Third Great Jedi War

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Rise of the Brotherhood era
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Second Brotherhood Civil War
Conflict: With the breakdown of the Star Chamber the Clans turn on themselves allowing Archibald Zoraan to manipulate his way to the Iron Throne.
Date: 10 ABY
Location: Aurora Sector





Several hundred Dark Jedi

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The Third Great Jedi War or the Second Brotherhood Civil War occurred during the reign of Archibald Zoraan as Dark Lord of the Sith allowing the Grand Master to strengthen his hold over the Dark Brotherhood.


With the departure of Thedek as Grand Master a void was left atop the Dark Council. As loyalty to the Star Chamber crumbled, the Clans turned on themselves. It was to this backdrop that Archibald Zoraan orchestrated his rise to the Iron Throne. The Warlord played upon the fears and weaknesses of his enemies to become the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

The fighting continued after the new Grand Master had assumed the throne until he commanded his Shadow Hand, Pyrolius Torquemada, to take action and bring an end to the hostilities, but not before he had allowed the Clans to weaken themselves enough that they would be unable to challenge him.



  1. Clan Taldryan - 555.5 points
  2. Clan Naga Sadow - 241.7 points
  3. Clan Arcona - 143.2 points
  4. Clan Scholae Palatinae - 119.6 points
  5. Clan Satal Keto - 84 points
  6. Clan Tarentum - 52 points
  7. Clan Alvaak - 4 points

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