Army of the Iron Throne

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Army of the Iron Throne
Unit Information

27 ABY - Present


Armed Forces of the Iron Throne




~20,000 personnel


Embarked in Eighth Fleet


There Is No Doubt


Major General Yosk Faylen

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The Army of the Iron Throne was the command authority for all ground forces in service to the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne. The primary organizational element under the Army was the 13th Starborne Division which served as the instrument of the Dark Council and Grand Master when ground-side combat operations were required. It was a light, yet lethal force designed to meet and overcome the threats and challenges presented in a hostile galactic environment.

The division consisted of approximately 211 armored vehicles, supporting equipment and some 20,000 personnel.


In 27 ABY, following the events of the Eighth Great Jedi War and subsequent loss of the Antei System, the Dark Council sought the creation of a rapidly deployable, multi-mission ground force to compliment the capabilities of the new fleet. Recruiting from former Imperial Remnant military personnel loyal to the Brotherhood, the framework was laid down for the 13th Starborne Division. Manning for the unit was further swelled by dispossessed veterans of defeated militaries from various worlds fallen to the Yuuzhan Vong.

The 13th served on active fleet duty with Joint Task Force Rancor and the forces of the Navy of the Iron Throne under the authority of the Grand Master and Dark Council.


The 13th was configured as a rapid deployment force that consisted of five legionary combat teams of infantry, armor, combat support, and aerospace assault elements capable of conducting self-sustaining operations in varied terrain for extended periods of time across the galaxy. Each legion was directly supported by one fleet of the Dark Brotherhood Navy under the organization of Joint Task Force Rancor which provided mobility, orbital fire-support, and close air-support in the facilitation of planetary assault and other ground-side operations.

Founded on the Legionary Combat Team design, each legion was a combined-arms force of infantry, armor, artillery, and air mobility offering unparalleled versatility in any battle space.

The division’s own combat aerospace legion provided air mobility and its subordinate elements were cross-attached to naval vessels throughout the fleet.

The 13th was typically commanded by a Major General with supporting legions each being commanded by a Colonel or Brigadier General and assisted by a Lt. Colonel.

Chain of Command

Commanding Officer: Major General Yosk Faylen

Assistant Division Commander (Maneuver): Brigadier General Ekir Tocdor

Assistant Division Commander (Support): Colonel Honcal Jemas

Command Sergeant Major: Command Sergeant Major Melat Ordca

  • Rank structure within the Iron Throne ground forces was loosely based on that of the former Galactic Empire’s Imperial rank system.

Divisional Task/Organization is as follows:

13th Starborne Division
I Legion II Legion III Legion IV Legion IX Legion Div Sep Units
1 STB 2 STB 3 STB 4 STB 1/11 Aerospc STB
3/502 Infantry 1/8 INF (M) 1/41 Infantry 1/2 Infantry 2/11 Aerospc Div Fires
1/22 Armor 2/8 INF (M) 2/41 Infantry 2/2 Infantry 3/11 Aerospc 382 MP
4/4 Recon 2/14 Recon 1/12 Armor 3/10 Recon 4/11 Aerospc 75 SOF
4/96 FA 3/71 FA 6/9 Recon 1/62 FA 601 Support  
252 Support 181 Support 3/62 FA 442 Support    
    122 Support 2/75 SOF    
      58 MP Co    

I Legion

Nickname: "Okemi’s Will"

I Legion was one of two heavy armor legions within the 13th equipped with the devastating All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT). It conducted direct action missions alone or in concert with other legions. I Legion was supported by Task Force 61 (TF-61) of the Navy of the Iron Throne.

II Legion

Nickname: "Strike and Kill"

II Legion was the division’s only fully mechanized infantry unit. The legion relied on the All Terrain Open Transport (AT-OT) to move its soldiers across the battlefield and deliver them safely to the objective. II Legion was supported by Task Force 62 (TF-62) of the Navy of the Iron Throne.

III Legion

Nickname: "Triple Dagger"

III Legion was the division’s only other heavy armor legion employing the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE). III Legion was supported by Task Force 63 (TF-63) of the Navy of the Iron Throne.

IV Legion

Nickname: :Rock of Antei:

IV Legion was the primary light infantry fighting force of the 13th Division. IV Legion was supported by Task Force 64 (TF-64) of the Navy of the Iron Throne.

IX Legion

Nickname: "Death from Above"

IX Legion was the division’s Combat Aerospace element tasked to provide air mobility in orbit and while ground-side. IX Legion was cross-attached to various Task Forces within the Navy of the Iron Throne.

Divisional Separate Units

Divisional Separate Units headquartered division support, fires, internal security and attached Special Operations Forces for the division. These elements could be in-turn assigned to various units within the Legions as warranted.

Brevet Ranks

Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood were often assigned military brevet ranks while working with elements of the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne in order to supersede a unit’s chain of command when necessary. As their appointed authority was derived from the Grand Master, the rank held was typically that of general officer so the Jedi could more easily see his lord's will done where it concerned military matters. Brevet ranks were also given as points of honor to those Dark Jedi who demonstrated themselves particularly suited to command of conventional forces.

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