Second Great Jedi War

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The Cordona Pirate Crisis
Conflict: The theft of a value Force crystal while in transit to the Star Chamber sparks a hunt for the thieves.
Date: 9 ABY
Location: Aurora Sector

Dark Brotherhood

Auroran Pirates


Dark Lord Justinian Khyron

Pirate chief

  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Subjugator
  • Dozens of Dark Jedi
  • Platform Cordona
  • Pirates




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The Second Great Jedi War (or "Crystal Dreams") is a conflict that took place in 9 ABY during the reign of Lord Stryker and also saw the beginning of the second reign of Lord Justinian Khyron. The incident involved the theft of a valuable Force artifact, a crystal, while being transported to the Dark Hall's vaults on Eos. The theft sparks a witch-hunt leading to conflict between the clans until a gang of Auroran pirates are revealed to be the true culprits.

Midway through the hunt for the artifact, Grand Master Khyron, the Dark Lord of the Sith, returned to the Dark Brotherhood and resumed his seat upon the Iron Throne, replacing Lord Stryker. Khyron then lead the attack on the pirate headquarters at the platform Cordona to recover the crystal and destroy the pirates. Crystal Dreams was chronicled by Lord Stryker, who had just recently stepped down from the Iron Throne, in Dark Voice 20.


When Dark Lord Khyron left the Iron Throne in 8 ABY, it was rumored that he traveled the galaxy. In his journey, he discovered innumerable artifacts and powers, secrets that only he and a select few would ever know of. Rumor held that one such secret lead to the acquisition of powerful crystal. The crystal was an ancient Force artifact and was of great value to the Brotherhood. However, en route to the Dark Hall's Eos vaults, the convoy was assaulted, rerouted by pirates despite the efforts of a Sith patrol, and plundered.

Along the way, a Sith pilot had been killed, and his wingman, a member of an opposing Clan, had reported a New Republic attack along with several coded transmissions back to his Clan. To many intelligence officials across the Clans, there was something more afoot. Soon evidence of an incredibly powerful artifact came to light.

The clans battled one another in an attempt to uncover the crystal. None of them had known the true destination of the item, just that it had been stolen by the pirates and was of immense power and then, supposedly, had been taken from the pirates by one of the Dark Jedi clans. One of the clans, the name lost to history, was able to track the crystal to a pirate CRV. They boarded the craft, just in time for Lord Khyron to arrive and collect his possession from the Consul of the clan.

Lord Khyron then summoned the Clans. He had divined the location of the pirate base and had determined they ought to be punished for their impudence. The Clans rallied around the Dark Lord and smashed the pirate forces out of existence. Among the spoils from the destroyed pirate forces, the Grand Master allowed for Clan Arcona to lay claim to a Carrack Cruiser that would eventually be named for Arcona's Consul, Nighthawk. Arcona had impressed the Grand Master, but not quite as much as House Ektrosis. House Ektrosis claimed two warships, the M-A/CRV Darkstorm and the M/DREAD Dark Seraphim.



  1. Independent House Ektrosis (Taldryan) - 18 points
  2. Arcona - 15.5 points
  3. Tarentum - 9 points
  4. Satal Keto - 2 points
  5. Naga Sadow - 1.5 points


  • Lord Stryker stepped down from Grand Master in the middle of the war, and Lord Khyron resumed command of the DB. However, Lord Stryker continued to write the story, and today his writings are chronicled in Dark Voice 20.
  • House Ektrosis was in the processing of Clanning throughout the entire Great Jedi War, and would be named Clan Taldryan at the Great Jedi War's end, hence why the results are chronicled as Clan Taldryan.

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