Sidarace Rathden

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Sidarace Rathden
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 BBY

Date of Death:

31 ABY

Physical Description





6' 4"


200 LB.




White due to blindness

Personal Information

Clan Taldryan, House Ektrosis, House Dinaari, Dark Brotherhood


The ignorant Jedi

Lightsaber Color(s):

Light blue Warlord

Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii-Cho, Makashi

Fighting Style(s):

Grappling, Teras-D'ni

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi and servant of Taldryan and the Dark Council


AED/RM and Dark Jedi Knight in house Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Ektrosis of Taldryan

Personal Ship:

The Kalust-Alliance Class B-Wing



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Sidarace Rathden served as a character that once was the Aedile of House Ektrosis of the old Clan Taldryan. The character Sidarace Rathden died upon the hands of his Master, Vodo Biask Taldrya. Shaz'air Taldrya was spawned from the mutilated and beaten Sidarace Rathden, his thought pattern and way of actions being completely re-written by the alchemy and dark powers of the Krath Epis' brutal techniques. See Shaz'air Taldrya Rathden for further information on Sidarace and Shaz'air.

Character History

Years 6-9 for Sidarace

Growing up was, as Sidarace remembered, difficult for him, his three brothers, and his mother, as they endured the hardships of life without a constant flow of credits. Sidarace, being a child at that time, had little opportunities to make a difference in the little lump sum of credits his Family were forced to live upon, causing him to often feel hopeless.

Every year there would be a large group of merchant and smugglers alike, a caravan as it was called, who would come to the village that the Rathdens lived in, and every year they would go from door to door searching for children who had natural 'gifts' granted by the Force. These gifts that were normal to the Miraluka people, such as mind reading, foresight, and the little tricks of the eye were what the merchants looked for most in the children. With these 'special gifts' that were granted through the Force, children of the village would begin working for these merchants, as fortune Seers and Magicians alike.

The caravan would set up sharp, attractive-looking tapestries and banners that would hang down from the roof and doorways of the buildings around the common area in the center of town; trapping the tourists attention and the occasional stranger by enticing them with a revelation of their futures. The caravan especially liked Sidarace, for he had very special 'powers'. Powers that would allow him to control illusions and various tricks of the eye that would entrance any traveler that entered the town.

Years 10-13 for Sidarace

Gradually as Sidarace got older he started to realize that he was being 'used' by the caravan, which he would no longer tolerate. He then told his second oldest brother Octaviouse, of the humiliation he had received this many years. Without a word, Octaviouse rounded up the other brothers, Shazair and Hec'Tanar, who stormed down the streets of Alpheridies. Being told what had happened they to also got infuriated. Letting their rage consume them, they all began to run toward the caravan's main facility in a fit of anger. All four of them ran with such stealth and unmatched speed, it was overwhelming, to the extent that it took the breath right out of a passing women.

Then suddenly there it was. No more than thirty meters away, the caravans streamers flapping in the wind. They charged, they didn't worry about the amount of noise they made, they wanted a fight! As they approached the building, one of the caravan workers was exiting the premises with worry etched across his face. He was carrying a box with him of what Sidarace could tell only as pennants of some kind. As the man looked up to see the oncoming mob he looked perplexed, until he saw Sidarace. There was a rather soft Thump as the box he was holding hit the ground, and the man ran inside. The four followed leaping over the box that acted as a little barricade. While inside Sidarace felt around with the force that granted his sight. From what he could tell it was dark, and there were many people in the room engaged with a feeling of superiority. Just then Sidarace realized a man by the door, but before he could react there was a thud as the door slammed shut, locking them in. "You are under arrest by the Imperial Empire. Throw down any weapons or suffer the consequences" It was a voice of reassuring power.

"Who's there?!" shouted Octaviouse. Just as the words slipped out of his mouth the lights came on, revealing six Storm troopers, and one Imperial Lieutenant, all carrying Heavy blasters. They handled them with a very war experienced seniority. "There is only one thing you need to know and that is you have explaining to do." As the Lieutenant ended his sentence, Shazair spoke as calmly and as kindly as possible. "Sir." he said, "What are the charges? What have we done to be graced with this accusation?" "Don't you patronize me." said the Imperial officer, "For carrying contraband, or as it should be called 'Rebel junk'!" He ended in a mocking tone. "Sir I don't believe I know what you are talking about. We have had no part in the Rebel Alliance whatsoever." He pleaded, "So please, what are you talking about?" The frustration was starting to show on Shazair's face.

The Imperial officer seemed to like that he was causing pain for Sidarace's oldest brother. "Sergeant, bring in the box of Junk." The Sergeant with the green shoulder pad came back in a matter of seconds carrying the box the man had tried to block the brother's entrance with. The trooper brought the box to the Lieutenant as were his orders. The officer reached inside and pulled out what looked like a plain orange jump suit, not uncommon for miners and such to wear. And there it was, in black, the Rebel cross. The smirk on the officer's face only broadened, at the horror of the four brothers. "You will start by giving your names and where you live on this humble planet. It is very nice, if I might add. Soon the Empire will take real notice of this place, to bad you can't stay around and enjoy it a little more."

"If the Empire is coming then there won't be anything left to enjoy!" This time Hec'tanar spoke, and with anger. "So the little one does speak," said the Imperial with a smirk. Just then Sidarace started to get angry, he could feel his brother's tensing and trying to get the other's attention. He could tell they were ready to run at any moment. The officer could tell something was going on. "Sergeant, put them in-" the lights had gone out and the last words were drowned out by a deafening screech. Sidarace had used his powers in the open, this time to save his brothers and himself. "Run!" was the word that all the brothers cried aloud. Without hesitation or delay they all bolted out the door and started running towards their home.

As they got back, their mother was nowhere to be found. Only a note stamped to the table that read, "I have left to go on my own business, I shall never return." The words were a mixture of confusion and sorrow for all of the brothers. They had nothing to do, they were fugitives now. They packed all their belongings and left the planet in hopes to return one day to the same old Alpherides that they knew and loved.

Year 19+ for Sidarace

Sidarace wearing his custom, hand made armor during his short time as a mercenary.

After the Imperial purge was over and the Empire had fallen at the battle of Yavin, things started to look up for Sidarace. He had lived on the planet Uba IV with his three brothers since he was twelve years old. In between that time, and the time he left the Alpheridies, he had become a guardian over Uba IV's food and supply station. While doing so he had developed his own style of armor that would protect his body from the raiders that would try, oh so many times, to infiltrate the planet's food storage system. But mostly to keep the harsh atmosphere at bay from ruining his limbs and vital body parts which he needed desperately to keep his job.

Sidarace's upgraded Imperial Class DC-15x sniper rifle which he used during his stay on Uba IV

By the time Sidarace was nineteen he had earned enough money to go back to his home world Alpherides with his two older brothers, Octaviouse and Hec'tanar. The oldest brother, Shazair, had decided a couple of years back that he would stay on Uba IV and try to find a bride. There was no changing Shazair's mind, no matter how hard the three of them tried to convince him otherwise. So it was settled, the time to go home had finally come. It was hard to pack Sidarace's DC-15x sniper rifle, which was left by the Imperials when the Empire had fallen, and what looked like an old battered up Vibrosword. It couldn't hold up to a lightsaber like it most likely did a few centuries ago. But as Sidarace says, "It was better than nothing."

Vibrosword that Sidarace found at the Imperial Storm hold on Uba IV

A few weeks later, when the three brothers had arrived at Alpherides, Octaviouse and Hec'tanar had decided to live together in one apartment to keep the expenses low. Sidarace didn't care about expenses for he was finally a free man. He had plenty of money stored up to do what ever he wanted to do for at least a decade without working. He got an apartment not far from his older brother's for a sense of security. For both him and for his siblings.

It was good to be back in his home world, not much had changed since he had left seven years before, but still, there was something about it. There didn't seem to be any darkness here, no one was afraid to release their feelings, it was very different from the Uba system. Finally he decided that there was nothing to attack him, he could let down his defenses, for once in a long time, and just rest.

Overtime he became considered a 'hero' to everyone around. When he was 25 years old, he went to go visit his two brother's apartment and when he got there, there were two people standing there, both an old and young man talking to his older brothers. They said that they were Jedis. The older one was a Jedi Knight and the younger one was his apprentice. They were informing his brothers on when and where they were going to be attending for there Jedi training. At this he became interested, and the Jedis gladly accepted him along as well. There they were, three brothers becoming Jedis at the same time, or so Sidarace thought.

Overtime Sidarace began his training as an apprentice. But before he could continue he was rebuked for senses of the 'dark side' that he was inhabiting. This made him very angry as that he had been so hopeful to become a Jedi hero.

Sidarace ran away from it all in madness, to visit his long seen brother for comfort. But when he came to his brother's apartment, his last remnant of hope had betrayed Sidarace's trust, when he found that his brother had also become a Jedi. He now no longer had anyone to turn to, for guidance or for friendship.

So he traveled back to his homeworld in search of his future. Maybe to see what was back in his hometown where the caravan had once stood. At one point, he noticed a young man, around his age, tied to a pole and defenseless, being savagely beaten. Sidarace then realized he could take his anger out on the men, thinking he could use his grief for good.

As he began his approach, the men ran away. So Sidarace unchained the victim and let his chains linger no longer. But as he speaks to the young man, the reason for the beating is revealed. The young man had the force ability of foresight and was used just like Sidarace had once been, only his 'gifts' were not so appreciated. But the young man had foretold the coming of Sidarace as 'one that would execute justice in a power unknown to any man among them' and that is why the men began running when they saw him.

Sidarace then searched himself and began learning ways to better 'unleash' his powers after using his anger. With the young man alongside him, he was shown where a so-called 'Shadow Academy' could be found. Without hesitation Sidarace followed directions to what seemed to be the only answer he had left...

Taldryan, a new trial

Sidarace, just before he traveled to Taruma, to start his apprenticeship as Assistant to Rollmaster

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Sidarace:

  1. Is an exceptional sharpshooter
  2. Can be a good charmer/persuader
  3. Can easily hide disadvantages from even the most powerful force wielders
  4. Is a good learner

Disadvantages of Sidarace:

  1. Never made his own lightsaber while a Jedi trainee.
  2. Has no visual sight.

DJB Facts

Despite their inherent connection to the Force, Miralukan Jedi were quite rare, and Miralukan Sith were completely unheard of in the Galaxy prior to the years following the Jedi Civil War. Sidarace is, for lack of better terms; unique.


Sidarace : Sid-ah-race

Rathden : Raw-th-den

Distinguishing marks

  • Was named as 'Best Journeyman' of Taldryan in the 2008 Tallys.
  • Was named as 'Best Newcomer' of Taldryan (Don't know how I got nominated as a newcomer =P) in the 2008 Tally.
  • Trained under the great DJM Alanna Taldrya as assistant to the Rollmaster. Along with, and upon her stepping down, took her place as Rollmaster of the now First house of Taldryan.
  • Have been named 'Dominus Sicarius' in the month of May '08 during my stay in house Dinaari.
  • Is current Aedile of the first house of Taldryan, house Ektrosis.


  • The Rathdens have a knack for being swift, quick and stealthily all at the same time. Its A trade mark of the family.
  • The caravan Sidarace worked for when he was a child always called Sidarace the 'little magician'. That name( except 'little') has always stuck with Sidarace, 'The Magician'.
  • Family: Sidarace has three brothers, Shazair the oldest, Octaviouse the second oldest, and Hec'tanar. They also had a mother who disappeared when Sidarace was eleven. Her name, from what Sidarace could remember, was Matair.

Positions Held
Before Position After
Alanna Taldrya Rollmaster of House Ektrosis
28 ABY
Vodo Biask Aedile of House Ektrosis
29 ABY - 31 ABY
Vodo Biask