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Robotic Right arm

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Clan Tarentum

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Tëras Kasi and Grappling

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Dark Jedi


Rise of the Empire Era, Rebellion Era, New Republic Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Tarentum, Dark Jedi Brotherhood



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"Let me tell you something about life, there is nothing else to it except power. The power to kill, the power to sleep with exotic women, the power to drink expensive scotch and the power of the Force are all there is to life."

Deatharoc has been in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for a short amount of time but is already beginning to experience the true power of the Dark Side of the Force. As a Jedi Hunter of the great Clan Tarentum he continues to learn from the more senior members of the Clan while he gets nearer to the sacred rank of Dark Jedi Knight. He constantly looks forward to earning his lightsaber so that he can unleash his wrath on his foes.

Character History

Early Years

Deatharoc was born into an extremely wealthy family who immediately pushed him into becoming a businessman. It was their greatest dream for him to run the family business, Drold Droids. Publicly, it was one of the most successful droid manufacturing companies in the system. Privately, it was a company that had many ties with the world of crime and used those ties to intimidate or crush competition. Deatharoc learned of the darker side of his family's business when he was about 3 years old and quickly learned to accept that it was the easiest way to survive.

As the years passed, a young Deatharoc slowly turned into the perfect businessman. He became sophisticated, suave, cunning and intelligent; traits that he still retains as a Dark Jedi. However, there was one quality that worried his parents: his ruthlessness. There were many incidents in which Deatharoc had beaten and sometimes killed those who failed him. His murders were 'overlooked' by the Regional Governor of Corellia due to Drold Droid's Imperial dealings. He was still often rebuked by his parents who he could never agree with. Traits of the Dark Side of the force were beginning to show themselves in the young businessman.

Climbing the corporate Ladder

Deatharoc slowly became more and more powerful personally. His travels allowed him to meet many people. Soon he was as powerful as his father. Soon tragedy would strike the family though. Ironically this tragedy would give Deatharoc control of Drold Droids inc. The crime lords who his family worked with tired of Deatharoc's parents and killed them. Deatharoc gained control of Drold Droids and planned his revenge against the criminals. This was not only to avenge his parents but also to inject fear into the entire underworld of Corellia.

Deatharoc struck a deal with the Imperials on Corellia. He'd give them discounts on all their droid orders and they would loan him stormtroopers for his plan against the crime lords and supply his company with Imperial weapons and starship technology. The only problem was the New Republic. As the New Republic grew more powerful, the Empire was weakening and was forced out of Corellia. Deatharoc had to keep his dealings with the Imperials secret. The weapons and starfighters were smuggled into Corellia via 3 Drold Droids carriers. With these new supplies, plus the loaned stormtroopers, Deatharoc could put his revenge in motion.

The crimelords were on their private space yachts when Deatharoc attacked them. Drold Droid's personal pilots, led by Deatharoc himself, used the new Imperial TIE Advanceds the Empire had given to Deatharoc to disable the yacht. When the ship was immobile, the stormtroopers made their way into the yacht and brutally 'extracted' the crimelords out of their ship. Deatharoc had the crimelords brought to him and he killed them himself with a vibroblade. Now Deatharoc was in complete control of his company and felt no remorse at all for the murders he'd committed.

Fall to the Dark Side

Drold Droids thrived under Deatharoc and was soon supplying every major faction in the Galaxy from the Rebellion to the Empire. Deatharoc continued to travel around the Galaxy. On a fateful trip, Deatharoc met the love his life, Tara Ordabb.

Deatharoc was in a cantina when he met Tara Ordabb, an exotic and beautiful dancer. He saved her from a thug and both got to know each other very well and eventually fell in love. However, Tara could never be with Deatharoc. She was owned by a notorious Hutt and when Deatharoc asked her to go with him she declined. This put a great amount sadness on Deatharoc and drew him closer to the Dark Side of the Force. While on his space yacht after he left Tatooine, Deatharoc was so overcome by his anger and depression that he nearly beat one of his attendants to death. Deatharoc was a changed man. He was far more irratable, ruthless and sinister than he had ever been.

Deatharoc then met the person who would recruit him into the Dark Brotherhood: Balnazaar. After one of his meetings with the board of directors, Balnazaar requested to meet Deatharoc. When the future Jedi Hunter refused, Balnazaar killed Deatharoc's guards and forced himself into the office of Deatharoc. Impressed with Balnazaar's skill, he listened to what the Tarenti had to say. Balnazaar told Deatharoc of the existence of the Dark Brotherhood and asked him to join the Brotherhood. Deatharoc agreed immediately.

Life in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Deatharoc 3.jpg

Deatharoc left Drold Droids to be run by his uncle but still retained most of his stock. Balnazaar brought him to the Shadow Academy where he was quickly promoted to an Apprentice and sent to join the great Clan Tarentum. He was put in the Praxeum, a battleteam of House Gladius. There Deatharoc trained in the ways of the Force and became more powerful. After reaching the rank of Protector, he was apprenticed to Dark Side Adept Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae.

Early Missions

Deatharoc was sent by his master to numerous planets on missions, some of which were extremely deadly. One particularly grueling mission was when the then Protector was sent to kill a mandalorian warrior in the jungle moon Dxun. Deatharoc fought of dozens of cannok and other wild beasts in the moon. The Protector was able to find the mandalorian and managed to kill the warrior with his own blaster. Deatharoc kept the Mandalorian Disintegrator, knowing that it would be useful in the future. Soon after, Deatharoc upgraded weapon, making it more deadly than it already was. [ Another early mission of Deatharoc's was to assassinate a corporate president on Coruscant. The Protector attempted to make use of a sniper rifle but was forced to activate a thermal detonator inside the president's room. Soon after, Deatharoc was promoted to Guardian.

The Kiss of Death

Deatharoc was then sent by his master to hunt down a bounty hunter on Tatooine known as the Kiss of Death and take a Sith Sword that was on the planet. After getting himself into a fight against an army of thugs, the Guardian found himself helped by the Kiss of Death who was revealed to be Tara. Deatharoc found himself falling in love with Tara once again and realized that he couldn't kill her. Still, the Guardian wanted to retrieve the Sith Sword for his master. Tara agreed to get it for him but to do so, she had to enter in a fighting competition hosted by her Hutt master. Tara ended up losing and was given as a slave to the female Tw'lek bounty hunter who bested her. Deatharoc wanted to rescue Tara and smuggled himself in one of the Hutt's land speeders.

The Guardian assaulted the bounty hunter's room and went on a frenzy with the force. He used his telekinetic powers to launch pieces of steel all around the room. Although he succeeded in killing the bounty hunter, Deatharoc inadvertently killed Tara who was also in the room. The Guardian was dismayed and fuming with hate.

Deatharoc was able to enter the Hutt's quarters undetected and threatened the Hutt. The Hutt tried to appease Deatharoc by giving him an Imperial Shuttle, a Carrack-Cruiser, a TIE Defender and the Sith Sword that brought him to the planet. Deatharoc agreed and left Tatooine after he burried Tara's body. The Hutt was killed in an explosion caused by faulty droids manufactured by Drold Droids. Deatharoc named the Carrack-Cruiser the Kiss of Death in Tara's memory and left it and all the other ships in his private complex on Corellia. Deatharoc was surprised to learn that his master knew of Tara Ordab and her status as a bounty hunter. The Guardian realized that the mission and all of its happenings was orchestrated by his master. Deatharoc kept the sword and he was soon promoted, once again, to the rank of Jedi Hunter. However, this Jedi Hunter would soon face his greatest test yet: fighting in a real war.

The Vong Invasion


The whole brotherhood was called by the Grandmaster to Antei in order to honor the participants of Second Darkness. However, the festivities turned sour when a large armada of Yuuzhan Vong starships assaulted all the fleets of the Brotherhood. Deatharoc was aboard the Corsair and immediately rushed to his Starfighter to fend off the invading aliens. On his B-Wing fighter, the Jedi Hunter dealt some damage to Vong fighters and ships alike.


The Jedi Hunter, as good a pilot as he was, couldn't possibly take on all of the swarming bio-starships of the Vong fleet. After taking out well over two dozen ships, the Jedi Hunter was forced to land aboard the Corsair. Though he wanted to return to the battle as soon as possible, Deatharoc was ordered to go to the medical bay.

The battle raged on and Deatharoc was stationed on an anti-landing force on the ship. He along with Brimstone, Korvyn and several other Tarenti fought off hordes of Vong. However, when the battle bent more and more towards the Vong's favor, the Journeymen thought they would die. Luckily, the elder members of Tarentum along with reinforcements assisted in the ongoing fight.

Vong Warrior 5.jpg

Deatharoc fought a particularly vicious Vong warrior who sliced the Jedi Hunter's hand off with his Amphistaff. However, Deatharoc managed to fend off the warrior with his Sith Sword. The Jedi Hunter lost his sword as he continued fighting in the battle despite losing one hand. Deatharoc only survived by using a lightsaber beside a corpse to stab the kill the Vong warrior. After the retreat order from the grandmaster came, the Jedi Hunter was given a prosthetic arm and a new Sith Sword.

Deatharoc's arm.jpg

The Jedi Hunter was changed profoundly by the Vong's invasion. He had learned much from the experience and had gained greater strength. He had learned to trust in the power of the Dark Side of the Force and learned that sometimes the most unorthodox tactics can save one's life. But most of all, Deatharoc learned that he had much to learn before he could consider himself to be a master of the Dark Side of the Force.

Ascension to Knighthood


In the following months, Deatharoc’s powers grew and the Jedi Hunter became wiser. The Sith became a more prominent member of Tarentum and was even appointed Aedile of House Gladius. It was inevitable that Deatharoc would receive his Knight Trials soon enough. However, the Jedi Hunter’s ascension to the sacred rank of Dark Jedi Knight would occur sooner than expected.

Deatharoc was training intensely one day until an unexpected guest, the Consul of Tarentum, visited him. Consul Bloodfyre presented the Jedi Hunter with an interesting proposal. The Dark Jedi Master offered Deatharoc a chance to become Dark Jedi Knight if he could defeat an entire squadron of customized Destroyer droids. The Jedi Hunter immediately accepted the offer and faced the deadly robots. The battle was one of the toughest Deatharoc had ever fought. After 15 minutes of exhausting fighting, the Jedi Hunter prevailed. Deatharoc, bloodied and battered, limped towards the Consul. Master Bloodfyre had a pleased look on his face and commanded the Jedi Hunter to kneel before him. The Consul ignited his lightsaber and knighted his subordinate. After that short, impromptu ceremony, Deatharoc was a Dark Jedi Knight. The Aedile quickly left after that to complete his final test of being a fully-fledged Dark Jedi: Building a lightsaber.

The Sith using his personal TIE Defender, flew to the Sith Graveyard world of Korriban. Deatharoc explored one of the tombs to find a place strong in the Dark Side where he could build his lightsaber. The Dark Jedi Knight was consumed with illusions of his past. Deatharoc saw Tara Ordabb again. He saw terrifying creatures and horrible specters of the Dark Side of the Force. Deatharoc tired to fight his way through these hallucinations but was unable to do so. The Sith knelt down and screamed in frustration, anger and uncontrollable hatred. The illusions dispersed and the Dark Jedi Knight now had the necessary connection to complete building his new weapon. After nearly an hour of meticulously assembling parts and joining up pieces, the lightsaber was completed. Deatharoc had finished building his lightsaber. The Dark Jedi Knight ignited his weapon for a moment and marveled at its crimson blade. He then turned off the weapon and headed back to his TIE Defender, not knowing that his first test with a lightsaber was coming soon. On his way back from the tomb, Deatharoc encountered hissis and shyrack. The Dark Jedi Knight, using his knowledge of lightsaber combat and the force, slew dozens of beasts. However, he also sustained many injuries and was forced to fly to Corellia as he was in no condition to return to the Sword's Sheath.

Deatharoc in Korriban.jpg

After two days of recuperating, Deatharoc prepared to leave his home planet and return to the Clan. A street gang who wished to kill him to receive a bounty placed for any Dark Jedi cut him off. The gang received a swift and painful death and Deatharoc eventually returned a true Dark Jedi Knight.

Physical Appearance

Deatharoc stands at nearly 2 meters, weighs 220 lbs and has a build that reflects on his considerable strength. Deatharoc is handsome, which is probably one of the reasons he is successful at womanizing, and is often seen as an arrogant tycoon more than a Dark Jedi. Deatharoc's hair is ivory black and is considered by a few people to be oily, something the Jedi Hunter doesn't particularly like. Deatharoc's hairstyle often varies (he is currently cutting his hair short) but is always impeccably neat.

Reflecting on his aristocratic upbringing, as well as his constant womanizing, Deatharoc's fashion style usually utilizes expensive robes, handmade shoes and other items some would call extravagant. When fighting Deatharoc disdains wearing armor and prefers wearing his robes in battle. Deatharoc also wears a pair of black, blast dampening gloves over both his hands at fighting. Though the Dark Jedi's clothing are of the same style, different materials are used to make clothes that suits Deatharoc's purposes.

Unlike many Dark Jedi, Deatharoc likes his face being in the public eye. Therefore, Deatharoc only uses his hood when stealth is needed for a mission. Otherwise, he openly and proudly shows his face to the public.

Deatharoc's strut is one fueled by pride and arrogance. He likes walking quickly and purposefully. Deatharoc's footsteps are audible and are usually heard from afar.

The Tarenti has a voice that is demanding and cold while talking to his subordinates. While talking to his friends or talking to his female 'conquests' his voice is filled with sarcasm. Deatharoc’s tone to his superiors is one filled with respect and completely contrasts with the demanding tone he uses to his subordinates and the sarcastic tone he uses in casual situations.

Deatharoc often comes across as a wealthy, arrogant and handsome playboy in public. However, in serious situations in Tarentum, in the Dark Brotherhood and, most of all, in battle, Deatharoc becomes an imposing, cold and calculating man. Though he doesn’t seem like it at times, Deatharoc is first and foremost a Dark Jedi.


Fighting Style

Deatharoc is a skilled tactician as well as a brutal warrior. He will do anything to win a battle, save sacrificing his own life, and this dedication combined with his brutal tactics have made him a fierce warrior. The Corellian often utilizes psychological combat against his opponents and is not above taking cheap shots when the opportunity arises. However, Deatharoc is not a perfect fighter and he has learned the hard way that,sometimes, his affinity for landing cheap shots or taunting turns into a double edged blade.

Despite being calm on most occasions, Deatharoc resorts to violence almost all the time to sort out any problem he has. The Corellian prefers to completely break his foes,even after they are defeated, physically, mentally or even emotionally. An example of this ruthless behavior can be seen when Deatharoc threatened an engineer's family when the engineer wouldn't repair Deatharoc's crippled ship when returning from a mission on Dxun. When the man relented, Deatharoc brutally beat down his son until the engineer finally agreed to repair Deatharoc's ship. To add insult to the engineer, Deatharoc managed to seduce the engineer's daughter and left her heart broken after their one-night-stand.

"Heh. Beating up a fool, breaking an old man and also breaking his daughter's heart. Not a bad day."
―Deatharoc contemplating on his actions while returning from Dxun

When fighting, Deatharoc starts out calm and is usually on the defensive. However, when he sees a weakness in his opponent, he immediately turns to the offensive and usually aims to finish a battle quickly, though he has proved that he is more than capable of enduring a long battle more than once. Though it seems that Deatharoc takes battles lightly, his cavalier attitude his just a ploy to further confuse his enemies and it often takes the smartest of opponents to realize that.

While he employs strategy during his fights most of the time, there have been instances where Deatharoc disregards all strategy and just attacks his foe like a berserk monster. Usually this comes to Deatharoc when he feels a great deal of anger, like when Tara Ordab died. It can take hours, or maybe even days, for Deatharoc to return from his animal-like state.


Like most Jedi Knights and Dark Jedi, Deatharoc uses a lightsaber. He constructed his saber a day after his promotion to Dark Jedi Knight in the Sith world of Korriban. It shines with a crimson blade and is practically identical to the lightsaber that was held by one of Deatharoc's idols: Darth Vader. The Dark Jedi Knight considers his lightsaber to be one of his greatest treasures as it is not only a powerful weapon but a symbol to show him and others how far he has come in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Deatharoc looks forward to killing with his lightsaber and basking in the fear his enemies show before they die.


Deatharoc used frequently uses a Sith Sword as his secondary close-combat weapon ever since he got his first one from his mission on Tatooine. Deatharoc considers his Sith Sword as a trophy and a precious artifact. Now that he has a lightsaber, Deatharoc hardly uses his Sith Sword but still values his sword greatly. The sword saved the Jedi Hunter's life and he continued using it until he lost it to a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, along with his arm. The sword was promptly replaced by Deatharoc with a new one, which was essentially a heavily upgraded model of its predecessor. Deatharoc usually holds the sword in one hand and only uses two hands when he believes that additional strength his required. The Corellian if expecting a battle will often pull out his sword because he likes to be ready. Deatharoc has modified the blade with more advanced energy cells, augmented metals and different hilts. The Sith sword used to be to Deatharoc is what a lightsaber is to a Dark Jedi Knight. As part of his method of psychological combat and because of his love for theatrics, Deatharoc sometimes exaggerates movements with the swords and showboats when he feels that he is not in danger. Though this is often a risk to Deatharoc, he has never been seriously injured because of his arrogance and love for messing with his opponent's heads. Despite the deadliness of the Sith Sword, Deatharoc usually does without them as he prefers using his crimson blade lightsaber.

Deatharoc's Sith Sword 1.jpg Sithsword.jpg

Though he prefers close-range combat, Deatharoc is not above using blasters and long-range weapons. His favorite is a Mandalorian Disintegrator he acquired after slaying a Mandalorian Warrior on the jungle moon of Dxun. The Disintegrator is used mainly as a last resort weapon rather than a primary one and spends most of its time in Deatharoc's cloak and is only brought out seconds before its use. Deatharoc has customized the disinegrator extensively and it is now powerful enough to break-through considerably strong energy shields and dense body armor. As he is fond of showing off and flaunting, Deatharoc sometimes does a few tricks with his blaster like, but not limited to, firing with his eyes closed; spinning the gun around his finger before putting it back in his robe; and throwing the weapon from hand to hand as if it were a toy.

Mandalorian Disintegrator.jpg

Deatharoc, when desperate, will use any weapon, or thing, available in combat. He has used chairs, plates and even a Human bone to defend himself in the past. His willingness to use anything and everything as a weapon is one of the things that make him an unpredictable combatant.

Positions Held

Aedile of House Gladius

Apprentice of Dark Side Adept Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae

Former C.E.O. and chairman of Drold Droids Inc.

Controlling stock holder of Drold Droids Inc.

Outstanding Achievements

Deatharoc has placed in numerous competitions and has won many Crescents.


The name Deatharoc was taken from a character in the game WarCraft III: Frozen Throne.