Dralin Fortea

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Dralin Fortea
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4 ABY (age 38)

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1.7 m


77 kg




Black eyes with green accents

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Dralin Fortea is a well-traveled member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and currently belongs to Clan Plagueis. The Coruscanti man holds the view that a stronger, unified Brotherhood is essential for the survival of the dark Jedi, and has little patience for those who tout their own unit as being the most important. He was trained in the Force by Telona Murrage, and was formerly trained as an assassin by his mother, Lilar Nemat-Fortea. Due to his time in the Brotherhood, Dralin has learned the benefit of being a leader and manipulator, preferring to empower others to perform tasks for him and only lending his strength when necessary.


Uscru District

Dralin spent a great deal of time in the Uscru Entertainment District.

Dralin was born to the upper-class couple Kaiman Fortea, a corrupt defense attorney, and Lilar Nemat-Fortea, a bored socialite heiress. While growing up, Dralin was left to his own devices due to his parents' chronic absenteeism, and he passed his time outside of his native Sah'c District by roving the undercity of Coruscant, most of which was spent in the lower levels of the Uscru Entertainment District. At first, Dralin appeared to be just another street urchin pickpocket, running with the homeless children that plague the district. Before long, however, he was discovered by a mysterious local bounty hunter, Harika Krecca, who employed him as a lookout and sidekick, training him in the ways of stealth and thievery.

Into his early teens, Dralin kept up his routine of sneaking out of his home district and leading a double-life in the undercity. His parents did not seem to care, except to occasionally dress him up and parade him around during social functions in which it would look good to have the whole family together. Dralin's continued tutelage under Krecca taught him much of the important matters he would have picked up in school, but he was also being groomed as an assassin, with lessons in stealth and weaponry. His first kill came about during a mission with Krecca, in which he killed a man who successfully blindsided both Krecca and himself. Up to that point, Krecca's identity, including species and gender, were a mystery to all, as Krecca never removed the customized armor that encased them, but the man who rushed Krecca and then fell to Dralin's knife had knocked Krecca's helmet off. To Dralin's surprise, Harika Krecca was none of than his mother Lilar, who had spent over a decade carrying on a secret life as a bounty hunter under the guise of living a hollow socialite's existence.


Dralin's mother led a double life, under the alter ego Harika Krecca.

Dralin enjoyed working with his mother in what they had jokingly come to call "the family business". The realization that at least one of his parents had been close to him and mentored him brightened what had been a dismal family life. His new-found openness with Lilar gave new meaning to the work they did, and he came to enjoy his nascent assassin career even more. The duo had both captured criminals and assassinated officials, happily working on both sides of the fence. They gained a reputation for efficiency and a ruthless "first come, first served" policy on jobs, in addition to being a bit of a novelty in the criminal world: Harika Krecca and the Boy Assassin.

Their main hangout was the Outlander Club; the enormous club attracted all kinds of beings from both the undercity and the nearby Senate District, which gave them excellent exposure to the elements of society most interested in hiring them. Dralin also made an unlikely friend in the older information broker, Diclonius, which would serve him well later in life. Over time, however, Dralin began demonstrating strange, spontaneous abilities and performing accidental feats that could only be described as unlikely, such as catching a thrown knife or accidentally jumping three meters into the air when he only meant to hop. Through her contacts in the Brotherhood, for whom she had previously done some contract work, Lilar knew that her son was like them, and that the best thing to do would be to send him to them, rather than risk being found by the resurgent Jedi under Luke Skywalker and facing their judgement. As soon as they could arrange, Dralin was shipped to the Shadow Academy, from which he was assigned to Clan Tarentum.


Dralin Fortea, Scion of Telona Murrage


Dralin has pale skin, dark red hair, and cybernetic eyes with green light accents. While he stands less than two meters tall, his proud force of personality makes him seem larger and more intimidating than he is. While he is a young man in his fighting prime, Dralin prefers to wear tailored suits when not on a mission, which he uses to project a greater sense of control and understated style to others. While on a combat mission, he prefers light plate armor and a cape. He will remove the cape when he is not directing others and needs to become involved in the fighting himself.


The Force

Dralin sees the Force as a tool, not as some mystic entity or divine will. He believes that it is similar to the ancients figuring out how to harness electricity; the power was always there, and it does the bidding of those who learn how to direct it. Dralin's Force-training has grown to either reinforce his natural talents or make up for a lack. For example, where he used to use old-fashioned techniques for information-gathering purposes, he has now replaced that skill set entirely with Force abilities.

Some Force powers are more commonly used by him than others. Dralin specializes in illusions, telepathy, and sensing others through the Force, with a particular aptitude for tracking others. Additionally, he has taken a stronger interest in battle meditation since taking up command of military units, and his barriers tend to be more encompassing than others' if he concentrates solely on that. Like most dark Jedi, he can bolster himself with the Dark Side of the Force, which he has typified into a cold fury. His ability to cloak himself in the Force and his telekinetic prowess, both of which he used often as an active assassin, have fallen by the wayside. He is capable of these feats still, but Dralin's focus has shifted to other tasks.


Above all other weapons Dralin possesses, his keen intellect is foremost among them. He values his ability to stay two steps ahead of the opposition through logic, careful planning, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances in order to benefit. Two other talents that he has honed over the years come from his involvement in leadership: his ability to manipulate others, and his ability to threaten others into cooperation. His use of intimidation has expanded to how he treats underlings and colors his diplomatic proceedings. Younger dark Jedi and military officers know that Dralin prizes competent and intelligent subordinates, and he is known to harshly punish a lack of forethought and the inability to learn from ones failures. Dralin can be a terrifying individual, but those under his command can rest assured that he does not punish failure, just irredeemable stupidity.

If his social machinations and subordinates fail to perform as is necessary, Dralin is not adverse to wading into combat himself. Skilled in the use of Djem So, Dralin is like a rock in the middle of the raging river that is the battlefield. He can accept a lot of punishment, both physical and mental, and then smash through his enemies' defenses with his favored lightsaber form. As a former head of an intelligence branch, Dralin is also trained in interrogation and investigation, but these skills have gone to rust with time and further reliance upon the Force.


Sullustan gin, mixed with a Hapan vermouth.

Ever since he had begun taking the role of a leader, Dralin has become more eloquent than the taciturn young man he once was. When speaking Galactic Basic, Dralin has a distinct Coruscanti accent.

He mistrusts all but a few, with that number dwindling since learning of Ronovi's death.. Dralin has rarely, if ever, been seen to "let his hair down." On the few occasions that he had in the past, it was usually at the goading of Ronovi. He no longer drinks, in remembrance of her. Those that Dralin does consider a friend find that he can be warm and friendly in a dry, sarcastic sort of way. Given his usual dour, businesslike manner, this can surprise many. Ronovi, being Dralin's first true friend, has taught him much in the way of empathy, but to most, Dralin remains as cynical and closed-off as always.

Career Summary

Positions Held
Before Position After
Brimstone Apprentice to Telona Murrage
26 ABY - 30 ABY
Kazarelth Tetrarch of Arcano Signum
27 ABY - 28 ABY
Ronovi Tavisaen
Apollo Aedile of House Gladius
28 ABY - 29 ABY
Scion Altera
Balia Donos Rollmaster of House Gladius
30 ABY - 31 ABY
Severon Vercingetorix
N/A Lieutenant of the Reckoners
32 ABY
Solus Gar
Raiju Kang Rollmaster of House Kaerner
33 ABY
Solus Gar Commander of the Reckoners
33 ABY
Nichos Rhade
Solus Gar Aedile of Qel-Droma
34 ABY - 35 ABY