand all aspects of the Force, in hopes of unchaining it. The exact nature of this “unchaining” remains unknown.


The Children believe the Force is more than something that surrounds us and binds the galaxy together. Instead, they believe our plane of existence is actually enslaving the Force, locking it away from its true might, thus weakening all life in the process. Their goal is to unshackle the chains holding the Force, allowing it to fully express itself.

The exact nature of these “chains” binding the Force is unknown, but it is apparent the Children believe that studying and researching the Force in all its components (Light, Gray, Dark) are critical to achieving this goal.

Knowledge of former generations is not only recorded for further study but those individuals are saved by the conversion of their souls and essence into the powerful crystals that have been discovered throughout the galaxy. This process is known as ascension. Those that do not form crystals from this process as heralded as chosen by the Force to unify with it once more, something that is apparently a rare occurrence. The teachings of The Father indicate that The Children believe all “ascended” beings will return to a purer state once the Force is unbound.

The Dark Brotherhood

The Children have only recently begun to interact with the Brotherhood, first with probing rituals conducted by The Seer, and culminating with her and her crystalline abominations on the planet of Dandoran. Her goading communications were eager to draw the Brotherhood out into the open.

We now know that the Children believe only the absolute knowledge of the Force can break its chains. While they first appeared curious to obtain what knowledge the Brotherhood has accumulated over the years, they have turned increasingly hostile. The Children have made it clear they now believe the Brotherhood, containing a major contingent of Force capable members, are part of the problem keeping the Force chained to do our will, and not its own.

They seek to assimilate who they can convert to their ways, gather what knowledge we have, and exterminate the rest of the Brotherhood to further their goals.


The Children of Mortis is an ancient sect that has existed since the early days of the Old Republic. Widespread throughout the galaxy it has moved from system to system over the years, with its current seats of power unknown. It is a very hierarchical organization, with many branches into different subunits all unified under the control of an individual known as The Father.

The structure of the Children of Mortis

The Father

The Father is an ancient spirit once known as Matthias Westland. Westland's original body was converted into a completely crystalline skeleton thousands of years ago. In that time he has overseen the operations of the Children, periodically taking new host bodies, or more frequently temporary control of genetic clones that serve within the Children's leadership. It is his vision that gives the Children purpose and his will that they are so focused on accomplishing.

It is also known that he is protected at all times by an elite guard known as “The Unbound”.

The Lightbringers

Main article: The Children of Mortis: The Lightbringers

The Lightbringers are led by The Harbinger of the Light, an incredibly powerful Force-user who guides the Lightbringers along their path of understanding the Light side of the Force. “The Harbinger” has been identified as J’hon Whetu, although he appears to never utilize his given name. The Lightbringers are known specifically for their crystal-enhanced weaponry and armor.

The Lightbringers are known to be comprised of three sections. The Dawnseekers are the major recruitment arm of the Children. The Startouched are illusive researchers, and responsible for the Lightbringers’ advanced weaponry and armor. The Flamesparkers, a collection of highly skilled warriors, trained to attack any target dictated by The Father.

The Truthwardens

Main article: The Children of Mortis: The Truthwardens

The Truthwardens are led by The Arbiter of Balance, an accomplished Force-user who guides the Truthwardens along their path of finding the balance between the Light and Dark sides of the Force. “The Arbiter” has been identified as Loremi P’sum. The Truthwardens are known specifically for their advanced crystal-enhanced vehicles ranging from small speeders to powerful walkers to starfighters and destroyers.

The Truthwardens are known to have several sections. The Rectifiers is led by “The Unifier”, identified as one Dolori s’Amet, husband to Loremi P’sum. They are focused on consolidating all knowledge between the Light and Dark sides of the Force, as well as the usage of crystals in vehicles and starships. Another section is known as the Grayblades, an internal “secret” police that defends The Children from within. The Grayblades are believed to be some form of secret police, defending the Children from internal threats. The Aegises are defenders of The Children. Never an offensive force, they defend against outside forces.

The Shadowseers

Main article: The Children of Mortis: The Shadowseers

The Shadowseers are led by The Seer in the Darkness, a horrifying and twisted Force-user who guides the Shadowseers along their path of finding the deepest recesses of the Dark side of the Force. “The Seer” has been identified as Rose Telsniw. As seen on Dandoran, the Shadowseers are known for their hybridization of crystals and organic beings to create powerful monstrosities they alone can control.

The Shadowseers are also known to be comprised of several units. The Fateweavers, led by “The Loom”, are mystics who attempt to divine the truth of the future, and the happenings of those outside control of The Children. The Shadebreeders are responsible for the “ascension” process, as well as the melding of crystals with other organic beings, converting them into something new. The Nightfallers are specifically spies and recruiters for the Shadowseers.


The Children have outposts, both in use and long-abandoned throughout the galaxy. It is known each of the three main sects has their own systems of total control, while The Father is located somewhere deep in The Unknown Regions.

Known Locations:

  • The Lightbringers occupy the Pendroh system, located in the Inner Rim
  • The Truthwardens occupy the Lodisa system, located in the Mid Rim
  • The Shadowseers occupy the Urikoth system, located in the Unknown Regions


At present, it has been determined that the Children of Mortis have existed for thousands of years in some form or another. Past Supreme Chancellors of the Republic, Members of the Jedi Council, and other high-ranking officials have been identified throughout history as members of the group.

Granted Feat

The following feat is granted to any member of the Children:


Like all members of *The Children of Mortis*, {{member}} is devoted to their cause. With a deep spiritual connection to the Force, and to The Father they are resistant to ideas or actions that go against their dogmatic views.