Selen Incident

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Exodus era.
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The Selen Incident
Conflict: Clan Taldryan sends Odium and Werdna on a stealth mission into Arcona territory, setting off an incident between both Clans
Date: 19 ABY
Location: Dajorra System

Clan Taldryan




Clan Taldryan

Clan Arcona

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Prior to the Seventh Great Jedi War, Clan Taldryan sent two of their dark jedi on a stealth mission into Arcona's Dajorra System, hoping to gather intelligence on their defenses


Clan Taldryan had noticed an alarming lack of intelligence on other Clans. Looking to gather information on the other Clans, they looked at Clan Arcona as their first target. Consul Duga sent two dark jedi in the forms of Werdna Elbee and Apollyon "Odium" Dinaarius to gather information on the Clan. During what was to be a stealth-based mission, both Taldryan's were found and captured by Arcona forces.

Arcona's Consul, Halcyon Rokir, publicly decried such actions, while Duga claimed such accusations were false. As tensions mounted, Clan Taldryan sent a large force and surrounded the planet Selen, headquarters of Clan Arcona, demanding their members be released. Arcona brought their own forces to face off against Taldryan, a stand-off now occurring between both fleets with war about to be announced.


A sudden reversal occurred as both Consuls met with one another, and an eleventh-hour alliance being declared. Both Clans announced that the entire incident had been a misunderstanding, and vowing to instead work together as they noticed the approaching storm.

Competition Details

Although the fiction never had an actual battle, this competition was a Clan Feud between Taldryan and Arcona. Complete details can be found on the Official Site. A number of people had a hand in the development of this competition, with it coming together fairly quickly. It was designed to be a warm-up to the upcoming Great Jedi War. A total of 11 events were run over a two-week period, with the Clan Summit from both Clans jointly grading submissions.

Clan Awards were handed out in the form of Capital Ships. First place received the M/FRG Suppressor while second would receive the GSP Hellfire.