Fifteenth Great Jedi War

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New Order era.
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GJW XV: Ascension
Date: 40 ABY

The Dark Brotherhood

Children of Mortis


Grand Master:



The Father



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The Fifteenth Great Jedi War, also known as GJW XV: Ascension, was a 6 week Brotherhood event that ran from May 28, 2022 to July 6, 2022.


After months of research, the CLANS of the BROTHERHOOD begin to see the results of their study.

Soul-fueled crystals, from ages long gone, hold incredible power to CREATE and to DESTROY. With each still CORRUPTED by connection to their creator, their usage is dangerous.

Little do they know the ANCIENT RITES have melded with MODERN SCIENCE bringing lethal efficiency to the creation process.

ASCENSION comes as the secretive CHILDREN OF MORTIS begin their offensive. Striking from deep space, these fanatics will do anything to accomplish their goals...


Prelude to War

The opening shots to what would become the Fifteenth Great Jedi War took place during the Rite of Supremacy: Escalation, where the Children of Mortis manipulated events to recruit Rath Oligard into their number. With a new faction present and at work against them, and detecting efforts to observe the Brotherhood worlds, the Grand Master pushed to investigate and then infiltrate the Children to judge them.

The infiltration effort proved to be a partial success, but extraction was required to gather the findings from these efforts. Dubbed Operation SPYFALL, the Brotherhood was able to retrieve vital information from a point on Pendroh-I, giving them critical information on the scope and nature of the organization. With the newly developed ascension gas granting them a major edge, the Children's leaders made preparations for open war against the Brotherhood and its allies.

For more details, see the Shadows Unveiled event fiction:

Chapter I

With growing concern surrounding the threat that the Children of Mortis pose, Darth Nehalem continues to insist that Arx be ready to be defended at all costs, and that the Clans fully support the Iron Forces. With their spies having gone completely silent, the Dark Council knows that an assault is on its way, and Arx is still rebuilding after the Collective's attack. Alarms sound, triggering alerts throughout the Dark Ascent, but they quickly realise that the Children's target is not the Brotherhood's beating heart. Instead, they are bent on damaging the Brotherhood by launching a massive simultaneous assault on each Clan's homeworld. With the Iron Forces held back as they try to gain an edge against the attackers and the Severian Principate lacking a substantial military thanks to its reforms, the Clans are left to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, in the Muisyle System, deep in the heart of the Children's territories, Avitus Oligard is left to reflect upon his choices in joining them and of the impending rituals. The Father takes control of the Harbinger for a brief moment to praise his efforts, Saira O’Setera begins screaming as labour pains take hold...

Chapter II

an example of the Children's weaponry by DarkHawk Sadow

The Children continue to press their assaults, throwing growing waves of bodies against the meat grinder of the Clans' defences. Utilising mutated war beasts and their own legions as a means to swamp the less numerous Brotherhood members, their sorcery is giving a noted edge in the conflict. Even so, it is not progressing as the Children would hope. On several worlds that were given the opportunity to research and analyse the crystals, the Children suffer extremely high losses. Yet even so, they have found that those without a strong link to the Force can be revived as undead cadavers and sent off to fight their former allies. Even amid this new turn of events, the Children of Mortis press forward with the next stage of their attack, and asteroids slam into each of the Clan homeworlds; “World Seeds” to drain all life from the planets they strike. In the Arx system, the Council works quickly to consolidate the different research branches made by each of the Clans, hoping to find a way to break the crystalline technology that gives their Children such a strong advantage.

In the Muisyle System, Saira O’Setera's pregnancy continues, with something within visibly pressing out against her skin. Father releases his control of Harbinger’s body, preparing himself for the impending birth.

Chapter III & Epilogue

Having been given the time needed to find a way to "purify" each of the crystals, the elements of the Brotherhood led by Rahjin race to break the deadlock in the fighting. As the battles continue, the Brotherhood releases a weapon that breaks down and destroys the crystals' effects while also breaking the Children's hold on it. The assault, already stalling, rapidly turns into a rout as the Brotherhood forces quickly drive the Children into a full retreat. In spite of heavy casualties in both sides, the effort to break the Brotherhood in a single battle has been ended. The Children are able to escape through the use of mysterious portals, preventing the total loss of their armies committed to the fights.

In the aftermath, research into the crystals continue, as the Brotherhood seeks to turn the new technology to their advantage. At the same time, Darth Nehalem begins his experiments with the same portals that the Children have used. In a moment of surprise, he not only finds an ethereal plane linking to a small one he forms, but hears the voice of former Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor in that moment.

In the Muisyle System, the Father is revealed in full, as a crystalline skeleton wearing a crown. As the leaders of the Children plead their cases before him, asking for him to initiate the unbinding of the Force due to this loss, Avitus and Saira return, along with a small child now old enough to walk. More concerned with this than the words of his subordinates, the Father deems the child an appropriate vessel for his uses.

Unseen by all, watching the aftermath of the battle from the Cor’neria System, Rath Oligard observes the events and considers the Collective's next move.


The assault took place on each of the Clan's homeworlds, and was focused upon the planets of Kiast, Selen, Sepros, Kasiya, Aliso, Ragnath, and Zsoldos.


The following news posts were made by the Dark Council to spread information for Great Jedi War XV.


Phase I

Phase II



Great Jedi War XV: Ascension was the parent competition.

Phase I

Fiction Bin

Gaming Bin

Graphics and Miscellaneous Bin

Phase II

Fiction Bin

Gaming Bin

Graphics and Multimedia Bin


Fiction Bin

Gaming Bin

Multimedia Bin



Clans earn points when members participate in competition types/bins or when members place in a competition. In accordance with the directives governing Vendetta Events in the Brotherhood, the Clan with the most points at the conclusion of Great Jedi War XV will be named First Clan of the Brotherhood, while the Clan with the second and third most points will be Second Clan and Third Clan, respectively.


The individuals earning the most placement points in Great Jedi War XV were be awarded War Hero titles. Members with tie scores would be broken following an Olympic-style Novae and placement ranking.

100% Participation

The following members "did work" and exerted "maximum effort" in this Great Jedi War. Congrats to all members who completed an event in every bin throughout the GJW.

Arcona Naga Sadow Odan-Urr Plagueis Scholae Palatinae Taldryan Vizsla
  • Kanal O'neill
  • Hector Von Ricmore
  • Korvis


Skins: Robe / Weapon Skins


All members of the Brotherhood that participated in the war were awarded a ceremonial gold pendant infused with a purified ascendant crystal to mark their participation in the event.

Possessions: Credit Earnings

Credits will be granted to the Clans following the details provided by the Regent. Results of this are as follows based on final participation numbers and placements.

  • Clan Arcona: 109,370,000, Ascendant Null-Burst Projector for their fleet, and an as-of-yet undisclosed planetary asset.
  • Clan Naga Sadow: 77,910,000 credits, Ascendant Composite Beam Cannon for their fleet, and the Urias Gate as a planetary asset.
  • Clan Odan-Urr: 59,610,000 credits, Ascendant Crystal Engine Array for their fleet, and an as-of-yet undisclosed planetary asset.
  • Clan Plagueis: 63,310,000 credits, Ascendant Missile Retrofit for their fleet, and an as-of-yet undisclosed planetary asset.
  • Clan Scholae Palatinae: 57,030,000 credits, Ascendant Crystal Turbolasers for their fleet, and Imperial Strategic Armed Laser Array Citadel as a planetary asset.
  • Clan Taldryan: 73,740,000 credits, Ascendant Sensor Suite for their fleet, and Kasiya Mothercrystal Shield Generator as a planetary asset.
  • Clan Vizsla: 39,880,000 credits, Ascendant Crystal Nullification System for their fleet, and Ion Pulse-Cannon as a planetary asset.

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