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Exodus era.New Order era.
Sebz Janren
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

15 ABY (age 29)

Physical Description











Dark Yellow



Personal Information

Jeric Cyrin Daedric Turelles


Anyone opposing Naga Sadow

Lightsaber Color(s):

Blood red

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form Zero

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information

Order of the the Black Guard Battleteam Leader of Shadow’s Bane


Clan Naga Sadow

Known masters:

Jeric Cyrin

Known apprentices:




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"Hey Worms, catch!" Sebz shouting at Deadric during their fight with Erik Snowburn

Sebz Janren is a Jedi Hunter of the Sith Order and a Disciple of Sadow. He currently serves as Black Guard to the Consul of Naga Sadow and Leader of Battleteam Shadow’s Bane. Sebz is presently under the tutelage of Battlelord Jeric Cyrin. He is charged with two counts of murder and accused of high treason in his homeworld of Naboo for the murder of a Nabooian senator and his once beloved Pou'Gar.


Time on Naboo

Sebz was born in 23 ABY on Theed, the capital city of Naboo. His mother was second in command of the house maids at the Royal Palace, and his father was a Master Sergeant for a patrol squad of the capitol.

Sebz was a curious boy. He liked to roam around the city, always entertained by what he saw. By the time he was five he knew every single street of the capitol and which method of transport you should take if you wanted to get somewhere in time.

While exploring the city, he eventually found the electronic trash dumps, where all the city's old electronics were kept. Sebz was interestingly curious about the place, eventually began to tinker with things. He found many ancient pieces of equipment, and eventually learned how to use most, if not all that he could find. Some of his creations included a semi functional speeder, a hydro processor vat, and a holo pad which he carried along with him all the time.

While entering back into the palace for dinner, he forgot that his holo-pad was still on his left arm. When entering the place, head of security Chief Sau’Sun notices the pad and confiscated it. Sebz pleaded with the man to not take it away. As Sau'Sun turned the holopad on and activated it, he noticed the old parts and work Sebz had done to the pad. Genuinely impressed of what he did and to see that the holopad worked, he offered Sebz a job upgrading and installing anything electronic into the planets ships and the local security systems..

Sebz mother and father were thrilled to see that their boy already had a job for the Queen and the planet at just 10 years of age.

While upgrading the Queen’s personal starship, he met a young girl who was a servant to the Queen named Pou'Gar. She was curious of what Sebz was doing with the ship. Sebz being friendly, he showed her what he was doing, and even let her do some of the installation. The two became friends. Pou’Gar was fascinated with technology and wanted to learn more about it. Sebz said he’d help her learn more about it.

Over time the relationship the two had formed morphed into a romantic one, which was forbidden for a servant. As the relationship intensified, Pou’Gar was forced to become a servant for the senator of Naboo.


Sebz and Pou'Gar eventually continued their lifestyles and continued seeing each other in secret. While Pou'Gar was with the senator of Naboo on a trip to Coruscant, Sebz accompanied them to install new parts in the skyscraper estate the senator was staying in. While on the landing pad and waiting for the senator to say his goodbyes, a mysterious figure attacked the senator and his ship. While attacking the body guards, the figure activated a dark purple blade. Sebz instantly recognized it as a lightsaber, and marked the man as a Jedi. Sebz tried to fire shots from a fallen guards blaster, but was blocked by the figures blade and was reflected back to Sebz, one of them hitting his right shoulder.

During the end of the fight, the senator and Pou'Gar were the only ones alive. The figure hovered over them and eventually killed not only the senator, but also Pou'Gar. Sebz was infuriated that the figure would do something as harm his beloved Pou'Gar. He rushed to the mysterious figure. The figure was caught of guard and was tackled by Sebz. The landing pad was still slippery from a previous rain storm, and the figure slipped off of the platform to his demise.

Sebz rushed over to see if Pou'Gar and the senator were okay, but he found out he was too late. Sebz cried out for help as he cursed the Jedi for killing his beloved.


Sebz eventually made it back to Naboo where he was questioned about the deaths of the senator and Pou'Gar. Soon, he was put on a huge hologram conference call with the Jedi Council. All of the Jedi masters did not agree that a Jedi would attack the senator, and deemed Sebz a Force sensitive. This shocked the Queen as she immediately ended the call and promised protection from the Jedi and their accusations. It was then when Sebz showed the Queen that he was Force sensitive. He picked up a glass of Nabooian Green tea, and handed it to the Queen, using only the Force.

Shocked by seeing that the Jedi were in fact correct, she sent Sebz away and removed him from his positions. Infuriated by the betrayal of the Queen and the Jedi, he was locked away in a prison cell for 7 days. During his 7th day, Sebz grew tired of being kept locked away, and used the Force to unlock his cell bars and made it back to his room. Their he collected all that he could bring, and found the locket of which a picture of Pou'Gar was kept in. He still carries it to this day.

Sebz eventually found his way to the hangar, and was greeted by his old teacher, Sau'Sun. Knowing that he was innocent, he had a Naboo starfighter ready for him, and provisions for about 2 weeks.

Sebz could not believe that someone thought him to be innocent. He thanked his former teacher and left Naboo for good.

It was at this moment when Sebz found out about the local starport. Not having sufficient funds and lack of provisions, he stowed away on a foodstuffs ship, heading to an unknown destination. Sebz didn't know that this would take him straight to Antei.


The ship exited out of hyperspace and landed on Antei. Sebz waited for his opportunity to make a run off of the ship once he had a chance. That was soon lost. The food container opened and Sebz was swarmed by security agents from Antei. With efficiency the guards knocked out Sebz and dragged him to Lyspair, the location of the Shadow Academy, for his Test of Lore.

Character Information

Sebz may look and be young, but his ego and pride speak for themselves. Being raised on Naboo he has a fond love for the weird things that never really make sense. He's always been good technology but has instead gone for a more deadlier path of sharp shooting.


As a Nabooian and going around on foot everywhere, Sebz has bulit up in the last few years of his life.


Protector Lightsaber Long Range Modified Rifle A few explosives Wrist Knives Blaster Pistols Robes


Started the DJB 3 days after turning 15 Took over as leader of Shadow's Bane after his master Jeric Cyrin stepped down. First shiny was a sapphire star.

Positions Held
Before Position After
Jeric Cyrin Battleteam Leader of Shadow’s Bane
38 ABY to Present