Spoils of War

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Exodus era.
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Spoils of War
Conflict: Spoils of War was a Rite of Supremacy initiated to determine which clan was strong enough to eradicate the creatures on Salas V.
Date: 26 ABY
Location: Salas V


Clan and House summits





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Spoils of War was a Rite of Supremacy initiated to determine which clan was strong enough to eradicate the creatures on Salas V. This conflict, which occurred in the year 26 ABY involved all of the clans as they were pitted against each other for dominance, and to determine which Clan, or House, would carry out Grand Master Muz Ashen's orders on Salas V.


In the years since the War of Unification, the clans grew more and more apart, tending to their own wounds and growing rather isolationist in their own ways. Even the Dark Council had kept to themselves in their plotting and expansion of the Brotherhood's dominion.

Finally, the situation on Salas V became such that even the formidable Armed Forces of the Iron Throne were stretched too thinly to deal with the natives effectively. Sensing the need for a common goal between the Clans and Houses, Muz invoked the Art of Vendetta and called for a Rite of Supremacy, offering up the rights to the planet itself as prize. Sending the Dark Councilors to their home clans, Muz knew that with each clan restored to full strength, this test would be one of the purest yet.

As the Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood made their way to Salas V, the old Habits kicked back into play. Not satisfied to just kill the Killiks that gave the Iron Throne's forces so much trouble, they turned on each other as they sought to prove their own mastery of battle, of the Force.

The youngest of all Houses, the Independent House Revan was sorely underestimated by the much larger Clans, and were ambushed and blindsided on many occasions by the crafty plans and strength of their members. It was Revan that would eventually claim Salas V for themselves, narrowly defeating each of their larger foes.

In the violence of Salas V, a great many Dark Jedi were killed by their brethren or remain unaccounted for, including then Deputy Grand Master Jedgar Octavius Paladin



Champions of the Rite

Behind the Scenes

Cover of the Comic for Spoils of War

The Spoils of War RoS was created by Muz Ashen in order to offer a clan a chance at governing a new planet. Ultimately, it would be Muz who ran and judged all of the events on his own, as others intended as judges were either unavailable or unable to assist. Halcyon and Erinyes were drafted to help judge ACC event matches at the end of the event due to the massive quantity of ACC participation and their respective knowledge on the venue.

This event was run in a ladder format, with initial placing determined by lottery. The Dark Council (excepting the Deputy Grand Master and Grand Master) were allowed to return to their home clans to aid them in their efforts. The scoring structure had an emphasis placed highly on skill and very little placed on participation.

The story of this event, while intentionally rudimentary, was explained via a comic which was written by Muz and illustrated by Tyren Atema and Orv d'Tana. This would be the first time that a major brotherhood event would have the backstory done without dozens of pages of text.

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