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Kazmir Natas
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15 ABY (age 30)

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Echani & Thyrsian hybrid




1.85 m


72 kg




Varying (Cybernetics)



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"Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it."

Kazmir "Tyre" Natas, is a Force-sensitive Echani male who currently serves as the Quaestor of House Dinaari of Clan Taldryan at the rank of Obelisk Prelate. Born on Thyrsus in 15 ABY - in anything but ideal situations - to a Thyrsian father and Echani mother, parents he has never met, or known. The young boy was left for dead on the streets until he was found, and raised as heir to a local Thyrsian nobleman. His life on Thyrsus was unremarkable, and he was quickly drawn to exploring the galaxy in search of an understanding for his abnormal powers. Finding his way to the Brotherhood where he was taken in by Taldryan, Kazmir quickly rose to become a trusted and highly decorated Taldryanite and that despite lacking years of formal training in the Jedi way.

Character History

Innocence lost {15 ABY - 32 ABY}

Portrait of "Tyre" - 20 ABY - Age 5

The story of Kazmir begins many years before his birth, in 32 BBY to be exact, Sorin Natas was a Sun Guard captain in the service of Plagueis. A dedicated and decorated warrior who presumably lost his life during the nuclear attack on the Hunter's Moon. Later evidence suggests that Sorin was mildly Force-sensitive, though not to an extent to use the Force to produce external effects, merely being gently guided by it. Both Sorin and his son Carreal, who held a stronger connection to the Force, would fail to foresee what their progeny would become. Also a Sun Guard, Carreal quickly blazed through the ranks of their society, undoubtedly with the assistance of the Force. Force-sensitivity was uncommon in Echani-blood, even more so in Thyrsian. Despite being a Sith-cult at the time, the Sun Guard was known to viciously hunt down any of their own Force-sensitive kin; most likely in an offering to their Sith masters as a potential acolyte or otherwise to be trained as specialist soldiers.

Born out of a joining of a Thyrsian father and an Echani mother, the boy was considered an abomination even before his birth. Precisely why his father had chosen an Echani mate is unknown to this day. Kazmir's life was difficult from the day of his birth, born with pale skin, and light hair upon his scalp, signs of the Echani blood flowing in his veins. The baby was dumped into the streets of Thyrsus, left to fight for his life. In a twist of fate the baby was found by a Thyrsian noble, sauntering the street out of sheer boredom. He gave the baby the name Tyre which meant lost one in an obscure dialect. Most of Thyrsus held a severe disdain to their Echani cousins, why this noble adopted Kazmir and raised him like his own son was an enigma. Rumors spread later that the noble had lost his son to a disease, others said he got killed in a mission for the Sun Guard.

Born a "cursed child" and raised in a noble environment, Kazmir held severe contempt for those around him. Being mocked on a daily basis by other children, the young Echani frequently got himself into small-scale brawls and other assorted troubles. Instinctively learning the way of Echani, as if he had inherited the memories of his forebears, the young boy exacted a bloody vengeance on all that ridiculed him. Impressing his "father" in all the wrong ways, the young child was sent to boarding school from an early age to learn the more delicate arts of society. Separated from his father in an environment that was unknown to him, living with children that treated him exactly the same as those that had perished, left their scars on the unripe tenderfoot. Though he had excelled at academics and was noted to be remarkably strong for his tender age, he recurrently got into trouble and faced expulsion more often than not. Realizing that the boy would need a secure hand to guide him, his father started to regularly drop by the college to discuss how his son felt, though it only had marginal effects in the long run. Before the situation got more out of hand, a private psychiatrist was hired to help Tyre deal with his emotional turmoil. Over time the situation progressed in meager, but noticeable steps. Being picked on less and less had allowed the young boy to further his academic endeavors, more often than not finishing top of his respective class.

After graduating top of his class at the tender age of 17, the adopted noble was given the freedom to travel around the sector by his father. Initially traveling to uncover more about his latent Force-sensitivity. On one of such travels, the adolescent found himself in the company of small-scale underworld organizations. While in the company of smugglers, pirates, and slave traders, he found himself to be in a troublesome situation. His liberation came from an unexpected corner of the Galaxy when a group of old folks crashed landed their antiqued ship close to the underworld den. No sooner had the den been turned to a place of primordial chaos,slaves and their holders running for their lives as the embers of their lives were extinguished in an all purging maelstrom of force and death. Where the other scum and villains had either fled the scene or died an unsightly death, Kazmir stood in place, with a raised head, and utterly calm. After searching and retrieving whatever they had come for, one of the party crashers gave the order to equalize the building with the ground. Kazmir managed to grab the attention of the group, and when one of them had approached him, and initially mock him for being a lucky little runt, did they sense something more about the teen; he strong in the Force, at least strong enough to take with them for a new life...

The Power of the Dark Side {32 ABY - 34 ABY}

Kazmir - 32 ABY - Age 17

"Learn. Detach. Transcend."

Utilizing his talents for academics and his drive to be perfect in any endeavor he partook in, Kazmir blazed through the Shadow Academy at a record pace. Becoming one of the youngest members to hold no less than five degrees in multiple fields of study. Kazmir had felt an unfamiliar warmth in the academy, the other students were just like him, they didn't treat him any different than they would another of their own kind. He wouldn't consider the bonds he made there friendship but something along the lines of companionship. Rolling out of the academy, he was placed in House Taldryan where, much to his surprise, he sensed powerful, distinct, yet ultimately, familiar presences in the Force; an ability that he had excessively honed during his time in the academy. Upon exploring the society of Taldryan, he had found out that it was indeed the Old Folks Home that had been his surprising liberators, and entry into the life that he had been destined to lead.

Needing virtually no time to adjust, or get used to his new life as a force of darkness. The young Echani, who was only fifteen, was sent to a newly discovered planet. As a new, and unknown face in the Brotherhood; he was tasked to infiltrate Independent House Revan and provide Taldryan with delicate information. However, when the fighting erupted, Kazmir lost contact with his overseeing officer. Left stranded on an unknown planet in the midst of an annihilating slaughter, surrounded by men and women he did not know, Kazmir made the split decision to join Revan. The young adolescent experienced the horror that was Salas V with his own eyes. Yet he had felt no aversion to it, on the contrary, he indulged in the ever strengthening currents of the Dark Side as they ran rampant on Salas V. Though the war ultimately ended in a matter of weeks, Kazmir was unable to make a timely return to Taldryan’s forces and remained stranded in the ranks of Revan.

Presumed dead by his Taldryan peers he adopted a new identity to continue his training in the Brotherhood. Quickly forming a mutual respecting bond with Eiko, then leader of Revan, allowed Kazmir unique access to some of Revan’s deepest and darkest secrets. It proved to be a one of a kind chance to look behind the daily mundane work that was the Brotherhood’s surface, deep into the darkest reaches of what a leader was responsible for. Working his way to gain the trust of his Revan peers, Kazmir would receive multiple promotions for consecutive successes, both in high-key missions and in other priority tasks, quickly being knighted and becoming a full member of the Brotherhood. A moment that he had longed for and embraced with open arms. Accepted by the Brotherhood at large, he had now gained access to new information and locations to help him deepen his understanding of the, to him, still mysterious Force. His bond with Eiko meant that Kazmir would work tirelessly under the banner of Revan. Some more highlighted tasks included infiltrating a corporation and redirecting funds, hardware, and laboring forces towards Salas V for the construction of a now defunct outpost. Ultimately, the young Obelisk found his way back to Taldryan where he wrestled back some of the prestige and trust that saw him being tasked with infiltrating House Odan-Urr. Unbeknownst to Kazmir at the time, the same scenario would happen as when he infiltrated Revan.

No one's Equal {34 ABY - 37 ABY}

Kazmir - 36 ABY - Age 21

"Nothing worth having is easily obtained."
―Kazmir to Carissus

The horrors of Salas V could best be described as a childish nightmare when compared to what would proceed on New Tython. Kazmir's darker impulses, his fear, his anger, his passion, he had reveled in them. With every death he witnessed, every deceitful plan that sprung in success, he had felt ultimate joy. He could feel his connection to the Force strengthen, it would have brought tears to his eyes were it not that he had a job to fulfill. The war came to an abrupt end. On the surface it had been an attempt to unite the different factions of the Brotherhood, guiding them to a cooperative destruction of the light-side pest that was Odan-Urr. However, a much more self-centered story took place behind the screens. Old nemesis’s had been dealt with, former bonds had been demolished. The dark-tinted corruption that surfaced during the war did not go unnoticed by the Jedi High Council, and Kazmir was forced to return home to Taldryan during the closing stages.

For his selfless dedication, and high success rate during high-profile missions. The young Knight soon found himself elevated into the ranks of the Equite caste. Rising under the mantle of the Obelisk order, the young Taldryanite pursued the path of the assassin with a relentless vigor. With a period of peace burying grudges of old, Kazmir was more than once tasked with missions that would never thrill him as much as what he had done in the past. Yet he pushed onward, for the glory and greatness of Taldryan, in the hope that one day, they'd be the undisputed champions of the Brotherhood. Forming a powerful partnership with Rian Aslar, Kazmir rose to prominence as he zealously pursued a deeper understanding of the Force through constant efforts and signs of dedication to Taldryan. Handling any task he was given by the summit with cold professionalism he was soon charged with guiding the next generation of Taldryanites, in the form of Carissus as a personal apprentice. Leaving the journeymen to his own devices, forcing the young Hapan to forge his own path, Kazmir set forward to continue his own training. Occasionally he would check up with the elder man, and make some small adjustments in his training regimes as he tried to passively guide him down the perilous paths and currents of the Dark Side. After a long spell of peace that lulled the Brotherhood to sleep, the noble was driven into boredom. This sparked his desire and urge to travel which quickly turned into an adventure on its own accord, one where the Templar managed to learn some exotic abilities. Abilities that he would no doubt put to good use in future conflicts.

Drawn back to the Kr'Tal System by an encrypted emergency message sent by Rian, Kazmir found the entire Brotherhood in a state of confusion and blood lust. A plague affecting those that touched the Force had rapidly spread through the ranks of the organization, one that threatened to destroy the Brotherhood from within. His time spent during the Horizon crisis was juggled between rounding up Taldryans journeymen, trying to quarantine the danger they could possess, and fighting those that had been possessed. Eventually, Kazmir himself would succumb to the effects of the plague, leading to his own quarantine in the lower structures of Taldryan's Great Hall. Once a cure had been engineered, Kazmir resumed regular activity within the ranks of Taldryan.

The Horizon crisis was more than just a random attack by a renegade Grand Master, it was part of a bigger plot to eradicate the Dark Brotherhood. A shadowed group of Sith, denouncing the Brotherhood as a heretic order, was behind the assault. In retaliation to this splinter group, the Council of the Brotherhood called out for a massive war, intent on taking the fight to the One Sith.

The opening assault took place on Krayiss II, a desert planet which held a Library-temple of Ancient Sith construction. Kazmir had a wonderful time here and got out with some minor scrapes. The Crusades then took Taldryan to Rhelg, a winter wonder land where Kazmir got lost in the pine tree forests. Presumed dead, he was given a posthumous promotion. He eventually found his way back just in time for the assault on Ashas Ree. Not much happened here; some minor tussles with a bounty hunter or two. Moving on, they assaulted Jaguada, more sand got into Kaz's underpants and he hated it. So did everyone else. Annoyed by Taldryan's constant bitching, the council sent them to capture Dromund Kaas, hoping that the change of scenery from desert and icy wastelands to lush jungles. It didn't go as planned, but Taldryan prevailed in the end.

After a valiant performance, Taldryan was once again lifted to clan status. Kazmir was given the opportunity to assume direct control one the Brotherhood's most prestigious house in the form of House Dinaari. Selecting the Dark Prophet Mav as his mentor, Kazmir sought to lay down the foundations for Taldryan's rise to prominence once again.

He has since disappeared and left his apprentice Arvalis in charge. Rumor has it that Kazmir his retired to a quiet little outpost on Kalus

Personal Information

Physical Appearance

Standing just under 6'1" and weighting in at about 159lbs, Kazmir is fair-skinned, fairly tall, and is built on the somewhat slender side. Devotion to physical excellence has sculpted his body into an athletic frame, though he does not carry to overall bulk of many of his peers. Due to his genetics, Kazmir sports silver hair, which, for the most of his life has been kept long, although since recently he has gone for a more fashionable shorter cut. His natural eyes had a similar silver hint to them and have, in the past, been described as mesmerizing. Since the horrors that occurred during the invasion of New Tython he has since recently been seen with artisan-quality cybernetic replacements which have a more cyan tint to them.


Described by many as a mysterious individual who hides his true feelings behind an almost constant smile and slitted eyes. Kazmir is a person of incredible resolve, not hesitating to do whatever it takes to complete a mission or defeat an enemy; this stems from his low tolerance for failure, but in himself and in those that are entrusted in his care. Kazmir is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in his beliefs. A hard worker that is generally reserved and anything but arrogant, though he does hold a certain amount of pride in his own abilities and for his Clan. He masks his feelings and emotions behind a mask of conviction and cold professionalism. Though he rarely speaks, heavy use of sarcasm and mocking politeness make it very difficult to discern his thoughts. Not interested in personal gain, unlike many of his peers, he cares more for Taldryan as a whole. Many find his demeanor rather unsettling.

Kazmir is very perceptive, observant and intuitive in combat. Fully aware of the limits of his abilities and possessing incredible control over his emotions, he shows surprise only when an enemy proves to be more powerful than expected. Even in such cases he stoically holds his composure, very rarely showing signs of distress or surprise. This dispassionate approach often leads to Kazmir feeling alienated from those around him - especially those that thrive on their emotions during combat.

Powers and Abilities

The Echani prides himself on his abilities with a lightsaber, being somewhat of a purist when it comes down to personal combat. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of besting your opponents face to face. This drive to beat opponents up close and personal have seen Kazmir adhere to a rigid physical training regime. As a result, Kazmir holds a surprising amount of strength in his lithe and agile frame, and packs the endurance needed to face down enemies in prolonged duels. Aside from his physical attributes, the young inquisitor also possesses a keen, analytic mind. His understanding of psychology was a deciding factor in pursuing his career, being very adept of interrogation, torture, and manipulation. His skills in drawing information from others is further boosted by his unsettling presence.

Amplification, mind tricks, control pain.


A selection of Kaz robes
Kazmir's custom saber


Kazmir is know to wear a variety of clothing depending on the situation. Most often he spends his time in Taldryan's Tenacity robes, aptly named for the Clan's stubbornness to back down. A formfitting black, body glove serves as the first layer of protection. The insulated and airtight body glove wards the young Echani against hazards of a more biological nature. It is known to grant a measure of protection against polluted water and poisonous air. A secondary layer consists of lightly-armored sections: providing protection for the Quaestor's midsection; forearms; hands; and lower legs. The attire comes with a hood and blue accents.

On rare occasions, Kazmir sports the Sun Guard armor he inherited from his late biological father. The young Echani wears it in memory of his proud warrior heritage. The full suit of armor is constructed from a light duraplast material, providing ample amounts of protection while only slightly hindering the Obelisk's freedom of movement. Despite the added boons granted by full-body protection, the hampering of his movements is a stumbling block for Kazmir, and he only dons the full regalia when he's certain he'll need the additional armor.


With parts gathered during the relentless crusade, some more unusual that the other, Kazmir crafted his own saber. Durable construction, common parts, easily repairable, a proper weapon for a warrior that thrives in the heart of battle.


Kazmir had in his possession a personal keepsake that takes the form of a Bronzium pendant. The exact origins of the pendant are unknown, even to Kazmir himself, which has led to numerous theories being formed by his peers. The crystal that had rested on the pendant for many years is missing, having been transformed into a power source to fuel his saber.

DJB Facts

Positions Held
Before Position After
Halcyon Taldrya Battleteam Leader of Dark Fire Brigade
33 ABY
Battleteam Closed
Jeric Cyrin Magistrate to the Herald
36 ABY - 37 ABY
V'yr Vorsa
Fremoc Wiki Staff
House reformed Quaestor of House Dinaari
Without power, what future can you claim?

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