Sixth Great Jedi War

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Exodus era.
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War of the Star Chamber
Conflict: An ancient and malignant presence called the Nameless Ones or the "consciousness" awakens on Antei through its vessel, the Sith King of Antei and Lord of the Star Chamber, Okemi. It begins to corrupt the Dark Council through Oracle Trevarus Sadow, Deputy Grand Master Lord Jac Cotelin and the Rogue Krath Master Kem-Shu Maeda. The uprising is quelled when Lord Firefox forces the consciousness back into hibernation by destroying Okemi with Ferran's sword, Son'Jiatt.
Date: 15 ABY
Location: Antei system

Brotherhood Clans

Corrupted Clans


Dark Lord Firefox


Several hundred Dark Jedi

Several hundred Dark Jedi




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The Sixth Great Jedi War or the War of the Star Chamber occurred after the Dark Brotherhood unearthed the entrance to the original Star Chamber. The Sith Lord Okemi was reawakened after millennia of slumber and used his powers to take control of Deputy Grand Master Jac Cotelin, Justicar Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, and Oracle Trevarus Sadow.

Okemi had been driven insane by a spirit out of time called the Nameless Ones or simply the "consciousness". Okemi spread this corruption in an attempt to consume the Brotherhood in civil war and finally claim vengeance against the Dark Lords of the Sith. After getting word of the conflict Firefox returned and slew the ancient Lord of the Star Chamber, ending his influence forever.


The War of the Star Chamber opened with a subtle declaration of war. Construction of the Dark Hall began almost immediately after the arrival of the Brotherhood following the Great Exodus. Before the project was even remotely finished the Oracle, Trevarus Sadow, began meditating in the observatory of the unfinished edifice. He made contact with a series of voices that proclaimed a desire for fire, destruction and blood. Transcribed by his praetor, Vassan Rokir, these communications became the Tenebric Conclusions. Trevarus delivered them to Lord Firefox and his Deputy, Lord Cotelin -- both men ignored the portents.

As part of a campaign to wrest control of the space lanes around the Antei system the Sith High Warrior, Xanos, drew battle plans with Obelisk High Commander Shaithis to put down the piracy of the Antarans. Their strategy was flawless and the alien species was crushed. Unbeknownst to the Dark Council at the time the war throughout the Shroud had awakened Okemi, an ancient Sith Lord who had been exiled from the Sith Empire millennia before. It was Okemi who had first formed the Star Chamber and founded the Sith civilization on Antei, becoming the first Lord of the Star Chamber. Though still unknown, Okemi had been driven mad by the consciousness and that insanity had caused the destruction of the Star Chamber four millienia prior. Lord Firefox's arrival on his throneworld brought fire into the singular presence of Okemi and caused him to bring that corruption into the Brotherhood.

Workers blasting power-line relays in the area around the Dark Hall uncovered a massive shaft deep under the valley. The Oracle immediately ordered all construction halted and dispatched one of his junior apprentices to investigate. He returned and attempted to kill the Oracle and his praetor. Trevarus and Vassan survived the attack but Trevarus was trapped in the dark side. During his interrogation Korlyn infected Deputy Grand Master Cotelin and Justicar Keridagh Cantor.

The next six months saw the consciousness spread throughout the Brotherhood. Like a parasite it exerted its influence over anybody Okemi's blood came into contact with, dominating them like puppets. Jac Cotelin and the Dark Jedi Master Kem-Shu Maeda served as the entity's primary hosts corrupting whole swathes of the Brotherhood.

Eventually the Sith High Warrior managed to get off Antei, having been stuck there since Jac Cotelin ordered the system's closure and brought word to Firefox. Upon his return to Brotherhood space the Dark Lord assembled a force from the remaining loyalists, those who had not yet lost their minds to Okemi's control and launched an assault on Antei. Firefox squared off with Jac Cotelin, eventually chasing him off. As the Grand Master battled outside the ruins of the ancient Star Chamber the High Warrior took up arms against Kem-Shu Maeda. However, Xanos was bested and the rogue Dark Jedi Master escaped.

Finally, Lord Firefox found Okemi's hidden tomb and destroyed the original vector of the consciousness by slaying Okemi with Ferran's sword, the ancient Sword of Son'Jiatt. When its primary and supremely powerful host met final death the consciousness slept again.

To cement Firefox's authority as Lord of the Star Chamber the elaborate Rite of Ascendancy was performed by the Star Chamber. This brought the Dark Lord of the Sith completely into his rightful Lordship of the Star Chamber, Grand Mastery of the Brotherhood and Dark Lord of the Sith. No traces remain of the consciousness except in one being... the psychotic Shan Long.


Brotherhood Clans

Corrupted Clans



  1. Lenzar Demonis Entar-Serpenti, 2681 pts.
  2. Dark Sabre, 2607 pts.
  3. Acxodim Pyralis, 2304 pts.
  4. Arania Aquillarum Lawakiro, 2108 pts.
  5. Kir Taldrya Katarn, 1898 pts.
  6. Pimp Sharad Taldrya Hett, 1852 pts.
  7. Gui Long, 1533 pts.
  8. Dalthid, 1467 pts.
  9. NexusMage, 1323 pts.
  10. Selket KuroHyo Entar, 1291 pts.

Clan Awards

  • Clan Taldryan - Assault Frigate, Corellian Gunship, two corvettes
  • Clan Tarentum - Escort Carrier, Corellian Gunship, one corvette
  • Clan Arcona - Escort Carrier, pleasure yacht
  • Clan Satal Keto - Marauder-class corvette]], Action IV bulk transport]], pleasure yacht
  • Clan Naga Sadow - Two corvettes, pleasure yacht
  • Clan Scholae Palatinae - Two corvettes, pleasure yacht
  • Clan Exar Kun - One corvettes, pleasure yacht


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