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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Justinian Arcanious Khyron
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Justinian Arcanious Khyron, former Grand Master for two tenures. One of the most influential members in the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi's early years. He was the 6th Grand Master to lead the Brotherhood and would later return to do this again as the 8th.


While Lord Cotelin was universally feared and respected by the Brotherhood, his inability to divert from his studies kept him further astray from the Dark Council. Cotelin eventually stepped down to pursue his own research, and the Star Chamber chose his Apprentice, Master Justinian Khyron, as the successor. Khyron found a wave of success in the beginnings of his reign. The Jedi adapted well to the Clan structures and the Brotherhood prospered under the Dark Council’s new leadership. However, Khyron’s would find the taint of the Other still lingering. The Other had manipulated the Jedi of Clan Ar’kell into a carefully orchestrated campaign of chaos, waves of assassinations and disappearances preceded the defection of the Clan as a whole, to a small cult in the deepest parts of the Core. Khyron knew that he must prevent another such event from crippling the Brotherhood, and commanded that Master Blazer establish the Grand Master's Royal Guard. Blazer trained this cohort of elite warriors to unwavering devotion to the Dark Lord of the Sith, defending his person and his Dark Council from assassination attempts and kidnapping by any treacherous elements. Like so many Grand Masters, Khyron too departed for his own studies and powers.

Khyron returned at the end of the Vendetta, again taking his place on the Iron Throne. Khyron’s second reign was one of continuing expansion and stability. Over a thousand Jedi filled the ranks of the Brotherhood, and the Super Star Destroyer Avenger was commissioned to serve as the war machine of the expansion. Having seen the conflict that erupted during Stryker’s reign, Khyron built upon the foundations of Lord Cotelin, and divided each Clan into Three Houses, each house aligned into one of the three Orders. This division stabilized the clans, and would prevent and further uprising like those of Clan Ar’kell. Khyron demonstrated that he was still a powerful figure in the Brotherhood, his brief interlude seeming to solidfy his position. When Stryker vanished shortly thereafter, Khyron’s next apprentice was Master Thedek.

DB Facts

  • Served as Grand Master for two terms, before and after Justin Stryker
  • Created some of the Brotherhood's earliest webpages even before being appointed Grand Master
  • Lead the Brotherhood during its Golden Age
  • The Sith King
Positions Held
Before Position After
Jac Cotelin Grand Master
14 ABY - 14 ABY
Stryker Grand Master
15 ABY - 15 ABY