Masika Oshairana

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Masika Oshairana
Biographical Information

She doesn't know, she is an orphan.

Date of Birth:

12 ABY

Physical Description





1.7 meter


55 kilos


Blue hair braided in a serpentine S shape down her back



Personal Information
  1. Venator
Lightsaber Color(s):

training saber

Chronology & Political Information

Con-artist, Lounge Singer, Drifter


Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Naga Sadow

Known masters:

Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart



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"She doesn't sing to pay the bills. She sings to pay for her shoes."
Mirado L'eonheart

Character History

Early Life

Doesn't know where she comes from, where she was born, or who any of her family is. All she knows is her parents were killed in a war on her home planet which left her orphaned. All she has left of her parents is a pendant from each of them that she wears on a necklace around her neck. She bounced around to many different foster families until she turned 12, then ran away to make it on her own.

Teenage Years

After running away from the last foster family she would ever have to live with, Masika vowed to make it on her own. She learned the ways of the streets and learned how to take and con her way through life. It wasn't easy at first, but eventually she got the hang of it. She had to survive on her own.

Early Adulthood to Present

After living on the streets and traveling from place to place, she heard many kinds of music along the way in her travels. She came to find a love for music, and soon after found her voice, and obtained a passion to sing. She takes on lounge singing jobs anywhere she can so she can fill her passion and earn a few credits for it. Thanks to her #1 enemy, Venator, her vocal cords are strained, but she continues to sing.

Background - Birth to Present

~Unknown Planet ~12 ABY

It was a warm, dry night in a small town on the outer edge. Somewhat remote and a bit hidden from the larger nearby city that was at minimum twenty minutes away. Not a vast population, and everyone knew everyone, and for the most part got along quite well. It was late in the evening, and most were fast asleep.

Cloaked beings scampered almost silently, slithering in and out around the outside of homes. Lighting fires wherever they could and using whatever they could get their hands on for kindling. The residents were awoken by the fiery blaze. As some began to rush out of their homes screaming, others grabbed whatever weapons they had and opened fire on the unwelcome invaders.

At the time, there was a war being fought, yet the quiet beings who lived here didn't think they would ever have to see it, let alone be part of its experience. Unfortunately, most of them became the cloaked beings casualties. Children and babies screamed and cried, as their parents tried to protect them or hide them. One particular baby cried as her parents attempted to make an escape with her in her mother's arms. She was a Zeltron, with a slight hint of blue hair just beginning to grow, purplish skin, and the most brilliant orange eyes that could make any heart melt when she looked at you. The little girl wasn't much more than 5 months old.

As the Zeltron woman and her husband ran to get their baby girl out of harm's way, they received blaster fire in their direction from two of the cloaked figures. They returned blaster fire as best they could over their shoulders. As the baby's mother ran into a dark area with little to no light, she tripped and fell to her knees. Her husband tried to cover and protect his wife and child, but to no avail. One of the cloaked figures caught up with them and decided to wait and kill them at close range. The mother tucked her baby under her so that the gunman couldn't see her and leaned to one side, knowing she would be shot and killed, in order to make sure she would not fall and die on top of her baby and smother her. No sooner had she done this, the events played out just as she suspected. First, her husband was approached and shot in the back of the head, and not even a second later so was she. The cloaked figure immediately turned away without another thought and opened fire on others that were running and screaming. There was so much noise that he did not hear the baby crying, and her mother's body fell in such a position that it shielded the baby from his view. That was the last time Masika Oshairana saw her parents alive, and was to young to be able to remember them.

After all was said and done, five of the beings escaped the massacre with their lives and were able to make it to the nearby city for help. The rest perished. When help arrived, the cloaked beings were gone, and everyone and everything that was left were burned and dead. Mangled bodies lay all over the ground. With the air as warm and dry as it was, the flames burned through everything quickly, leaving very little but ashes and charred remains. Off in the darkness, a baby could be heard crying a few meters away. One of the men from the city, whom come to try to help, rushed over to the sound, and found little Masika wrapped up in a blanket barring her name on it, lying next to the bodies of her dead parents. The man noticed a necklace hanging off of each of the parents' neck. He removed them, placed them in the pouch hanging from his belt, and picked Masika up. He rocked her in his arms until she fell fast asleep.

Others searched for any other remaining survivors and found none. They headed back into the city and the man took Masika to the city orphanage and handed her over along with the necklaces from her parents bodies. He told the orphanage director what had happened and that they were unable to ID the parents. When she was old enough to somewhat understand death at the young age of five, she was told of the events that killed her parents, and from that day forward, she would wear the charms that were her parents' around her neck, never to take them off, and swore revenge on their killers. No one could tell her what planet she was from, the records of that had been lost with so many moves.

For years Masika bounced around from one orphanage to another, and between many foster families, too many to count. She was a bit of a wild child, with the looks that could persuade anyone to get what she wanted, and she knew it. She used it to her advantage numerous times, which eventually got her kicked out of every foster home she lived in. She learned from her mistakes, honed her skills, and at the age of twelve decided she'd had enough of the system. She set out on her own, taking little more with her than the clothes she was wearing, her necklaces with her parents' charms, and the few hundred credits she'd stolen from the last foster parents she would ever have.

At first she was scared, living on the streets, but she was a fast learner. During the day, Masika would do nothing more than sit and people watch. She watched how people acted, and listened to how they spoke, and paid close attention to how they mingled with one another. Especially those she could tell had wealth. She wanted to be them, she didn't want to be a hopeless, homeless orphan anymore, with not much of a past or a future to speak of. So she thought why not just become someone else. She studied whenever and wherever she could, and conned a tutor into teaching her how to read.

She learned how to be other people, to play a part, and conned her way through life. She made some friends along the way, but most of the bonds she created were short lived. Either it was someone whom she only needed to befriend for a short time to get a con job done, and after that they were no longer needed, or it was a friend in the same line of work, and they usually got caught and imprisoned, or killed. At first Masika didn't do very well. She took note on what went wrong each time, and learned from her mistakes as well as those of her friends. She studied others, older beings that were also con-artists, and learned from their techniques as well.

Mostly she would con the wealthiest people she could find. Government officials, arms dealers, those with wealth and power. She'd obtain what she wanted and be on to her next role. Along the way, she fell in love with music and eventually found her voice. She would sing at clubs, certain venues, parks, whenever the opportunity presented itself to be able to sing, she took it.

~Markosian City, Tarthos ~ Many years later

Masika conned a lot of people along the way. Most of the time, she did quite well, and rarely was ever found out by her marks. However, every once in awhile, the more intelligent marks would figure her out, and the occasional bounty was placed on her head. Most of the time, she was able to con her way out of danger with the bounty hunters, but one in particular was not wooed but her feminine wiles in the slightest. She started out singing as a soprano, but a run in with a bounty hunter named Venator changed her into an alto. He had her up against the wall in a choke hold, outside a night club in an ally one night, and for some reason was able to resist her. This had never happened to Masika before, she was dumbfounded, and it threw off her concentration. With such strength in his grip, he did everlasting damage to her vocal cords. To this day she still wasn't sure why he didn't take the kill her to collect his bounty. But she would never forget him, as he was the reason she had a more sultry voice to sing jazz songs with.

The Zeltron never stayed in one place for too long. But as the years went on, she grew tired and bored of the lifestyle she lived. She didn't want to be someone else anymore, she wanted to be herself again, if she could even remember who that was. She couldn't, and therefore decided her next adventure would be to regain herself, and to someday make good on the vow she made to avenge her parents. One place she remembered from a con job many years ago was Markosian City on Tarthos. She thought it was beautiful, and a perfect place to make a new beginning.

After settling into a little cottage in Sleepy Forest, Masika took a lounge singing job at the local lounge. She would still pull the occasional con, to keep her in the lifestyle she had become accustomed to. After a few months, she was approached to join Naga Sadow and gladly joined not only for the thrill of a new adventure, but also to help her on her self-discovery journey. Doing so reunited her with the one man who was ever able to resist her, the bounty hunter, Venator. They are getting to know each other, but there is always tension between them. At first, they were ready to kill each other at the drop of a hat if they were ever left alone in a room together. Thankfully, that never came to pass. Eventually, they learned to tolerate each other. Masika decided with her new beginning, she had to let the past stay in the past, and she thought maybe she could even learn a thing or two from Venator, and perhaps someday return the favor as well.

After joining Naga Sadow, Masika was paired with her Master Methyas. Little did she know, and later came to find out, her Master is the brother of her past enemy, Venator. This was unnerving information to say the least, but she did her best not to let it get to her. She trained with her Master, and learned the ways of the force, and continues to do so to this day. While spending time in Naga Sadow, she has had the privilege of being entered into the Order of the Black Guard, and has been able to add more skills to her fighting styles. Within Naga Sadow, she has been able to find the family she's never had, and has even been recruited by none other than Venator himself to join his battle team, The Regulators.

Masika plans to stick with and continue on the path she's on. She's doing all she can to make her Master as well as her Battleteam Leader proud of her. She's never had anyone show pride for her, and when they do, it means more to her than they will ever know, and more than she'll ever let on. She stays guarded, and still holds the vow to avenge her parents someday, and to find out who they were. And of course in her spare time, she still sings.

Why she became a Krath

~Aeotheran ~ 33 ABY

Masika was a very lone soul. All of her life she had been on her own. Being an orphan, bouncing around from one foster home to the next was the way her life had always been. That is until she ran away to escape the system when she was a young girl at the age of twelve. Her parents were killed when she was a baby. So she never knew them or knew of them. She learned how to take care of herself and lived on the streets doing whatever she had to survive. Masika realized early on that just surviving alone was not enough. She wanted the better things in life and knew the only way she would be able to get it was to become someone else.

Along the way she would study people, learn what they did, and who they were, especially those who were wealthy beyond all measure. She wanted to be them and to live like them, so she did just that. She became a con-artist, conning everyone that she could. At first she started out with the small-time money. Small business owners, small city drug dealers and alike. This is how she came to honing her skills, and to practice for her future con jobs with more big-time wealth.

One day she would move her way up to Governors, big-time arms dealers, and anyone else who could leave a healthy inheritance to their families, that is until she came along and cleaned them out. At first, she wouldn't take all of what they had, but would only skim a little off the top of their fortunes. The more skilled she became in her art, the more she took.

She would also study whenever she got the chance, once she learned to read, it made it much easier. Whenever she was in some fancy mansion, she couldn't believe the materials she was able to get her hands on. As a young girl she always loved to learn, and thirsted for knowledge.

Once Masika started on big-time wealth, she kept going and didn't stop. She was working a con-job late one evening. She was at the home of a Governor and was staying there as his personal guest. Every evening, after her mark was asleep, as well as all of his help, she would rummage through his belongings, his records, and anything and everything else she could get her hands on. Her goal was to figure out what all she could get away with without ever being caught. Of course the first possessions we're jewels and jewelry, after that was always the weapons, and then she moved onto the bank accounts. Of course, the first place she looked was the safe hidden in one of the most obvious places, behind a picture on the wall. Anybody who was anyone always hid their safes in the same type of location, supposedly believing they were being clever, when in reality, it was the first place a thief looked. Everyone did it without even knowing that everyone else did the same thing.

Masika rummaged through the governor's desk and came across a datapad that had all of his personal information in it. Being a man well up there in years, his memory wasn't exactly as sharp as it used to be in his younger days. Therefor, he stored all of the passwords and codes that he couldn't remember on his datapad. After a few moments of searching, she came across the number code for the safe. Swiftly as she had found it, she went over to it, typed in the numbers, and with an almost silent hiss, the safe door opened. Masika began to rifle through the contents of the safe. What she found were his bank statements, an abundance of credits, and yet another datapad.

Stopping for a moment to listen carefully and make sure there was no one about in the masion, Masika sat down on the couch located directly across from the safe, with all of the contents in hand. She attempted to get into the datapad, which took her several tries, as this one was well more protected then the one she'd found in his desk. Becoming aggravated, she was on her last nerve, when finally, she was able to get into it. She began looking through the files and reading everything that said files had to offer.

Most of the files had to do with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. She had heard of them, but did not know much about them. Through all her years of studying, there hadn't been much about them. The files she was able to find in her academic travels over the years, were usually highly classified and had extremely high tech security that she was unable to surpass, of course not for lack of trying by any means. Masika assumed all of the governors probably had these same files. As she read on, she learned of what they were, what they did and what they were about. She became very interested in them and thought about pursuing her interests further. She had become bored and over stressed with the lifestyle she had lead and grew accustomed to since she was a teenager. She wanted something new, a different kind of adventure to live.

Masika packed up her take of goods and credits along with both datapads, and made a quick and silent exit. She made her way to the nearest shuttle port, and hopped aboard the very next shuttle that was leaving immediately. The shuttle she boarded would end up taking her to Markosian City on Tarthos. While aboard, she took out the datapad and learned everything she could about the Brotherhood. She found herself immersed in all of the material and information there was on them. She studied their history, their present, and the speculations of what some thought may someday be their future.

As she studied on, the time passed very quickly. The more she read, the more she wanted to join them, and she hoped that one day she would be able to have that chance. As the shuttle landed, she put the data pad away and packed up her newly obtained belongings. As she did with every new planet, the first thing she looked for and had to find was a lounge. She needed to find somewhere she could get a job singing. Of course it was not because she had to for the money or anything. Not by any means. She had everything she needed to survive, and if she didn't have it, she knew how to get it. She remembered awhile back, back on Aeotheran, while singing in lounge there, a man by the name of Methyas trying to recruit her for the Brotherhood, and offering to be her Master. At the time, she was on a winning streak so to speak, and had no intentions of giving up her lifestyle. Now, after careful research and consideration, she thought it would be in her best interest. She thought she could also use a little discipline in her life, although it would take some getting used to, more than a little.

She found a lounge that seemed to be just perfect for her. She needed to sing, to keep her soul and heart in perfect balance, and to keep them happy. So, she went into the lounge, ordered a drink, and sweet talked the bartender into giving her a job singing. The stage was the one place she always felt as though she was at home. Everywhere she went, somewhere, there was always a stage.

As Masika sipped her drink, she read the last bit of information she could find on the datapad. The text contained the various orders of the Brotherhood. She read about the Obelisk Order, and came to the conclusion that they were all about blood, and guts, and glory. For the most part, they were assassins, and were more brawn then brain. Then she came across the Sith Order. From what she read, they were all about power, territory and the like. She knew neither of these orders seemed to be a logical match for her. After that, she came across the Order of the Krath. She read of how they were all about gaining knowledge, and using such knowledge in their advancements, as well as studying and using force powers. After Masika read this, she knew the Krath Order was a perfect fit for her.

Masika's Theme Songs

Everything Burns


Character Trivia and Interesting Facts

Masika's character image was created by Shikyo Keibatsu