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Jeric Cyrin
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7 ABY (age 38)

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1.82 meters


76.6 Kilograms





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  • Sith Assassin
  • Military Commander
  • Chamber of Justice
  • Clan Naga Sadow
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A Disciple of Sadow and renounced Noble Lord of the Expanse, Jeric Cyrin is a Battlelord of the Sith Order and adherent of Obelisk traditions. He is a former Quaestor and Aedile of House Marka Ragnos. Jeric has also served as Praetor to the Herald and Right Hand of Justice. Currently he is a member of Battleteam Shadow’s Bane, Sith Master to Vyrim and self proclaimed Sith Assassin.

Character History

Early Life

Noble Heritage

The Cyrin Family Estate
Born and raised on the planet Canti in the early months of 7 ABY, Jeric Cyrin had a sophisticated and luxurious childhood. Years before Jeric’s birth his father, Mikel Cyrin, had capitalize on the discovery of Madilon and established a mining enterprise on Nyriaan where the valuable metal was found. The family’s new found wealth and influence gave Mikel a seat on the Privy Council and made the Cyrin’s a Ruling Family of House Reena. Shortly after Jeric’s mother was elected to represent Reena Province in the Tapani Grand Council. She served for eight long years until her retirement around 13 ABY.

At age six Jeric’s mother and various caretakers began to instruct him. Nobles of Tapani Society where know to be well educated, especially in House Reena. Jeric learned everything from math and astronomy to ethics and philosophy. Around age twelve Jeric’s father began to teach him how to one day take a seat on the Privy Council. He also taught Jeric the code of conduct that Tapani Lords were expected to act in accordance with. By age thirteen Jeric joined a subclass of noble youth know as the Saber Rakes. He became an expert duelist by the time he was only fifteen and was greatly respected by other Saber Rakes.


In 24 ABY, Jeric was drafted into the Reena Defense Force. As per tradition, Nobles of the Reena Province were obligated to become officers in either the Army or Navy, upon reaching their seventeenth birthday. Only two years of active service was required before they could return to their life of royalty. Following his father’s footsteps Jeric entered the Royal Naval Academy of Reena. Within a year Jeric, now eighteen years of age, completed his officer’s training and was commissioned as a Lieutenant. During his training Jeric showed an uncanny ability to lead and strategize. He also had remarkable intuition and was able to make split second decisions in times of stress. Though he was not aware of this at the time this was all due to a rather high midi-chlorian count. Lieutenant Cyrin was assigned to one of Reena Navy’s four Marauder-class Corvette, the Horizon, as one of the many junior bridge officers. In the later months of 25 ABY, the Horizon and a few light escort vessels were scouting for asteroid fields rich in mineral deposits. After hours of searching the outskirts of the Caloria System, the Horizon and its escorts where ambushed by a small pirate force.

Naval HQ on House Reena's Throneworld
The attack dealt significant damage to the Horizon’s light escorts and an explosion on the bridge killed the Tac Officer. Without hesitation Jeric took over the tactical station and began to update the Commanding Officer on the ship’s shield strength and weapon status. Suddenly Jeric envisioned a tactical maneuver that would give the vessels an edge over the pirate force. Lieutenant Cyrin immediately told the CO to execute the maneuver he transmitted to the view screen. Just as he envisioned, the four Reena vessels positioned themselves and opened fire on the pirate forces severely damaging their main frigate and destroying one of the light vessels. The damaged frigate and its remaining escort retreated into hyperspace. Returning to the capital, Jeric received an advanced promotion to Lt. Commander and numerous commendations for his actions. He was appointed to the newly created position of Tactical Coordinator. Jeric was now responsible for planing Naval exercises and battle plans for the entire navy. He was even given his own office inside Naval Headquarters on Reena.

The Choice

Early into 26 ABY, Jeric was sent out on a mission with three of Reena’s capital ship. The mission was to quell a group of mercenaries that had been terrorizing the Tavitz System. After completing the mission, Jeric took a shuttle and a two fighter escort back to Reena ahead of the three Corvettes. About half way a Modified version of an CR90 Corvette dropped out of hyperspace, disabling Jeric’s shuttle and destroying it’s two escorts. It was still unclear what happen but Jeric was presumed killed and considered MIA by Reena Military Officials.

Jeric was uncertain how long he had been unconscious and where he was exactly. After concentrating he could faintly here the sound of ion-turbine engines and assumed he was on the corvette that had attacked his shuttle. Unknown to him the M/CRV Sirona was sailing through spaced heading towards the Antei System. Jeric’s eyes finally adjusted to his dimly lit cell and he realized a cloaked figure had been inside the small chamber all along. The figure stepped into a ray of light. Jeric began questioning the figure that stood in front of him. Instead of answering it waved its hand in a manner that told Jeric to be quite.

"We are the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. We have come to offer you guidance, a path to unlock your hidden power. Learn the ways of the force, of the Dark Side. It is your choice, join us or die." ~ Knight Commander

Dark Neophyte

Jeric had been on Lyspair at the Shadow Academy for more than a week now. In his first few days Jeric endured many tests to determined his physical strength and comprehension of the force. During his initiation Jeric learn about the star chamber, basic philosophy of the Dark Side and how to develop his powers. He spent days on end studying the many ancient scrolls the Brotherhood had in its possession. After spending roughly a month at the academy Jeric completed his initial trials and was given the test of lore.
The Halls of the Shadow Academy

Jeric easily passed the test and was promptly assigned to the brotherhood’s most prestigious clan, Clan Taldryan. It wasn’t long before a shuttle arrive to take Jeric to Altur, home planet of Taldryan’s Obelisk House, Dinaari. Jeric settled into his new home on Altur almost immediately. It didn’t take long before he started catching the attention of his new masters. Spending hours studying ancient texts and was granted the level of Acolyte in a matter of days. Jeric had grown stronger as the months past, honing his combat skills and knowledge of the dark side.

Early into 27 ABY the brotherhood learned of an extra-galactic species, called the Yuuzhan Vong, that had invaded the galaxy. The Grand Master of the Brotherhood summoned the great clans to prepare for inevitable invasion. Not long after Taldryan’s forces arrived at Antei, Jeric began to have nightmares, visions, that his home world had been invaded as well. Jeric refused to stay and fight with the Brotherhood and left for the Reena Province.

Ruined Homecoming

It had been days since Jeric betrayed the brotherhood. He commandeering a TIE Defender from the hanger of the Dark Prophet II’' and escaped before Taldryan’s fleet entered the Shroud. After a few layovers Jeric was in eyesight of House Reena’s throneworld. He immediately transmitted his landing codes to Naval Headquarters but got denied, his codes were likely deactivated after he was declared MIA. He retransmitted this time with an authorization pin unique to each person to confirm identity if rescued or found. After landing, Jeric quickly changed out of the blacked robes he had been wearing and into his duty uniform. He then head directly for the Command Center and once inside he warned the Admiral that the sector was in danger of attack. Surprise overcame everyone inside the room, surprise more so that Jeric was alive then the impending threat.

A chain of events unraveled, the Admiral informed House Reena’s newly appointed High Lord, Jeric’s Father, who immediately contacted Tapani’s Prime Minister, who in turn actives emergency protocols. Each house’s military prepared for invasion and the leaders of each joined together in the War Room on Procopia to coordinated the defense of the Sector. Not even a day passed when the first attacks began in the Cadriaan Province. Jeric elected to coordinate the coming battle from the Horizon and was granted a long due promotion to Commander. It wasn’t long before the Vong spread throughout the rest of Tapani space. The invaders overpowered the Reena Navy and did significant damage to the fleet. Luckily, before they could do any major damage to the sector as a whole, Republic forces arrived and began pushing the invaders out of the sector.

In the aftermath of the battle, the damage was clear. The Reena Navy lost roughly seven ships, the Horizon lost it’s Captain and a number of crew. Jeric himself was injured, receiving a decent laceration on the left side of his face and a broken left hand. A few days later Jeric went to meet with his father. Mikel didn’t bother questioning where his son had been, he just requested that Jeric would stick around and offered him Captain of the Horizon.

For almost a year now Captain Jeric Cyrin had successful served as the Horizon’s Commanding Officer. A couple of months ago the Reena Navy had to fend off another small attack from the Vong but the Reserve Battlegroup, the Republic left behind, assisted in defeating them. Other than that Jeric’s time as Captain wasn’t much; a few escort missions, one or two skirmishes against pirates, and to much patrolling. It wasn’t long before Jeric began to think about returning to the Brotherhood. His new found lust for power and desire to further his knowledge of the dark side burned away at him. In the final days of 27 ABY, the temptation of the dark side became to much for Jeric. He visited his father on Reena, to personally submit his letter of resignation. Jeric told his father that he needed to leave and unfortunately couldn’t explain why. Mikel wished him good luck and told him to take the family’s personal shuttle, a Theta-Class T-2c, called Aurora. Waiting for Jeric on the landing platform was the shuttle’s pilot, a beautiful naval Lieutenant named Vikaa Syndulla.

A Tyro Returns

A young Jeric, regal attire, Circa 28 ABY
Jeric returned to the Kr'Tal System in the beginning of 28 ABY, only to learn that much had changed. The Vong successfully attacked the heart of the Brotherhood, Antei, just as the Gand Master foresaw. They managed to overpower the Great Clans and forced the Dark Council to evacuate the planet. When Jeric arrived back on Altur he was greeted by the new Quaestor of Dinaari, Vladet Xavier. In a short amount of time, Jeric had distinguished himself and was chosen to be the next Dominus Sicarius: the Consul’s personal protector and master assassin. He found it a great honor and it wasn’t long before Jeric was elevated to Guardian of the Dark Path.

In mid 28 ABY Jeric approached the Headmaster and requested he become an instructor at the Shadow Academy. Jeric had proved to be more than knowledgeable in galactic history which was the slot the Headmaster wished to fill. Jeric’s summit began to noticed how quickly he had developed, growing in every way possible. They sensed that Jeric had the potential to be a great leader, placing him into the position of Rollmaster temporarily so he could hone his skills. Jeric impressed his masters, handling the duties of House Envoy with ease. Towards the end of the year the summit advance Jeric to the next level, Jedi Hunter.

In early 29 ABY, Jeric saw that the Emissary of the Dark Council was looking for assistants, he quickly applied and shortly after was accepted for the role. As a noble of Tapani society his diplomatic skills where more developed compared to most. About five months into Jeric’s first term as Magistrate he was sent on his first diplomatic mission. He was going to be negotiating use of the Citadel Station for whenever the brotherhood traveled along the Hydian Way. Within minutes after arriving on Telos, Jeric immediately felt a strong pull from the Dark Side. Jeric shook it off so he could completed his mission. Once negotiations were done however, the young dark jedi went in search for the power he sensed. Even after all his achievements and growth since returning, this power made Jeric feel like the brotherhood was holding him back.

Forbidden Wisdom

Jeric had a few days to waste before he needed to report back to the Herald and so after a few hours of surveying the planet Lieutenant Syndulla found what look like an abandon temple in the northern polar region. This had to be the source of the energy, the pull of the dark side was strongest there. Lieutenant Syndulla landed the shuttle near a few of the structures and the two venture out into the snow. The entrance was a bit hard to find but Jeric eventually uncovered the large blast doors. The two searched thru the temple learning it was completely self-sufficient and was still running off an ancient form of power. Vikaa located a hanger that could house the shuttle during their stay and left Jeric to explore on his own. Jeric went thru many rooms finding food, supplies, and many Sith related artifacts. Unfortunately, none of them emanated the power he still sensed.

Finally he came to an opening that lead down into the underbelly of the temple. After venturing down a long staircase Jeric came to a stone door that looked different from the rest. Strange marks and symbols covered the door. With some effort and help from the force Jeric pushed the door open. He was amazed at what he found, a Sith Holocron unlike anything he had ever read about. Jeric took the holocron and made his way to a meditation chamber he found earlier, locking the doors behind him. Vikaa had a feeling they were going to be here way longer than a few days so she began unpacking the shuttle. As the days came and went she began to make the temple more of a permeant residence. Jeric had not come out of that chamber since he locked himself in. He would need to eat, drink, even sleep eventually Vikaa thought. Still the weeks went by and no sign of life came from the chamber. She knew he was still in there and knew he was still alive, she could see him sitting, eyes glued to the glowing holograms emitted by the thing he found.

What seemed like only a few days had been months spent inside the chamber. So many Dark Lords had contributed their teachings of the dark side or gave testimonials about the history and plight of the Sith. It was no surprise Jeric become lost inside the repository of lore and wisdom. When Jeric’s eyes open, as the last gatekeeper faded away, he was amazed to be alive still. His connection to the force and meditative state acted as a form of hibernation he assumed. His mind might have survived not eating, but his body was weakened tremendously. He could hardly lift himself up, let only stand. When Vikaa noticed Jeric moving she ran over to help. It took a few days but she finally nursed Jeric back to health. It had been six months since they arrived on Telos, it was time to go back to the Brotherhood.

Brotherhood’s Servant

Second Coming

Jeric returned in the beginning of 30 ABY only to find his former masters in Clan Taldyran not pleased with his disloyal ways. He was consider an exile and was stripped of all positions he held within the Clan. This didn’t bother him though, with his new knowledge it wouldn’t be long before he would regain everything and so he decided to start anew. An acquaintance of Jeric, Taigikori Aybara, heard he had left Taldyran and offered him refuge in the Shadow Clan. Jeric was pleased to still have a friend and joined Clan Arcona under Taigikori’s leadership. Jeric didn’t get much time to adjust or settle in, for the Brotherhood was on the verge of liberating Antei. As the months passed training became heavily paced and tougher than anything Jeric had experienced. He show himself to be an outstanding duelist and practitioner of the force. Jeric was even asked to return to his former position as Magistrate of the Herald. Taigikori decided Jeric was more than ready to begin his Trails of Knighthood. Jeric proved Taigikori right, successfully completing the trials in less time than expected. The Tapani Noble was knighted as a true Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood, only days before going to war.


Unified by their thirst for vengeance and desire to take back their home world the Great Clans returned to Antei under the leadership of Darth Sarin. However they weren’t prepared to fight a different enemy. Killed off by an unknown plague, the Vong were devastated and in their place an army of droids led by a Jedi crusader had taken their place. This wasn’t going to stop the Brotherhood from taking back Antei. Brutal fighting erupted the moment the armies of the brotherhood landed. Dark Jedi were being captured left and right, by the Jedi now know as Omancor Crask. He was testing their faith in the dark side, attempting to draw more to his cause.

Jeric finally got his first taste of true battle when he was called to accompany a detachment with the Army of the Iron Throne. Almost a hundred battle droids pounded the dark jedi and his detachment of 16 shock troopers. Thankfully a platoon of Arcona soldier showed up minutes later to back up Jeric. As the last of the battle droids where being destroyed Jeric was blind sided by a fellow clan member who had been turned. The traitor must have been a fellow Journeyman, a low-level one, Jeric managed to killed him with ease.

The battle ensued for days but finally ended in a struggle that sent shockwaves across all the brotherhood. Crask had surrendered and was brought before Grand Master Sarin. The old man deceived the Dark Lord, ripping a lightsaber from his detained apprentice’s body. A raging duel took place above the skies of Antei and ended in a fiery crash on the surface. The bodies of both Crask and Darth Sairn where found among the fiery ruins of the BAC Exodus. Dark Prophet Muz Ashen was named Sairn’s successor and became the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

The forces of Arcona returned to Dajorra after being victorious on the battlefields of Antei. The victory was short lived though as trouble stirred in the darkness. For many months Arcona had taken advantage of the deals made with the Hutt Cartels and it was coming back to hunt them. Jeric didn’t stick around long enough to see the effects this would have on the Shadow Clan. Sometime in 31 ABY he was asked to serve as Aedile of Dorimad Sol alongside a fellow Magistrate to the Herald, Robin Hawk.

Spoils of War

Jeric had finally felt as if he had found his true calling within the Brotherhood. Scholae Palatinae, the Royal Clan, was known for its direct ties with the Emperor’s Guards and its long imperial history. Apart from that, Dorimad Sol, the house in which Jeric now proudly served as De-facto Head of State, was consider the military might of the Royal Clan. As Aedile Jeric had the distinct privilege of being immediately responsible for the Caina Defense Force. Being both a Head of State and Military Leader was something Jeric knew all to well and it would eventually paid off.

Jeric ascended to the first level of Equites in late 31 ABY for his outstanding service to the Herald’s Office and his loyalty to the brotherhood during the Liberation of Antei. Not long after that Jeric was also awarded the brotherhood’s highest award of eminence, the Grand Cross of the Dark Side, for his superior leadership and development of the Caina Defense Force. Jeric was definitely not letting his superiors down, he was proving that his status as a Lord in the Tapani Society was becoming increasingly useful to the Brotherhood.

A few months into 32 ABY, the Grand Master called for the clans to unite once more. Research teams had discovered a new planet, Salas V, for the Brotherhood to conquer. However the planet was overrun by Killiks and they proved to much for the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne. Sensing the need for a common goal between the Clans and Houses, Grand Master Ashen called for a Rite of Supremacy. For which ever Clan proved their might would win the rights to the planet. During the battle the Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood became unsatisfied with just killing the Killiks and turned on each other as they sought to prove their own mastery of battle. Clan Scholae Palatinae was devastated during the Vendetta, many Dark Jedi were killed or unaccounted for.
Jeric Cyrin, Ceremonial Armor, Circa 32 ABY

In the months following the Rite of Supremacy, the Clan’s forces returned to the Cocytus System in the hopes of rebuilding. Much work was done to improve the military forces of Dorimad Sol. Even at the individual level the Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae trained so that a lost like that would never happen again. Of those who were unaccounted during the sacking of Salas V was the Herald’s adjutant, a Krath by the name of Raven. Towards the end of the year, Jeric was announced as Raven’s successor by Shikyo Keibatsu and made Praetor.

Herald’s Deputy

With Jeric’s appointed as Praetor to the Herald, tension began to rise between Jeric and his Quaestor, Robin Hawk. Many began to believe she had become corrupted and power hungry. Jeric didn’t want to get involved and have his career dragged down with hers. He sent in his letter of resignation to the Clan Summit and left for Antei to focus solely on his duties as Praetor. He made his new home in the underground levels of the Dark Hall.

Towards the middle of 32 ABY, Shikyo Keibatsu was task by the Lion of Tarthos himself to head into the unknown regions. Whatever the mission was, it caused the Herald to disappear abruptly leaving Jeric in charge of all duties of the office. Shikyo must have known that his new Praetor was more than capable of being the public face of the Brotherhood. Jeric took on the monumental task of running that Herald’s Office with easy. During the Herald’s absence Jeric continued to make deals with outside parties to preserve and protect the secrecy of the brotherhood. Almost three months after the Dark Council’s Emissary left, Jeric was out on business acting as a liaison between two of the clans. He over heard rumors of treachery against the Iron Throne and feared some of the clans would rise up to over throw the Dark Council.

Without hesitation Jeric presented the evidence and the details surrounding the rumors to the Grand Master. The Dark Lord told Jeric that hints of treason had been flying around the Dark Hall for weeks now and that the Chamber of Justice was already conducting an investigation. Jeric was thanked for the new details and order to return to his ambassadorial duties. Not even a week later Jeric’s shuttle was attacked while on the way back from the Jusadih System. Luckily Vikaa was able to maneuver and escape the attack. This just proved that Jeric struck a nerve with these traitors. The Dark Council’s chief military officer order a starfighter escort for Jeric’s shuttle and a protective squad from the Army of the Iron Throne to be issued. However, that didn’t stop the attacks. A couple of days later Jeric’s office was vandalized.

Enough was enough, Jeric requested to leave the brotherhood temporally to let the situation dissolve. With the Herald returning in less than a month, Jeric assured the Grand Master that the current staff could manage for the next few weeks. Darth Ashen, agreed to let Jeric leave and assured him the problem would be fixed soon. Jeric left for the one place he knew Vikaa and himself would be safe, the Tapani Sector.

Cyrin Dynasty

The Honorable, Lord Jeric Cyrin return to his home on Canti a month before the years end. His mother was surprised to see her son after almost six years and his father was pleased to have his only son return home. The first thing Jeric did after coming home was marry his pilot and companion over the past five years, Lieutenant Vikaa Syndulla. The Ceremony was small and as High Lord, Jeric’s father had the power to join the two in matrimony. A couple of weeks later, over dinner, Jeric’s father explained that the family’s mining operation on Nyriaan had began to show signs of corruption. He asked if Jeric could go and personally oversee the operation. Jeric did so and in only a few days time was able to weed out those on the management staff that had become corrupted. It had been two months since leaving the Brotherhood, Jeric finally received news that the Master at Arms initiated a purge wiping out those suspected of treason. More than four hundred dark jedi involved disappeared abruptly. This was good news, it meant Jeric could return to the Brotherhood. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worst. While on his way back from Nyriaan, Jeric got word that the High Lord of Reena, his father, had just been assassinated.

Devastated by the news Jeric initiated a full scale investigation. The Privy Council denied Lord Cyrin’s use of House Assets to conduct his investigation. Without even morning the death of Mikel Cyrin the Privy Council began voting for a new High Lord. Obviously there were some families that didn’t like the Cyrins and there was no doubt some members of the Privy Council were untrustworthy. He even suspected two of them in the plot to assassinate his father. Jeric had seen enough, it was time that he brought order back to House Reena. As a former naval Captain and thru use of the force Jeric persuaded the military to rally behind him. He then took the Reena Province by force, killing off those he suspected of being dishonest. Making himself Head of State wasn’t enough though, Jeric needed to ensure complete control over the House. Forcing martial law across the province, Jeric crowned himself Lord High Admiral of the Reena Province.

The Tapani Grand Council immediately questioned Jeric’s actions, but as a former representative his mother presented evidence to support what Jeric was doing. The Council agree to let it continued as long as it didn’t turn into an oppression and things stayed civil. For little less than a year Jeric made sure order returned to his House. A few conflicts arose between the other noble families and attacks happen on various mining industries. Nothing the military couldn’t handle under Jeric’s leadership. About seven months into 34 ABY Jeric felt as if his control over the province was successful in returning peace and justice. Jeric retracted martial law and left the new Privy Council in charge of electing a High Lord. For a third time Jeric made preparations to return to the Brotherhood.

A Worthy Pupil

Jeric's new apprentice
In the beginning of 35 ABY, on his way back to Antei, Jeric thought about the attacks on his life and how they could endanger his new wife. Jeric wanted someone that he could mold and train to act as his personal bodyguard. Someone that could be a valuable asset not only to him but to the brotherhood. A warrior, someone strong, someone who was not afraid to kill or die. Jeric began to search through a database looking at former military personnel, convicts, and known mercenaries.

Jeric eventually found one potential candidate, a former nameless heavy trooper who had been drafted at a young age. It didn’t take long for Jeric to hack the holonet and access his full profile under the nomenclature CS-12097. Jeric checked his medical file and found his midi-chlorian count was just around 18,000, more than enough to be trained.The heavy trooper had later adopted the name Creon.

While making a layover in Coruscant, Jeric paid a visit to the soldier. He offered Creon a chance at untapped power and special training under the Iron Forces, he only asked that he pledge total allegiance to him. After a period of uncertainty, Creon accepted the offer at his new master’s shuttle only moments before it left for the Brotherhood.

Disciple of Sadow

Jeric returned in the later months of 35 ABY, only to find each of the great clans split into independent houses. Jeric figure it was probably due to the purge that happen earlier that year. The Herald was glad to see his prodigy return and as a gift for his dedicated loyalty to the office, Shikyo elevated Jeric to the second tier of Equites. In the weeks following his return Jeric and his new apprentice found a home in the Heirs to the Empire, House Naga Sadow. They were pleased that Jeric brought fresh blood to them along with himself. It didn’t take long for Jeric to settle into Naga Sadow, he befriended the Aedile, Fremoc Pepoi and was asked to be the Pepoi Family’s personal armorer. The same could not be said for his apprentice though. It seem as if Creon was lost or maybe overwhelm by all the presence of the Dark Side that now surrounded him. Jeric had noticed that over the course of a few weeks his apprentice’s performance and interactions with the other Dark Jedi were unfavorable. Jeric tasked out his apprentice to go on mission with the Regulator’s to see if that would get his motivation up.

In the beginning of 36 ABY Fremoc was appointed as the Grand Master’s Enforcer and subsequently Commander of the Royal Guard. It didn’t take him long to approach Jeric and recommend he be initiated into the Royal Guard. Trusting his friend’s wisdom Jeric did so and became one of few Elite Dark Jedi that have the privilege of protecting members of the Dark Council. Even more opportunities presented themselves in the coming weeks, allowing Jeric to quickly establish his name in Naga Sadow. A few weeks had passed and Jeric’s first taste of combat since returning presented itself. House Tarentum had requested help in dealing with a rakghoul plague that had infested their system. Naga Sadow acknowledged their need and saw itself working alongside a ghost from Jeric’s past, House Taldyran.

Burden of Aiding

Jeric Cyrin, Lord High Admiral Uniform, Circa 35 ABY
A few days into the joint operation, Jeric and his apprentice were asked to deal with the plague on Yridia IV by providing medical supply to local villages. As a Senior Commander within D-SOG Jeric was assigned a detachment of Commandos for his mission. After arriving at the Messina Estate and meeting with its owner, a former Headmaster, the two Dark Jedi and their detachment made their way down to the villages in the valley below. After providing aid to a number of people, Creon suggested that he take a few commandos and begin helping the village on the other side of the river. Jeric was hesitant, his apprentice still being so new to the dark side. Even with three commandos at his side a handful of the rakghoul mutants would pose a threat. Jeric eventually let his apprentice do as he wished. However, it didn’t take long before Jeric sensed Creon was in danger. Leaving his commandos to provide aid to the rest of the village, Jeric went to the other side of the river. Backed into a corner Jeric found his apprentice with only one commando living, taking cover behind some rubble. Almost a dozen rakghoul where clawing at the two. Catching the rakghoul’s attention Jeric concentrated his energy and released a powerful blast of the force just as the first one tried to jump him. Crushing their bones and sending them flying into the surrounding rubble Jeric wiped them all out in less than a second.

The two Dark Jedi and their commandos finished up their mission and returned to the Immolator that was in orbit around Yridia IV. Days later, before Jeric could even see his second mission, the joint operation was finished. Either all the rakghoul were killed or they all disappeared, Jeric was unsure what truly happen. Naga Sadow’s forces return to the Orian System and began to retrofit for their next battle. Jeric continued to spar with his apprentice but saw a drop in his motivation again. Having to be saved must have put a damper on his strong Zabrak ego. Two months later Jeric was called back to Antei by the Emissary of the Dark Council. The Herald was leaving on a diplomatic trip and Jeric would yet again need to return to the underground levels of the Dark Hall. He left a long list of assignments for Creon to completed in his absences and asked Rollmaster Teu Pepoi to watch over him.

Vanished Potential

Several months had past since Jeric returned to Antei, the new year was right around the corner. The Herald came and went just as he always did leaving his Praetor to deal with the daily bureaucracy of the office. Jeric was lucky enough to see the construction of a new colosseum specifically for the upcoming independence games. He could only hope that the Dark Council’s Emissary would return from his latest mission in time for Jeric to take part. In the final month of 35 ABY Jeric’s Magistrate, Ekeia Iclo, was briefing the Emissary’s Deputy on the past months diplomatic endeavors between the Dark Houses and outside parties. Apparently an alliance between Naga Sadow and Jeric’s original home, Taldryan, was in the works. Ekeia suggested that the Herald’s office keep a close eye on the possible alliance. No sooner did the conversation between his magistrate end did a call from Sepros get patched thru to Jeric’s office. According to Naga Sadow’s Rollmaster Jeric’s apprentice, Creon, had gone missing. Disturbing was this information, Jeric left Antei immediately bound for Sepros. After arriving on the throne world of Naga Sadow Jeric attended a quick meeting of the Royal Guard before speaking with Teu regarding his apprentice. According to her, Creon stopped showing up to training like he regular did. A D-SOG Solider claimed to have last seen Creon almost two weeks ago. Jeric immediately departed for Tarthos to investigate. On his way there he was contacted by Regulator’s Sergeant, Mirado L’eonheart, who told him about a criminal gang who had been kidnapping people with ties to the Dlarit Corporation. While visiting his apprentice’s quarters in the Black Sector of Markosian City, Jeric saw a vision of Creon defecting to the Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr after struggling with the criminal gang that Sergeant L’eonheart told him about, the Lazarus Stars. After discussing the situation with Mirado the two dark jedi realized that apprehending Creon would be a daunting task that could lead to war. Jeric was disappointed in Creon and vowed to kill him should they ever meet again. The apprentice had untapped capabilities, but he was a lost cause now. Jeric returned to Antei less than three weeks before the opening ceremonies of the independence games.

Corporate Pawn

Various Hilt of Marques
With the Celebration of the Exodus came the rebirth of Naga Sadow as a Clan of the Brotherhood. Jeric distinguished himself during the games earning five seals and making Naga Sadow’s leadership proud. After the games ended Jeric left for the Orian System. Once Jeric arrive within Naga Sadow’s Domain he received a transmission from former Obelisk Sergeant and now Executive Director Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart. The transmission was urgent so Jeric headed straight for Aeotheran. Dropping out of hyperspace Jeric docked with the Marakith Skyhook and proceeded to find the Knight that had summon him. Mirado explained to his senior that the Dlarit Corporation needed to grow and improve it’s economy. House Shar Dakhan was created for the purpose of finding new sources of revenue and acquire supplies for the Corporation. As an Executive Director, Mirado was given control over certain assets and subsidiaries of the Corporation. After explaining all this to Jeric, Mirado set a small wooden box on his desk and slid it forward. A small plaque was forged into the lid, the letters plated in electrum spelled out Tapani Noble’s name. When Jeric opened it, three objects rested within the velvet lining: a scroll, a ring, and a lightsaber hilt. Jeric was told that before him was a letter of marque and the items that show his authority as a privateer for the Dlarit Corporation. After explaining the jurisdiction of his new position Mirado wasted little time in giving Jeric orders for his first mission.

One of the Corporation’s plans was to secretly cut off supply to nearby star systems. In turn they would look to the Corporation for aid, thus growing Naga Sadow’s domain. Mirado’s first mission for Jeric was to intercept and raid a supply convoy from the Organization causing the neighboring Stereghat System to seek support from Naga Sadow instead of its current enemy. Intel had been received from an unidentified source that one of these Supply Convoys would run right along the border of the Orian and Stereghat Systems. Preparing a crew, Jeric set out on the VAC Despot with Macron Sadow and Jade Sadow beside him and the support of another Privateer, Masika Oshairana, aboard the VAC Turmoil. Things took a turn for the worst during the trip however. Jeric received a highly encoded transmission from his former senior aide on Reena, Niko Sipes. It was this transmission that would change the course of Jeric’s future in the Brotherhood....forever.

A New Darkness

Chaotic Truth

"My Lord, I regret to inform you that Civil War has broken out within the Reena Province, your homeworld and a few others have already been lost to the rebels. Your estate was burned to the ground, I am sorry but your wife and mother where unable to make it out in time. The Great Council of Tapani has made the decision to abolish House Reena and release it from the Expanse. The Ruling Families of Reena have lost all rights, royalties, and assets. I am sorry."
―Transmission from Niko to Jeric
The Message Jeric Received
Jeric had just lost everything that made him who he was; his title of nobility, his riches, the last of his family, and his loving wife all because of a damn uprising. The reality of what just transpired filled him with hatred, Jeric opened himself to the dark side and let it consume him. He would make himself rich again even if he had to abuse his letter of marque. Stealing what he wanted, when he wanted, from anyone not an ally to the Corporation. Jeric’s original orders were to raid the convoy for retail and food supplies. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy his rage. He told the three other dark jedi who had accompanied him that plans had changed and their orders were to now take everything and destroy the convoy so the attack couldn’t be traced back to the Corporation. Everyone was shocked, but between the encoded message Jeric received and his clever lie the change made sense. However when they arrive to the coordinates they saw nothing, no convoy. Jeric assumed they were early until two Majestic-Class heavy cruisers dropped out of hyperspace and locked weapons. A message from a Captain Larin informed Jeric that his ships were suspected of piracy by the Galactic Alliance and were to be boarded.

The hot headed Sith knew something was up. The Galactic Alliance and Corporation share a partnership. Both the Despot and Turmoil bear the markings of the Corporation and though the partnership was uneasy at times, the Alliance would never enter the Orian System without notification. Also how the hell did they know two vessels from the Corporation would be in this exact location at this exact time. Without hesitation Jeric gave the order to disable the two cruisers and lunch boarding parties. If it was piracy he was suspected of, it was piracy he would commit.

After the attack, Jeric was confronted, on board one of the Alliance ships, by the Corporation’s Chief Personnel Officer, Lynyrd Pepoi, demanding a reason as to why he attacked an ally to the Corporation. Jeric tried to explain the situation but was called to the Turmoil to meet up with Executive Director Teu Pepoi. Jeric along with Macron and Jade, left Lynyrd on the bridge to clean up the mess the nobleman, turn Sith, had apparently made.

Jeric met up with Teu on the bridge of the VAC Turmoil, she didn’t look pleased and demanded that they speak in private. The Executive Director led Jeric into the ship’s war room and order that he take a seat. She began interrogating Jeric about what happen and finally reveled that Doctor L’eonheart, wife and proxy to the Corporation’s President, was listening in. Doctor L’eonheart quickly told Jeric the truth, everything that transpired was a set-up on the Organization’s behalf and any existence of this mission would be destroyed. Jeric was order to return to Tarthos with Teu and with Doctor L’eonheart’s closing statement assigned Jeric as Teu’s Senior Director and new Aedile of House Marka Ragnos.

Festival of Unrest

By mid 36 ABY Jeric was already completely emerged in the daily operations of the Corporation and did a lot to aid Executive Director Pepoi in her duties. Jeric decided to relieved himself as Praetor, allowing for Magistrate Ekeia Iclo to take his spot next to the Herald. Not even a month after he stepped away from one Dark Summit position another present itself. Jeric was approach by the Dark Prophet of Justice, Kir Katarn, who request the Sith’s services as his Prosecutor of the Brotherhood.

The Corporation’s hold over Tarthos, under Teu and Jeric’s command, had expanded greatly allowing a small representative government to turn into a planet wide government. A new Governor was elected by Executive Director Pepoi in place of the old more popular one. Eventually an internal power struggle forced Teu Pepoi to return to her former position as the Corporation's Chief Personal Officer, leaving the position of Executive Director to Jeric.
Markosian City before the Riots

Under his directive new military installations were created and new mining operations opened across the planet. Jeric also wanted to speed up the reconstruction efforts in Kar Alabrek, so that it could soon be renamed as the planet’s capital city. Starting with rebuilding and modernizing the Castle then moving on to the Northern Coastline which was nearly finished. The goal was to push the city's completion from 44 ABY to the end of the decade. Even Markosian City was almost finished under Jeric’s watch, all major projects were completed and every sector was operational.

The Banner designed by Quaestor Cyrin
The Festival of Renewal, a Marka Ragnos Holiday, was planned in light of the tremendous efforts made to renovate Kar Alabrek. Naga Sadow’s Consul and Jeric wanted to celebrate and give the people of Tarthos a break. However the Organization threaten to ruin the event and persuade the people to turn on their government. Security was tight on the Northern Coastline of Kar Alabrek in the week prior to the festival. Jeric commissioned the best tailors Tarthos had to offer to create a banner that he designed. The banner was to instill the citizen of Kar Alabrek with pride in their government and hope in themselves. The first few days of the Festival went off without incident. However it wouldn't last for long as the Organization was stirring trouble in the capital city.

Security was so focused on the Festival that protests broke out in Markosian City. The Organization had convince the once thankful immigrants that the laboring would just get harder. Commerce and trade were to become more strictly regulated and higher taxes would have to be paid. For days the protesters stood outside the gates of the Governor's Mansion. A handful traveled to Kar Alabrek and dared to protest outside the walls of Alabrek Castle, the Festival was quickly ended and the Dlarit Security Force was deployed to quell the demonstrators. The protestors went to far though when they stole the Executive Director's corporate shuttle and crashed it into Orian Manor. Luckily the Governor survived, though badly injured, thanks to the quick actions of his Security Force. Shortly after the protests turned into riots. Markosian City was plunged into complete chaos, fires burned and crime was endless. Executive Director Cyrin had no choice and finally gave the order to isolate the city and enact martial law. Using one of the planetary shield generators, the city was sealed off from the rest of the world. Jeric Cyrin then order the capital be returned to Kar Alabrek and until order was restored the Executive Director would have immediate control over the planet’s government.

It was around this time when the Brotherhood learned that War was right on the horizon. New Tython, base of operations for Odan-Urr, was to be invaded and the Jedi scum wiped out by the years end. Despite everything else it was now up to Executive Director Cyrin to lead the Dark Jedi of Marka Ragnos and Soldiers of the DSF in the fast approaching crusade against the Jedi.

Invasion of New Tython

As the days drew closer to war, preparations became more intense. The Dlarit Security Force was busy mobilizing their troops and the fleet. The dark jedi of Marka Ragnos were training harder than Jeric had ever seen. This war was unlike the others, the Jedi posed the biggest threat to the Brotherhood in many years.

Just hours aways from war the forces of Naga Sadow converged on Sepros. The disciples gathered inside Sadow Palace waiting to hear from the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. As the last dark jedi trickled into the war room the hologram of Darth Ashen appeared. Speaking more as a Son of Sadow rather than the Grand Master, the words motivated the crowd. Even Overlord Astronicus Sadow, who stood at the front of his clan was moved by the Grand Master’s words.

Following a short briefing from Consul Tsainetomo Sadow the warriors of Naga Sadow scattered finding their shuttle assignments. Jeric stood at the base of Lord Ragnos’s statue handing out assignments to the numerous dark jedi that came seeking orders from their Quaestor. When the word finally came, Jeric himself was on one of the many shuttles departing for the fleet. He was attached to one of the D-SOG Units heading for the Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way. While en route to the Brotherhood’s Rendezvous Point the leaders of Naga Sadow were given an updated briefing. Jeric learned that Trevarus Caerick, Overlord of Marka Ragnos, would be on the battlefield. Some of the more senior members of the house felt threatened or worried about Caerick joining them on New Tython. Sith are greedy, they like to take all the glory, they want to spill as much blood as they can, regardless of who's blood it is. But in a time of war against a threat like the Jedi they tend to forget about individual glory or pride and work as brothers.

Finally arriving at the Rendezvous Point the entire might of the Brotherhood entered hyperspace for a mere two minutes. In a flash New Tython was in front of the fleet. Within seconds dropships began to pour out of the battle-cruisers heading for their designated LZs. Jeric and fellow Quaestor Mirado L’eonheart boarded their assault shuttle. Minutes later the side doors opened and D-SOG Commandos jumped out followed by two Dark Jedi. Jeric noticed Tsainetomo and Marcon exiting a MAAT shadowing the Clan Overlord. The other disciples of Sadow scattered out into the open fields heading towards the nearby Harakoan Tribes. From the woodline a legion of the natives emerged and opened fire on the Sadowans.

Decimation of War

Deflecting serval blaster bolts Jeric moved towards the three powerful Dark Jedi. He suggested that a forward operating base be establish. Macron agreed and Astronicus gave the order for a prefabricated base to be delivered. Jeric noticed that the Jedi had finally arrived weaving in and out of the natives that were advancing on their position. However the Jedi’s were not alone, Mandalorians bearing the marking of Clan Ordo could be seen. Like a maelstrom the Disciples of Sadow clashed with their enemies. Flashes of blue, green, red, silver and yellow danced across the field. Bodies began to fall, most were natives, some where jedi, some mando and even fewer were dark jedi. Now more than ever the thirst for blood and the rage of war could be felt by all of Sadow.

The Mandalorians of Clan Ordo battle the Dark Jedi Brotherhood
After the initial wave was defeated the forces of Naga Sadow began to establish a defensive line. The prefabricated based had finally arrived, the inside of the Command Center quickly became a chaotic flow of communication. The Consul order both Jeric and Mirado out into the battlefield to lead their forces. Jeric worked his way towards the forward defense lines were many Journeymen from Marka Ragnos and hundreds of soldiers were holding the enemy at bay. Jeric final made it to OP Ragnos. The D-SOG Officer in charge informed Jeric of the situation. The Mandalorians and Jedi were causing more of an issued than originally expected. There were a number of casualties already and only a battalion of soldiers and a handful of journeymen remained.

The battlefield was complete pandemonium, but among it he saw the twin silver blades of Manji dancing about. From the wood line he could see at least a dozen Jedi and many more Mandalorians advancing on his forces. Jeric order his Commander to find Araxi and Kano, he was gonna need all the help he could get to hold this point. It was about time he lead from the front, activating his saber and leaping over the barricades, Jeric charged forward. The Sith danced among the mayhem deflecting blaster bolts and striking down any natives that came within range. Fighting side by side with two younger journeymen was right were Jeric wanted to be. Seconds later an explosion thru Jeric to his back. He looked over and saw the two younger dark jedi lifeless on the ground.

Recovering, the Sith noticed two Mandalorians and a Jedi. One of the Mandalorians was missing his jetpack’s missile. The Jedi noticed Jeric getting up and rushed towards him, however the Sith did not intend to play games. With a quick motion Jeric unleashed a blast of force energy right at the charging Jedi. The blast picked the Jedi off his feet and threw him back towards the two mandalorians. One of the mandalorians was caught by the blast and thrown off his feet the other launched himself into the air and began firing at Jeric. The Sith easily blocked and deflected each bolt before sensing the Jedi charging at him. Jeric timed it perfectly deflecting one of the mandalorians bolts right into the ground making a cloud of dust. Inside the dust red and green danced as Jeric and the Jedi dueled. The Mandalorian landed next to his partner and the two began moving towards the cloud. As it began to settle the two could only see one blade, a crimson blade. They opened fire, Jeric twirled and twisted his blade blocking the shots. One made it thru and struck Jeric in the leg but he paid it no mind. Again one of the Mandalorians leapt into the air, the one on the ground lit his flamethrower causing Jeric to roll backwards. As the Sith came back to his feet the jetpack missile from the airborne Mandalorians exploded in the air no less than a meter from his face. The sounds of the battlefield faded, everything was suddenly dark. The Sith leader of House Marka Ragnos laid motionless in the mud.

Ruins of Battle

The silence slowly turned into ringing and the ringing slowly brought the sounds of the battlefield back. Jeric could hear the distance screams and blaster shots slowly getting louder. Jeric tried opening his eyes and couldn’t at first. With effort he finally opened his eyes and felt noting but pain, tremendous pain. Above all else, he still saw nothing but blurry darkness. Jeric had been blinded by that Mandalorian, he could only assume his face was torn up by the blast as well. The Sith slowly sat up and felt around for any other injuries.

Macron found Jeric on the battlefield and administered some medicine that the Sith Madman had created years ago. The pain form his injuries quickly subsided and although he still couldn't see he could at least concentrate. Jeric found Roxas on the West Flank and almost got decapitated by the Mandalorian turn Dark Jedi. The two Sadowans fought back to back striking down anything that broke thru the wall of blaster fire being created by the Regulators. The enemy lines were beginning to get overwhelmed by the Dark Jedi forces. The pincer maneuver that Senior Director Sonjie suggested was working and the forces of Odan-Urr were slowly thinning.

Jeric reached out with the force and sensed a Jedi charging him, the Sith raised his lightsaber to meet the sky colored blade of the Jedi. The Jedi immediately opened into a barrage of high speed attacks. Jeric could sense it was a female and was more than just a mere padawan. A Knight maybe, she was clearly well trained in ataru and if it weren’t Jeric’s mastery of vapaad he would have been easily overwhelmed. The female Jedi knight didn’t last long against the blinded sith, tiring herself out her rapid attacks slowed allowing Jeric to unleash a brutal combination. The Jedi’s body fell limp in the mud without a head. Jeric raised his head to the sky as it continued to pour down on the battlefield as if crying for the countless deaths. Hours later the conflict finally ended. The Brotherhood successfully broke thru and captured the Jedi Temple, burning it to the ground. Jeric was transported back to the Final Way to receive treatment for his extensive injuries.

Aftermath in Turmoil

In the aftermath of the war Naga Sadow returned to its home in the Orian System. Changes were on the horizon and disorder was sure to follow. The injured Quaestor of Marka Ragnos was rarely seen by the public eye. It wasn’t just his body that was injured it was his pride. Locked inside his private chambers at the Temple of Ragnos Jeric refused to see the light of day, not that he could anyways. Those privilege enough to even enter the Quaestor’s office would only see the Sith’s shadowy figure. Towards the end of the year Jeric stopped allowing entrance into his chambers. The summit began to notice the disruption Jeric’s lack of presence caused and in early 36 ABY agree to relieve him as Quaestor. Kalia Pepoi, who had replaced Teu as Clan Rollmaster, was charged with delivering the message to the phantom Quaestor. Upon arriving on Mucenic, Kalia was told that no one had seen or heard from Jeric in at least three weeks now. Searching the Grand Hall she found it empty. Next she tried the Meditation Room and even the Quaestor’s personal chambers but found nothing. Jeric had disappeared into the shadows. The summit had no choice but to appoint Kalia as the new Quaestor of Marka Ragnos.

Jeric had to find new ambition in his chaotic life. He refused to be seen by his fellow brothers and sisters until he could reclaim his pride and possible his appearance. Disappearing in the dead of night, Jeric had left Mucenic and withdrew from the Orian System. For weeks the Sith traveled aimlessly thru space, looking for answers. Stopping on random worlds for days at a time, Jeric killed cause he could and stole what he needed to survive. At some point Jeric ended up on his home world, hiding in the ruins of his family’s estate. For months he stayed secluded from the galaxy, a self-induced hermit. One day while meditating he remember a statement made by one of the gatekeepers of the holocron he found long ago. This gatekeeper spoke of a forgotten sith world and of the work he did on this world. Jeric left his self-imposed exile on Canti and traveled to the Sith Worlds Region.

Malicious Facade

Jeric with Sith Mask, Circa 36 AB
Jeric had only been on the frozen wasteland of Korriz for a few hours. Ruins and ancient sith relics littered the planet’s surface. The Sith was being drawn towards the a mountain ridge where he could faintly see a large structure atop one of the mountains. The dark side was strongest at that point and Jeric had no doubt that was the workshop of Tritos Nal. Among many other relics, Jeric found an ancient mask worn by the warriors of the old Sith Empire. It was a most convenient way to hide his scars and impose fear into his enemies.

Once inside the workshop Jeric felt a presence torn between the dark side and the light. The Sith followed his senses until he entered the main chamber of Tritos Nal himself. Jeric had no time to take it all in, from behind him a human male about Jeric’s age lunged at him with a poorly forged Sith Sword. Jeric’s form was erratic due to his eyesight but his persistence and strength were overpowering. In the heat of battle the strange attacker struck the Holocron of Tritos Nal with his Sith Sword. In a flash of light the holocron exploded with energy and the Sith Sword turned to ash. Jeric was furious that the only means of knowledge from a master of sith magic had been destroyed. The human revealed that he knew the secrets of the holocron and would be willing to share them if Jeric spared him and showed him the true ways of the dark side. The Sith accepted Maelous Ascarend’s proposal but only if he proved his knowledge of sith magic. Maelous told his new Sith Master he could alter the sith mask using alchemy so Jeric could look thru the eye lens and see as if they were his own eyes. Weeks past and Maelous struggled to fulfill his promise but finally was able to perfect the mask. Jeric no longer had to rely on the force to sense his surroundings, he could see again.

Character Information


Standing almost two meters tall and weighing roughly eighty kilograms, Jeric is a relatively muscular individual of his stature. Jeric walks tall with his shoulders back and his head held high. Jeric has medium length brown hair and before his injury had silver eyes. Jeric can typically be found wearing forbidding, yet exotic styled, armored robes. On formal occasional he may be seen wearing his military uniform to which he designed during is rule of the Reena Province. Jeric’s face was disfigured and the injuries he received on the battlefields of New Tython blinded him. Due to this, Jeric is almost never seen without an alchemically treated Sith Mask he found on Korriz. Using the crystal matrix from a destroyed holocron to make the lens and infusing it with Sith Magic the mask allows Jeric to see as if through his own eyes.


Intelligent, persistent, blunt, cunning and yet tranquil are words best used to describe Jeric Cyrin. Same days he is more ruthless than collected and intelligence has been replace with pure rage in some cases. He still tends to be reserved, always hiding in the shadows, but is forced out into the light on occasion. Jeric is always alert but is able to keep his composer in tense situations. Jeric is known for his cunning methods and graceful actions in battle.



  • Lightfoil: Used by Jeric when he was a Saber Rake in his younger years. Specially made for him by a reputable swordsmith on Canti, the lightfoil is plated in silver electrum and B'rknaa crystals. Though he hasn’t used it in many years the lightfoil is kept in Jeric’s chamber on displayed for everyone to see.
  • Tapani Gentleman's Cane: The elegant Tapani Gentleman's Cane, available only to Lords of the Expanse. Concealed inside the shaft of the cane was an incredibly sharp blade.
  • Modified Bryar Pistol: During Jeric’s time in Taldyran he receive a specially made Bryar Pistol. Modified to increase the accuracy and range Jeric’s Bryar was a remarkable pistol. The charge function on the pistol was also enhanced thru Sith Alchemy. Jeric is almost never seen without his pistol.
  • Punch Dagger: One of Jeric’s favorites before become a Dark Jedi was a Punch Dagger. Given to him while he was still in the military this weapon resembles a pair of knucklers however on impact with the target a three inch blade ejects from the center inflicting a puncture wound.
Dark Horizon


  • Proclaimer: The first true custom lightsaber Jeric built for himself. Constructed during his time as Praetor to the Herald. Created to be a more modernize and powerful Lightfoil. Jeric engraved the mark of the Herald into its hilt.
  • Lord’s Scepter: Upon crowning himself Lord High Admiral over the Reena Province, Jeric had the famous swordsmith craft him a new Lightsaber, based roughly off the Tapani Gentleman's Cane. When completed Lord Cyrin used it as a scepter, a symbolic ornamental rod carried by a ruling monarch as a sign of imperial authority. Placed inside the Cyrin Family's vault it was destroyed when rebels burned down the Family Estate.
  • Dark Horizon: Jeric’s current lightsaber. The Dark Horizon was a ceremonial hilt given to Jeric along with his Letter of Marque. It was non-functional until Jeric discovered the micro-blueprints of the saber's internal mechanisms. After constructing the internals Jeric added his own personal touches to the hilt so it would be unique compared to the other ceremonial hilts that accompanied a Letter of Marques.


  • The name Jeric was inspired by Jerec from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
  • Cyrin would be pronounced the same a Siren, yes siren cause I am a cop
  • More on RL Person behind Jeric go HERE

Positions Held
Before Position After
Deatharoc Eclectic Pedagogue of Old Republic History
28 ABY - 29 ABY
Kalak Ragnose
Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae Magistrate to the Herald
28 ABY
Robin Hawk
N/A Intern Rollmaster for House Dinaari
28 ABY
Sidarace Rathden
Halcyon Rokir Battleteam Leader of Dark Fire Brigade
30 ABY
Corax Zarjin
Robin Hawk Magistrate to the Herald w/ Robin Hawk
31 ABY to 32 ABY
Dralin Fortea & Ekeia Iclo
Robin Hawk Aedile of Dorimad Sol
31 ABY to 32 ABY
Angelo Dante
Raven Praetor to the Herald
32 ABY to 35 ABY
Ekeia Iclo
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
35 ABY
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart
Ekeia Iclo Magistrate to the Herald
35 ABY
Kazmir Natas
Alaris Jinn di Plagia Right Hand of Justice
35 ABY to 36 ABY
Arion Aquillarum Solnatus
Teu Pepoi Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
35 ABY to 36 ABY
Kalia Phoenyx
N/A Battleteam Leader of Shadow’s Bane
37 ABY to 38 ABY
Sebz Janren