K'hamar'an Crisis

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Exodus era.

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The K'hamar'an Crisis
Conflict: The mysterious K'hamar'an cult infiltrates the Dark Brotherhood to steal back several of their precious texts and artifacts.
Date: 16 ABY
Location: Brotherhood Territories, K'hamar'a

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K'hamar'an cult

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During the K'hamar'an Crisis (also known as the last Krath Rite of Supremacy) members of the mysterious K'hamar'an cult infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood and steal back many of their texts and artifacts. The Krath High Priestess leads forces of the Krath order to the K'hamar'an homeworld of K'hamar'a to reclaim the artifacts and put an end to the K'hamar'an nuisance.


Towards the end of Arania's reign as Krath High Priestess, she was sent on a mission to the ancient K'hamar'a people, reputed to have wielded the Dark Side with terrifying power, leading to their eventual self-destruction. Arania's trip was very productive, and she returned with many valuable artifacts from the K'hamar'an. Many of these items were not understood, even after months of study by the wisest of the Krath, the strange and powerful artifacts continued to puzzle them.

However, during Alanna Taldrya's tenure as Krath High Priestess, Arania came to her to share her speculation about rogue K'hamar'a attempting to reclaim their lost artifacts. Her suspicions were based primarily on Kaiann's findings as Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, of a few K'hamar'an tomes going missing. Alanna scorned Arania's speculations, telling her that there was simply no proof of a threat from the K'hamar'an.

A few weeks later, however, Spears carried out a complete inventory check, turning up the unsettling results of over half the K'hamar'an artifacts missing. After an initial search was carried out by the Deputy Grand Master himself, none of the artifacts were found. Arania and Alanna met once more, and this time Arania expressed her concern that there was, perhaps, Dark Jedi inside the Brotherhood helping the dissidents reclaim the items. Alanna dreaded this outcome, but was torn over how best to deal with the problem.

Tissaya began to search through all the shipments and records of the Dark Brotherhood to make sure that the items were not shipped out with normal trade items, as she suspected. Spears, meanwhile, was lurking in the libraries, watching the Dark Jedi carefully for any signs of foul play.

Eventually, it was discovered that the artifacts were emitting a homing beacon-like signal that was drawing in unsuspecting Dark Jedi and influencing them to help transport the artifacts away from the Brotherhood. However, the Dark Jedi falling under its lure were always unsuspecting, and had no idea what they were doing.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood sent its forces to the homeworld of the K'hamar'an dissidents, and after brutal combat the Dark Jedi emerged from the planet with its reclaimed artifacts. Tissaya managed to track down nearly all of the remaining lost artifacts in routine shipments of cloth, food, and so on, returning them to their rightful places.

The challenge of reversing the homing beacon now faced the KHP, but Alanna and Arania worked together to devise a ritual to reverse the process to influence individuals to return the artifacts to the Krath, rather than the K'hamar'an rogues. However, it wasn't the end of the Brotherhood's difficulties. The apparent conclusion of the crisis set events in motion that would lead to many more triumphs and failures for the Dark Jedi...

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