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Aerun, before the devastation and partial terraforming of its surface.

The Jusadih System is located in the Deep Core, not far from Coruscant, and was the former home of House Plagueis. It contains five planets: Kapsina, Sigil 2 (formerly known as Aerun), Nintura, Shintera, and Morroth. It is a volatile system whose star has caused major environmental shifts in many of its planets, including Kapsina, Morroth, and Sigil 2, formerly Aerun. All the same, the system served their needs adequately, providing them with a power base and a source of resources as they controlled it through the Jusadih Military Regime and controlled its economy through their corporate front, Sistros Acquisitions and Holdings.

During the Eighth Great Jedi War, however, the system was discovered and invaded by the same alien race that had attacked Antei. The small fleet managed to completely destroy the surfaces of Aerun and Nintura, while Shintera suffered the loss of three cities, but this force was pulled off on another mission before it could move on to the remaining two planets. After the Fall of Antei, Plagueis received new fleets and forces to control their system, only to face the Jusadih Independence Coalition and their Feudalist uprising. Defeating them in the War of Ascension, Plagueis installed the Stratocracy government known as the Jusadih Military Regime and set themselves toward rebuilding what they had lost.

During the invasion by former Grand Master Zoraan in 30 ABY, significant enemy forces attacked the Plagueis home system. Lead by the enemy flagship, the Avenger II, the attackers battered aside the defending fleet and deployed a bio-weapon into the atmosphere of Kapsina. The impact of the weapon was swift and deadly, killing most higher life forms on the planet within a matter of minutes of exposure. The weapon spread throughout the biosphere within a matter of hours, and had wiped out all life within a few days. As Plagueis was driven to the brink of defeat, Quaestor Tra'an Reith signaled a general retreat from the system. In addition, to prevent evidence of the presence of House Plagueis from every being discovered by the Galactic Alliance, Reith triggered a failsafe device that destroyed all remnants of Plagueis's presence across the entire system. Today, the system is no longer inhabited by humanoid lifeforms, instead being given over to the dominion of the Starweirds that Zoraan unleashed upon it.

Sigil 1: Kapsina

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Kapsina, capital world of Jusadih

The former capital of the Jusadih System and headquarters of House Plagueis, Kapsina, once a planet of massive oceans, underwent the devastation of Jusadih’s sun, Sigil, turning the once luscious planet into a dry, desolate landscape. Kapsina has five continents: Kurast, Calimcha, Asinai, Schall, Khanduras. Kapsina possesses two Adegan crystal veins, which originally gave the planet great importance to the Dark Jedi. Originally settled by mining corporations who set up small colonies to extract precious minerals, the cities of the world have grown into walled spectacles, places of imported luxury and exotic glamor, provided its citizens and visitors can afford the excitement. Patrolled from above by the dominant form of Force Point, the world is now the primary center for Jusadih's elite.

Following the attack by the forces of Zoraan, the deployed bio-weapon spread throughout the biosphere within a matter of hours. It eventually wiped out all life within a few days. The atmosphere decayed rapidy after what plant life remained following the climate shift succumbed, leaving a planet with a thin atmosphere and very little free water. The weather patterns changed quickly, giving over to violent sandstorms that rage for months on end during the planet's spring and fall.

Sigil 2

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Sigil 2, after the devastation of the aliens.

Sigil 2, once known as Aerun, was the former home of House Exar Kun. It was once engulfed in ice, however, much like Kapsina it underwent massive environmental change and was transformed into a moderately temperate climate. The planet is composed of six continents: Tesh-Relin, Decaria, Erineth, Barridon, Kelimar and Nyo. The various terrain types provided by the continents serve as an excellent training ground for Plagueis' ground forces.

During the alien Incursion, Sigil 2 was reduced to little more than a barren wasteland. Bombed by the enemy, the entirety of the surface was warped and destroyed, with a quarter terraformed to the invaders' liking. Since then, it has been a place of military training for the Ascendant Legion. Recently, renegades and deserters of the aliens organized against Plagueis in the Taking of Si'Tilk. After the battle, the Ascendant House consolidated their control of the world's jungle and have destroyed all remaining opposition on Sigil 2's wasted surface. Following the retreat of Plagueis following the Horizons Crisis, all remaining signs of Plagueis on Sigil 2 were destroyed.


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Nintura, following the complete destruction of the planet surface

Nintura, once a lush and tropical world, had its surface completely ruined by the aliens during their Incursion. Employing toxins to kill off all native life and brutal biological super-weapons, the aliens left its surface a blackened and toxic ball before departing.

Since then, with no one to tend to it, the planet's toxic atmosphere has seen the establishment of many manufacturing facilities and recycling centers. These form the bulk of Jusadih manufacturing. In addition, several waste management facilities exist on the planet, as well as mining operations excavating once-protected minerals and precious resources. Only one faction, the Ninturan Preservation Coalition, works to see the planet terraformed and livable once more. Following the retreat of Plagueis following the Horizons Crisis, all remaining signs of Plagueis on Nintura were destroyed.


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Shintera, population center and business hub of Jusadih

Shintera, twin of Nintura and fourth planet in the system, is the primary trading planet for Jusadih. It also possesses the largest population, having many major metropolitan areas in addition to a multitude of smaller settlements scattered across the planet. Shintera is composed of six continents: Sharr, Tethyr, Chult, Theskel, Khurr, Sancrist Isles. It provides the main corporate front shielding the activities of Plagueis from prying eyes, and acts as a gateway between the Outer Rim and the Core Worlds.

Though it saw the loss of the cities Asgard, Glasir, and Drasil during the Eighth Great Jedi War, Shintera has bounced back and is the thriving population center of Jusadih. With a booming economy, thanks in no small part to the diversified Sistros Corporation, and the only climate that's not only livable but preferable for mass colonization, Shintera is the main attraction for many new settlers of the world. Following the retreat of Plagueis following the Horizons Crisis, all remaining signs of Plagueis on Shintera were destroyed.


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Morroth, penal colony of Jusadih.

The outermost planet of Jusadih, Morroth is primarily a prison world. Its climate is far too cold for true colonization, though small mining towns exist where minerals of great value can be found. Divided into three distinct regions, the Mining Plains, Great Tundra, and Frozen Ocean, the world is essentially dead aside from specialized species of Sith-spawned fauna; these have proven too hostile and impossible to domesticate for Plagueis to even attempt it, especially with the fearsome Wyrms.

Nevertheless, Morroth has its worth, especially for Plagueis; the newly upgraded Omega Base maintains control and stages any necessary operations on the planet, while the Temple of Plagueis serves as a training site for all Plagueian Journeymen. With Omicron Platform in orbit over its frigid surface, the ice world manages to serve every purpose too delicate for the Ascendant House to entrust to a more habitable or lush world. Following the retreat of Plagueis following the Horizons Crisis, all remaining signs of Plagueis on Morroth were destroyed.