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Biographical Information
Birth date:

April 18, 1990 Middletown, CT

Physical Description





185 lbs.




Light Brown

General Information
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This article is about the real life person behind Jeric Cyrin .



Jeremy was born into a middle class family. His mom was a waitress until his birth and his father owned his own "Handy-man" Business. When Jeremy was about four years old they moved from Connecticut to Wilmington, North Carolina. When Jeremy was five his sister was born. In 2001 Jeremy moved back to CT and met his best friend Mark (former DJB member Desius #9892). Since then Jeremy has been living in Newington. In 2009 Jeremy joined the military and a few years later deployed to Afghanistan.


Jeremy always was a A-B student, making Honors his Freshman/Junior year and High Honors his Senior year. Jeremy wrestled all four years of high school and almost won the state championship his junior year. Jeremy graduated from Newington High School in 2008 and the following fall began attending classes at Manchester Community College. He currently has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice with a focus in Homeland Security. From Jul 2010 to Dec 2010 Jeremy attend IET at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and is a graduate of the United States Army Military Police School. Jeremy's current GPA is 3.51.


Jeremy is a member of the 143rd Military Police Company and is position as a 1st Platoon, 1st Squad, Bravo Team Leader. The 143rd MP Company recently returned from a year long deployment to Ghazni Province, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Civillian side, Jeremy is a law enforcement officer for the State of CT.

Personal Facts


  • Color: Blue
  • Day of The Week: Saturday
  • Food: Chicken
  • Drink: Mt. Dew
  • Country: Germany
  • Holiday: Holloween
  • TV shows: DBZ, Ghost Adventure
  • Music Band: Disturbed, Linkin Park, Skrillex


  • Awarded, twice, Army Certificate of Achievement
  • Awarded, Army Achievement Medal
  • Promotion to SGT

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Character

Current Positions

  • N/A

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • Has created over 33 custom lightsabers
  • Dominus Sicarius for the month of March 2008
  • First member selected for the Dinaari Internship Program
  • Dark Maven General History Degree
  • Dark Maven Flight Degree
  • Dark Maven Leadership Degree
  • Dark Savant Leadership and Communication Degree
  • Advancement to EQ3
  • Becoming P:HRLD
  • Becoming RHoJ
  • Earning a Sapphire Blade

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