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Taigikori Aybara Dupar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Date of Death:

38 ABY

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Dark Brown



Personal Information

Aabsdu Dupar

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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Personal Ship:

Ebon Aybara



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Taigikori Aybara Dupar was a Sith Elder holding the rank of Dark Side Adept. He was a Justicar of the Brotherhood and also served as Headmaster of the Shadow Academy.

Birth of a Sith

Born in the year 10 After the Battle of Yavin, Taigikori Aybara bore the affinity for the force at such an early age. Since his birth was brought during the rising of the New Empire, Coruscant was not a safe haven for his father, nor mother with their new born son.

Entry to Clan Taldryan

In the year 22ABY, the whispers of recruiting had reached Taigikori's ears. Those force adepts who could touch the force were being rounded up and asked to join the service of the Brotherhood. The Grand Master at this time was Grand Master Jac. Taig had heard of the man's exploits, not knowing the difference between previous Sith lords of legend, and him. Throughout the first few months, Taig ignored the calls. He worked alongside his father as master apprentice to his pod-racing engineering firm. It was headquartered a few kilo's from the old Jedi Temple itself.

During certain times of the day, the young man would let his eyes drift to the ancient structure.

The Dupar Family

Taig jendan.jpg

In the year 27 ABY, Taigikori asked the hand of Jendan Morgana. She agreed immediately, and together they began building a future for themselves, and unbeknown to them; a son. Though torn between two different Clans, the two made time for themselves in a flat on the planet Coruscant, Taig's home planet. Time went by, and in 31 ABY they discovered that they were pregnant with a son, who would be named after his father. Joyed with the news, Taigikori secretly made plans to secure himself a role on the Dark Council, having already worked his way into three Dark Summit positions. His wish was to build a solid foundation and future for his son, while still striving in his ever persistent goal of self perfection; the true Sith within him.

Unveiling the truth

The Ninth Great Jedi War still fell across the Dupars as it did every family. Having lost contact with each other, Patriarch Aabsdu led what was left of the family as commander of the Arcanum, using his access into Shadow Academy records to search for lost members of the Dupar line. Elsewhere in Clan Arcona, Taigikori Aybara had fought the Jedi Crask and joined forces with Aabsdu as head of the Shadow Academy, unaware of his own severed connection to the Dupar line through his adopted father, an old and distant descendant of Graal Dupar. Though his blood was Aybara, his adopted father had evaded the remnants of the Empire and any connection to the Force after the destruction of the second Death Star. Aabsdu discovered this lost line between him and his Praetor, and officially adopted Taigikori into the Dupar family, linking Master and Apprentice, but leaving a great many questions unanswered.

The Ninth Great Jedi War

In Progress

Taigikori solo.jpg

As Quaestor of Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona, Taigikori was a main political figure behind the rise and overall win to Clan Arcona. He personally led the house for half of the war before stepping down from Quaestor to focus on his Praetorian duties, and his overall attention to the Antei front.

At the beginning of the war, the Clan summit coordinated their attacks from the Eye of the Abyss II. Once the first shots were fired, and the Brotherhood engaged in a dual of the fates with Crask and his Jedi, Arcona was on their on. Consul Sashar was absent for most of the first week, leaving the weight of Arcona's War duties to fall on Pro-Consul Vorion. Despite this set back, the lower Equites of Arcona proved their worth and continued on to a glorious victory.


Taig's Second Lightsaber

The newly appointed Proconsul was in strong need of a new blade to compliment his new position, and fighting style. Crafting it in record time, the Herald's office supplied Taig with the saber with the Sadow crest and personal family symbol on the hilt. It's crimson blade would be known to many...

DJB Facts

Outstanding Achievements


5 time ICTE All-Star

Taig's Blasters

Taldryan Champion for the '08 Independence Games

5th Overall in the Ninth Great Jedi War

Positions Held

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Positions Held
Before Position After
Vodo Biask Aedile of House Ektrosis
29 ABY (served 3 months)
Vodo Biask
Vorion Quaestor of Qel-Droma
29 ABY- 30 ABY
Legorii Kryotek Entar
none Magistrate to the Headmaster
28 ABY - 33 ABY
BubbaX Praetor to the Headmaster
30 ABY - 33 ABY
Ashura Isradia Sadow Proconsul of Naga Sadow
31 ABY to 33 ABY
Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow
Chaosrain Taldrya Right Hand of Justice
31 ABY to 33 ABY
Aabsdu Dupar Headmaster
33 ABY to 35 ABY
Ronovi Tavisaen