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House Dorimad Sol
General information

Dorimad Sol



Historical information
Formed from:

Under Sith Empire, 5,073 BBY


13 ABY


28 ABY


15 ABY, 23 ABY


18 ABY 27 ABY

Other information

Dark Brotherhood Clan Scholae Palatinae


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era Hyperspace Wars

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House Dorimad Sol
Political Information
Head of State:

Robin Hawk as Quaestor

Head of Government:

Robin Hawk as Quaestor

De Facto Leader:

Jeric Cyrin as Aedile

Societal information

Boreal Citadel, Caina (28 ABY—)

Official Language:

Galactic Basic Standard


Galactic Standard Credit

Religious Body:

Sith, Obelisk, Krath Dark Side

National Holiday:

Lunar Alignment, Spring Masquerade Ball, Thran’s Birthday, Reclamation Festival, Commemoration Day.


Supremacy by Robin Hawk

Historical information
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Brief History

House Dorimad Sol has a long and rocky history. After being destroyed by both Clans and Houses alike, the reborn Dorimad Sol was conscripted to protect the Clan from Yuzhaan Vong Invaders. During the Reclamation of Judecca campaign, House Dorimad Sol fought valiantly in spite of its limited numbers. This mindset would stick with the House throughout its vendetta with Caliburnus. House Dorimad Sol remains confident and powerful to this day.

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Society & Culture

Dorimad Sol has a strong tie to the Obelisk Order and is known for having exceptional swordsmen. Though the House is Obelisk by nature, strong Sith Leadership has been an integral part of the development of the House and is perhaps responsible in part for the destruction of the House. Some claim that the small numbers in the House give the House a “Napoleon Complex”. Upon reorganization, House Dorimad Sol set out to prove its worth to the Clan and her destroyer, Caliburnus.

The House has several mottos which aptly describe the character of the House. The first “Proeliator et Philologus”, which means “Warrior and Scholar”, dispels the myths about the Obelisk Order and their intelligence. Members of House Dorimad Sol are dedicated not only to the arts of combat, but also to the expansion of knowledge in the Dark Arts. House Dorimad Sol prides herself on having not only the sharpest blades, but the sharpest minds as well.

Secondly, the motto “First to Battle, Last to Retreat” shows the fanatical commitment the House has to defending her Clan. Warriors of House Dorimad Sol consider themselves to be the first and last lines of defense for Clan Scholae Palatinae. Accordingly, Members of the House will rush into battle without thought of personal loss. This dedication has proven itself time and time again, but displayed itself particularly during the Reclamation of Judecca.

Unlike the other Houses, Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus, House Dorimad Sol is not an Isolated group of people. Members routinely travel around the Cocytus System to ensure the spread of the Dorimad Sol mentality. Liaisons of the house frequently visit all the planets in the system. House Dorimad Sol as a whole is out-spoken and head-strong, much like its leaders and members.


Parties: House Dorimad Sol is known for its ability to cut loose and throw a party. On Caina, there is not much to do, other than to become intoxicated. Parties on Caina are renown throughout the sector and often draw many people. Parties happen routinely and for no apparent reason.

Dueling: The members of House Dorimad Sol must stay on top of their Saber technique. Members challenge each other to non-fatal duels on a regular basis. Constant practice allows members to be on the top of their game. House Dorimad Sol prides itself on requiring at least ten duels per month. This requirement is seldom enforced, due to the general boredom that is present on Caina.

Engineering: In boredom, members of House Dorimad Sol have begun to tinker with everything and anything mechanical. This has helped them develop extraordinary skills with repairing and upgrading all sorts of machines.

Sharpshooting: From the towers of the Boreal Citadel, Members practice their long distance shooting skills. The ability to strike an enemy from distance is incredibly important to the development of an efficient military unit. Many members of the House are former military personnel and this past time helps steady their hand and focus their aim.

The Tuggle Tridoubletriplemarathon: Much like the Iditarod dog-sled race, Members of House Dorimad Sol practice for this grueling race day in and day out. A week long race, Members must use a sled pulled by tuggle over a distance of 548 miles, through some of the harshest terrain Caina has to offer.


Lunar Alignment: Once every year, all 10 moons of Caina line up in perfect order in the skies over the frozen planet. The moons dot the sky from horizon to horizon. This is a truly amazing spectacle and is celebrated with astrology and plentiful parties.

Spring Masquerade Ball: House Dorimad Sol’s Largest party of the year. Members from every House in CSP are invited to this party. All who attend must wear masks and elaborate costumes. The party often leads to some interesting interactions between members, whose identities are obscured by the masks. The House’s Castle is ornately decorated and the party is widely regarded as the best party since the Fall of the Empire.

Reclamation Festival: In order to celebrate the Dedication and courage of the members involved in the reclamation of Caina, House Dorimad Sol throws another legendary party. The Reclamation Festival lasts a week and commemorates all who gave their lives in the war against the Yuzhaan Vong.

Commemoration Day: In Honor of the long lived Clan member, Emperor Phoenix Palpatine, as well as the rebirth of House Dorimad Sol under his reign, Commemoration Day is filled with drinking and revelry. Though fights often break out, it is generally regarded as a bitchin party.

Thran’s Birthday: (Made a clan wide event since he became Consul) This party is not for those with weak hearts or other preexisting health conditions. It is the celebration of Quaestor Thran Occasus’ birthday, though many consider it an event in which one tries to get as close to death as is possible. During this no-hold-bars party, medical staff remains on call at all times. On the 8th day of the 4th Month, all hell breaks loose on Caina. Members are not expected to report to their posts the next day; hangovers are expected.

House Actions/Reactions


House Dorimad Sol is the first to act for the Clan. In the event of war plans, House Dorimad Sol is the first to attack. In addition, should House Dorimad Sol feel offended, they are not afraid to settle the argument on the battlefield. Many call the house rash in its actions, but given the history of the house, this is to be expected. In the philosophy of the Obelisk order, House Dorimad Sol fights to make a point.


House Dorimad Sol is known for going overkill. Should something happen to them, their reaction is sure to dwarf the original action. The house is known for saying “We shall exact revenge with the wrath of 10,000 suns!”.


Caliburnus. House Caliburnus was the last destroyer of House Dorimad Sol, so harsh feelings remain strong. The Houses squabble like brothers and sisters would.

Clan Arcona. House Dorimad Sol was also destroyed by Clan Arcona. Again, tensions run high between the two parties.

Taldryan. House Dorimad Sol wants nothing other than to be the best. It is understandable why Clan Taldryan would make this list.


The Yuzhaan Vong. Much like the Bothan Genocide placed on the extragalactic invaders, House Dorimad Sol has proclaimed that the Yuzhaan Vong scourge will never touch the grounds in the Cocytus System ever again. They are the only sworn enemies of the house at this point.


While no official allies have been declared, Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus are obligate allies. Though Dorimad Sol has fought with both houses, they are sure to align when the Clan is in jeopardy. Clan above House.


Totalitarianism under the Quaestor is the preferred method of governmental rule on Caina. As the population lies under the two subcategories of House membership and Militiamen, the Quaestor is the end-all of the political system. Benevolence and House interest are always at the mind of the Quaestor, but when those are not enough to keep the leader in check, Caina falls directly under the reign of the Emperor. Regulations are generally lax, but may change at any point. The Quaestor is the end all and be-all of the House’s ruling party. Many consider the Quaestor to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Accordingly, the governmental body of House Dorimad Sol follows the will of the Emperor and thus the clan. The totalitarian nature of the ruling class is most certainly derived from the person who fills the position. Much like on Ptolomea, the Totalitarian state was installed by the Sith Thran Occasus, much to the chagrin of the older House Membership. The current Head of Government is Robin Hawk.

The Defacto Head of Government is the Aedile. Considered as the Protector of the House, the Aedile serves the House to the upmost of his or her ability. Jeric Cyrin currently fills this role proudly. The Aedile tasks himself to tracking the progress of the House and is the Second in Command. The Aedile is considered acting Quaestor in the event of an emergency or when the Quaestor takes leave. To maintain balance, one half of the military might of the house is entrusted to the Aedile.

The Provost of Dorimad Sol

Similar to the Moff system established by the Empire. The Provost operate on a minor level as the governors of Caina. However, they are regarded more as warlords by the population of the planet. They serve directly under the Quaestor in the political realm of the House. In addition, the Provost all serve in a battleteam called the Blades of Chaos. In times of war they report to the Aedile and the military arm of the House. They are representatives of the house in everything they do, especially in diplomacy and war.



House Dorimad Sol must import almost everything that it uses. Food production is absolutely minimal on the ice planet, thus this is one of the most important imports.

Like many planets, import tariffs are extremely high. The cost difference is picked up by the clan.


Just as HDS imports everything, there are no exports managed by the House. The House strictly relies on the Clan for all goods, thus building the relationship between the two even farther. Some amounts of ore and other natural resources are used mostly for bartering.


House Dorimad Sol keeps a large and well trained militia to defend themselves from any enemy bold enough to attack. In addition, The house routinely trains with the all military contingents of the Clan. The Aedile is given the strength of Military might on Caina. One might consider the Aedile a general of sorts, immediately responsible for the Military. Entrusted with an entire Regiment, the Defacto head of state maintains a check of power for the Quaestor.

Legions of Dorimad Sol

The Legions of Dorimad Sol consist of the Caina Defense Division and includes the Eclipse, 2nd Caina, and 3rd Caina Regiments. This force of Troops is stationed on Caina and is frequently involved in many projects, including the construction of the Boreal Citadel. The House tends to use the engineers and construction teams to help forward such matters. Each Legion reports to the Surface Marshall, or Quaestor, but will often take orders from the Aedile as well.

Dorimad Sol Defense Division

Eclipse Regment

  • 29th Infantry Legion
  • 30th Infantry Legion
  • 31st Armor Legion
  • 32nd Armor Legion

2nd Caina Regiment

  • 33rd Infantry Legion
  • 34th Assault Legion
  • 35th Assault Legion
  • 36th Assault Legion

3rd Caina Regiment

  • 37th Assault Legion
  • 38th Assault Legion
  • 39th Assault Legion
  • 40th Assault Legion

Important Figures in HDS History


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