The Collective: Technocratic Guild

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The Technocratic Guild is a sub-faction of The Collective.


Unlike the Liberation Front who has defined structures, the Technocratic Guild is much less organized. Instead of structure, Daggo trusts his lieutenants to compete with one another for power and favor. He leaves very few unsupervised, however, and only has four divisions.

Kerwin Drake operates one of the most ruthless and efficient armies. Fortunately though, they are not very well known in the Galaxy, which drives his desires to succeed. He relies on his commanders, Eeth Hal and Mavet to control a bulk of the ground forces, while he charges into battle with his growing-in-fame “Brute Squad”.

Kendra Icasta is the very manipulative leader of the Shikari, a skilled group of Huntresses that have been trained specifically to deal with Force Users.

Gwendolyn Sparks is the trusted advisor that leads the Engineering division. She is directly responsible of overseeing both the design of weaponry, but also that of the cybernetics that are used on the soldiers and huntresses. While a bit manic in her design, her passion for creating weapons of mass destruction makes her an invaluable resource to Daggo.

Technocratic Guild organization chart.


The Technocratic Guild formed following the mass exodus of Techno Union engineers who had no desire to be controlled by the Empire. The guild struggled for decades, never being able to succeed due to the Empire and its successors. The early engineers, mostly made up by Humans and Chiss men, set out a vision for their organization to ensure dominance in the Galaxy. They began to develop and implement special cybernetic enhancements that allowed their members to perform tasks at double the speed as their counterparts. These initial enhancements, completed under Project Blackwing, proved incredibly successful. However, due to low funding, the project fell incomplete, and many of the guild members drifted off into the Galaxy, leaving behind a nearly collapsed shell of an organization.

It wasn’t until 20ABY, when a middle-aged Ithorian named Daggo Mouk stumbled upon a tool that was used to install cybernetics and quickly made improvements that allowed much greater use. He was observed by a former engineer and was quickly brought to the attention of the remaining members of the Guild. Daggo quickly gained power and rejuvenated the Technocratic mission, instilling fire and passion into its members. Daggo quickly bred an army of soldiers who either became dependent on his enhancements, or envious of earning them. This did not come without a cost, however. Daggo sustained the Guild with his own funds, and that of his family for fourteen years, when he met Varryn Antillus, the head of a rogue banking guild. The two formed a symbiotic partnership whereby Antillus and his guild, Capital Enterprises, would fund The Technocratic Guild in exchange for their protection.

The budding relationship between the Technocratic Guild and Capital Enterprises lead to immediate success that saw Daggo Mouk and his band of ruthless mercenaries build up a stockpile of weapons and develop incredible technologies that allowed their fighters to be among the most efficient killing machines in the Galaxy. They would still need a true visionary to come along before becoming a feared name throughout the galaxy.


Technocrats tend to view themselves as superior to the rest of the Collective. With confidence boasted by their cybernetic enhancements, they tend to look down on the more mundane Liberation Front soldiers and partisans who lack any kind of modifications.

Since Capital Enterprises has long funded the Guild, they have a much better relationship and show more respect to its agents.

The members of the guild are always competing with one another for favor. More favor means more funding for their individual operations and the potential for more cybernetic enhancements to grow their own power and influence.


Daggo Mouk

Name: Daggo Mouk (Deceased)
Position: Guild Master
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Guildmaster Daggo Mouk is a master of blurring the lines between mechanical and biological technology. He has spent years developing experimental methods to push the limits of the Technocratic Guild’s members mental and physical capabilities well beyond their genetic capabilities. Daggo repeatedly uncovered the name Darth Plagueis throughout pursuit of scientific and experimental studies. Darth Plagueis’s capability to manipulate an organism’s capability mortality was a fascination that the Guild Master could not shake.

Kerwin Drake

Kerwin facing two members of the Brotherhood on Nancora.
Name: Kerwin drake
Position: Field Commander
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Despite his usually calm and steady demeanor, fellow Technocrats have jokingly referred to Kerwin Drake as the lone member of his very own "Brute Squad". While this mostly refers to his towering figure, and how he uses his strength and melee prowess to overwhelm and and overpower opponents, Drake is also clever enough to out-think and match most of his opponents. This does not prevent people from labeling or treating him as a simple brute, but he will use that stereotype to his advantage and throw enemies for a loop with a witty jab accompanying a hit from his Electro-staff. He is considered the leader of the Technocrat's soldiers, though he does not personally approve of how they came to be a part of their army.

Technocrat Soldier

The Technocrat Soldier's are hardly human. Instead, they have had their individual and defining characteristics flattened into an amorphous amalgamation of the "perfect" human beings. Through cybernetic modification and surgery, each has pale skin, squared noses, and thin lips. They have no hair on their bodies, making it difficult to distinguish their gender. Their limbs are lined with corded muscles and support a strong torso and powerful legs thanks to the modifications.

Kendra Icasta

Name: Kendra Icasta
Position: Hunt Master
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Within the ranks of The Technocratic Guild, Kendra Icasta leads a small group of Hunters known as the Shikari. She has earned the respect of both her superiors and subordinates not for her empathy or charm, but for her proven track record of getting the job done, no matter the challenge. Kendra embodies the "lead by example" mantra and would never ask one of the Shikari to do something she herself wouldn't.

Technocrat Huntress

The Technocrat Huntress — also known as the Shikari — are all of identical build with matching facial features that make them indistinguishable between one another. thanks to the genetic medications and tampering of the Technocratic Guild. The Huntress' have tanned skin, angular noses, dark eyes, dreadlocks tied back into tails, and strong necks and defiant chins. Each has two yellow tattoos underlining their eyes across each cheek. The Huntress' have athletic builds packed with tight, lean muscles that shift beneath their skin with an animal grace. While they are not Force Users, they are able to channel the Kiffar's unique Psychometry

Gwendolyn "Sparks"

Name: Gwendolyn "Sparks" (Deceased)
Position: Lead Engineer
Faction: Technocratic Guild
Character Sheet

Gwendolyn — or simply "Sparks" as her fellow Technocrats have both affectionarly and warily named her — has a penchant for causing chaos and anarchy in the pursuit of her passion for...explosive artwork. A disciple of Guild Master Daggo Mouk, her loyalty lies mostly to the freedom she is given to pursue her creative modifications to explosive devices as well as with inventing new kinds of weapons geared towards mass destruction.



The following data has been identified about the members of the Technocratic Guild.

Technocrat (Granted Character Feat)

As a member of the Technocratic Guild, the Character has had their body enhanced with cybernetic implants. As a result, some might consider them no longer entirely human. These enhancements increase their base Athletics, Might, and Endurance skills by +1.

Technocrat Cybernetics

Designed by Guild Master Daggo Mouk, a Technocrat's cybernetic enhancements do not register pain and are shielded against standard ion weaponry and grenades. Blunt impact to a cybernetic from an electric weapon does not register more than a temporary stagger. However, when exposed to the powerful tendrils of a Force User's Lightning, the power cells contained within the cybernetics can be disabled entirely.

Any kind of Electro-magnetic pulse or bomb would also be effective against a Technocrat's cybernetics, disabling and short-circuting them. This method would also fry any kind of weapon or utlity that has an ignition, such as lightsabers, blasters, and datapads.

Cybernetics and the ACC

The Technocrats Cybernetic modifications function in line with the current ACC Guide policy. Cybernetics are cosmetic only.

The bonus stat attributes and stat modifiers are a factor to consider in Fiction and Run-On writing.