Shroud Syndicate

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New Order era.
Shroud Syndicate
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Selika Roh


Godless Matron

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34 ABY

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New Order era

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The Shroud Syndicate is the premiere criminal organization operating in Dark Brotherhood space. It involves many smaller gangs, crews, and criminal combines within its area of operation, it is lead by the Herald, and operates from the Shroud Nebula where their massive ship, the Godless Matron, makes berth. The organization is involved in almost every major black market deal that happens in Dark Brotherhood space.


History of the Shroud Syndicate

Smugglers in aggressive negotiations

The Shroud Syndicate was created in 34 ABY by the Herald at the time, Morgan B. Sorenn, and her associates. Its inception predates its creation by several years, to a previous attempt by the wayward pirate captain to create a wide-spread conglomerate of criminals, cutthroats, and bounty hunters. She failed then, but her opportunity came in the form of financial backing from the Dark Council, and their leader Grand Master Pravus. Under the Dark Council's wing and jurisdiction, the Herald set off to consolidate and re-organize the disparate criminal groups, first withing and around the Shroud Nebula, and then on into wider Brotherhood space.

Through various influences and deals, she managed to acquire a large ship, the Godless Matron, and sent it to Arx Space Yards for retrofitting and repair. With no time to lose, and only after a month of repairs, the ship flew out of drydock and headed for places unknown. It reemerged from the Shroud Nebula months later, several thousand crew members strong. The herald finally had an army at her disposal and her domination of the criminal underworld began.


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Pirate ship docking with the Matron

The Shroud Syndicate operates as any syndicate should. Its integrity is based on cooperation between the strongest crews and gangs who control the trade of spice, illegal commodities from the vastness of the galaxy, and artifacts from the now desolate Antei system. Their influence spreads throughout known space and even into Unknown regions where Dark Brotherhood Clans hold sway. Many bounty hunters, mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, and other less-than-civilized individuals work within the syndicate, either as crews or as individuals, the Syndicate itself providing services to them in return.

However, even the crews that seem to lead the organization, answer to the Herald, who inadvertently answers directly to the Grand Master. Most of the profits from trade deals that the Herald acquires across the Syndicate, end up in the Dark Council's coffers and fuel its war machine and never-ending need for recruits and technology. Despite this, however, the Shroud Syndicate is adverse to control and is often left to its own dealings and machinations, internal struggles and politics, if only to avoid any further instability or outright revolt in the system. The criminals themselves are mostly unruly, or free-thinkers who don't stand for some over-bearing power that controls their destiny, and as long as the Dark Council's coffers are full, they tend to leave the low-lives to themselves.

The fact that the Dark Council still holds sway over all of it is kept a complete secret from the common folk, and the Herald subdues any rumors that crop up with extreme prejudice. Most simply dismiss the fact that "some lightning-shooting crazies" dominate the leadership, though conspiracies have been known to exist, and at times they have been rampant.

Rank System

To become a member of the Shroud Syndicate, you must first pass this Course which covers the basics of the Society. Once passed, you will be added to the roster of the Shroud Syndicate as one of its many members. Through contributions to the goals of the Brotherhood or their Clans, or acts of service or skill, members will find themselves climbing through the ranks of the society. You will be able to advance in the Syndicate by participating in, or winning, competitions and acquiring Clusters of Graphite through other contributions. For more information check Cluster of Graphite. Additional advancement is available for shows of skill with placements in these activities, or through service to the Brotherhood by running these competitions to provide the opportunities, or by holding different positions in the Herald’s office. The Society Points Chart below covers all the different ways to earn points.

Shroud Syndicate Ranks

The Syndicate is organized into five tiers comprising twelve different ranks. As a member advances through the ranks they will find different perks become available both fictionally and for show. The Rank Chart below covers the points required for each rank and associated perks.

Womp rat (Ranks I through IV)

Everyone starts from somewhere and in the Shroud Syndicate that usually means from the bottom. Womp rats, the first tier of membership in the society, are given menial tasks, such as stealing, scouting probable targets for theri gangs, or selling the most basic contraband on the streets. They are the basic thugs no organization can live without. Usually found as part of pirate crews, smuggling rings, or street gangs.

Rook (Ranks V through VII)

Sometimes Womp rats can become trusted members of their gang or crew once they prove themselves to their boss. These newly christened Rooks are tough enough to become lower ranking officers on their ships or gangs. They can also become individual professionals in the Syndicate’s employ, striking out to chase their own means of profit.

Enforcer (Rank VIII and X)

Enforcers are the leaders of smaller gangs, lieutenants or officers of pirate ships, well known bounty hunters or smugglers, or other famous individuals within the Syndicate. Trusted among their peers and superiors as competent individuals, many Enforcers are tasked with leading criminal operations on whole planets. Many of them become top level bounty hunters or smugglers that only the wealthiest clients can afford.

Underboss (Rank XI)

Just one rank removed from glory, the Underboss is a rare breed of criminal, often taking control of Syndicate operations in one or multiple star systems or controlling multiple ships or crews. Underbosses are trusted and often feared personas in the Syndicate, more often than not seen as the voice of the boss they serve. They are respected and adored in equal measure, as they are the bridge between the boss and the henchmen.

Boss (Rank XII)

The highest rank an individual can achieve without being the overall leader of the syndicate. These individuals are feared for their cunning and brutality - after all it takes a special kind of person to reach the heights they have. Often leading multiple ships or small armadas, or controlling whole sectors of criminal operation, Bosses demand respect from their crews and companions. These individuals hold the most power and move the various pieces in the proverbial chess game that is the Shroud Syndicate.

Society Points Chart

The following table shows the different ways that a member can earn points, through different activities, services, or skills. How many points are required for each rank are explained below.

Earning Points
Activity Points
Cluster of Graphite 6 Points
Skill Points
First Place 10 Points x Multiplier
Second Place 5 Points x Multiplier
Third Place 2.5 Points x Multiplier
Difficulty class (modifies all Skill points)
  • Beginner: 0.75x
  • Intermediate: 1x
  • Advanced: 1.25x
Service Points
Organize a Herald Approved Competition 30 Points
Co-Organize a Herald Approved Competition 15 Points
90 days as Herald 100 Points (per 90 day period)
90 days as P:Herald 80 Points (per 90 day period)
90 days as M:Herald 50 Points (per 90 day period)

Rank Elevations

The following table shows the point total requirements for each rank of the Shroud Syndicate society. How to earn points is explained above.

Points Required for Ranks
Shroud Syndicate History 60 120 180 300 480 660 900 1,200 1,500 1,860 2,580


The following table shows the different rewards given to members who achieve certain ranks. What rewards are available and each rank and details on that reward are listed for each.

Rank Reward
Rank 1
  • Shroud Syndicate Warbanner Tassett: A tassett displaying the Syndicate logo may be added to a member's warbanner.
Rank 2
  • Syndicate Sensor Jammer: The Syndicate Sensor Jammer is a small device worn on a belt or around the wrist that looks like a chronometer that blocks attempts to scan a person's belongings.
Rank 3
  • Syndicate Datapad: The Syndicate Datapad is a high performance small electronic device used to store and display information with an incredibly high level of encryption. It provides access to the job boards including bounties and various other opportunities that, if accessed, will be properly assigned with relevant information downloaded to the device. It also includes access to a network of black market fences and safe houses to aid members to operate as members of the Shroud Syndicate tailored to their specific role and rank. Activating the device requires biometric scanning of the operator making it impossible to use unless in the hands of its living owner, quickly rendering itself useless after unauthorized access attempts.
Rank 4
  • Shroud Syndicate Warbanner Pattern: A pattern unique to the Shroud society that can be displayed in the background of a member’s warbanner.
Rank 5
  • Syndicate Hunter Attire: The Syndicate Hunter Attire is a set of basic attire consisting of a jacket over an undershirt, hide boots and kneepads, accessorized by a pocket bandolier and waist satchel. It is designed to maximize movement while providing a multitude of hidden pockets and storage for any tools or contraband needed by a scoundrel.
Rank 6
  • Syndicate Blaster Pistol: The Syndicate Blaster Pistol is a reliable blaster weapon with very high accuracy in close-range combat. It has been designed by the Syndicate with an internal electronics system that monitors a range of metrics including temperature and shots remaining, while outputting customized feedback to the owner via audible or physical vibration queues, or integrated with displays systems inside armor.
  • Syndicate Blaster Rifle: The BlasTech EE-4 is a blaster carbine, designed as the successor to the EE-3 carbine rifle with a shortened barrel that allowed it a much faster rate of fire making it incredibly deadly in close-range combat but with a drastically reduced accuracy at range.
Rank 7
  • Computer Linked Gauntlets: The Computer Linked Gauntlets are a piece of technology worn on the wrist that functions as a small personal computer, allowing rapid access to execute operations at any time or review limited information on the small viewscreen including details about armor, weapons or other possessions. Designed by the Shroud Syndicate for use by its members of appropriate rank.
Rank 8
  • Syndicate Voice Modulator: The Syndicate Voice Modulator is a device that digitally distorts the voice of the user, most effective fitted into the helmet on a set of armor, though able to be used without.
Rank 9
  • Elite Syndicate Hunter Armor: The Elite Syndicate Hunter Armor is a set of armor consisting of long pants and shirt, covered by a lightly armored cuirass, codpiece, gloves, kneepads and shoulder pads with a helmet strapped across the chin. Pockets are hidden throughout the armor but are visible on the belt, thighs, and legs for storage. It is designed for protection on more intense missions while maximizing movement and providing pockets and storage for any tools or contraband needed by a scoundrel.
Rank 10
  • Syndicate Slicer Kit: The Syndicate Slicer Kit consists of a small handheld device that can be connected to a computer network and process information, gaining access to higher programming functions at any computer terminal and gaining control. As well as a single use computer spike that will help a user to access restricted functions of computer systems.
Rank 11
  • Syndicate Holoshroud: The Syndicate Holoshroud is an advanced version of a holoprojector capable of overlaying a stored image on an item or person. It is small enough to be worn on a belt, capable of storing one specific image to project, with enough power for several minutes of projection.
Rank 12
  • Lightsaber Pistol: The Lightsaber Pistol is a type of lightsaber weapon designed by those who sought to conceal their relationship with the Force, unable to rely on their lightsaber openly when a weapon still may be needed. In addition emitting a plasma blade from the hilt, powered by a crystal that determined its characteristics and color, it had a second emitter that released the weapon's energy as a projectile similar to that of a blaster bolt. However, since this energy is not encased by the focusing field, in the same way the blade is, it rapidly weakens as it travels to the target. While the powerful blade could be wielded as both an offensive and defensive weapon, capable of cutting through virtually anything, the short-range shots from the blaster would only stun or shock the target.

Current Roster of the Shroud Syndicate

For a current roster showing all members of the Shroud Syndicate and their ranks, please refer to the Shroud Syndicate Roster.