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Shadow's Bane
General information

Jeric Cyrin


Military Outpost, Terra Do Gelo

Historical information
Formed from:

32 ABY


35 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Battleteam Shadow’s Bane, of House Marka Ragnos, was formed in the early months of 32 ABY under the leadership of Jeric Cyrin. Shadow’s Bane was designed to be the silent enforcers and hidden assassins for the House’s Will. The members of the team were originally hand picked by then Aedile Vaar Mai. From the team, new blood volunteered for the challenge and the Battleteam came to serve more than just Marka Ragnos, regularly performing missions to ensure the survival of the House and the Clan. After reorganization by the Clan, Shadow's Bane is has been moved to inactive status as a unit.



Early into 32 ABY, Vaar Mai saw the need to create an elite Battleteam, one that would serve the needs of the House, not it’s leaders. The team would serve as the silent enforcers of the House’s Will, a group of assassins and spies. Unlike the civilian police force whose mission was to keep Tarthos, and other territories under House Marka Ragnos’ authority, safe and secured. Shadow’s Bane was designed to do the dirty work, that no one wanted to know about, in order to ensure the House lives and prospers, no matter who sits on the summit.

Vaar began his search for worthy members of House Marka Ragnos that could fill the ranks of this new Battleteam. It took many weeks, but he prevailed and found ten dark jedi that he deemed fit for the House’s silent enforcers. However, there was the problem that the Battleteam had no leader.Many of the senior members fit the profile, but there was only one Vaar had in mind from the beginning. One who, since his return to the Brotherhood, had been living in the shadows far from the eyes of the common people of Tarthos.

The Aedile of Marka Ragnos ventured to Terra Do Gelo, the frozen wasteland in the southern hemisphere of Tarthos. At the base of an extinct volcano on the far east coastline rested an abandoned military outpost. There in the months since his return Jeric Cyrin had been hiding from the rest of the world. Vaar arrived and approached the Sith asking that he came out of his solitude and lead this elite team of Dark Jedi. Reluctant at first, Jeric finally agreed but only if the outpost was retrofitted and upgraded to serve as the Battleteam’s headquarters.

Shadow Base

It had been weeks since Vaar requested Jeric’s services. Engineers and various technicians had been working around the clock. More than three quarters of the military outpost had been completed. Remodel living quarters, commissary facility, advanced training rooms and various offices for signals intelligence, logistics, information analysis, systems security and counterintelligence. The old landing pad was replaced with a hanger bay designed to house two Imperial Dropship Transports. Over the last week, Jeric had overseen the construction of the state-of-the-art Sector Threat Operations Center (STOC) and its adjacent Executive Suite. This 1700 square foot facility will be the heart of operations for the Battleteam. Without it the team wouldn’t be able to function or complete its missions. Once completed the STOC will provide total situational awareness, threat analysis and operational control to team assets in and around the Esstran Sector. A group of highly trained and trusted analysts, cryptographer, system security technicians, military tacticians and counterterrorism specialists will staff the STOC around the clock, all year long. The executive suite had already been finished, housing three separate chambers, the team leader’s office, his private chambers and the Sergeant’s office. This design was implemented so the team’s leader or his sergeant could be available at a moment's notice to the STOC.

Operation Intelligence Extraction

The Crusades ended shortly before construction finished on Shadow Base. With it’s completion though the team immediately began collecting intel, analysing threats and running direct action missions as the conflict, later called Fading Light, began with the battle of Bosthirda. The team saw limited action in the main conflict instead they were tasked with various mission by the Aedile of Marka Ragnos. These missions were designed to hone the team’s skills and show that its members both Dark Jedi and civilian were capable of keeping House Marka Ragnos safe from all threats domestic and foreign. Following the Battle of Begeren members of Shadow’s Bane were involved in small direct action missions leading up to and during the Battle of Nicht Ka.

As Fading Light ended the Clans returned to their systems to await the Brotherhood’s next move against the One Sith. During this time members of Shadow’s Bane were heavily involved with Project D.I.E. The STOC helped to gather intel on the compound housing the Nightsisters. Jeric and a few other members of the team were inserted onto Team Zero which was responsible for destroying the defense systems and assaulting the compound. While outside Anzaithia’s compound members of the Team Zero had to deal with undead, essentially zombies risen by the magic of the Sith Witch. Following the team's success during the project, Shadow’s Bane, specifically the STOC, was task a number of times by the House and Clan Summit to gather intel and run covert operations without widespread knowledge from the rest of the public.

Era of Turmoil

As time past the Brotherhood invaded Korriban, members of the team were involved at different levels during the War. Some joined in the fighting, like Jeric and Sebz, while others helped gather intel. As the War ended Jeric Cyrin decided it was time to hand the team off to another. After Jeric had stepped down, his Apprentice Sebz Janren took over as leader of Shadow’s Bane. During the aftermath of GJWXI the team was able to breath and recover from their intense fighting. However, with fewer missions to go on and the House being at relative peace, there was not much for Shadow’s Bane to do during this time. Due to these reasons Shadow’s Bane lost many prominent members, who either left the team or disappeared completely. It would seem the GJW had taken its toll on many members on a more psychological level. This was a tough period not only for the Battleteam, but also for its leader. Sebz stepped down in 33 ABY, feeling the call of Force pulling him on to ever greater rewards.

With his resignation, Darkblade took over as Battleteam Leader. Finally having the proper resources at his disposal and still having access to restricted data from his period as serving as a Black Guard, Darkblade proceeded to manoeuvre the Battleteam into position ever so slightly to regain something of great importance to him that he had been searching for ever since he joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Gray Jedi had little time to complete his mission as he was summoned to another Clan. With full faith in his Apprentice, Darkblade watched from the shadows as Aexod Burgoo took command of the Battleteam. This allowed Darkblade to keep tabs on information he had found during his time there whilst at his new Clan.

Battleteam Leaders
Name Dates Served
Jeric Cyrin Formation 19 JAN 2014 to 1 JAN 2015
Sebz Janren 5 JAN 2015 to 28 JUL 2015
Darkblade 28 JUL 2015 to 24 NOV 2015
Aexod Burgoo 24 NOV 2015 to 24 APR 2016
Aul Celsus 24 APR 2016 to 25 JUL 2016

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