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Exodus era.New Order era.
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  • Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Rem Bachtan
  • Executive Officer - Nicolas Black


The Turmoil was originally constructed in 8 ABY in orbit over Kuat. After its shakedown cruise, it was turned over to members of the Emperor's Hammer. The original crew consisted of Force users and non-Force users alike, courtesy of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Emperor's Hammer respectively. The two factions would share equal command of the vessel. It is noted that within the Warhost Fleet that much of the damage the ship received during battles were repaired by the crew stationed aboard.

Before the Exile, the Turmoil was a favored vessel for raiding parties. Both the Emperor's Hammer and Dark Jedi Brotherhood parties worked in unison, quickly overwhelming fighters, cargo ships and other vessels. The Force users aboard the Turmoil gave the raider an edge in combat. On the day of the 'Split', Emperor Hammer Command sent an encrypted order to their representative to take their Dark Brotherhood brethren into custody.

Violence erupted almost instantaneously. The members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood felt echo's through the Force alerting them to possible danger. Brother against brother, it was a dark day for the Turmoil. Many of the hallways were covered with dead bodies and the stench of lifeless crew mates. Fighting continued for hours, the Emperor's Hammer had control of the bridge, Determined to end the stalemate, the Turmoil changed course to Hammer territory.

In response, the Dark Jedi attacked the engine room, hoping to cripple the hyperdrive. In the end, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was victorious, with the hyperdrive crippled, much of the remaining morale was lost. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood took control of the Turmoil, spacing any crew member still loyal to the Emperor's Hammer and setting course for Dark Jedi Brotherhood-territory. The hyperdrive was repaired in due time, speeding up the journey exponentially. In the intervening years the vessel served many roles, border patrol, raiding as well as escort duty in some cases.

Historically, the Turmoil was used in a variety of ways by Naga Sadow. It served as an assault ship, engaging in privateer actions at the behest of the clan's Houses, as well as for policing and interdiction. When away from the Orian System, the Turmoil was most commonly used in conjunction with other ships to intercept convoys and freighters. Its ion cannons and stealth capabilities made it a useful asset in Warhost operations.